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7 Best Beginner Pickleball Paddles 2023 (With Well-Researched Guide)

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Bull’s eye! The right place to stick around.

You want a paddle that is readily maneuverable, easy to switch, packed with a delicate touch and feel. Superior comfort is your priority and you require sensitivity to touch and feel on the net.

Definitely, you are a beginner!

As a novice, you want a lot of pop around the court from your very first paddle. In this review, I am your guide who helps you to find the best beginner pickleball paddles.

And if you want to generate spin from the paddle, Urtboo can be the best. You are the king of the court, running fiercely with your dashing pickleball shoe on your leg and roaming around to and fro in quest of adequate pop in your paddle. Welcome to the kingdom of pickleball.

The purpose of this article is to give you the most up-to-date list of the finest models of beginner pickleball paddles. These are supreme quality paddles having extensive features.

Top Pick: Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best beginner pickleball paddles set for beginners. It is lightweight and powerful. It gets unbelievable pop from the honeycomb core of the paddle.

Let’s have a quick look:

Best Rated Beginner Pickleball Paddles Reviewed & Analyzed in 2022:

  1. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle (Lightweight, Budget Friendly and Best)
  2. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle (Budget-Friendly)
  3. Gamma Sports Fusion 2 Paddle (Midweight & Power)
  4. Champion Graphite Vintage Paddle (Lightweight & Balanced)
  5. Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle (Both Indoor & Outdoor)
  6. Head Fiberglass Pickleball paddle (Head’s Best)
  7. Apollo Premium Graphite Paddle (If unavailable, Good alternative: Amazin’ Aces Set)
Best Beginner Pickleball Paddles. featured image

Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

This can be called a super paddle all around! How?

Well. If you are getting started with pickleball, Rally Tyro 2 is a high-class sophisticated choice for you. Or, looking for a paddle for your kids, buy this paddle without any hesitation.

This non-wood paddle is very much lightweight that ensures comfort with elegant performance. Besides, it’s a top-rated composite paddle, made of polymer core, that lasts longer. The kids or adults looking for thin grip may choose this paddle with full confidence.

The grip is cushioned but hard enough that allows players to take all types of shots. And players, who sweat much, can play for a long duration with this well-gripped paddle.

You can see most of the coaches of pickleball use this paddle for their learners in the practice session. The aerospace composite honeycomb material used in this paddle makes it excellent for all types of players.


  • Tennis players find comfort using this
  • Advanced aerospace materials provide exclusive value
  • The durable construction of this paddle ensures power and control
  • Broad sweet spot offers super ball control and balance
  • High-quality paddle for the coaches
  • Very good paddle for regular use
  • Good enough for players who sweat a lot


  • Most of the coaches use this paddle
  • No USAPA approval

Overall, it is the best beginner pickleball paddle so far I have found.

My Final Judgment

Good beginner paddle at a fair price. You can add it to your cart!

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Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Upstreet graphite pickleball paddle

Paired with a free neoprene paddle cover this paddle is some players’ favorite. Beginner pickleball players may have an intention to buy paddles within twenty to thirty dollars with lucrative design. This Upstreet paddle meets the requirement by offering at a reasonable price.

About quality, the Upstreet graphite is soft-edged, responsive and lightweight. It’s one of the textbook pickleball paddles for intermediate to advanced players with its larger sweet spot.

Besides, being made with polypro honeycomb composite cores, this paddle is widely accepted for its balance between power and control.

Recreational or serious pickleball junkies may prefer this paddle for its micro-dry smooth grip. To absorb the moisture, the paddle includes a stitched rib grip tape. You can find softness within the paddle which is ensured with thick foam.

The maker of this paddle ensures a guarantee of continuous play for at least a year. However, if you play indoor pickleball and now looking to play outdoor, the paddle can be perfect for both cases. If you are treating yourself as a bit of advanced level, then this is the best intermediate pickleball paddle.


  • Better than a wooden paddle
  • Affordable price with lucrative design
  • Longer handle and grip increase the power play.
  • Can get a nice sounding “pop” in every stroke


  • No rulebook is included with this paddle
  • Chance of cracking is imminent and might not be durable

My Final Judgement

Looking for a long-lasting paddle? My word, this is the best! Grab this piece of art with affordable price.

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Gamma Sports Fusion 2 Paddle

Gamma sports fusion 2

Gamma sports pickleball paddle is renowned for everyone in the pickleball community.

