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16 Best Skateboard Brands in 2023 [For Beginners to All]

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‘’What are the best skateboard brands?”- is a question that boggles the conscience of every skateboard fanatic. If you deal with this same mysterious concept, pull up your socks as we take a tour of some of the best skateboard companies.

Experts have noted that one factor that makes certain names stand out from others is how they use high-quality materials such as maple wood or bamboo to create their decks; this not only improves durability but also gives riders more control over their movements as well as more cushioning when they fall down on a skateboard.

In this article, I will also put light on why, in my opinion, these brands are the best for beginners and what makes them better than the rest. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Guide on Choosing Best Skateboard Brand

There are many things to consider when ranking skateboard brands. Some of these factors may include performance, design, versatility, brand loyalty, and overall quality. However, one of the most important factors is customer satisfaction. Brands that are able to consistently provide a great experience for their customers rank high on rankings lists.

However Quality, Durability, and Price are also important when determining a quality skateboard brand.


In order to choose the best skateboard brand for you, it is important to consider the quality of the deck. A good deck will have a high-quality construction and will be made from materials that are durable. Usually, North American maple wood with seven layers is treated as the best deck out there.


There are all sorts of aspects to consider when buying a skateboard, and one of them is durability. A good skateboard should have a concave shape, with a long center nose – other features like color might not matter as much. When choosing between two different boards, try touching each to see which you prefer.


The cost of a skateboard varies based on different factors, but the typical price ranges from $35 to $150. The cost is affected by both the quality of the parts and company goodwill. Additional costs come from shoes, protective gear, and apparel.

Top Skateboard Brands 2023 Comparison Table

According to market analysis, user experience check-outs, and market experts’ suggestions, the following boards are some most popular skateboard brands in the market.

Skateboard BrandWheelDeckBearingMost Important Info and Features
Element60mm8.5″ widthABEC-5Established in 1992, renowned, mostly wood made, suited for hard tricks, quality skateboard wheels, and bearings, strong and durable
Powell Peralta53mm7.5″ widthMiniGreat skateboard brand, Hard, strong but light, water-resistant, wheels are durable, fast
Minority Maple52mm81cm lengthABEC-9100% maple, easy maneuverability everywhere, genuine aluminum, attractive look, best skateboard brands for beginners
WeSkate Skateboard50mm8″ widthABEC-11Well built and reliable board, double kick capacity, 7 ply maple, strong grip tape, best skateboard brand for learning to skate
Enjoi Skateboard52mm7.75″ widthABEC-7Versatile and concave board, good flipping and comfortable, speed bearings, flexible and strong
Zero Skateboard52mm8″ widthABEC-3California based skateboard brand, famous, 100% authentic, professional board, awesome graphic and long-lasting
Plan B52mm8″ widthABEC-5Ps Stix press, impressive look, more concave and pitch, mellow shape, best all-rounder skateboard brand
Alien Workshop52mm7.75″ widthABEC-7Clean, classy graphic, big nose, best for kickflip, strong enough, Great wheelbase and shape
Blind Complete52mm8″ widthABEC-5Very well made, great logo, Thicker decks, stronger board, concave and good pop
Birdhouse Skateboard52mm8″ widthABEC-5Authentic maple board, wider, lightweight truck, heavy-duty aluminum, top-rated bearings, professionally assembled
Quest Longboard Skateboard70mm44″ lengthABEC-7Cruiser longboard skateboard, hardwood maple, beautiful deck, advanced technology, best-rated skateboard brand
Krown Rookie52mm7.5″ widthABEC-5Rookie board, Good balance with speed, awesome look, and best skateboard brand for beginners
Rimable Complete59mm22″ lengthABEC-5Plastic board, smooth wheel, speed bearings, different look, ride them with barefoot, durable and affordable for beginners
Penny Australia59mm22″ lengthABEC-7Original plastic board, high tensile bolts, easy to ride, aesthetic, funny and good for teens, the popular brand”
M Merkapa Board70mm9″ widthABEC-9Cruiser board, vintage look, made for rough surface, speed and smooth, longboard ride, incredible design, novice board

Although, our Quick Answer to the best skateboard brands in 2023 is Element Skateboard and Powell-Peralta, Let’s check out the feature of the other best skate companies as below why they are also to be considered:

Element Skateboard

Out of different types of skateboard brands, Element is the one-stop-shop for any skate lover. Founded by Johnny Schillereff in the year 1992, after which there was no looking back. Manufacturing apparel, shoes, durable decks, etc skateboard related products, Element has stood out to be a full-fledged skateboarding brand.

