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13 Best Inline Skates for Men, Women & Kids [Trusted Brands]

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It’s common that in inline skating, the most difficult task is choosing the right inline skates.            

Some inline skates are different sizes, some use different wheel and bearing types, and some may even come with different shaped soles. Consider yourself a beginner? You can probably see that this is certainly something that’s more than you might be ready for.

I was going through a similar dilemma when I was looking for the best inline skates. Although there are several renowned brands out there, I had to match up with my age, style, and preferences.   

I took my time to find the perfect brand. In fact, I took a few months to have a full understanding of what different types of inline skates offer and what skates will be the best for men, women, and kids.  

Here I compared 13 of them and reviewed them along with their detailed features, pros, and cons. Here you go:

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Top Inline Skates Comparison Table

Best Inline SkatesReasons For PickMost Important FeatureImportant Note
Bladerunner Pro XT Men’s Inline Skate Best for Recreational RollerbladingMost Soft Skate and good ankle support These skates are best for skating in a parking lot or basketball playing space.
Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s 80 Inline Skate Best Entry Level Inline SkateStrong Boot and FrameYou may need to change your wheels. Otherwise, a good beginner skate.
K2 F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates Top-Rated Rollerblade for Advanced Skaters Breathable skate for a smooth surface and awesome lacing systemWant to skate on a sidewalk, go for with harder wheels.
K2 Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates Best 4 Wheel Inline Skate for SpeedFast, responsive, and pain-free comfortable skate based on BOA lacing systemEven if you cross 40 of your age, go for this awesome BOA system skate.
Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Inline SkateBest Fitness Rollerblade for BeginnersTrue to size, ankle support, perfect fit skateWhen you slide, be careful about using the skate. Give a little bit of time just after starting to use them.
Women’s K2 VO2 90 Inline SkatesBest Inline Skate for Speed GenerationGreat for long-distance. Breathable and colorful.Order a size bigger. If you are 6.5, order for 7 for a perfect fit.
Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Women’s SkateBest Budget RollerbladeEasy adjustment. Insoles are added for more comfort.The wheels are a little more gelly.
K2 Kinetic 80 Inline SkatesBest Inline Skate for Indoor and OutdoorF.B.I frame makes it durable. Smooth wheels.The skate is made of plastic rather than carbon fiber. So, it can deteriorate but it found lasted long.
K2 Raider Pro Inline Skates for BoysBest Rollerblade for Young SkatersComes with safety gear which is good for beginner boys.If your kid is completely new and around 7 years, go for this skate for a casual purpose.
Roller Derby Stinger 5.2 Boy’s Adjustable Inline SkateBest Adjustable Inline SkateSoft wheels, smooth ride on indoor and outdoor. Quick strap. The quick strap may not last long. So, you would better cut it off or change it with any good motorcycle strap.
Adjustable Xino sports skates for kidsBest for Fun Inline SkatingLight up front wheels loved by the kids. With the Allen Wrench, adjust the screws to tighten them even more if you need.
Girl’s K2 Marlee Inline SkatesBest Balanced Skate for KidsGreat adjustable skate. Order a size bigger so that it will get more room to grow. Suppose, for a shoe size 4, pick 4-8 than 1-5.
Bladerunner Dynamo Jr Hockey Inline SkateBest Hockey Inline SkateWell-made boot and wheelbase.
Comes with an extra bolt that helps in silly breaks off.
About size, go with the sizes of ice skates.

Men’s Inline Skates Reviewed

Since men typically have wider feet, the wider inline skates work best for them. Their calves are usually higher up on their leg and the cuff height for this type of skater is better because it allows them to get a better fit overall.

1. Bladerunner Pro XT Men’s Inline Skate

(Best Recreational Skate)

Need a smooth ride and better choice? Grab this piece of men’s rollerblade and navigate through the streets with full of fun. The Bladerunner by Rollerblade is a great value-driven product that is explicitly featured for the novice. Few termed it as recreational inline skates.

Think of a beginner trying to roll for the first time: limping, stumbling, and toddling- these are very common to see. Under this scenario, many expert skaters do not support the beginners at first.

But, Bladerunner is different in this context and unique as well. It ensures that the balance is not compromised by no means.

Equipped with 80mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings, the Bladerunner confirms the moderate speed of rolling. This ends up with durability and allows a smooth ride on any type of landscape. The mixture of wheels and bearings makes this the best men’s inline skates.

