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10 Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin 2023 (Get Power, Control and Feel)

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Pop…pop…pop with a sheer amount of spin! That’s what you want from your very own paddle on the pickleball court to have the edge over the opponent.

I believe you desire to have the best pickleball paddles for spin. But choosing the right spin-friendly paddle should make you think twice.

Composite or Graphite? That’s quite a buzzword in pickleball surroundings. It’s actually the material used on the surface where lies the clue of having a great deal of spin magic. Likewise, the core, materials used, paddle size, grip size, etc. also play a significant part in generating spin.

I give a pretty much effort into this review to find the best pickleball paddle for spin. These are the finest quality paddles for delivering great spin. Hope you will enjoy the rest.

Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin Compared & Reviewed 2023!

A single paddle, nonetheless, that works best for playing pickleball has not been recommended by anyone. Different manufacturers attract their customers with signature brands coupled with a bunch of benefits. Here we start with our pickleball paddle recommendations:

Spin Friendly PaddlesRatingMost Important FeatureReasons for Pick
Prolite Rebel Powerspin Pickleball Paddle4.6/5.00QuadCore Polymer Honeycomb, 4 1/4″ Grip, Length: 5″Balance and stability. Great spin generating paddle
Onix Graphite Z5 Paddle 4.6/5.000.51-pound weight, Nomex, and graphite face.Best for Power and Control and spin. Solid grip, great touch.
Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle 4.5/5.004-1/4″ Grip, 0.54 pounds weightA little heavy. Best for tennis players
Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle 4.7/5.00Handcrafted, Fiberglass, Polypropylene X5 CoreBest for Men and Women. Good for an easy and effortless spin
Paddletek Bantam EX-L Paddle 4.6/5.00Polycarbonate MaterialLarger sweet spot and spin-friendly
Gamma 2 Pickleball Paddle 4.5/5.000.1 Kg weight, composite material. sensa poly coreLightweight. Great for beginners
Paddletek Phoenix Pro Paddle 4.7/5.00Weight: 7.4 – 7.8 ounces, Grip length: 5”. Great for power, speed, and spin control.
Prince Response Pro Paddle 4.6/5.009/16” Extra thick honeycomb, Light 7.1-7.7 or Standard 7.8-8.3 weight.Perfect for balance, feel and spin
Engage Encore EX 6 Paddle4.40/5.0016″ x 8″ – standard shape, Thin paddle (4 1/4″)Topspin friendly, Immense control, great sweet spot, great for balance and power.
Prolite Crush Powerspin Pickleball Paddle4.00/5.007.3-8.0 oz weight, 4 1/8″ Small grip circumferenceRenowned for spin, power and much control

Spin Friendly Pickleball Paddles Reviewed

Get 10 products reviews along with their top features, pros and cons. Don’t miss my two cents on the spin-related to the paddles.

Prolite Rebel Powerspin

Prolite Rebel Powerspin

Are you looking for professional pickleball paddles? Here it is. The exclusive model Rebel Powerspin of the Prolite series.

Prolite pickleball paddle review brings you the best paddle for control. Rebel tells you the story of a paddle 16 inches long that gives you a wide reach to the incoming ball.

QuadCore polymer honeycomb core and fiberglass paddle face setting supplement the extra amount of spin with every shot you deliver. A comfortable paddle handle is wrapped with Prolite’s comfort contour grip to guarantee handle slippage from the hand.

A lightweight rebel paddle of 7.7 to 8.3 ounces is a combination of power and spin display.

Equipped with a smooth design and powered by ProLite’s comfort contour, the 4.25-inch grip permits you to deliver abundant spin magic.

Tennis players, nowadays, show their enthusiasm for pickleball. Many of them are now playing pickleball on their tennis court. And, this Rebel with 5 inches big handle draws the attention of the tennis players due to its resemblance to a tennis racket. Familiarizing with this sport is quite easy for them.

My Two Cents On Spin:

In my understanding, Rebel Prolite is one of the most expensive pickleball paddles you can get hold of due to its comfort level, spinning activity, and materials used.