Element, as a dedicated skateboard company, offers you to pick from a wide variety of decks, bearings, wheels, clothes, or even complete boards; whichever you may prefer without any tension about the standard of the product. 

The brand promotes skill riding and advanced-level skateboarding. Thus, the boards and other materials are built to last extreme riding conditions and prevent snapping or chipping at any point.

Various technology and materials are used in separate deck models. But the inclusion of seven layers of maple ply (just like in every other deck) is pretty much the same here. Yet, the superior quality of the skateboards is way higher than other inferior ones.

Youngsters like Tom Schaar and many other inspirational ‘skaters’ also showcase the face of Element, making it a well-renowned brand. 

To sum up, mid-budget prices and unmatchable attributes keep Element far ahead of its competitors in the race of being the best skateboard brand.

Overall Specifications

  • A well-known brand for skating 
  • Durable skate decks and accessories
  • Customizing decks is easier than ever
  • Affordable prices
  • The best option for trick freaks and advanced learners

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Powell Peralta Board

This is one of the oldest bottles of wine in the skateboarding industry. Founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, Powell Peralta gave birth to a new era of making premium skateboards. The decks produced are a vivid combination of classic and funky artwork and high-stakes performers. 

All thanks to the maestro Vernon Courtlandt Johnson a.k.a VCJ who deals with all the graphic outlooks of the decks.

But the best part is the dead shot durability of their decks. In this aspect, the Flight Deck is a lightweight monster that is claimed to be unbreakable, even in the roughest and toughest skating scenarios. 

Their decks are usually made of maple and a touch of reinforced carbon fiber which gives them the strength to withstand fierce blows.

From the ’90s to this day, the skateboard brand has been producing excellent decks and including top legends of the game in their team. Starting from all-time legends like Steve Caballero, Andy Macdonald, and Lance Mountain to present-day stars like Andy Anderson; their team is evergreen.

Powell Peralta also specializes in making great wheels and bearings with the heading Bones Bearing, which makes outstanding skate bearings and wheels which allow skating with precision and speed on any surface.

Customizing and choosing your parts for your board is usual for many but a hassle for some. If so, you can try out the preassembled skateboards from the wide variety of options they provide without any compromise in performance as they are set up keeping the rider’s expectations in mind.

Overall Specifications

  • Classic graphic outlook.
  • Supreme durability.
  • Great wheels and bearings.
  • Appreciable preassembled boards.
  • Trustworthy as many pro skaters use the same brand for years.
  • Best skateboard brand indeed.


A fair enough option for encouraging young skills, this is the go-to brand for you if you are in your early days of trying tricks and turns. Just like Krown, Minority has almost similar aspects to note. For its great features, we have listed it in our low-priced skateboard review as well.

Jaw-dropping performances with modest retail pricing and almost similar built quality. But Minority has a lot more graphical advancements than Krown (keeping in mind that the prices will differ as well). 

I like the artwork on Minority boards and how well the lower deck material is designed to slide across rods or staircase drills. It feels way better than any other low-range boards.

In honest terms, Minority performs as per its cost and survive years of abuses and washouts. For amateurs, it is a really good deal until you realize that you have gained some skills and it’s time for you to upgrade your road ranger.

Overall Specifications

  • Better graphics on deck
  • Amateurs are the top audience
  • Yet another one for cheapskates


WeSkate is another renowned brand for skateboards and scooters. This brand makes plenty of kids’ products, and they are most popular for their kids’ products. The skateboards made by WeSkate are manufactured with quality maple wood. The bearings and wheels are also great. They have some electric skateboards as well.

The durable and strong construction of the skateboards will give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Also, the skateboards made by WeSkate are really good for different stances. As more grip and stability is guaranteed by the brand, the skateboards are perfect for starter level players. 

The graphic designs by WeSkate are really attractive and eye catching. The 7 layer maple wood provides a safe and stable ride for riders with any weight. You can find concave-shaped decks from WeSkate that will boost your control over the board. Effective braking mechanism ensures your safety and bearings with high precision will increase your mobility. 

