Best Skateboard Accessories

6 Best Skateboard Accessories [You Must Have!]

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Skateboard accessories are a must-have if you want to make the most out of your skateboarding experience. These accessories help to make the skateboard trips more convenient and your skateboard flashy!

There is a wide range of skateboard accessories to choose from including safety gear, parking block, skate stickers, taillight, and quite a few more. The supporting accessories can light up the outlook of your skateboard while adding to the overall vibrancy of the ride. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best skateboard accessories that skateboarders should have.

Best Skateboard Accessories 

Safety Gear

The first and most important skateboard accessory is the safety gear. In order to protect yourself from serious injuries if you fall hard on the floor while skating, safety gear is a must. And if you are only a beginner, going to skate without getting your safety gear right is a terrible mistake. Here’s our pick for the best safety gear set on the market.

JBM Protective Gear Set

The JMB 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set is the perfect choice of accessories to keep you safe while you go skateboarding. It comes with Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards to prevent fractures and bruises in case you fall off while skating. 

The promising quality available within a very reasonable budget makes it a great pick for beginners and amateurs alike. 

Durable Material: This set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are made of durable plastic plates with soft EVA padded inner linings. These pads can take a lot of rough contact without breaking and will effectively prevent injuries if you fall.

Soft and Comfortable: The overall design of the set of safety gear pays attention to the comfort of skaters so that they can move along freely while donning the equipment. The soft and comfortable EVA padded inner lining allows you to skate for hours on end without facing any discomfort.

Multiple Elastic Adjustable Straps: The multiple adjustable elastic straps are well designed to aptly grip knees of various widths and can be adjusted according to the skater’s comfort. These are not loose and will not come off while you ride your skateboard.


  •  Durable and long-lasting material.
  •  Comes with adjustable straps.
  •  No chances of coming off as you skate.
  •  Soft and Comfortable EVA padded gear.
  •  Perfect for beginners.


  • Does not come with a helmet.

Skateboard Helmet

A skateboard helmet is a must if you are going for a skateboard ride. It is a vital part of your safety gear and is very important to prevent any severe injuries to your head if you fall off while skating.

Tripple Eight Skateboarding Helmet

The Tripple Eight Helmet designed for skateboarders is a dual-certified and high-impact absorbing safety headgear. The helmet comes in various sizes and you can choose the one that fits you best from their available size chart.

Best Protection: Tripple Eight’s Skateboard helmet is a dual-certified headgear that comes with a thick soft dual-density foam, high impact-absorption EPS foam and moisture-wicking fabric. The helmet itself is designed to give the best possible protection to skaters in case of accidents.

Adjustable Liners: The helmet comes with an adjustable helmet strap with its side release buckle and two different sets of removable terrycloth sweat-wicking liners that are also adjustable to custom fit. So, keeping it fitted on your head should not be an issue as you skate.

Fantastic Outlook: These helmets come in a wide range of 22 different designs that vary in color and outlook. The classy, elegant and vibrant helmets will surely make you stand out as you go skating.


  • Durable and well built.
  • Best protection.
  • Comfortable interior with sweat-wicking fabric.
  • Best shock absorption during accidents.
  • Adjustable liners.
  • Available in 22 different designs and colors.


  • Slightly expensive price tag.

Board Blazers

Board blazers are skateboard lights that can be fitted underneath the board to make your skateboard illuminate as you go. These lights not only add to the vibrancy of your skateboard but also keep you safe so that drivers and pedestrians can easily see you on the road and accidents don’t take place. 

Board Blazers LED Lights

The set of Board Blazers LED lights gives a fantastic underflow fitted under the deck of your skateboard. These are perfect for night riding. The colorful lights will keep your board illuminated while night riding and you will be properly seen as you skate. It also comes with a fantastic tail light.

Be Seen at Night: The Board Blazers comes with 5 different modes and a beautiful array of colors that make you visible as you go skateboarding at night hours. Drivers and pedestrians can easily spot you and hence prevent any accidents due to collision.

Fits on Any Board: The 4 LED lights can be easily fitted on any board, cruiser or longboard and will give a wonderful under glow to your skateboard. These are an amazing choice as a skateboard gift.

Allows You to Perform Tricks: Board Blazers are the only kind of lights that allow you to perfectly perform all your skateboard tricks without any interruption. You can easily try out any of your skateboard feats with the board blazers turned on.


  •  An amazing array of colors is available.
  •  Comes with 5 different modes perfect for night riding.
  •  Makes you aptly visible at night.
  •  Allows all skateboard tricks.


  • May need to be recharged regularly.

Board Blazers LED Skateboard Underglow Lights with Skateboard Tail Light – Ultimate Skateboard Light Bundle for Style and Safety: Sports & Outdoors

Skateboard Tool

Skateboard tools are quite important as you may have to fix your skateboard at times. Having a skate tool with you makes it easier to fix small problems on your skateboard quickly and instantly.