As a perfect beginner level rollerblade for men it gives you the best speed, traction, and support. To help you stay upright for the first time the skate gives the rider a lower center of gravity. The beginners can experience stability, shock absorption, and smooth control. Overall, it’s a comfortable rollerblade.

Modeled as a recreational inline skate, this skate is a complete package of comfort, control, quality, and great value. The liner is extremely comfortable while rolling.

Moreover, the supportive structure and closure system allows the foot movement smoothly and securely. The three-part closure method comes with the flexible lacing system, customized Velcro strap for heel retention, and buckles for ankle support.

In addition, different replacement parts of Bladerunner inline skates are readily available.

What I Like

  • All-purpose recreational skate
  • Exclusive closure system
  • Smooth ride & control
  • Comfortable liner
  • Great combo of 80mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings

What I Don’t Like

  • Lack of ventilation

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2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s 80 Inline Skate

(Best Entry Level Skate)

This rollerblade makes others believe as the true skating partner for the beginners. At the very outset, beginners are in the dilemma of having the right fit to meet their desire. Hence, the rollerblade zetrablade men’s 80 comes into the scene with its unbeatable support and great comfort.

Designed with a very basic and affordable model, the Zetrablade is the ideal and best starter inline skate with tons of unrivaled comfort and a support system.

Targeted mainly to beginners and intermediate-level skaters these unique rollerblades will give you a perfect starter to this speed arena. At the same time, It makes learning a lot easier and more engaging from the very first dating.

An ideal combination of 80mm wheels, 82A hardness, and socketed with SG5 skate bearings assure moderate speed with smooth riding. Therefore, a perfect assortment of speed, precision, and control is in place.

The speed is just enough in improving the skill level. Moreover, the tough enough wheels are truly meant to prove it a perfect inline skate for the outdoors.

The long-lasting monocoque composite plastic frame above the wheels keeps the skater as close to the ground as possible and provides stability, balance, and control- a perfect roller blade for men.

Easy and reliable buckle, strap and lace – a combination of exceptional grip, as a whole, a convenient closure system makes it a great entry-level skate. Locking the heel and ankle with the closure system makes the rolling comfortable with a perfect fit with the frame.

The cushioned liner provides comfort and a positive experience for new skaters. Try this fancy looking product if you want to learn the basics of rollerblading.

What I Like

  • Supportive low balance shell
  • Great ventilation
  • Comfortable padding
  • Convenient closure system
  • Exceptional grip and roll
  • A perfect blend of 80mm/82A wheels
  • SG5 level bearings
  • Popular for recreational skating and affordable option

What I Don’t Like

  • Not for speedsters

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I also reviewed in detail another best skates from Rollerblade; which is: Rollerblade Twister 80 Inline Skates. Check it out.

3. K2 F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates

(Best Rated Skate for Advanced Skaters)

Out of many top K2 skates, this skate is perfect for both beginners and intermediates who want to escalate their skill level. By using these K2 rollerblades the intermediate skater can think of going to the next level very easily. Framed with stamped aluminum material confirms the lightweight and sheer amount of support.

Paired with ABEC-5 bearings, the recreational skating model of bearing grade symbolizes a true enjoyment. If you have some experience on your back, you might have a lot of fun on these inlines.

The 84mm mid-range wheels allow mediocre speed, little too fast for most beginners but stable for intermediate skaters. If you are an intermediate skater having a priority of fitness on your list, buy it without any hesitation. These are probably the best inline skates for fitness.

Ensuring supportive high cuff feature knocks most of its competitors down and it works as the catalyst for stabilizing and controlling the overall movement.

In the course of long skating session the specialized fit footbed, termed as K2 Softboot and antimicrobial footbed, provides comfort and lengthen rolling time.

You will be surprised to fasten your skate onto your feet by using the K2 Speed Lacing System. Putting the skate and tighten them up will provide great comfort as well.

K2 skate offers a high amount of breathable space through the exclusive ventilation system. It extends a long and comfortable skating period. The arch and lateral support make it easier for you to skate longer.

Finally, the neon signs on the wheel and shoes illuminate in the dark, making an amazing feeling on the back of the skater’s mind.

