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Are Punisher Skateboards Good? [2 Best Punished Skateboards Analyzed]

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If you like skateboarding you must have heard the name Punisher skateboards. Now to buy one, you will definitely need to know are Punisher skateboards good enough? Do they have all qualities to give you a super exciting skateboarding experience?

Punisher skateboards offer you some incredible styles, shapes, and specifications for beginners. They offer some amazing skateboards that can easily be called the bests for newbies. There are also good skateboards for the professionals. But, there is also an opposite opinion about punisher skateboards that they are not good enough.

We have gathered all you need to know about punisher skateboards and some best Punisher skateboards reviews here. Let’s know about it in detail.

Historical Background of Punisher Sakteboards

  • Punisher skateboard was founded in 2008 by Bike USA Inc. They started their journey in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with an unwavering passion for skateboarding.
  • From the beginning till now, their goal is to promote artistic and aesthetic graphic designs on their skates that go with the style of the rider.
  • They have handpicked artists from all over the world. They find out the most spectacular works for their decks. The brand has all you need for skating. They have complete skateboards, helmets, longboards, protective pads, etc.
  • Many people think they are a Walmart brand as their skateboards are available on Walmart. But just because you can buy their product from Walmart doesn’t make them Walmart brand.
  • They produce some of the materials and products on their own and some of their materials are from China. 

Materials of Punisher Skateboard & Deck

  • Punisher Skateboards are made out of 7-ply maple wood. The top ply is usually made out of a different kind of wood, like birch, for added durability and strength.
  • The maple wood is glued together with epoxy resin, which makes the deck very strong and resistant to impact. Punisher also uses a special process to press their decks, which gives them extra pop and makes them last longer.
  • The decks are then heat-treated to make them even stronger. Punisher skateboard decks are made to last and can take a lot of abuse. They are ideal for street skating and park skating. If you are looking for a deck that will last you a long time and can take a beating, then Punisher is the brand for you.
  • Punisher offers A series deck for you with beautiful design, shape, and the perfect size. Their decks are sturdy. The decks are made especially for beginners. They absorb shock with great performance.

They offer great cut and shape with load-bearing capacity. Most decks are made of 7 ply Canadian Maple wood. Most of their decks are available in sizes 8″ x 32″ and 8.25″ x 32″

  • The kid’s decks and girls’ decks maybe a little smaller in size.
  • Most of the decks are slightly concave to increase the degree of control for the rider. The shape also allows the rider to skateboard safely and smoothly.

How Are Punisher Skateboard Wheels?

Punisher wheels are made from polyurethane. They have good durometer ratings. If you want to buy them separately, you will find them as a set of 4 with spacers.

They have graphics of punisher skateboards on them. These wheels are budget-friendly. Some people may find that the wheels don’t roll properly. But most people find them useful.

How Is Punisher Skateboard Bearings?

Punisher skateboard bearings are actually Bones Reds Bearings. They are from the same manufacturer. Punisher bearings have their logo in them. 

They are ABEC7 bearings with the capacity to reduce speed wobbles. They allow you to skate faster safely. They are good for professionals and also beginners.

You will find a set of 8 pieces of punisher bearings with  4 spacers on their websites. The bearings are finely polished and help you to achieve maximum speed.

How Is Punisher Skateboard Truck?

Punisher trucks are dependable and they will provide you with high performance. They will help you to skate in any terrain and withstand long skating sessions.

You will find seven different types of colors of the punisher trucks with perfect sizes. Choose the right one for your complete skateboard that suits your style.

Punisher Hardware/ Grip tape

You will find all hardware you need on the Punisher website. The punisher precision hardware has 1’’ Allan Key color hardware, available in 4 different colors. It also has one extra key pin with two-wheel nuts.

You will also find Jessup grip tape of perfect size and quality in Punisher. So, if you need anything of the best quality for skateboarding, Punisher can be the right choice for you.

How is Punisher Complete (readymade) Skateboard?

Buying a complete skateboard is a good idea to save money. Punisher offers some really cool and cheap complete skateboards to make your skateboarding life easier.

Punisher complete skateboards have an aesthetic deck, durable bearings, speed-friendly wheels. You will also get rise pads, bolts nuts, etc. You may need to adjust the nuts and bolts for your comfort. Tighten or loosen them according to your preference.

Some people think Punisher complete skateboard wheels roll slowly. This is a problem for a pro but as a beginner, this can be a blessing. Check out other good starter skateboard collections.