Solid grip, decent size, reasonable lightweight, nice graphics on the paddle- all of these are special features of this paddle: commented by few pickleball players.

According to my research, advanced to beginners who don’t want to spend much time can choose this versatile paddle with pleasure.

If you are looking for a paddle that can allow spinning your ball, Gamma’s fusion 2 is solid to make that happen. A slight texture of its fiberglass face allows the ball to spin and slice which most professionals seek.

Designed with honeycomb cushioned grip, this sweat-absorbing Fusion 2 paddle helps you to hit the ball with full confidence.

The weight of this paddle is so light that it is perfect for most of the beginner level players. On the other hand, an edge guard (a piece of material) is covered around the face that can keep the paddle safe from chipping.

Overall, most pickleball players mention it decent for variety shots, dinks and spins.


  • USAPA approved for indoor and outdoor play
  • Price is under anyone’s budget
  • Well versed to generate a good amount of spin
  • Edge guard protects it from fragmenting


  • Not perfect for tournament play
  • No paddle cover is offered with this

My Final Judgement

One of the perfect paddles for spinning the ball is Gamma Sports 2 fiberglass paddle. So, grab it for better style, spin and balance.

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Champion Graphite Vintage Paddle

Champion graphite vintage paddle

This vintage champion graphite pickleball, designed with advanced aerospace composites, is well known for better performance and durability. The paddle is USAPA approved for tournament play due to maintaining USAPA guidelines and standards.

With graphite face and honeycomb core, this paddle offers superb ball control with perfect placement and spin. In addition, one can find greater ball contact and the sweet spot for its XL size surface area.

Another exclusive feature of this paddle is weight. Whether you are a beginner or pro, this 7.9 ounce (average) lightweight paddle is highly controllable and comfortable to be played with. You can have excessive power to hit the ball hard and make different strokes including dink, volley etc.

Have high-class experience using this paddle due to its two different grip options. The ultra-cushion contour grip is just perfect as extra grip and the thin-tac grip enhances the paddle feel.


  • Durable materials made this paddle long-lasting
  • USAPA approved this paddle for maintaining the parameters designed by this authority
  • Larger surface area helps to find the sweet spot
  • Lightweight paddle provides comfort
  • Provides greater tennis grip for different age groups


  • The price might be a bit higher for a few players

My Final Judgment

This pickleball paddle is no doubt the best of the bests in the market. Don’t compromise with the quality over price. Go for it!

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Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

Gamma polycore pickleball paddle

Naturally, this lightweight paddle is perfect if you want to improve your game in the kitchen line. Gamma poly core paddle meets all the requirements to be the best for accurate aim and perfection.

The sensa polycore technology makes the paddle exclusive. It enhances good touch with consistent control. However, the 4 inches honeycomb grip handle of this paddle provides an added cushion and comfort. It also ensures continuous play without slippage problems.

Textured composite face and edge guard around the face generates “pop” sound off the paddle. Besides, the longer head of this paddle creates more whip, power and control. You can praise this paddle as it helps in overhead and lateral shots also.

USA Pickleball Association approves this paddle for its standard quality. One of the main features of this gamma version is that it provides a one-year limited guarantee.


  • Good paddle for top-notch players
  • The face of this paddle has very minimal chances of scratches
  • USAPA approved paddle
  • The seller has an offer of one year guarantee
  • The grip of this paddle helps to stay sweat-free


  • The price might be high for beginners
  • Might develop too many dead spots

My Final Judgement

Other than price, high-quality paddle for a delicate touch, accurate reach and power.

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Head Fiberglass Pickleball paddle

Head fiberglass pickleball paddle

As you are already involved in pickleball, surely you heard the name “HEAD”. It’s one of the best entry level pickleball paddle

Head, a renowned name, has been producing different sports equipment for decades ensuring quality and versatility. Pickleball is one of the sports for which the company is making top-class paddles. 

This signature diamond-shaped paddle looks exclusive in design and the shape also helps to keep the paddle safe from damage (look at the paddle shape again!)

The price might be a little higher for beginners, but the durability and playability of this paddle is remarkable.

You will love the fiberglass hitting surface of this paddle that makes it lightweight and offers excellent feel and ample power. As it is not a graphite-faced paddle and if you are a beginner, you may get the full benefit from this exclusive paddle.

The polypropylene honeycomb core makes the paddle different from others with fine “pop” sound, better balance and less vibration. Besides this, the new ERGO GRIP assists to avoid hand and wrist injuries that most beginner-level players face.