What I Like

  • K2 softboot and antimicrobial footbed
  • Stamped Aluminum frame material
  • High cuff height
  • Quick lacing system
  • Brake included
  • ABEC-5 bearing confirms the smooth ride
  • Good ventilation

What I Don’t Like

  • Size not adjustable

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4. K2 Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates

(Best 4 Wheel Skate for Speed)

Considering intermediate to advanced-intermediate level skaters this high-performance wheel-run vehicle is now playing on the streets. This K2 VO2 90 BOA skate has really advanced design.

Featured with VO2 cuff creates less pressure on feet. As a result, spending more time in an urban setting is essential.

Built with high quality material ensure durability. They do not equip brakes. The shell is very hard and supportive. So, the inline skate provides very good ankle support.

The wheels incorporate a maximum size of 90mm. This gives you the confidence to conquer the concrete terrain. In addition, the 83a ILQ-9 bearings with high speed make it true adult inline skates.

Swiftness and quick maneuverability are the keys, featured with a rockered frame which means middle two wheels lying slightly lower to the ground than the other two wheels. This yields superior cornering skills for the skaters and considers it a pair of aggressive inline skates.

Moreover, this design accounts for a minimum travel stoppage (learn rollerblade stopping techniques) and an increased amount of maneuverability. This is a great advantage for trick-lovers.

The closure system includes BOA which provides stability and comfort for advanced level skating. The additional support strap confirms another edge of caring. In addition, the traditional lacing system offers a customized fit for comfort.

This particular skate is highly recommended for intermediate skaters to advanced. The outlook of K2 VO2 is unique and the red-black design signifies pure aristocracy. This visual appeal coupled with performance makes it the top skates for men.

What I Like

  • Best adult rollerblades
  • Lightweight frame model
  • Wheel durometer and 83a ILQ-9 performance bearing grade
  • High cuff ensures support
  • The ratcheted ankle strap
  • VO2 ensures proper ventilation system

What I Don’t Like

  • High price

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Women’s Inline Skates Reviewed

Women’s skates typically offer a tight and low-rise fit, so narrow feet inline skates are better for them. Their calf muscles are lower on the body, so a woman’s inline skate will offer a lower cuff height to ease some of the discomfort associated with an uncomfortable fit.

5. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skate

(Best Fitness Skate for Beginners)

This type of skate is a great option for beginner-level skaters especially women who are looking to start and hit the trails with confidence. Rollerblade Zetrablade skates ride smoother over any terrain with the wheel size of 80mm/82A socketed with SG5 bearings producing a nice balance of recreational purposes.

They can get you going at high speed and control it smoothly.

A monocoque lightweight frame is very rigid and provides a great power transfer you can. It also ensures durability and lets down the center of gravity. The quick bearings accompanied by the frame confirm top speed and endurance advantages. With each stride of the move, the specially made frame transfers energy to the 80mm wheels.

The soft boot design is very comfortable and endorses maximum airflow throughout the liner. It’s a version of the padded liner that promises to be very comfortable and the fabric line will help walk away from the moisture for the closures. The high cuff will give you plenty of support.

Paired with a standard lacing set-up up at the front, the Velcro 45-degree strap and a memory ratcheting buckle up at the top provide safety and security. This skate comes with a brake system attached to the box and it is easily removable.

If you are looking for the best inline skates for women you can easily ride on these wheels and move around your neighborhood. These skates have lots of great features to keep you comfortable, rolling fast, and performing at your best.

Finally, if you are fairly confident in your athletic ability go find this because this one is really meant for fitness-type skating. You can enjoy a true form of physical exercise by rolling. But, before ordering, feel free for any of the queries you have.

What I Like

  • High cuff
  • Bearing type SG 5 allows moderate speed
  • 45-degree strap confirms the safety
  • A monocoque frame helps in lowering the center of gravity
  • Meshed with HF Wrap

What I Don’t Like

  • Not for Pros

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6. Women’s K2 VO2 90 Inline Skates

(Best Speedy Skate)

Our reviewed product is currently unavailable. But you can check other good skate of K2: K2 Skate Marlee Boa Inline Skate, which is currently availbale.

This women-specific model inspires the fitness skaters to go for a distance with the lightning-fast wheels. Thus, making it a great workout tool for women and the skate devotees consider it as the best inline skates for outdoor.

K2 vo2 90 pro inline skates are right ones of the top-notch inventions of the K2 brand. It is an ideal boot for intermediate to next level cross-training skaters.