CCS Skateboard Tool

The CCS All in One Skateboard Tool is really useful skateboard equipment that comes with Allen and Phillip heads.

All in One Skate Tool: It is a great piece of skateboard accessory that comes with a slide in and out screwdriver with Allen and Phillip heads.

Compatible for All Skateboards: It is aptly compatible with all trucks and skateboards. It can help you fix and tighten all you have to on your skateboard.

Easy to Carry: Small and compact in size, the all-in-one skate tool can easily be carried anywhere you go.


  • Easy to Use all in one skate tool.
  • Compatible with all types of skateboards.
  • Compact in size and easy to carry.
  • Durable quality.


  • May get stained after a long time of use.

Skateboard Parking Stand

Wondering where to keep your skateboard when you’re not riding it? That’s where a parking block comes in. A skateboard parking block holds the skateboard horizontally or vertically however you want, working as a portable stand and also as an organizer.

Parking Block Skateboard Stand

Parking Block’s classy yet simple skateboard stand is a cool choice for almost any board. From penny boards to longboards, this stand can hold all bolds in both horizontal and vertical positions with ease. 

It also comes with a storage tray at the back where you can keep your skateboard tools as you proudly display your skateboard.

Portable: This skateboard stand needs no unnecessary mounting or drilling to set it up as you can easily park your skateboard anywhere anytime using this parking stand. Easily movable and classy in outlook, it will further enhance the overall look of the corners you place it in.

No Tripping: The parking stand firmly holds the board in both vertical and horizontal positions as you prefer, depending on the size of your board. 

It prevents your skateboard from tripping as it has rubber strips on the stand and under the stand on the legs that make the skateboard stand sturdy while also preventing it from slipping around.

Accessory Storage: The parking stand also comes with an accessory storage area where you can easily keep all your skateboard tools, keys, bearing and wheels. The storage area also keeps dirty wheels away from walls as you park your skateboard on the stand.


  •  No drilling or mounting is required.
  •  Easily portable.
  •  Holds all boards in vertical and horizontal positions.
  •  Keeps wheels away from walls.
  •  Comes with an accessory storage area.
  •  Cool outlook.


  • Can hold one skateboard at a time only.

Parking Block Skateboard Storage, Display, Organizer – Portable Stand : Sports & Outdoors (

Skateboard Backpack

Carrying a skateboard on long trips can be a problem unless you have a backpack with adjustable straps. Attaching your skateboard to a backpack is a really convenient way of carrying it on long trips.

Roneys Skateboard Backpack

It is a classy black backpack that comes with board straps that you can easily use to carry your skateboard. The back is specially designed for such purposes and also comes with a basketball carrying net too.

Waterproof and Durable Material: Made of quality polyester material, Roney’s Backpack is very suitable for carrying any kind of board in a vertical position. It has a capacity of 30L and also has the proper dimensions to serve as a laptop bag.

Adjustable Skateboard Straps: The adjustable skateboard straps are strong and durable and you can easily fix your skateboard on the back of your backpack without hesitation. 

The adjustable buckle sternum straps and waist belts ensure your bag doesn’t swing too much while having comfortable back padding to ensure you have a good experience carrying it.

Variety of Pockets and Extra features: This backpack has some of the best variety of pockets and hidden pockets including a top hidden zipper pocket, two separated departments with one main pocket, one padded thick iPad pocket, one padded laptop pocket, one back pocket, one bottom pocket and two size zipper pockets. 

The bottom pocket contains the basketball net that you can use to carry a basketball if you want. It also comes with an external USB with a built-in charging cable.


  • Spacious and durable.
  • Comes with adjustable skateboard straps.
  • Comfortable back padding.
  • An amazing number of pockets and hidden pockets.
  • Waterproof with a classy outlook.
  • Comes with a net to carry a basketball.
  • External USB with built-in charging cable.


  • Only available in one color.

Check if all strap clips fit properly, some pieces may not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skateboard Accessories Do You Need?

There is a variety of skateboard accessories available and you will surely need a few of those. Skateboard tools to fix your board, night lights if you are riding at night, stickers if you want to decorate your board a bit and a backpack if you wish to carry it on longer trips. 

But most importantly, safety gear is a must.

Is it really important to get safety gear before skating?

Yes, it is a big MUST. As I said, the first skateboard accessory that you should get is the safety gear and a skateboard helmet. The other accessories can wait.

Can You do Tricks with Board Blazers on Your Skateboard?

Yes, fixing board blazers underneath your board do not prevent you from performing tricks on it. You can perform almost all skateboard tricks with board blazers fixed on them. The lights are not in contact with the wheels or the ground, so there is nothing to worry about.


There is a variety of skateboard accessories to choose from. These supporting equipment can make your skating experience even better and more convenient. Make sure that you get the right safety gear first and then explore the other cool and necessary skateboard accessories.

Let us know which accessories you will be getting and till then, Happing Skating!

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