  • USAPA approved this awesome paddle for professional play.
  • Prestigious entry-level paddle for its smoothness


  • The rubber trim grip may come loose
  • Spin abilities may be less due to lack of adequate texture.

My Final Judgement

Head is a renowned company in making equipment (tennis, ski, squash, pickleball etc.) for many years. So for quality, you can believe and depend on them.

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Apollo Premium Graphite Paddle

Apollo premium graphite paddle

In case you find this product unavailable right now, go for Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle. It comes as a set having two paddles, a cover and four pickleball paddles which is great for a team or beginners. Check out here.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend more initially, then Apollo premium graphite paddle is just perfect for you. It is a far more quality paddle in the pickleball paddle range.

In addition, you will get a paddle cover and an online paddle guide. These are helpful to learn some techniques to grip and swing the paddle. It’s also lightweight (8 oz) that provides a perfect balance, power and maneuverability in taking shots and overall play.

Designed with a polymer honeycomb core, the face of the racket provides greater strength, performance in taking lobs, dinks and volleys.

Looking for a long-lasting paddle? The graphite material of apollo pickleball paddle confirms durability, perfection and accuracy. However, the carbon fiber used in the exterior of this paddle makes it thin and scratch-resistant.

The more important fact is that you don’t need to be concerned about slippage of grip. The specially made ergonomic grip of this paddle removes all your worries about slipping while ensuring balance and control.


  • Price of this paddle is low but still ensures high quality
  • Perfect for the players who possess large hands
  • A paddle guide directs different techniques
  • This lightweight paddle ensures extraordinary maneuverability
  • The durability of the paddle confirms long-lasting usage


  • Not perfect for the players who have smaller hands

My Final Judgement

Low Price, lightweight, long-lasting features make Apollo the best pickleball paddle for beginners. It is a great choice for beginners or new learners!

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Other than these paddles, you may find some sophisticated paddles from the Selkirk brand. And, after that pickleball racquet reviews, let’s have a quick and detail roadmap of pickleball racket.

Guide: beginner pickleball paddle

A Buying Guide For The Best Fit For Beginners

I always emphasize on an educated purchase backed by logic. It will help you to make a shortlist. Naturally, newbies are excited about purchasing anything in a rush. Don’t be. I am here to guide you through. Hope you will know what is the best type of pickleball paddle after reading this one.

The three most important things that a pickleball player should consider before buying a pickleball paddle are:

  • Weight
  • Paddle size
  • Material


There are many aspects to think about at the time of purchasing a paddle. But nothing is as important as the paddle weight.

Beginners, eyeing at the experienced players in the square, feel like easily maneuvering the paddle with confidence. After spending some time in the middle they sense the toughness of the game.

You will find pickleball paddles weighing between 6 to 14 ounces. The lighter paddles help the players in showing quick reflex, control and power. Avoid paddles that are over 8.5oz in weight.

Initially, the heavyweight paddle makes the game challenging to the novice. They find the paddle a little bit hard to use due to difficulty in moving and switching between hands.

After hours of play, the beginners feel sprain in their tennis elbow. The lightweights are better for steering the paddle with comfort.

You certainly lack power-shot in the lightweights. In the beginning, try to learn the basics rather go for generating power, drive and smash.

The Beginners’ Choice:

The one that best suits the beginners is the lightweight paddle. It delivers flexible movement, soft-touch, superior feel and a lot of pop. A paddle between 6.5 oz to 8.5 oz will be just perfect for a beginner.

Paddle Size

A variety of paddles with various styles and shapes are available in the marketplace. Some of those are having a large sweet spot and few include smaller surface. A wide hitting area is the beginner’s top choice.

As a beginner, you prefer to have an ample amount of drills and practice. If u go for a wide-body paddle, you can ensure adequate successful pop.

Few elongated shape paddles, similar to tennis racket, attracts few players because of their fancy look. Don’t push yourself buying those. These are not favorable for a novice like you.

Always try to be straight forward and follow the trend. The professionals who use fancy paddles did not use those in their early days. After years of practice and experience, they are now accustomed to these stylish paddles.

The Beginners’ Choice:

Do you like to miss any ball?

If not, then a larger sweet spot with wide-body shape is your perfect match. Initially, you will get frustrated in missing shot with the smaller hitting area. Try to use the regular version then go for buying the other pro variety.