V02 cuff and V02.2 frame generate a perfect blend of speed, stability, and support. These are good for long-distance riding and also very fast. Thus, this is happened to be the best inline speed skates of all time.

The aluminum frame offers great energy transfer and truly helps you to get the most out of your stride.

90mm/83A wheels socketed with ILQ 9 Pro bearings help to get power out of each push. The custom-fit foam liner offers a high level of support and comfort making it one of the top-notched inline skates for woman.

The iconic K2 soft boot design ensures a high level of comfort whereas high cuff height provides stability and balance at the forefoot for longer hours of riding. Vortech ventilation system better suits to long rides.

The system pushes out the old air and promotes cool air to flow through your skate. This assures dryness of your feet all day long.

If you think about safety and security just be sure to have a glance at the K2 speed lacing setup. It not only ensures safety but also makes sure about the quick and easy process of having the skates on and off.

In addition, there is a ratcheting memory lock buckle that keeps your ankle in place and the Velcro strap keeps your heel locked into place.

What I Like

  • Easy lacing system
  • V02.2 frame
  • Wheel bearings: ILQ-9 Classic Plus
  • Vortech ventilation system
  • V02 cuff with custom-fit foam

What I Don’t Like

  • Size not adjustable.

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7. Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Women’s Skate

(Best Budget Skate)

Among the skate lovers, the Roller Derby always gets the top priority due to its button adjustable inline skates feature. The reinforced strong, lightweight polymer frame can be adjusted up to four sizes at the push of a button, making it flexible for growing feet. It has a brake on its right skate.

76 mm Urethane Speed Formula wheels may be smaller in size but makes the performance amazing. These wheels are socketed by Gold 7 race-rated chrome bearings which ensure the best speed, traction, and smooth glide. Also termed as silver 5 rated carbon bearings confirm sudden speed booster.

Triple cam-lever buckles ensure support, secure fit, and help to get in and out of the skate quickly and readily without sacrificing a great fit. The soft boot support system provides extra support and balance to your feet, making you feel confident.

Overall, it ensures a comfortable ride while keeping you in balance, especially on sharp turns. If you want to do freestyle inline skates, this is the perfect match for you to move on.

Roller derby v tech 500 is a nice pair for beginners to intermediate skaters and truly a perfect item to accommodate growing foot size. It is designed in such a way to help progress and learn basics.

The shell is very hard and supportive. The protective comfy padding liner gives you a smart and cozy feeling. Moreover, aiding you as a shock-absorbent on your hard landings.

What I Like

  • Good roller blade for beginners to intermediate skaters
  • Hardshell boot type with liner
  • Adjustable fit with push button
  • Gold 7 race rated bearings
  • Comfort foam padded lining
  • Reinforced 76mm urethane speed formula wheel
  • Durable polymer frame
  • Soft boot support system with triple cam-lever buckle closure
  • Silver-5 Speed rated carbon bearings

What I Don’t Like

  • Little breathability

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8. K2 Kinetic 80 Inline Skates

(Best for Indoor and Outdoor)

Specifically designed with women in mind this soft-framed rollerblade is very easy to maneuver and control. For the novice, K2 kinetic 80 women’s inline skate is like a dream boot with full of comfort as a whole.

This entry-level skate ensures stability and reduces vibrations and hence providing you an enjoyable ride.

80mm/80A wheels socketed with ABEC 5 bearings are large and made of transparent polyurethane. K2 SoftBoots design delivers proven comfort for long skating sessions. The antimicrobial footbed inside the soft boot allows smell-free supported foot.

The shock absorption system is in place to absorb road vibrations on rough surfaces and uneven pavement. Thus, this is definitely worth considering as the best skates for streets.

Besides, the Speed lacing design refers to tightening the whole lace locking system. This ensures a comfortable fit. We have got an arch tightening strap, power strap, and cuff strap.

This total lacing system drives the heel back into the skate as well as creating stability.

An important feature of this skate is that you can have a good snug fit in addition to a comfortable fit. It refers to a tight fit so that you get power directly transfer and no moving around of your feet, preventing you from blisters on your feet.

Its stability cuff creates the perfect blend of ankle support and flex. This skate has a 45-degree power Velcro strap and then that is going to keep your heel locked in place. The ratchet buckle will keep your ankle locked in place. K2 comes with brakes attached to it. All these make it one of the best women’s rollerblades.

