Hi there, my name is Uddin. Welcome to my site: Sports To Try!

I have always been passionate about sports and outdoor activities since my childhood, and that passion still runs deep within me. Even now, as a father of three kids, I love to engage in different sports and want to continue playing them for years to come.

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is skateboarding. My son Areeb and I love to hit the skate park and ride our boards together. It’s a great way to bond with my kids while staying active and having fun.

In addition to skateboarding, I also enjoy playing turf soccer, table tennis, and badminton. And every morning, my day kicks off with a jog or some other outdoor activity. At night, you’ll usually find me glued to my 40″ Smart Led TV watching live sports or sports news.

When I first thought of starting a blog, I shared the idea with my wife, and she suggested that I write about sports, given how much I love them. And so, Sports To Try was born!

Luckily, my two best friends Khan and Ben have joined me on this journey, bringing their vast sports knowledge to the table.

And, my All-Rounder Doctor and Player friend Ansar Uddin Ahmed, is there with me from the very beginning of our childhood. Ansar is a Doctor by profession and a very good player whether it is soccer, cricket,

My wife and kids are also contributing to the site, and we are all working hard to make it a valuable resource for sports enthusiasts.

On Sports To Try, we provide honest reviews of sports equipment and guides based on our knowledge and years of experience. And since skateboarding is one of my favorite activities, you can expect to find plenty of content about it on the site. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, we’ve got something for everyone.

So, if you share our love for sports and want to stay updated on the latest sports news and equipment, be sure to check out Sports To Try. And if you find our content helpful, please spread the word among your loved ones.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to see you soon!