Surface Materials

There are a variety of pickleball paddles over there in the market. Polymer, wood, graphite and composite are some popular ones- all of these materials measure paddle weight, price and overall quality of the paddle. A brief overview is laid down below:


Polymer paddles are durable, lightweight and affordable. But the polymer’s poor performance does not place it in the professionals’ top picks.

These are inexpensive paddles compared to others. In different training sessions, the beginners typically use these.


Naturally, the wood paddles are heavier and good for power drives. It is really tiring for the players playing with wooden paddles. The beginners feel pain in their tennis elbow.

Pickleball began its journey with wooden paddles. These paddles have been improved over the years.


The most competitive players love graphite paddles. These paddles are incredibly strong. Graphite paddles are popular among professionals.

These are the most expensive among others. Easy to control and lightweight nature make the paddle to earn widespread popularity. To be a big pickleball enthusiast you need to have graphite paddle, but the beginners should not use it.


The state-of-the-art technology makes the composite paddles too expensive for the beginners. But, more importantly, this is considered as the lightest of all.

It consists of a fiberglass or carbon fiber surface. The textured surface allows players to get more spin on their shots. The ball stays a little longer on the surface and helps it to generate great spin as well.

The Beginners’ Choice:

The composite paddles are highly recommended for the novice. Though a bit pricey, these are best in facing an opponent. Different price ranges help you guide to have a performing one while still being very cost-effective.

The Grip Size

Grabbing the paddle handle with full comfort and you will feel like delivering every ball with precision and control.

You need to feel the paddle natural in your hand and the handle must suit your palm size. Feel the grip as long as you touch it. With a handful grab around the grip is necessary.

A nice grip ensures good output of touch shots, dinks and volleys. Players’ height plays a significant role in choosing the right length of grip. A 4-inches grip best suits a player having 5.2 inches height. 4.25 inches grip is good for a player between 5.3 inches to 5.8 inches height.

Finding the right size will take a bit of experimentation. Few paddles come with a perforated, extra cushioned grip which ensures a firm grip and easy movement.

Nobody wants to have paddle slippage from hand. The grip wrapped with contour grip guarantees no handle slippage from hand.

Paddles, having two different grip sizes, are tailored to meet the taste of the players. A solid grip ensures an accurate stroke out of the paddle and perfect placement.

Core Structure

Many players start using the paddle without knowing the core material. They don’t even bother about the material inside the core. However, the impact of core construction is significant enough in terms of paddle performance.

Aluminum Core

Immense control over the paddle all through the game. I am talking about the aluminum core paddle. The lightweight feature makes it popular in the pickleball arena.

A bit cheaper with lack of power. That’s how the aluminum core is characterized. The beginners like it due to the cheap price.

Nomex Honeycomb Core

Durability is the focal point of nomex core paddle. It is arranged in a honeycomb pattern to complete the core structure. Power and precision lovers usually like these paddles. This is also going to be the loudest of all.

The Beginners’ Choice:

Listen carefully! It is the core material that ensures a perfect deft touch, great spinning shot and more importantly perfection in gaining control. As a beginner, avoid nomex and aluminum core paddles. Just stick with the polymer core paddles.


On the very outset, most of the beginners usually go for borrowing paddles from others. When they find the sport catchy and interesting, they think of buying a paddle for his own. But, initially, they don’t go to purchasing an expensive one.

The wooden paddles are in the cheapest range among the all. If you an occasional player then go for using the wooden one. Graphite and composite paddles are the high-end paddles considering the price.

Edge Guard

Guard against the possible wear and tear is must for the beginners. The beginners primarily don’t know how to play. They don’t have any idea about the protection against the possible damage.

In this regard, the edge guard works as a protective liner around the paddle. Few paddles come with edge guard but some are not. Edgeless paddles are not recommended for beginners.


As a beginner, proper clothing is also an important issue. So, check this out to know how and what to wear when starting for a pickleball game.

Tips On Choosing Paddle (A Video):

Ending Note

Safe landing guys! This review comes to an end.

An absolute delight of satisfaction on your face and I can feel it from here.

You are in the right place to meet your desire. As a beginner, you always look for the layman language rather than technical. I am fully aware of it. I give my best shot to make this review a great one for you.

A well-researched review equipped with several aspects- is the tag line for this review.

Search for other content on best beginner pickleball paddles on the web (Or check gearbox paddle). I bet on you! Mine is the most informative one. My job has finished here. The rest is upon you.

I hope you will put your best effort and begin your journey with full confidence.

Be a pro in the coming days!

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