What I Like

  • Aesthetic design made of transparent polyurethane wheels
  • Soft boot design
  • Speed lacing system
  • Shock absorption system
  • F.B.I. Skate Frame
  • Stability plus cuff

What I Don’t Like

  • The hardshell exterior seekers will find less support.

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Kids Inline Skates Reviewed

9. K2 Raider Pro Inline Skates for Boys

(Best for Young Skaters)

If you have a growing kid back at your home and your kid wants to ride a pair of best rollerblades then try this toddler inline skates with an adjustable feature for youth aged 4-13.

K2 raider inline skates come in five adjustable sizes and help you easily get a customized fit for stable and smooth rolling experience. It is a great skate for the newbies who you want to shine at the sport of inline skating.

The wheels on the K2 Raider are featured with 72mm and 80a hardness. So, they are a little bit smaller than what you normally get on a skate like this. Socketed with ABEC-3 bearings ensures a little bit extra roll and durability as well.

Built with the composite type F.B.I. frame, this frame will absorb road vibrations. The frame is nicely interlocked with the base and assists the young kids to have perfect balance and overall control throughout the ride.

K2 has a push button to adjust the size very easily. Cuff assures stability from the bottom to the top. On the liner, the neoprene wrap makes it comfortable regardless of what size you have.

Like any normal shoe, the standard lacing helps the kid to tie it up. The 45- degree Velcro power strap nicely keeps the heel in place and the memory lock buckle at the top provides more support for the ankle. Moreover, it comes up with the knee and elbow pads that ensure the necessary protection for the kids.

With abundant value for parents, this is worth considering the best rollerblades for the young kids. It is really a great buy for the parent due to its comfort level, durability, and overall best performance. Parents are sure to love those.

What I Like

  • F.B.I. Skate frame reduces road vibrations
  • Stability Plus cuff
  • Adjustable size
  • 45 degree Velcro power strap

What I Don’t Like

  • Low speed

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10. Roller Derby Stinger 5.2 Boy’s Adjustable Inline Skate

(Best Adjustable Skate)

Roller Derby collection comes up with small and medium sizes for growing kids. It is worth considering the best inline skates for kids.

The best part of it is the wheel of 64mm and 70mm which claims it to be super friendly rollerblades for kids and made of high-quality urethane. Roller Derby Stinger has been socketed with Silver-5 speed bearings which assure moderate speed with smooth rolling.

In addition, the long-lasting nylon frame above the wheels keep the skater as close to the ground as possible, providing stability, balance, control and a lightweight feel.

Equipped with an upgraded padded liner which promises to be very comfortable and the fabric line will help walk away from the moisture for the closures.

In the course of a long skating session, the specialized fit footbed provides comfort in the skating sessions and lengthens the rolling time. The cuff provides stability and better balance at the forefoot for longer sessions of riding but still keeps you really mobile throughout the whole journey.

Paired with a standard lacing system up at the front, the innovative strap up system at the top provides safety and security. Secure fit with laces, the buckles ensure the support that kids require while rolling.

What growing feet require are all there in this skate. Lightweight, durability, and adjustability stand out this skate from others in the market. But, quality and performance are always there to please you.

Numerous best features are there to mention in satisfying the requirement of the parents and their kids as well. Roller Derby company has been responsible enough in producing the finest inline skates in the recent past. And Derby Stinger is one of those inventions.

What I Like

  • Lightweight Polymer frame
  • Push and Button adjustability to shoe sizes
  • Hard Shell fit liner
  • Cam Lever buckle
  • Removable and washable liner

What I Don’t Like

  • Low ventilation system

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11. Adjustable Xino Sports Skates for Kids

(Best Fun Skate)

Nowadays children are busy with smartphones, and gadgets rather than allowing their bodies to stretch a bit through indoor active sports and outdoor exercises in lockdown. In this context, Xino comes up with its new innovation of Xino sports inline skates crafted with premium quality materials.

Kids with growing feet need extra care. The Xino’s toddler inline skates will grow with your kids featured with two adjustable sizes: Medium – Youth, Big Kid (1-4), and Large – Youth, Big Kid (5-8).

The adjustable push button allows you to expand the skate and the kids can use those for years to come. Besides, the breathable mesh in the front ensures a proper ventilation system. TPR brake is attached to the right boot.