Waterproof tape is attached over the deck to increase the traction between your shoe and your skateboard. The double kick concave design lets the rider brake with ease and distributes the weight of the rider uniformly over the deck. The skateboards made by WeSkate are really the best choice for newcomers. For quite advanced level players, you may see the other brands in the list.

Overall Specifications

  • Comparatively cheaper than other brands.
  • Perfect choice for your kid.
  • The double kick design of the deck ensures the stability and safety of the rider.
  • Comes in a fabulous outlook.
  • Fully assembled and ready to roam just after the purchase.

Enjoi Skateboard

A cute Panda on the brand logo is the emblem of Enjoi. This brand is relatively new. It was founded in 2000. Mark Johnson and Rodney Mullen established Enjoi primarily to make skateboard decks. Later the brand started to produce skateboarding accessories and clothing. They are also well known for producing wheels that have a lot of grips and suitable for ramps, pools, etc.

Enjoi makes quality skateboards that you can buy without a second thought. The durability and overall quality of Enjoi skateboards are really praiseworthy.

Some skateboarders have complained that the decks are too light compared to other brands. As being too light, they get cracks under a little pressure. Though the complaints are from a few numbers of consumers. The majority of the skateboarders have given a positive review about Enjoi. Light cruising is quite easy with Enjoi skateboards.

The concave in the deck of Enjoi is an amazing feature of Enjoi. That mild concave in the deck has made the skateboards comfortable for smooth riding as well as for flips. The skateboards are quite versatile and suitable for different levels of players. The big skateboard deck gives the advantage of performing various tricks.

There are various classes of Enjoi skateboards. You can also get them in various graphics printed on the deck. They make skateboards of different sizes as well. Many of the skateboards made by Enjoi are unassembled. This may cause a little problem for the newbies.

Overall Specifications

  • Durable board and versatile.
  • Lightweight and suitable for street skating.
  • The wheels will give a decent grip to avoid slipping.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Concave on the skateboard deck gives the option to perform many stunts.

Zero Skateboard

The brand Zero was founded by Jamie Thomas in California. In early 2003, Thomas started manufacturing skateboard decks under the Black Box Brands. Why we included Zero in our top skateboard list is that the brand is being designed by some famous skateboarders like Tommy Sandova, Windsor James and Dane Burman and some others.

As for the quality, The brand is unique for its style and versatility. They are complete and have been built with a perfect size which is appropriate for the novices and pros. The advanced riders can get the required stability and control using these skateboards. 

All the Zero boards are asserted to be made with good quality materials, ensuring the smoothness and durability of the products. Not only that, but also the skateboards are very lightweight which is a preference for many skateboarders. The decks are made with quality Canadian maple wood which further helps in shock resistance.

Besides, the quality truck and wheels used in this skateboard make it super flexible. 

Overall Specifications

  • A complete skateboard
  • Designed by the expert team members
  • Unique Style
  • Built with quality materials
  • A safe option for all level of skateboarders

Plan B Skateboard

Plan B is a renowned skateboard manufacturing company since 1991. It is a California based skateboard company. There are a few skateboard manufacturing brands that can manufacture quality skateboards Plan B. Plan B is one of the best and you can buy it without even thinking twice.

There are multiple families of skateboards from Plan B such as Mini, Pro, Team, etc. Different families consist of different specifications and are suitable for different levels of players, for different ages. From 7.3 to 8.75-a a variety of sizes is present for you. The most popular sizes sold by Plan B are suitable for parks, ramps, and pools.

There are aesthetic designs for every skateboard made by Plan B. You can also customize your board according to your choice and taste. The deck size is very suitable for any sort of customization. If you do not want to customize your board, you can also choose one from the huge collection of amazing skateboards made by them.

The Plan B skateboards come into the market after passing a lot of tests. The durability and strength of each skateboard made by them are unimaginably good. You can perform any tricky move with a Plan B skateboard with ease. There is a guarantee of safety given by this skateboard brand.

Overall Specifications

  • Worth spending money on a good skateboard.
  • Light and maneuverable.
  • Plan B has a long heritage in skateboards.
  • One of the best options for every level of players.

Alien Workshop Skateboard

The Alien Workshop, also known as AWS was founded in 1990. It is a USA based skateboard brand. Though they are not on the hot list of skateboarding, still they are one of the most popular skateboard manufacturing brands. Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill were the founders of this brand.

The alien workshop makes skateboards having decks of high quality wood of seven layers. The decks are durable, strong, and have lots of pop. It is the favorite deck of many advanced level skateboarders. Gorgeous graphics are depicted on the skateboard deck that will make your skateboard stylish and eye catchy.

