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Top 6 Best Skateboard Knee Pads 2023 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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Protection should be the first priority before getting into any active sports. This article is for those who love to fly with their dream skateboard with safety. When you are riding a skateboard, your knees may fall in a danger.

If you know what are the best skateboard knee pads and start using a pair of them, you are on the safe side from any possible injury. The best skating pads must be lightweight, durable, adjustable, and well designed.

In this article, I have reviewed 6 best knee pads for skateboarding along with a detailed buying guide, videos, and FAQs.

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Top Skating Knee Pads Listed

  1. Moxi 187 Killer Skate Knee Pads
    “Contoured fit, wide range. The Best 6-piece pad set for knee, wrist and elbow safety”
  2. Pro-Tec – Street Gear Jr 3 Pack Pad Review
    “Good brand, good pad. The Best upper and lower support straps, all-rounder pad”
  3. JBM 3-pack (Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards)
    “EVA padded, adjustable elastic straps. Best for skateboarding, roller skating and cycling”
  4. Pro-Tec – Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set
    “Full wrapped hook and fast loop, Stretch Lycra interior. Best for lightweight, durability and comfort”
  5. Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pads Review
    “Top brand, high density, impact resistant, non abrasive. Best for skating and rollerblading” 
  6. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads Review
    “Very good rating, V-22 Dual Density Foam, Lock-In Cap System, lightweight, ultimate comfort. Best for all for all purpose”

Best Skateboarding Knee Pads Reviewed

When you look for best skateboard protective gears, Pro-Tec, JBM, and Triple Eight are some famous brands out there in the market. Not only knee pads but also wrist guards and elbow pads are included in some following products:

1. Moxi 187 Killer Skate Knee Pads

Moxi  is a renowned name for designing roller skates and other skate equipment like knee pad, wrist guard, helmet, clothing accessories etc. for years. This 187 pad has become much popular among the skaters due to its quality, durability and for the offer of a six-piece pad set (including elbow pad and wrist guard).

Noticeable Features

For All Outdoor Lifestyle

The pad is perfect for all types of outdoor activities. Whether you are a cyclist, skateboarder, roller skater or inline skater, the pad is just enough for you for the knee and elbow protection.

Wider Size Accommodation 

Most skaters face problems in fixing the size of the pads. Fortunately, this knee pad is featured with the elastic back that may help you in perfect sizing. Although the pad has three sizes available (Small/Medium), X-Small, Junior), anyone near to this size can wear this pad.

Countered Fit

The contoured fit of the pad cradles both elbows and knees better than the other ordinary ones.

Streamline Shape

Streamline shape fits the pad well onto your knees. It eventually increases flexibility and mobility.

Size Specific Cap

The size specified caps of the pad makes a close contact with the knees. And, it mainly helps in minimizing the bulk.


  • Cute, adorable, amazing Knee Pad
  • Three color options of Jade, Lavender, Pink
  • Perfect for even 180 lbs person
  • Great for thick legs
  • Perfect for adult women
  • Good for shock absorption and comfortability


Some find it wrong with the size

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2. Pro-Tec – Street Gear Jr 3 Pack Pad Review

Pro-Tec 3 Pack Pad

Pro-Tec has been ruling the sports market for over 45 years and giving continuous hit products. Pro-Tec – Street Gear Jr 3 Pack is one of the best knee pad series available in the market. 

Noticeable Features

  • Design– Its high-grade, durable fabric, full-coverage cups, and EVA cup foam allow complete protection of the rider. The product is designed in such a way that its full wrap straps give palm protection and wrist support. 
  • The lightweight– The good thing is, the knee pad is very light. You will not even feel that you are wearing any protective gear. Because of the lightweight, the rider does not have to compromise with his speed.
  • Adjustable and safe– The EVA foam is designed with a combination of a thick and thin pad. It is flexible, totally fits in the knee, and offers maximum protection. The hard cup also fits in and reduces the chance of injury.
  • Durability – Ballistic nylon has been used to make this knee pad model. It is ultra-tough and can resist sock. The fiber shows maximum resistance to tear, which protects the knee and lessens the shock effect. Its perforated neoprene provides better ventilation, which keeps the knee fresh and dry. 


  • The product is available in black, which is compatible with any fashion.
  • It is adjustable. 
  • It offers full coverage with smooth movement.
  • The knee pads are more durable because of the ballistic nylon.


  • The threads can come off because of improper washing.
  • The EVA cup may not resist too massive impact.

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A video tutorial of Pro-Tec.

3. JBM 3-pack (Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards) Review

JBM 3 Pack Protection Guard

This is one of the best elbow and knee pads. The JBM 3 pack is a budget killer safety guard. The brand is well known for keeping the price reasonable while ensuring all the safety. The product offers you a package of the knee, elbow pads, and wrist guards in your budget.

