Best Recreational Hockey Skates

4 Best Recreational Hockey Skates [Play Hockey With Fun & Comfort!]

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The best recreational hockey skates are the ones that are most comfortable for you. You need to make sure they fit your foot size and arch, and that they have good ankle support.

They should be durable enough to last a season or two of recreational hockey, but not so expensive that you can’t afford them.

In this article, I have spent a good number of days trying to find the 4 best recreational ice hockey skates out there. Here are their top features, pros, and cons as well. Don’t miss out on the buying guide later below before choosing the right pair for you.

Top Recreational Hockey Skates Comparison Chart

Best Recreational Hockey SkatesReasons for PickHighlighted Features
Jackson Ultima Softec Sports Recreational Hockey Skate Best Good Fit Recreational Skate for Men or Boys Stainless Steel Blade and Thinsulate-lined upper 
Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate Best Nice Looking Casual Skate for Women or Girl Velcro closure and Fastening ankle strap & lace loops
Men’s Cougar Soft Hockey Skate Best Fun Hockey Skate for Advanced Play Grey & Black camouflage Pattern
American Athletic Shoe Co.Women’s Hockey Skate Best Soft Boot Hockey Skate Multi-layered boot

Major Issues to Consider for Recreational Hockey Skates

The first thing you should consider before purchasing a pair of skates is the size.

Skate sizes are measured in length and width, not weight or age. The general rule that applies to all skate sizes is that they should fit snugly but not too tight, so you can still wiggle your toes and move your ankles freely without feeling any discomfort or pain.

The second thing to consider is the correct type of skate you want to buy.

There are two types of hockey skates: plastic and metal blade skating boots, which have different advantages and disadvantages. Plastic blade boots are cheaper than metal, they are also more lightweight, flexible, and last longer.

Best Recreational Ice Hockey Skates Reviewed

The 4 best casual hockey skates have been reviewed here. I added a few notable features for them. Also, check out their strengths and weaknesses before taking any final decision. Let’s get started:

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Recreational Hockey Skate

(Best Recreational Skate for Men or Boys)

The Jackson Ultima skate is a perfect choice for recreational players.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Ultima skate is very light. This will help keep your feet comfortable when you’re on the ice ready to play in Recreational skating. The skate also has a good price point, which means it’s affordable for all levels of players.

It is popular as it is designed to offer the perfect balance of stability, comfort, and performance. This means that you will be able to enjoy your time on the ice without worrying about your feet getting cold or feeling too much pressure.

Besides, It has a lot of padding for shock absorption and a comfortable liner for extra warmth and comfort.

If you are about to order a pair, look at the size chart first. Normally, you need a skate 1.5 sizes lower than your normal shoe size.

Notable Features/Notes of Jackson ultima Softec

Toe Picks

The skate does not have a toe pick. So, you may not do many tricks out of this skate. Only, you can use it to play recreational hockey.

Softer Boot

Beginner or recreational hockey players will find it easier with its softer boot. With this feature, you will find it easier to learn. On the other hand, stiffer skates will allow you to move fast with better motion transfer.

Plastic Material

The skate is made up of comfortable plastic material that makes it supportive, warm, and comfortable.


  • Perfect for those who love to be on the ice as much as possible, or those that want to improve from a recreational player to a competitive one.
  • Top-of-the-line hockey blades without the toe pick mean less maintenance and an ultra-light boot that provides stability on the ice.
  • Compete with confidence. Take your game to the next level with the skate
  • It will keep your feet warm and comfy. You’ll never want to take them off!


  • Not perfect for competitive hockey

Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate

(Best Casual Skate for Women or Girls)

Now you can play hockey without worrying about how much it costs to skate in these Women Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates. They’re built with a soft polyurethane outer shell for comfort and a tough rubber sole for grip, perfect for gripping the ice and skating around the rink.

Notable Features/Notes of Jackson Ultima Softec Women Version


The Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate is a perfect beginner skate for young girls. The size seems to be accurate and maybe you need a 9 if your shoe size is 9. Or, better check out the size chart before ordering one for you. Many skaters need a lower size than their normal shoe size.


The width of the skate might be just right. Even if your kid has wider feet, you don’t need to worry about the size. But, it found a little longer for many skaters out there who have bought this one. In that case, you can buy a pair of socks to fit better.

Velcro Strap

The velcro strap seems to be really sturdy and well made. With this, your tongue will remain in place and help you skate without having any difficulties.


  • The shoe is affordable
  • The color of the skate is so bright and it looks really beautiful
  • The skate is bigger and wider


  • If your foot is shorter, this skate is not for you.

Men’s Cougar Soft Hockey Skate

(Best Hockey Skate for Advanced Play)

Looking for a new pair of skates for recreational hockey? This Mens Cougar is great for skating around in a hockey rink along with your kids. These skates feature soft, comfortable padding that’ll keep you warm and comfy while you play, lace loops for quick lacing, and Velcro straps for added support.

When you go on with Cougar, you know you’re on top of your game. The skate is designed with the experienced player in mind, with a multi-layered boot construction to ensure ankle stability, dual pull-on tabs for easy on-and-off, and a stainless steel runner.

The lightweight, durable skate is designed to give you maximum control over the ice so you can surprise your opponent with a sudden spin, sharp turn, or flashy move.

Overall, this hockey skate is perfect for any man looking to dominate.

Notable Features of Cougar Soft Hockey Skate

Color Pattern

Men’s Cougar skates have a Gray and Black camouflage pattern that’s perfect for any occasion. It also seems to be perfect for any hockey game whether it is a recreational or serious game.