You can also customize your one from Alien Workshop. They have both complete skateboards as well as customized skateboards. You can choose the perfect blend of color, wheel, and bearing for you and make your skateboard just like the one you have in your mind.

The main Alien workshop team includes pro level players like Steve Claar, Neil Blender. There are other advanced level players as well in the team.

 The structure will help you to perform different tricks. These skateboards are pretty good for any student to start with. The measurements are perfect for both a rookie and a pro. A ramp or a pool, despite your skateboarding track, Alien Workshop is always one of the best choices for any skateboarder.

Overall Specifications

  • Durable and lightweight.
  • The structure made of maple wood is really strong.
  • Quite expensive. You have to spend a few more bucks than other popular skateboard brands to get a skateboard made by Alien workshop

Blind Skatebaord

Blind was founded in 1989 by Mark Gonzales. Though it was founded under World Industries Distribution Company, now it is continuing under Dwindle Distribution. bLind is one of the most popular skateboards that are the best for street skateboarding.

Blind makes decks that are durable and flexible. They use carbon fiber and epoxy resin on the stress points of their skateboard decks which gives extra strength to the decks. 

Skateboards made by bLind are quite cheap and reasonable. This is a key factor behind their popularity. Many skateboards have pointy shapes and help to perform several street skateboarding tricks.

The wheels produced by bLind are quite larger and have good traction. They also have rebound and are perfect for really tight corner moves. Though they are not so efficient in sliding.

Decks made by bLind are thicker than other skateboard manufacturing brands. So you will get extra resistance against high impacts. This slightly more thickness does not allow to make flip tricks easily. If you love to flip, you really have to struggle with a bLind skateboard.

Unlike other skateboarding brands under Dwindle Distribution (Enjoi, Darkstar, etc) bLind makes skateboard decks that are full concave. This extra concaveness gives the rider a comfortable ride and more control over the board.

The complete skateboards made by bLind are mainly targeted at the newbies. The wheels and trucks are good enough for a rookie but not good enough for an advanced player. Though decks made by Blind are pretty good for any level skateboarder.

Overall Specifications

  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Eye catchy graphics for a cool vibe.
  • Strong and have extra flexibility.
  • Enough grippy that does not let you slip while riding.

Birdhouse Skateboard

The Birdhouse is another popular skateboarding accessories manufacturing brand that makes skateboarding wheels, decks, clothing, etc. Skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Lizzie Aramanto, Jeremy Klein, Steve Berra, Andrew Reynolds is some of the users of skateboards made by Birdhouse.

The decks made by Birdhouse are really amazing. The width of Birdhouse skateboards is such that it is appropriate for any kind of skateboarding in any terrain. The kick is also optimized in size. You can do anything with the medium concave shaped skateboards made by Birdhouse.

The weight of the decks of Birdhouse is neither too heavy nor too light. It is in between medium and heavyweight. They are quite heavier than the other popular skateboards.

There is a big issue regarding the durability of the skateboards made by Birdhouse. Many users have a complaint about the durability of the boards. The decks have cracks on them with a fewer number of crashes than other traditional popular decks.

If you talk about pop, the board is really amazing. But not so long lasting. These are really severe issues for many skateboarders. So I think it is better to mention them here.

The decks are really good and let you perform different tricky moves, but unfortunately, they are not strong enough, according to many skateboarders who have used Birdhouse for quite a long period. You may find other more durable skateboards in the market with the same price that you are going to spend for a Birdhouse skateboard.

Overall Specifications

  • Heavier than other popular skateboards.
  • Less durable and faces cracks with lesser crashes.
  • Performs well until you are facing any crack on the deck.

Quest Longboard Skateboard

Though mostly known for their exquisite range of longboards, Quest has become the prince in the top cruiser board lineup in no time. Since it arrived in 2014, it has rapidly gained popularity by producing some outstanding pre-installed mid-budget cruisers and drop-down boards.

Operating from the heart of California, USA, Quest is the first choice brand for skaters who just want to tread the streets for relaxation or commute. If you just want to chill around the city and want to take a casual ride, this is the best option for you.

This top-selling longboard brand has given cruising around college and random riding a new identity. With relatively softer wheels, great trucks, superb bearings, and a stylish deck, your recreational ride could not have gone better. Most of their decks are made of multi-ply hardwood maple and Artisan bamboo, ensuring strength along with the latest fashion.