Noticeable Features

  • Materials– JBM 3 pack is designed with a soft EVA padded synthetic and other plastic materials. The pads offer full coverage of both the front and backside of the knee.
  • Safety– The groundbreaking plastic and soft EVA pad can absorb a maximum amount to soak, and tear. So even if the rider falls, the pads will lessen the chance and amount of injury.
  • Comfortable– The EVA plastic pads are soft and fit right on the knee. The straps provide security with adjustable Velcro closure, which is adjustable for various knee girths. The knee pads are flexible and suitable for any active sports.
  • Longevity– Polyester, PP plastic, and PE foam have been used to make this product. Polyester makes the pads tear-resistant. PP plastic can absorb a decent amount of soak, and PE foam makes the product satisfactory. With proper use and cleaning, the JBM 3 pack will last about 8 to 12 months. 


  • The pack offers decent protection at a reasonable price.
  • The EVA pads are comfortable.
  • The pads are adjustable and fit because of the Velcro closure.
  • The pack can be used in other sports too.


  • The pack has size limitations.
  • You will sweat a lot because of the synthetic.
  • The pads can only protect against minor impacts.

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4. Pro-Tec – Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set Review

Pro Tec Street Knee-Elbow Pad

Here is another Pro-Tec product. When it comes to safety, this model is one of the best knee pads for skateboarding. It is a complete set, which comes with a pack of knee and elbow pads.

Noticeable Features

  • Construction– The EVA cupped foam has been used to make the pads. These are soft and can cover the entire area. These pads are designed with breathable, ergonomic materials, which keep the knees and elbows cool and dry.
  • Protection– The EVA cups are incredibly shocked and impact resistant. The product has CE, A1 level C certification for safety. It means these pads are so secure that the riders can use them during a bike ride too. 
  • Flexibility– The stretchable lycra and neoprene have made these pads super flexible. The rider will face no trouble, experimenting with new movements using this product. And also, the Velcro closure allows adjusting the size of the pads.
  • Sustained– Each of the Pro-Tec products is designed in such a way that anyone can use it for a long time. With proper cleaning, these pads may last from 8 to 12 months.


  • Stretchy lycra interior and neoprene backing have maximized the customer’s comfort.
  • This product is appreciated for its safety.
  • The pads offer full coverage with flexible movements.
  • High-grade EVA cup and other materials have ensured durability and safety.


  • The knee pads can be slightly loose over repeated usage.
  • The cups might get torn out with repeated massive impacts.

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5. Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pads Review

Triple 8 KP Knee pad

The Triple 8 is one of the best skateboard knee pads distributors in the world. You will be amazed by its durability, safety, and other features. If you are looking for a heavy knee pad, Triple 8 KP 22 is heavy and most flexible knee pads out there. 

Noticeable Features

  • Manufacture– These knee pads are designed with heavy-duty EVA memory foams. The product has a flat cap equipped with extra foams. It covers the entire knee and provides protection from any injury.
  • Secure– The flat cap is securely attached with strengthened rivets for stability as well as longevity. It makes the pads substantial impact and shock-resistant. No matter how many times time rider falls, the high-density caps resist the effects and the rivets remain tight. So these pads will make the rides more secure.
  • Stretchable– The product is very flexible because of the neoprene butterfly closure. It also features reinforced, wide, webbed elastic straps. These materials have been used both on top and bottom with stretchable hook and loop closures. So these ensure flexibility and total fit on the knee girths.
  • Long-lasting– The materials used in this product is of high quality and durable. The brand has designed in a way that the riders can enjoy these pads a long life cycle.


  • These pads are durable and comfortable.
  • The product fits easily because of the webbed elastic strips.
  • The pads will last more than one or two years.
  • It is available in various sizes.


  • The product is not for kids.
  • These bulky pads are difficult to wear.

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6. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads Review

187 killer knee pad

187 Killer Pro is one of the most popular knee pads over the world, and professionals love this product for its design and durability. Go ahead and buy one even if you are a beginner. The seamless hinge and interior finish make it easier to perform any action without trouble.

Noticeable Features

  • Product layout– These pads are designed to provide both comfort and protection. It has a lock-in system, which allows making the cap stable or replacing the cap. This is the ultimate knee pad protection pack you can have.
  • Flimsy– The product is extremely light in comparison to other pads. The pads are breathable and can dry the moist or sweat pretty fast.
  • Well-protected – The primary purpose of this model is to offer protection along with a comfortable design. The pads can absorb a maximum amount of shock without any doubt. The dual-density foam resists the massive impact of an accident. 
  • Satisfactory– The hinge and interior design ensure the comfort of the rider. It fits pretty well on the knee and can be adjusted into any knee girths.
  • Heavy duty– The Company has used ballistic nylon with industry-level stitching which provides long durability to this product.


  • Dual-density foam makes the pads reliable and safe.
  • The lock-in system helps to remove a cap or make it stable.
  • The product is long-lasting.
  • It is lightweight and excellently designed.


  • The price is higher than other products.
  • These are not available for kids.
  • The pads are difficult to wear.

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A thrilling video with 187 killer pad.

How To Choose The Best Skateboard Knee Pads?

Now, we know that there are hundreds of skateboard knee pads manufactured by different brands available in the market. But choosing the right product can be a difficult task for the customers if they do not have sufficient knowledge about the technical and material features of a skateboard knee pad. And buying the wrong knee pad can be disappointing for any rider.