The wide sweet spot makes things easier for you to get a lot of spin on every shot.

The fiberglass hitting surface adds more topspin or backspin to any pickleball spin serve or swing.


  • Special QuadCore polymer honeycomb core lets you have phenomenal control over the ball.
  • The textured fiberglass hitting surface allows the player to have a good spin on the ball. Overall, this could be the best racquet for topspin.
  • A comfortable and sleek contour grip ensures unintentional handle slippage.
  • The blend of core and surface offers low noise level


  • People having smaller hands find the paddle grip a bit bigger

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Onix Graphite Z5 Paddle

Onix Graphite Z5 paddle

A giant Z on the face of the paddle! That’s groovy.

Z5 is the flagship paddle of the Onix lineup. The wide-body shape gives the players 8.5 inches wide hitting surface with a generous sweet spot.

Outstanding touch and ball control make Onix Z5 earn the heart of the people and eventually it happens to pronounce in the list of top pickleball paddles.

Onix Z5 pickleball paddle review mesmerizes the readers’ mind because of its popularity and branding. The Nomex honeycomb core is responsible enough to maintain superior power and control.

Weight between 7.5 and 8.2 ounces makes it perfect for lightweight lovers. The weight of this paddle is suitable for groundstrokes, solid volley and serving.

Z5 graphite pickleball paddle is designed for both beginners and professional players as it contains a super sweet spot. With the graphite surface, it is lighter compared to the composite paddle.

Onix Z5 graphite pickleball paddle would be definitely your best companion in the highest level of competition.

My Two Cents On Spin:

Out of many paddles, Onix Z5 is the popular pro pickleball paddle. Versatile features of Z5 graphite not only combines both drive and power but also accounts for an extra amount of spinning dynamics. The larger sweet spot ensures more solid stroke play and spin.


  • Its wide graphite face gives the player a large hitting surface with added speed, pop, and maneuverability.
  • The Nomex core and graphite exterior ensure an enhanced comfort level with its durable materials.
  • An ideal balance of power and accuracy is quite evident
  • You will certainly feel good for the touch shots you make with its excellent 4.25-inch handle grip
  • The 5-inch handle brings an extra bit of reach towards the stroke


  • Players having smaller hand find the paddle a bit larger

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Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

By far this is considered to be the heaviest paddle in my search.

Hello newbies! The designers of this paddle consider your way of playing. Z5 pickleball paddle dimension of 15.5″ L x 8.3″ W x 1.5″ H ensures the ball to hit onto the paddle without much of a missing.

8.4-8.7 ounces Z5 paddle offers a great balance of speed and power. The baseline players would rank this paddle at the top of their list due to its ability to cater to powerful hits with just the right amount of spin.

A little long handle with a comfortable grip size of 4.75 inches ensures smart play. But don’t get bothered about the long handle. This heavy-weight fiberglass paddle has a core of Nomex honeycomb.

If you look for right pickleball paddles for the novice the Onix Z5 would be the right choice that will reliable enough to provide an extra amount of spin right away. The widebody shape is perfect for players who have good ball control.

Looking for an insane ball spin and utmost power? Don’t waste your time reading Onix Z5 pickleball paddle reviews.

My Two Cents On Spin

When it comes to maximizing spin, a few things popped up.

The spin enthusiasts should go for the composite paddle rather than the graphite to get the maximum amount of spin. The wide-shaped paddle face allows a good amount of spin.


  • Z5 Composite pickleball paddles fit the players who want to play with maximum power and pop from the baseline.
  • The honeycomb core and fiberglass texture make the spin a little more than average.
  • A larger sweet spot in the paddle helps the players to spin more.
  • The widebody shape helps the player to control the ball with ease.


  • The heavier paddle leads to tiresome arm movement.

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Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle

Among the Selkirk selection, Epic is the best in the business with loads of power, plenty of control and everything in between. The Fiberglass surface offers an ample amount of force while delivering spellbound spinning magic in the court.