Although their longboards are admirable and well-performing, they are not the most suitable for performing tricks. If you are enthusiastic to upgrade your skills and advance to the next level, it’s better not to choose a Quest. 

It’s not like you can’t go into action on these, but other boards are designed to empower your skill levels and work out better for you. 

Overall Specifications

  • One of the best in longboards and cruisers at a mid-budget price point.
  • Pre-installed skateboards; no hassle for newbies.
  • Comfortable riding experience.
  • Great components used to complement the skateboard.
  • Quite an affordable pricing.
  • Good for tricks but best for free rides.
  • best selling and high-end skateboard.

Krown Skateboard

If I were, to sum up, Krown with just one word, would be versatile. Tirelessly creating new skates for every skateboard enthusiast, Krown has won the hearts of many riders.

With the rookie and pro models, Krown has marked its place into the hearts of many amateur and semi-pro ‘deckers’. They usually provide a more concave shape on the deck for making it a trick buster.

Nevertheless, cruisers by Krown are also favorites to many leisure riders. Considerably fit aluminum trucks and durable urethane wheels make Krown boards the first choice for any novice skater.

Undeniably, there are better boards available out there for pros. But with such a low price tag, your mind will never get over these.

Overall Specifications

  • Good enough for pros
  • Quality maintained products
  • Low cost
  • Best brand skateboard
  • Most popular skate brands


A glossy touch outlook makes Rimable a dream for every newborn skateboarder. Whether riding to school, roaming around your campus, or even practicing basic skills, the boards aid you as a supporting hand everywhere.

Small 22 inch cruisers are the best-built boards from Rimable. In this case, I think their galaxy design is to date superior to its any other design.

The brand is very young in the industry and has still not spread much of its existence among various categories of skateboarding. But for such a masculine arrival, it can be easily assumed that it will compete against big names of the industry soon.

Overall Specifications 

  • Easy to carry boards
  • Exceptional design variations
  • Buy a skateboard without ripping your pockets.

Penny Australia Board

Penny Australia or simply referred to as Penny is a top skateboard brand that was formed by Ben Mackay, in the year 2010. It’s is a brand that is dedicated to making the best quality plastic skateboards as a nostalgia for the first generations of skateboarding.

Fiberglass and other carbon inserts are used as an alternative for timber as the raw ingredient of the decks. A light-weight malleable deck and sturdy trucks make a Penny board your perfect ride companion.

They offer boards in five different sizes based on the length of the boards. These are –

  1. Penny (22”)
  2. Nickel (27”)
  3. Surfskate (29”)
  4. Cruiser (32”)
  5. Longboard (36”)

But I love the penny (size) as it is light-weight, cool, and pretty easy to carry anywhere.

Even though Penny usually focuses on recreational riders, keeping in mind what the majority of the skateboarders are, many professionals also recommend them. 

Still, the level of toughness they maintain for their decks is praiseworthy as you can roam around on that very same Penny which ages almost like you! 

Nevertheless, their whole line of products is classy and customization is just a few clicks away. Though they can scratch your wallet a bit, they will pay you back through their longevity. So, no doubt Penny Australia is one of the best skateboard manufacturers in the race.

Overall Specifications

  • Light-weight and flexible, yet robust.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Customization is easy.
  • Wheels and trucks are wonderful and well balanced.
  • Cool graphic designs.
  • A bit costly but worth it.

Cal 7 Deck Board

The 1970s classic retro illustration that they try to carry out through their decks, is somewhat visible through the ‘deck works’.The skateboard brand usually determines to keep the old school vibes as their foundation and mix it with the latest technologies and creativity to generate an ultimate fusion and fortunately, they have succeeded to date.

Using plastic decks to the maple norms, Cal 7 does it all. Wheels, bearings, hardware, rising pads, and what not? You name it, they have it! That too at an average of $50 for a complete deck. Well, that’s insane!

Each type of deck material again has a whole series under which they are arranged, based on artworks. For instance, there are seven series of maple decks made, namely, 

  1. Vanity
  2. Evolution 
  3. Fossil 
  4. Time Vortex 
  5. Wild Masquerade 
  6. Legacy
  7. Cal Cities.

Again, plastic decks are the cruiser series of Cal 7 which are –

  1. Color Blast
  2. Motley 
  3. Phantom

But whichever you may choose, quality, comfort, and endurance are assured.