Recommended Best Punisher Skateboards

Based on our analysis and understanding of skateboarding, here we present you with some of the best skateboards from the brand Punisher skateboards. 

Punisher Complete Boys Skateboard

The Punisher boys complete skateboard with 31.5″ x 7.75″ Double Kick  Concave Deck made of Canadian Maple and ABEC-7 Bearings can be the best choice for a cool fashion lover boy. They offer you multiple aesthetic styles that can totally suit your personality. 

The available designs are Bomber Girl, Align Rage, Anime, Tnt, Warrior, Teddy, Monster Mashup, Jester, Legends, and scarecrow. The styles differ in size, color, and deck length.

The complete skateboards are ready to ride out of the box and fully assembled. The decks are excellent for beginners, especially youngsters who are keen to fashion.


  • High-quality double kickboard skateboard 100% durable Kick Tail deck made from ply Canadian Maple. The size fo the deck is  31.5″ x 7.75″ 7
  • A mild concave deck that provides strength and control to the rider while riding, turning, or doing any tricks
  • ABEC-7 high-speed punisher bearings
  • Polyurethane cushions  and PE riser pads
  • Logo printed deck with stylish design
  • PU wheels(54x36mm)  with Punisher skateboard graphics 
  • Graphics with attractive color on one side and heavy-duty 80Ab grip tape on the other. 
  • Punisher 5-Inch Alloy Trucks & Bases


  • Comes Fully assembled
  • Excellent for the beginners
  • Comes with stickers
  • Sturdy and fun design
  • Great for tricks and ollies
  • Good looking durable wheels with high speed and quality
  • Punisher logo on all cushions.
  • Concave deck with a double kicktail.
  • Skate park quality
  • Great control
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Worth the  money


  • Some may find that the trucks are not enough flexible

Punisher 40-inch Longboard Skateboard with Assorted Styles

Punisher longboard skateboards are drop-through, perfect for beginners as they are easy to ride! The 40-inch long deck will definitely provide extra support for the rider. They provide better control and grip. Canadian ply maple wood-made deck with cool assorted designs will definitely catch your eye. 

The available designs are- 

Zombie, inspired by the zombie apocalypse as it’s the recent craze!

Oni, inspired by demons, devils, ogres, or trolls of Japanese folklore.

Day of the dead inspired by a holiday of Mexico celebrated throughout the country, especially the Central and South regions of Mexico, and by the people of Mexican origin living in other places including the United States

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction. It has a historical background and plot, and it typically features steam-powered types of machinery, but not advanced technologies like today.


  • Concave deck featuring cool themed graphics.
  • 7-Ply Full Canadian Maple wood made  Longboard, size 40-Inch x 9-Inch with Step-Through Drop Down Deck
  • Polyurethane made 76mmX53 mm cast wheels, the color of wheels varies with the style.
  • Heavy-Duty 7-Inch Polished alloy Trucks and Bases
  • ABEC-9 Bearings for High-Speed Riding
  • Heavy-Duty Grip Tape
  • ASTM and CPSC compliant, Formaldehyde FREE Wood 
  • Supports a 200-pound person


  • Unisex
  • Board has great flexibility
  • Cool, eye-catching design
  • Smooth riding with tricks.
  • Canadian maple is the best material for longboard
  • The bearings provide great precision, efficiency, and speed. 
  • Easy to control on any surface


  • Some people things the trucks are problematic. But it may be solved with proper practice.

If you are looking for stronger skateboards (deck and wheel) and more renowned ones, you can go for quality Element Skateboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a punisher skateboard?

Ans.: You need to spend at least 48 dollars on a Punisher skateboard. At this price, you can get Punisher Skateboards Anime Complete Cruiser Skateboard on Amazon. However, longboards may cost you beyond 10 dollars. For instance, Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard costs around 130 dollars. In between, you also get some other mid-range (60-80 dollars) Punisher skateboards in different places including Amazon. 

Are Punisher longboards good?

Ans.: Since Punisher longboards are made of 7 ply maple wood, Polyurethane, top-quality super sturdy grip tape, ABEC-9 bearings, no doubt Punisher longboards are a good choice for longboarding lovers.

Fun Punisher Skateboard Video

Last but not Least

Punisher Skateboards are fun, dashing, and cool. The colors, size, and styles really suit anyone of us and will help you find your own way of skating.

We hope now you know are punisher skateboards good for you or not. We have also tried to gather the best punisher skateboards review for you. 

So, don’t waste your time, rather start skateboarding with your Punisher skateboards!

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