Selkirk epic’s pickleball paddle size is 15.75 inches with all-around power and control. X5 FibreFlex polymer core cushioning technology is slightly thicker than the previous version. The widebody and X5 polypropylene polymer core increase power and control.

Equipped with Selkirk ComfortGrip, this paddle makes you feel the ease of control over every shot. A performance grip length of 4.25 inches, a traditional shape, and cool graphic design make you feel out of the world.

The innovative FiberFlex spin technology enhances spin performance.

New cutting edge Amped paddle technology makes the sweet spot a bit larger and full of quick reflex. Professionals around the world consider it as the best-rated pickleball paddle.

My Two Cents On Spin

Selkirk paddle talks about a journey towards innovation through the hard work of a few dream seekers. (Check out our detailed Review on other Selkirk Paddles)

The fiberglass face applies a huge amount of spin to the ball. This kind of surface can let the ball stick to the paddle face a little longer allowing it a better spinning performance.


  • Amped’s ability helps the player to generate an unparalleled amount of spin
  • Unibody design ensures the finest performance and enhanced durability.
  • The cutting edge thicker polymer core increases an unparalleled degree of power and control
  • X5 core and FiberFlex face ensures silent play
  • EdgeSentryedge guard is resilient enough to make the paddle lighter in nature.
  • The Amped paddle works for vibration dampening all through the game. It gives some sort of relief to the tennis elbow.
  • One of the top-rated pickleball paddles.


  • The power players may find it somewhat uncomfortable.

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Paddletek Bantam EX-L

Paddletek Bantam EX-L paddle

Professional players’ top picks are getting incomplete without Bantam EX-L. Veterans would love to use this highest rated pickleball paddle that offers superior power and control.

The composite paddle with honeycomb core allows a lot of force when necessary. However, the polymer core ensures an enhanced amount of power. This mid-weight paddle of 7.9 to 8.3 ounces boasts to offer too much power from behind and spin as well.

The fiberglass face on the top increases the length of time the ball stays on the surface of the paddle. Eventually, it helps to spin more. However, ProPolyCore decreases unwanted vibration.

Length of 15.75 inches and width of 7.75 inches confirm a larger sweet spot. This perfect dimension is good for extended reach towards ball and execution of improved spin. Long handle with a comfortable grip size of 4.75 inches ensures smart play and extended reach. The grip size of 4.25 inches is padded all around.

The widebody shape is perfect for players who want smooth ball control.

By following USAPA guideline Paddletek, the leading pickleball paddle manufacturing brand embarks on producing this with full of passion. In response, USAPA approves this paddle for tournament play and the professionals around the globe use it.

My Two Cents On Spin:

A constant pop, dink in, spin, control, and power- all you can get from Paddletek Bantam EX-L.

The polymer surface setting is able to keep the ball stay a bit longer period onto the paddle and delivers more spin to the ball. The larger sweet spot is another great feature of allowing an extra amount of spin. Don’t waste your time reading this paddletek pickleball paddle review. Go grab it.


  • The velvet-textured polymer surface promises added spin
  • Lightweight promises stable all-around performance
  • The modern ProPolyCore technology dampens the vibration
  • Improved control and accuracy


  • A few find the weight a bit heavier.

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Gamma 2 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma 2 paddle

Equipped with ControlPro spin technology ensures great spin all around. A great value with a low price- is the tag line for Gamma Micron. If you are looking for a budget paddle, you are in the right place to lurk around.

Paddle weight range of 7.5 – 7.8 ounces has traditionally shaped body with a protective bumper along the edges.

The 4-inch grip size is featured with gamma popular honeycomb grip for great comfort and tackiness. The Gamma pickleball paddle includes all the premium features you would expect out of a pickleball paddle but at a terrific value.

Aramid Nomex honeycomb core stands between two fiberglass phases. The fiberglass is a textured surface that allows more spin to the ball for greater control. It has a nice feeling on the surface.

The protected durable edge guard is great against protecting against unwanted wear and tear. The perforated, extra cushioned grip is good for firm grip and easy maneuverability.