Built with 70mm/82A polyurethane wheels and ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings ensure a smooth ride, and quick, and safe glides through the indoors. Equipped with a rust-resistant reinforced aluminum frame, the excellent workmanship of Xino makes you spellbound.

Moreover, The sparkling flashes of different bright LED lights induce excitement in your kid’s eyes. The illuminating wheels will make your child have safer rolling at night. These LED lights never need batteries.

The entire boot is made of thick plastic and free from the crack, fade, or bend. Closure consists of three parts: cam lover high strength safety buckles, Velcro straps, and laces that let the children put on or take off the shoes with ease.

The custom-fit foam liner offers a top level of support and comfort for having the ankle in place.

The above features make it the best rollerblade for children of all time. Certainly from the beginning of its selling, it is at the top of the priority list of youngsters, pre-teens, teens, and young adults.

What I Like

  • Two adjustable sizes
  • Ankle support
  • Soft synthetic foam inner lining
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • LED lights

What I Don’t Like

  • Irregular maintenance leads to minimizing lifespan.

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12. Girl’s K2 Marlee Inline Skates

(Best Balanced Skate for Kids)

Thinking of buying a kid’s skate, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely the recreational use and the size because of their growing nature. The adjustability feature is the key issue here.

Many companies are now coming up with new ideas for doing it in a different way. K2 Marlee inline skates are also in the same queue making some comfortable roller blades.

The introductory nature wheels of 70mm/ 80A hardness socketed with ABEC 3 bearings make it similar to other girl’s chosen rollerblades. But when it comes to the adjustability feature, it stands out all other brands undoubtedly as one of the good inline skates for girls.

F.B.I. skate integrated composite frame absorbs road vibrations and makes it a comfortable ride for the kids. The stability plus cuff offers lots of support and the traditional lacing system locked the feet, making your kid ready to cruise.

This boot is adjustable up to five sizes whereas their competitors only have up to four adjustable sizes. There is a push-button by pressing of which you can slide the toe of the boot forward up to five sizes.

A scale of five sizes are marked on the boot above the push button and you are able to adjust the toe of the boot with your kid’s feet. In consequence, your kid will be able to use it for multiple years ahead. Therefore, this skate is worth considering the best skates for kids.

When it comes to the question of a good comfortable fit for your child, the power strap across the front comes in action which really drives the heel back into the skate tightly. For any beginner rolling first time, this is a very crucial issue. Otherwise, loose heels will lead to a lack of control and get blisters on feet.

What I Like

  • Five adjustable sizes
  • Ideal lacing system
  • ABEC-3 introductory bearings
  • F.B.I. Skate frame
  • Stability plus skate cuff

What I Don’t Like

  • Low breathability

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13. Bladerunner Dynamo Jr Hockey Inline Skate

(Best Skate for Roller Hockey)

For playing Roller Hockey, this is to be considered as one of the best skates. But, the skate is only suitable for recreational hockey game and for the kids, not for the professional ones. Besides, If you are looking for something other than traditional look, the skate is just perfect.

The skate comes with aluminum frame which makes it super sturdy and durable. You can adjust it to four sizes with the toe area flip, which can allow your kid to use it for more than a year or so.

Featured with 72 mm wheels and ABEC-5 bearings, your kid can accelerate the speed so fast, which becomes crucial while playing a hockey game. While, Lace closure system is also quite easy to deal and it can keep you quite stable.

In honest terms, in case your kid wants to skate with a different styled skate or to learn roller hockey, you can buy quite confidently. But, before ordering, make sure to check out your kid’s foot size and adjust it to the skate’s size. It will help you choose the perfect one.

However, skill level is also important. When they become confident and reach themselves to a higher level of playing, they can choose famous brands like Bauer for playing hockey.

What I Like:

  • Non-traditional look of inline skate
  • Hockey style skate for playing hockey
  • Adjustable size to make it usable for longer term

What I Don’t Like:

Size could be an issue and you might need to change the footbed.

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parts of inline skates

Best Inline Skates-Buying Guide, 2021

If you google for the best rollerblades or inline skates of 2021 in great places, so many brand names will come before you to make you confuse. The review above enlightens you on high quality inline skates for men, women, and kids.