Thick-Foam Padding

You deserve better than to get blisters or sore feet. Men’s Cougar hockey skates will keep your feet warm and comfortable with thicker foam padding and an antibacterial mesh liner. The molded plastic plate and outsole will make your skating faster and more maneuverable.

Stainless Steel Blade

The Men’s Cougar is a premium hockey skate designed for players who need a boot and blade combination with extra ankle protection and ankle support. The stainless steel blade is perfect for heavy use in any winter sport, and the eco-leather boot is soft and cushioned, yet durable.


  • Better than any rental skate for any casual skating
  • Excellent look and durable skate
  • Men and women both can wear it, boys too.
  • Price is a reasonable way lower than 100 dollars


Size might be an issue. So, order the right pair after checking out the sizing chart.

American Athletic Shoe Co.Women’s Hockey Skate

(Best Soft Skate for Women)

The American Athletic Shoe Soft Hockey Skate is a soft boot with a thick padding of foam. It has a synthetic leather outer shell and a rubber sole. The skate is available in the color black and has an adjustable lace-up closure.

The skate has a wide fit and provides excellent ankle support for lateral movements. The American Athletic Company Women’s Soft Hockey Skate is the perfect choice for players who want to give their ankles maximum protection while playing on the ice

Notable Features of American Athletic Shoe Hockey Skate

Soft Boot

It is a lace-up skate with a soft boot that is designed for non-competitive hockey games and recreational skating. It has a medium-width blade, which makes it perfect for beginners or those who are just starting out.

Thick-Foam Padding

The skate is designed with foam padding that provides comfort and warmth for the player who is on the ice for long hours. The soft hockey skate also has an insole that provides cushioning in all the right places, ensuring that there are no pressure points, which can lead to discomfort and fatigue.

Stainless Steel Blade

This American Athletic Hockey Skate is a multi-layered boot for ankle support and has a strong stainless steel hockey blade. This skate has a durable, water-resistant synthetic leather upper, which will not stretch or shrink with wear and tear.


  • Strap lacing system is really easy and comfortable
  • Perfect recreational hockey skates for starter hockey learners
  • Price is reasonable, around 75 dollars
  • Very well made and very much comfy


  • You may need to sharpen the blade at your local rink which may cost you up around 5 dollars. you may find it a little bit hard to tie it tight. and you may feel less stable. For leisure hockey practice or game, it’s just perfect.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Hockey Skate


Choosing the right size skate is important for a couple of reasons. First, if a person chooses a skate that is too big, they will have too much room in the skate and their foot will have to work harder to maintain balance. Second, if a person chooses a skate that is too small, they may not be able to walk properly and may not be able to wear thick socks or other foot accessories.

The best way to determine what size hockey skates you need is by using the conversion chart below. This chart can be used as an approximate guide for converting from one size of hockey skates to another.

Wide Foot vs Narrow Foot

You need a high-volume skate if you have wider feet. Whereas, you should be looking for a low volume skate if your foot is narrower. Go for a traditional fit skate when your feet are naturally wide. However, this type of skate is not perfect for thin and tapered feet.

Shape of Hockey Skate

The shape of hockey skates can make a huge difference in the way you skate. A rounded toe shape will offer more agility and give you a better ability to turn quickly. The straight-cut design provides more stability while skating, but will limit your mobility on the ice.

Stiff vs Flexible Skates

A beginner player who wears stiff skates will likely struggle with their skating technique. They should avoid overly flexible skates, since they may not provide the necessary support when trying to learn how to skate.

A player that is very experienced would likely go for a more aggressive skate with high-performance capabilities.

Price Point

Ice hockey is a pretty expensive sport, but fortunately, there are different price ranges to find the perfect skate for your budget. For recreational hockey games, It’s important to find the right one sooner than later! Normally, recreational hockey skates’ price ranges from 50 dollars to 180 dollars on a store like Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use hockey skates for recreational use?

Hockey skates are designed for hockey and other ice skating sports, such as figure skating. But, don’t worry if you happen to own a pair of hockey skates because there are also recreational uses for them. It is possible to use them for recreational purposes, but it will depend on the person’s skill level. (Read Figure skates vs Hockey Skates)

Skates are judged by blade size, depth, width & hardness. You’ll also see them referenced according to what they are designed for – slalom skates for example. Hockey skate blades are usually made of stainless steel but can include carbon to make them lighter.

So if you’re just skating for fun, any pair of skates will work. But you wouldn’t want to shoot a puck with figure skates or do a double lutz spin with toeless skates!

  • What are recreational skates?

The sport of recreational skating is a fun and effective way to keep in shape. It’s also a great way to spend time with family or friends. Skates are designed to be used on flat, level surfaces like the rink or pavement. They are similar to ice skates, but are much more lightweight and flexible, making them easier for beginners to get used to. There are many types of recreation skates available for sale, designed for different levels of experience.

In other words, we can say that recreational skates are designed for leisure skaters like pond skaters, who typically enjoy hockey in their off time for social activities or for just fun.

Let’s look at some awesome Ice Skates Makers here.

Ending Words

Skates are the most important piece of equipment for hockey players. They provide balance and stability on the ice, and allow players to move quickly and efficiently.

When looking for a good pair of recreational hockey skates, it’s important to consider your position on the ice as well as your playing style. Skates that are designed for one position may not be best for another. For example, a player who plays in the defensive zone will need to look for skates that offer more ankle support than those who play in the attacking zone.

Hope our above recommendations helped you to pick the best suit for you. Enjoy hockey, learn better and be an expert. See You!

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