My Two Cents On Spin:

It’s great for not only the recreational player but the top-level players love it most.

The large sweet spot of the surface area lets you play in diverse styles- added spin, power, control with confidence.


  • Aramid Nomex honeycomb polymer core construction increases control
  • The narrow shaped design conveys extra force and speed
  • Fiberglass surface let the players perform their smart play with control, touch, and spin
  • Shock absorption materials in the grip help the players from unwanted vibration
  • The larger sweet spot promises you not to miss any ball
  • The durable edge guard protects the paddle from wear


  • Compare to other similar paddles this brand is less appropriate for novices due to their fewer controlling ability.

Paddletek Phoenix Pro

Yes, you are just a click away from a perfect shot placement paddle that is a much-needed gear for any pickleball junkie. I hope you will not gonna miss this chance of holding it tight and feel the blend of power and touch.

Ranging from beginners to pros- all players will be fond of this piece of art without making any argument. Paddletek Phoenix Pro is innovative enough to give you a real taste of polymer composite pickleball paddle. 

If you are tired of facing the nuisance of vibration, grab this paddle having vibration dampening technology. The Advanced ProPolyCore will certainly lessen this problem. 

In addition, the polymer honeycomb ensures less noise.

The perimeter weighting centers around releasing power by ensuring a sweet blend of balance and control. Moreover, this velvet textured large-faced paddle suits a player who looks for overall balance.

My Two Cents On Spin:

I know your heart starts beating when you try to deliver spin out of your newly bought paddle. 

This classic-shaped Paddletek Phoenix Pro with its lightly-textured vinyl face allows you to convey ample amounts of spin.

If you use this paddle, you would certainly have a plan of using this paddle for a long time even if the time comes to replace it. 


  • This paddle is approved for noise restricted communities
  • Balanced weight distribution coupled with the wide surface will provide convenience in all respect
  • An ideal shot placement paddle with wider sweet spot gives an extended reach to the ball
  • Meeting all the USAPA guidelines, Phoenix pro gets itself ideal for noise restricted communities.


  • A bit heavier feature makes it too stressful for the younger ones.

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Prince Response Pro Paddle

Presenting revolutionary highly rounded shaped “Prince Pro”. Conveying a bit more energy won’t be a tough job nonetheless. This innovative enhanced looking sweet spot matters a lot for any pickleball lover.

Partnering with Paddletek, Prince came up with a newly shaped model having two different names. The outcomes are Prince Response Pro and the Prince Spectrum Pro. 

However, the duo is classified as two weight options (lighter paddle and standard) allowing many players to taste the multiple feelings of Prince.

Thick Polymer cores coupled with progressive core technology will not spare any smashes with hefty blows around you.

Prince Pro, a single paddle that covers the whole story. Hence, it does not compromise the ball controlling ability and power shots.

My Two Cents On Spin:

The more I talk about this paddle, the louder I hear the sound of releasing spin out of this paddle. 

Offering shots with a fiberglass face helps you contribute plenty of power. This fiberglass also drives you in getting an ample amount of spin as you desire. 

In addition, the textured surface helps you find precision in serving and maneuvering spin. If you want to get more of this paddle, here it is the complete Price Response Paddle Review.


  • The elongated handle gives the two-handed backhand players a little more comfort and confidence.
  • The thick polymer core permits the players to play powerful shots
  • Thin edge guard offers added protection.
  • A bit larger, broader and much more forgiving sweet spot makes you feel comfortable.
  • The four-color option will mesmerize you.


  • The beginners might find it a bit difficult to maneuver due to its shape.

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Engage Encore EX 6 Paddle

Engage enocre EX6 paddle

Top-ranked pickleball players’ best choice is the Engage Encore EX6 pickleball paddle. This is one of the most popular pickleball paddles among veterans.

Length of 15.5 inches and width 8.125 inches structure calls for a maximum reach towards the stroke. Are you worried about having a heavier paddle? You are in the right place to lurk around.