But now I want to take the opportunity to chalk out a checklist before go on buying an inline skate, i.e. how to buy inline skates?. However, have a quick look below as your guide:

Wheel Measurement

Wheel performance mainly depends on three aspects: size, hardness, shape. The skate wheel comes of diverse sizes. The wheel size is indicated by millimeter generally ranging from 57mm to 100mm in diameter. The larger the wheel, the faster the skate- the main mantra for any kind of skate.

Skaters of aggressive style are fond of bigger ones to generate lightning speed whereas the young navigators look for the smaller wheels to skate around. The bigger wheels are a bit harder than the smaller ones.

Durometer rating, ranging a number from 0 to 100, determines the hardness of the wheels on the rough surface. Softer wheels have a tendency to wear down quickly compare to harder wheels. First and foremost, you need to figure out your skill level and then search for the right kind of wheels.

However, if you skate on asphalt, you might see some of our recommended skate wheels for asphalt.

Bearing Grade

Top bearings make the top roller blades.

Different sizes of wheels socketed with various grading of bearings are very regular in nature. Every wheel requires two bearings- one on each side.  Bearings help to get power out of each push.

The wheel-bearing combo determines the skate speed. Hence, the introductory type bearings assure leisurely speed with smooth rolling and it is the best product for beginners. In contrast, the quick bearings confirm speed, traction, and smooth inline skating. Intermediate skaters to pros can adjust very quickly with this type of bearings.

However, if you are a regular skating person it’s important to learn the process of getting bearings out of skate wheels.

Skate Type

There are different types of skates based on different purposes. In the very first place, you need to identify your demand. Fitness, urban, race and recreational purpose skating are fairly common types of skates you may find in the marketplace.

Many people skate as a form of physical exercise to keep fit. These people look for fitness inline skates. If you want to zip around the busy sidewalks or snake through city roads, then urban boots are certainly of your type.

The urban boots are more suited to freestyle aggressive inline skaters who practice different forms of tricks and techniques as they skate through. Many speedsters look for racing skates for their professional desire. Powerslide is a good name that designs sturdy and strong racing skates.

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Recreational skating is best for beginners and occasional skaters who are in the learning stage and need support and stability.

If you want to know how to choose inline skates for you as a beginner or as a pro in 2022, you must watch out the video attached here.

Skate Frame

Constructed with different materials, the skate frame confirms lightweight and support. A perfect frame gives the skaters a notion to have a perfect carrier to carry the skate through different terrains. It is nicely interlocked with the base and assists the skaters to absorb road vibrations.

The frame also offers great energy transfer and truly helps you to get the most out of your stride. Plastic, aluminum, and carbon- three types of frames are available.

Having the lowest durability and stiffness, plastic frames are mostly for beginners. Whereas, aluminum frames are much stiffer in nature and a bit more expensive than plastic frames.

Out of all, carbon frames are superior to others in terms of efficiency and strength.

Skate Cuff

Cuff is the symbol of support and stability. Cuff is made of plastic and carbon. At the time of rolling skate, cuff offers stability and balance at the forefoot every time you push off for longer skating periods.

The higher cuff provides an extra bit of ankle support and it is very common in beginner or intermediate skates. The advanced skaters look for shorter-cuffed skates because these allow them to have sharper turns.


Three most common forms of liners: are foam, memory, and heat molding. They are available in various brands. The liner offers an appropriate level of support and comfort for having the ankle in place. Different sorts of liners are in place to offer you a good fit and better choice.

Comfortable Footbed

In the event of a long skating session, the specialized fit footbed provides comfort and lengthens the rolling time. It also acts as a shock absorbent on the hard landings. When you put your foot inside, an extra cushion under the specialized fit footbed helps reduce a lot of vibrations of different rough terrains.

Closure System

The closure system is of various types: buckles, straps, and laces are in general. A combination of this exceptional grip makes things convenient for any introductory level skater.

This grip helps to lock the heel, and ankle with the closure system and confirms the perfect fit with the frame.

An effective closure system leads to a snug fit, letting you transfer the power directly. Hence, prevent your feet from getting any blisters due to loose heels.


Few skates come with a built-in adjustability feature. This means adjusting the size of the skate according to the requirements of the rider. Sometimes, customers also have the priority of having adjustable inline skates in their demand list for their growing kids.

The frame of the skate can be adjusted up to three to five sizes depending on different inline skate brands. With a push of a button, you can have a customized fit easily. The young kids can use their years to come or handed over to their younger siblings.