Here is a designed comprehensive guide for the customers, which might help them to choose the right product. By reading this guide, you will acquire the minimum knowledge anyone needs before buying the best pad for skateboarding. 

So, in this section, we will talk about some of the crucial features anyone should consider before buying a knee pad.


If we consider the body material of a knee pad, there are a few brands that are using the best equipment in manufacturing the products. A low-quality material used in a knee pad will cause discomfort to the rider.

  • The interior body material of a knee pad hast to be high quality and stretchable. 
  • Ballistic nylon is one of the most used body materials. This material makes the knee pads tear-resistant, shock resistant, and durable. Durability is a vital point for many customers. 
  • If the material is not breathable, the rider will feel discomfort during the ride. Breathable materials can pass air, and dry the sweat and moisture trapped inside the knee pads, which is a crucial need.

Hard Pads

Hard caps are essential for a right skateboard knee pad. The best skateboard knee pads will provide a hard shell attached with soft foam that will protect the knee girth from any scratch or impact.

  • Hard caps made from sturdy ABS plastic are smooth, round and can be molded. So you can check the hard cap material whether it can provide a stable grip or not.
  • Knee pads that use hard caps are bulky in size. These knee pads offer maximum safety, but you can not wear them under clothes. So if you do not want to show off your safety gears, these knee pads are not for you.


EVA soft padding is the layer between the exterior surface and the hard shell of the knee pad. While buying a knee pad, you have to consider this medium part’s thickness. The thicker padding offers more protection and safety to the rider.

A Video Tutorial On Sizing Pads

Choosing The Right Size Of Pad

Well, all the best qualities of your knee pad would not matter if the product does not fit your knee. If the knee pads are tight, it will restrict your free movements. On the other hand, loose knee pads will make the rider uncomfortable by sliding off easily.

I am adding a list below, which will help you to find your perfect size.

125 lbs. Small size
125 lbs. – 150 lbs. Medium size
150 lbs. – 180 lbs. Large size
Over 180 lbs. X – large size

Ease and Durability

Many knee pads will prove a bit awkward because of their flexibility features. The best skateboard kneepads eliminate this issue by providing seamless hinge and interior finishing. It allows the knee pads to move in the desired direction, which is the knee joint.

  • Instead of a seamless hinge, many brands offer a gel-infused interior that cushions the knee area. Get infused interior makes the knee pads highly breathable. The rider will feel the cool air in the knee joint even on a hot day. 
  • For durability, ballistic nylons are the best. Industry-level double stitching gives the durability more credibility.

Drying and Cleaning

The knee pads get dirty quickly because of the consistent using, and all the sweating. So, if the knee pads cannot be cleaned or dried easily, you should avoid buying that pair. 

  • The best skateboard knee pads should have the ability of moisture-wicking. This feature allows the knee pads to remain dry by circulating air through them. The feature is great because it offers advantages of keeping the knee pads both clean and dry.
  • Almost every brand offers cleaning and washing of the knee pads. But with the moisture-wicking feature, the customers do not have to go through the trouble. The knee pads get cleaned automatically by circulating air through the spots.

Impact Resistance

Why do we use a knee pad? What is its primary purpose? A knee pad protects against a massive impact or reduces the chance of injury. If the product fails to offer safety, there is no logic in buying it.

  • For the knee pads, RPT materials offer a high level of safety. The brands also use memory foam, EVA foam and other shock resisting materials. The materials not only reduce the impact of the accident but also offer comfort to the rider. Also, the riders feel ease to do various movements wearing these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need to use knee pads while riding a skateboard?

Each active sport includes a high risk of injury. You can fall from the skateboard or face any accident, who knows. If your knees remain exposed, the impact of the damage can be severe. To reduce the effect and chance of any unexpected event, professionals recommend wearing knee pads while riding a skateboard.

Q. How important are knee pads?

It depends on how much risk your act is and how strong your knee joints are. If you are doing some regular stuff, you can skip wearing knee pads. But if you are experimenting with a new move or the act included risk, wearing the knee pads are essential. 

I suggest wearing the knee pads even if anyone is trying a regular and smooth move. It is because a wrong step can cause you a lot later. If by any chance, your knee joint dispatches, your whole career will be at stake.

Q. How can I choose the right knee pads for me?

It depends on what you are looking for. The best skateboard knee pads must be shock-resisting, thick, hard, and durable. You can buy the knee pads by comparing these features. But again, it is not necessary that what is best for others will be useful for you as well.

Q. Where can I find the best skateboard knee pads?

You can find the knee pads, on both physical shops and online shops.

Q. Can you use volleyball knee pads for skateboarding?

Skating is trickier than volleyball. The pads used for volleyball are designed for short impacts. On the other hand, the skating pads are made for high impact: they help in rolling across surfaces in a better way and keep you safe when you fall down.


In this post, I have shown you the best skateboard knee pads available in the market, their features, comparisons with other products, and why you can choose one from the list. Also, an essential buying guide is added providing the necessary knowledge a customer should consider before ordering a safety pad.

I hope it helped and you have got some of the best brands on your mind. Thank you for reading the whole post.

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