Guess what type of grip is suitable for ball spin. A medium-sized grip that Engage provides in their Encore EX6 flagship model is perfect for spin strokes. 4 ¼ inches grip is capable of producing an unlimited number of strokes.

The middleweight feature of having more than 7.9-8.3 ounces provides a lot of stability, power generating capability.

Lengthening the span of time the ball sticks to the paddle is actually a brainchild of Engage Pickleball. This USAPA approved pickleball paddles aim at power, control, and ball placement.

In between the fiberglass surfaces, the blend of specialized polypropylene and polymer honeycomb texture makes the paddle core one of its kind.

My Two Cents On Spin:

The fiberglass covering increases the length of time the ball stays on the surface of the paddle. Surface roughness coupled with rotation through sweeping ensures a substantial amount of spin. So far, this is my best racket for a spin.


  • The honeycomb core inside the paddle ensures silence and spongy feeling at the time of stroke. The softness allows power control and ball placement.
  • ControlPro spin technology makes the paddle at its best in maneuvering spin with minimum effort.
  • The comfortable grip size allows the player to power control and smooth stroke play. Eventually, the players get a great deal of spin when serving or returning shots.
  • The rough skin increases the possibility of maneuvering better spin on the ball.
  • The liquid graphite surface is responsible enough to align with the community noise requirements.


  • A few find the weight a bit heavier.

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Prolite Crush Powerspin Pickleball Paddle

Prolite Crush Powerspin Paddle

The name says it all, “Prolite Crush Powerspin”. The sheer amount of spin from the very first stroke is reasonably understandable. Designed with SPINtac fiberglass panels, Prolite Sports unveils the Prolite crush pickleball paddle. This technology calls for superior spin control.

Do you need all in one frame: control, power, and spin? These Prolite paddles are honest enough to deliver each with complete comfort. Prolite pickleball paddles maintain USAPA guidelines that approved Prolites for noise restricted communities.

The light head weight makes the paddle quite responsive with 7.4-7.8 ounces in total. The paddle is 15.5 inches long with a width of 7.9 inches. A smaller 4.25 inches of the grip lets all-around control, maneuverability with ease.

The flashy look with top quality materials attracts the players who zeal for quality pickleball paddles. The larger face gives more control over the ball and less chance of missing the ball is inevitable. The state-of-the-art QuadCore polymer honeycomb setting ensures spin with confidence.

My Two Cents On Spin:

Crush with spin! The words say it all.

The signature Magnum shape with a huge sweet spot is always ready to spin more. Touch shots, power shots- all you can execute well with perfection.

Putting away shots in no time with dynamic speed and spin is just a click away.


  • Resilient SPINtac technology enriches the paddle with greater spin control
  • The advanced polymer core is permitted by the authority for using in the quiet zone.
  • Surface made of fiberglass shows quick reflex with a minimum sound in every single shot
  • Special MicroEdge guard protects the edge of the paddle from unwanted tear and wear.
  • The construction materials make the paddle durable enough to last a long time


  • A few players might feel the grip size a bit smaller

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Spin: A Piece Of Cake?

Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin

Talking about the fastest growing sport of US- “Pickleball”. Back in 1965, when it was first invented, it was played with wooden paddles. This sport was then leisure entertainment. After a few years, little health benefit issues came into consideration.

But at present when the professionals jump in the game, the corporates don’t want to waste their time. Nowadays, various pickleball paddles are so available with loads of features like – power, control, spin, etc.

Out of so many skills spin is the one that many look for. Specialized pickleball paddles for topspin and backspin are quite available. To get an absolute edge over an opponent you need to have the right pickleball paddle for spin in your hand.

Practice after practice with a perfect paddle for the spin will make the difference. (Check some Hudef Paddles for spin generation)

A Complete Buying Guide On Pickleball Paddles For Spin:

Pickleball Paddles for spin buying guide

It’s your money but my honest suggestion is to you to initiate online research (pickleball paddle guide) before going to purchase. An educated purchase would match the value you get with the price you pay.

You may find a few cheapest paddles in your research but never go with the price only. Rather, put on your thinking cap and design your choice that fit your need.