Ventilation system to some extent extremely significant for speed skaters. Ventilation compromises the stiffness of the skates. As long as you are an aggressive skater, you won’t notice it.

The proper ventilation process pushes old air through the skate while promoting cool air into the skate. As a result, keep the inner environment cool, dry, and smell-free. This assures dryness of your feet all day long, extending longer and more comfortable skating sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What are Inline skates?

Inline skate is a type of roller skate used for skating. In quad skates, we see two front and two rear wheels. But inline skates are set up with four to five wheels in a single line for rolling. if you want to know how much inline skating is popular nowadays, you can read about the past and present of inline skating.

Q: What is the main difference between rollerblades and inline skates?

The term “rollerblading” typically refers to the use of inline skates produced by Rollerblade. More generic inline skating is the proper name for the sport. Many people use the word “rollerblading” when they really mean inline skating in general, which can lead to confusion.

Rollerblades and inline skates are the same. Rollerblades is a brand name that produces inline skates.

You can compare inline speed skates to rollerblades where you would find a rollerblade has a high-top boot and is being made with slightly wider wheels. For this wider boot and larger wheels, skating in rollerblades is a way easier than in inline speed skates.

Q: Are roller skates or inline skates better?

In general roller skates are for indoors and inline skates are for outdoor use. If you think of skating on the rink and making sharp and tight turns, roller skates will be a great option for you. On the other hand, inline outdoor skates are a bit speedy for the inline wheels and you are gonna give more time to be a good inline skater.

Moreover, roller skates are much easier to roll on if you compare it to inline skates. But, as your expertise grows, you will find more thrill in rollerblades rather than in roller skates. So, start with roller skates and keep in mind to ride rollerblades later.

In short, Both of the skatings are better for lower body exercise and getting fit.

Q: How fast do inline speed skaters go?

A skater can go 8 miles per hour to about 16 miles per hour with an inline skate. But, it’s possible to travel 25+ mph on average for 1 hour for the top skaters out there.

Q: Why is the closure system so important?

A: Buckles, straps, and laces – all three of these build up a closure system. The closure system keeps our heel and ankle locked with the frame, making the feet move smoothly and safely. If otherwise, loose heels will have a lack of control and get blisters on the feet.

Q: Which is the best material for building a strong frame?

A: Out of different frames, the carbon frame is the one to be more efficient, lightweight, and strong in nature. But, this frame is more expensive than others.

Q: Why is shock absorbent a fact in choosing a skate?

A: The footbed above the wheel works as shock-resistant. As you navigate through the concrete jungle or rough terrain, this specialized footbed helps you to reduce the road vibrations. As a result, your feet will have less impact on it.

Q: Do the skate use rubber wheels?

A: Yes, they do. Sometimes they use polyurethane wheels.

Q: Which feature is more preferable when buying a skate for my 10-year-old kid?

best inline skates kids

A: You must look for the size adjustment option of the skate because of the growing nature of your kid. There is a push button on one side of the boot. As your kid grows up, you can adjust the size of the skate accordingly. Kids can use them for years to come. The boot is adjustable up to three to five sizes depending on different brands. But, first, learning to skate for kids is crucial.

Final Thoughts

Inline skates or roller skates, whatever term you call it, structurally both of these are not the same. The gross difference is about the position of the wheels.

Having talked about the much faster “inline skates”, the wheels are positioned in an “inline” arrangement. The roller skates, on the other hand, are in the “quad” wheel structure having two wheels in the front and two on the back of the skate.

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The pairs of rollerblades reviewed above are not necessarily based on any research work. But, I must say these are definitely the best inline skates names of recent times depending on the popularity and public choice.

Here I have tried to equip you to focus on the issues to be considered in making any buying decision. If you get a hint of benefit out of this review, it will boost my confidence in reviewing more in the coming days.

Have a great choice, best bet, and safer inline skating!

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  1. Roller Derby Q-60 is one of the best inline skates made for women and are perfect for recreational inline skating. They are made both for the beginners and intermediate skaters and come with a nicely contoured foam liners that help to shapte quickly to your feet and enhance the level of comfort. Because of proper ventilation, it prevents the moisture buildup. Also the lightweight aluminum frame helps to ensure maximum stability.

    1. Hey Riley, many thanks for suggesting one of the best skates out there in the market. Good review as well.

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