Overall Specifications

  • All skateboard accessories are made
  • Wide range of options available
  • Both customized and pre-completed decks built
  • Very affordable prices

M Merkapa Skateboard

For the tiny tods and almost teens, M Merkapa is a reliable brand. Helmets, knee pads, etc other kids sports stuff. The brand is relatively new to the industry however, does justice to the hard-earned money of the customers.

Most of their boards are compact and small which makes them handy for kids. Both plastic and hardwood maple boards are manufactured by the skateboard brand. Mini cruisers hold the majority percentage of the meal they make. 

The most glamorous piece of skateboard they make is a colorful 22-inch cruiser with LED wheels. Interestingly, the wheels don’t have a battery or don’t even need to be charged. They light up as soon as you hit the roads. 

And most importantly, they are cheap. What can be more fascinating to you and your child?

Overall Specifications

  • Mainly for kids
  • Affordable skateboards
  • LED wheels installed in specific models

For learners, it is a very good skateboard company to look out for but for professionals, there are far better options on this list.

Best Skateboards Brands Choosing Guide

skateboard brands

While choosing a custom or complete skateboard, go for well-established skateboard companies. These companies are committed to using quality materials for their decks, wheels, bearings and other accessories associated with skateboards. Let’s learn in detail:

Deck Style or Type

Before choosing your skateboard brand, you have to emphasize on your skateboard deck. Your skating style and skill level should match the appropriate deck type as well.

Suppose if you are up to street or park skating, a shortboard-type deck would be just perfect for you. These types of boards are decent for performing tricks.

In the second, Mid-length cruiser decks often have kicktails and may perform well for cruising around the streets. 

Again, with a flat nose or wider nose, skating on pools and ramps has become much more comfortable with Old School Skateboard brands.

Finally, like cruiser skateboards, Longboard decks are preferable if you want to use a skateboard for transportation and street cruising. 

Best Skateboard Brands For Street

The best skateboard brands for streets are those with boards that have a popsicle stick shape and wheels that are small. Those types of boards also have narrower decks which make it easier for people to do flips.

Decks that are between 7.5″ and 8.25″ wide will be the best for skating in the street. You can find these decks from two brands called Playshion and Baker. If you like to skate both on wider decks and narrower ones, choose one that is not too wide but also not too narrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other best brands of skateboards?

Apart from the above-described skateboard brands, there are a few other brands that most the pro skateboarders like. You can call these professional skateboard brands. These are:

What are the worst skateboard brands?

When choosing a skateboard from a shop where all brands of skateboards are available, be careful, and stay away from the worst brands. 

These skateboards trucks might be made with plastic and will bend and break down quickly. The graphics don’t look stunning. And, some of them are so heavy that you can’t find any comfort. Let’s look at some of those brands:

  • Walmart
  • World Industries
  • Kryptonics
  • Mongoose
  • Zoo York
  • Converse
  • Airwalk

However, there are some good qualities still available in these brands too. If you are interested to learn more, you need to read the full article here of the Thetoptens.

Good Skateboard Companies Video


This could have been an even longer list but I shortened it as much as I could. Now and then companies come up with new ideas that elongate the registry of best skateboard brands.

However, some famous skate brands may always stay at the pinnacle, like Powell Peralta, or Element, and stay the first choice for pros. While others may take turns to rule the business at times, i.e Plan B, Alien, or Blind.

I wouldn’t say my article is the best guide out there, check out this Skate Advisors Guide for a better guide and better options for skateboard brands.

In a nutshell, No matter which brand you go for, make sure the price, quality, material, and design are impressive to you, and choose the best board that suits your preferred skateboarding type the most.


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  1. My 13 years old baby girl want to play skateboard. I am really confused about which skateboard would be best for her. Your brands and details are very useful, but I need something in the USA online. Could you recommend me something? some of my friends recommend But it’s not on your list, so I became a little bit confused about it. could you help me, please?

    1. Hello Mam, Nice to know that your kid wants to start skateboarding. My 10-year boy has already started learning!

      Yeah, Beleev is one of the best skateboards for growing kids. There are other options too. If you check out my other article (link below), you can find there Beleev and 14 other good skateboard brands in the market right now.

      For a newbie, don’t think much of which skateboard to buy. Just go for any good brand with reasonable price. Thanks

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