Hold on! Take the paddle in your hand and do some shadow of few drives, smashes and swings. How do you feel? That’s your call whether you feel the paddle lightweight or heavy. None can choose the exact paddle weight for you. The adjustment lies in your hand.

You will find pickleball paddles weighing between 6 to 14 ounces. If you want quick reflex, control, superior maneuverability and enhanced amount of spin go for buying the lighter paddles. The heavier paddles allow you more drive and power and push. 

What type of paddle best suits you? The arm strength, nature, and style of your playing come into consideration. If you are fond of the hard-hitting game with full of drives and spin, lightweight works for you. The power players love heavier ones.

Paddle Size

Pickleball paddles usually come in different sizes. A good option for the beginner is to look for larger paddlers. Therefore, they can have a larger hitting area and eventually it will decrease the number of shots missed. The professionals’ choice is longer paddles with better grip.

The Grip Size

It is always better to go for a grip that fits in your hand just right. 4 inch to 4.5-inch circumference grip range is quite common in pickleball paddle handle. Smaller grips promise for controlled spin delivery and larger grips offers stable wrist action.

Players’ height is significant enough in choosing the right length of the grip. If you are 5.2 inches a 4-inch grip is sufficient. Having a height between 5.3 inches and 5.8 inches would look for a grip size of 4.25 inches. Moreover, 5.9 inches taller players feel comfortable with a grip of 4.5 inches.

Hey Guys! Don’t take it as a hard and first rule as always. It’s a recommendation from the veterans.

Too large of a handle has the risk of slippage from hand and cause injury. On the contrary, a longer handle happens to give an extra reach to the balls.

But keep in mind, a longer paddle comes with a heavier paddle head. This will unstable the maneuverability of the style of your game.

As a whole, a good pickleball paddle is the one that gives extra pace, solid touch shots, spin and control. All of these you can get if you grip the paddle perfectly with full of confidence.

The Core

The inner part or the core is the central substance used in making a perfect pickleball paddle. You may call it the spine of the paddle. The weight, spin tactic, power, and control are based on this fundamental topic. The core provides varying levels of cushioning and bounce.

The most popular cores options are:

Nomex Core

The lightweight durable feature is the key to the nylon-based polymer Nomex core. Nomex honeycomb core is very popular with players due to its hard nature. It is created by dipping a honeycomb framework into a polymer resin.

Honeycombs are responsible to create much noise when the ball hits those due to less cushioning. The smaller honeycombs on the surface make the spin more than others.

Aluminum Core

Alike Nomex core, the aluminum core is also structured with honeycomb shapes. This core demands control and hard-hitting. The lightweight paddles are the outcome of this aluminum core technology.

Sometimes, to improve the accuracy and ball placement manufacturer uses a fiberglass face. It further increases the durability as well.

Polypropylene Core

The growing pickleball community seeks for the latest polypropylene core-based paddles. The softness of this material allows the ball to bounce and spin more. This soft property allows power, control, and ball placement.

Durability and lightweight are the two features that the polymer core yields. Polymer cores have the largest honeycombs and create loud sound with great power.

The soft surface lets the ball to contact more with less reflex. Pickleball players satisfy enough to have a substantial amount of control over the ball.

The Material

Before going to purchase a paddle we need to understand the paddle making materials. The paddle performance like the hitting ability, spinning tactic, swings depend on the materials used in making a paddle. Moreover, paddle weight, durability, and efficiency.

With the advancement of modern science, the manufacturers are coming with different ideas and technology as well to innovate various pickleball paddle sets. Some of the materials used in making paddle are described below:


A plastic composite combined with resin formulates polymer paddle. Paddles made out of polymer are durable, lightweight and affordable. Most professional players do not like it due to its poor performance.

Beginners playing in different pickleball clubs use this sort of paddle for training purposes. Due to its inexpensive nature, the amateurs love it.


Pickleball began its journey with wooden paddles. Wooden paddles are the least expensive among the many types. These solid wood made paddles are heavier than others but durable in nature. Players become tired of playing a little time.

Nowadays, wooden paddles with sophisticated design and architecture are quite available. Plywood and hardwood variants are also prevalent in the marketplace.


Graphite pickleball paddles are the top picks of the professionals. The inner honeycomb core and graphite skin are responsible enough for strength and power.

Intermediate and advanced level players looking for this graphite paddles due to lightweight and power.

Overall control, dinking at the court and power serve – all are possible with this graphite body. The lightweight feature offers quick maneuverability and controlled shots. These are expensive pickleball paddles among all of the variations.

Their con includes the less durability factor compare to wooden and polymer paddles. These are comparatively expensive. Graphite paddles are rarely recommended for generating great spin.


The responsive surface is the main thing a composite paddle can deliver using fiberglass technology. These professional-grade paddles are lightest pickleball paddles you can ever find in the market. Advanced technology makes the paddles expensive.

However, because of the growing demand of added spin, the manufacturers are trying their best to innovate few surface materials:

  • Liquid graphite
  • SPINtac fiberglass
  • Extreme Spin Texture fiberglass

Do you want top spin from the paddle surface? If yes, then synchronization of core and surface is mandatory.

Engage Pickleball offers the liquid graphite that is an extended technological advancement of simple graphite components. It provides added rough texture to grip the ball a bit more firmly for generating spin.

The SPINtac from Prolite paddle grabs the ball for optimal spin control.

Extreme Spin Texture combined with fiberglass makes another version of the paddle that offers more power and weight.

How To Choose Best Spin Racquets (A Video):

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries Solved

Q: Why is spin necessary in playing pickleball?

A: In a professional game every player wants to beat the opponent. In this cutthroat competition putting an extreme spin on every shot is very common. Power serves with spin makes the thing hard for the opponent to predict the direction of the ball. The result leads to a chance of mishit.

Q: How does the larger sweet spot work?

A: The larger sweet spot promises you not to miss any ball. Hence, players look for bigger paddles. It also helps the players to have extended reach to the ball.

Q: What else do you need to get more spin from your shots?

A: If you are a novice don’t try to get spin on your shots from the very beginning. Try to avoid doing this. Rather, practice your basic shot. After that, if you feel that you are ready to add spin start doing this. Train yourself to perform more topspin and backspin in a natural motion.

Q: Why Graphite Paddles are not the best pickleball paddles for spin?

A: Graphite pickleball paddles lack surface roughness that composite paddles do have. Graphite paddles are well known for their lightweight and strength. But their glossy surfaces don’t really let the ball stay on to the paddle. The result is a lack of spin to the ball. 

To solve this issue Engage Pickleball comes with an innovation- “liquid graphite”. This chemically bonded surface enhances the texture and produces more of a spin in every touch.

Q: What is a quiet pickleball paddle?

A: The noisy sound of pickleball keeps the residents irritate a lot in the neighborhood.

The administrative authority of pickleball, USAPA, serves to approve the paddles suitable for noise restricted communities. Pickleball equipment companies also marketing their paddles as “Green Zones” approved. These paddles are known as quiet pickleball paddles.

Q. Where to buy pickleball rackets?

A: Beginners or even sometimes pro pickleball players wonder about where to buy pickleball rackets? Well, the best answer is your nearest shop. Or, you can order online. Online stores like Dicksportinggoods, Walmart, and Amazon are some great places to buy highest rated pickleball paddles.


I believe you have the good pickleball shoe on your feet to roam around the square and you have also a great technique to challenge the opponent. But, al last you got to execute your tricks on the battlefield.

For this reason, you deserve a good paddle on your hand so that you can make a statement in the court.

Buying a new paddle is not a magic trick. Listen carefully, assume you have the best pickleball paddles for spin in your hand to put massive spin but you don’t know how to execute.

This is what I mean you need to pass through different pickleball drills and techniques. A combination of skill and quality paddle makes the difference. 

Try your best to add spin in your game choosing anyone from the above
pickleball rackets reviews and enjoy the spin fiesta!

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