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9 Best Skateboard Pants In 2023 [Good Fit, Durable & Comfortable]

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Falling and spills are quite normal in skateboarding. To stay on the safer side, not only do you need protective gear but also you should wear a pair of the best skateboard pants.

A quality pair of pants can give you comfort, flexibility, and breathability while you move around in. To ensure an overall cool ride, wearing nice and cool pants is a must!

Having that in mind, I rounded up and reviewed here 9 best pants (of top brands) of skateboarding out there in the market. Later below, the buying guide and a few important FAQS may further help you choose the perfect brand for you.

Tips to buy skateboard pants

Skate Pants Reviewed

In the matter of choosing a skateboard outfit, you must look into the detail of outfit material and size. About pants, now we can start reviewing each and every pant listed above along with their features, pros, and cons. Get yours!

Volcom Frickin Modern Fit Chino Pants (Best Formal Type Pants)

Volcom Chino Pants

Quality and Fitting are two of the things I consider when I look for skateboard pants. And, this is more crucial if you are looking for total comfort in your skateboard ride. Fortunately, Volcom Modern Fit Pants has all these qualities.

The pants are made of comfortable cotton (59%), polyester, and elastane, which guarantees the expected quality you want. It also helps you to get a full range of motion.

Take note that the Frickin pants are well known to fit well, even without a belt! The size of the pants ranges from 28W*30L to 46W*34L.

Hence, you can select the size that fits you better. More importantly, a variety of colors like black, blue, chocolate, khaki, and many more are available out there from which you can choose one that you love most.

Looking for the best skate chinos that provide more space on your thighs and buttock? These easy to wide and stretchable pants can be just perfect for you. Around the legs, they are not so tight either.

Pros Of Volcom Pants

  • An adjustable closure system keeps you comfortable and flexible.
  • The stretchability of these pants is perfect for any kind of skating.
  • Allows different length scales depending on the waist size.
  • Formal type pants provide enough space on your thighs.


Sometimes, the size of the legs may not be perfect for the waist. So, choose carefully.

Southpole Men’s Flex Stretch Pants (Best Flexible Pants)

Southpole Flex Stretch Long Chino Pants

The Southpole Flex Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants are another great choice for those who do not love to wear slim-fit pants. These pants will give you a comfortable and nice feel throughout your whole ride. The pants are flexible and will give you a big range of freedom in your movement. Also, the decent design makes them perfect for everyday use.

Southpole has brought these chino pants to the market with a big range of colors and sizes. Ninety-eight percent cotton and two percent spandex made fabric give the rider a flexible and comfortable feel during his ride.

If you think about the size, there is a variety of sizes in the market brought by Southpole. You do not have to worry about the fit of the pants at all. 

Apart from these features, there is another advantage as well. You can get these chino pants made by Southpole at a really reasonable price. You do not have to spend a lot of bucks to get one for yourself. 

Pros of Southpole Flex Stretch Pants

  • Comes at a cheaper price than other available brands.
  • The colors are fade-resistant.
  • Durable, flexible, and comfortable.
  • Available in many sizes.


  • You will not get many pockets like cargo pants. So the available space to carry anything is not too much.

Adidas Original Skateboarding Chino Pant (Soft & Comfortable Pants)

adidas Skateboarding Striped Chino Pants

Want a comfortable and nice ride? Adidas is here for you with its Striped Chino Pants. Fitting and outstanding quality is a guarantee that Adidas ensures for these pants. You can move so freely with these good skate pants that you will forget all of your previous wearing experience.

These pants are designed to give you a relaxed feel. Also, these pants will provide you with huge stretch. Enough stretch gives many degrees of freedom for a rider. Thirty-five percent cotton along with sixty-five percent polyester makes the Striped Chino Pants soft and comfortable.

You will find a variety of sizes and can choose your one with ease from the varieties. If you are looking for a relaxed fit through the thigh and hip, Adidas Striped Chino is the best choice for you. The pants are not so tight around the legs as well. SO, you will get a relaxed feel everywhere around your buttock, thighs, and legs.

The color of the pants is long-lasting and does not fade with time. The stripes on the side give you a stylish and awesome look.

Pros of Adidas Striped Chino Pants

  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Durable and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Allows free movement.
  • Made with a flexible and stretchy cloth.


  • A bit baggy. So, riders who love slim-fit pants may find it less uncomfortable for them.

Dickies 874 Work Pants (Best Work Pants)

Dickies 874 work pant

Let’s talk about Dickies: good-looking pants and perfect for any kind of work. And, in terms of skateboarding, the skaters can move freely and feel much more comfortable wearing these traditional fit pants.

Dickies pants are famous for strong resistance too. A mix of cotton and polyester makes this twill pant wrinkle and stain-resistant which most skateboarders want.

When you go for a long skateboarding ride, you should choose this pair of pants that confirms the durability, flexibility, robustness, and excellent fit.

The hook and eye closure system makes it an excellent one, If you ask more about the fitting. Overall, it will sit comfortably at your waist with slightly tapered at your legs.

Regarding the size, a lot are available out there. A toddler having a waist size of 26 and above or a man having the waist of the highest size-72 can have suitable pants from this brand.

Apart from the above features, these pants cost you less than Volcom’s one. While a pair of Volcom’s’ pants may cost you up to around 50$, Dickies Pants start well around 11$.

You will also be happy seeing different color options available for dickies. From more than 15 colors, not only can you choose one for your office wear,  but also select a different color for a thrilling skating ride. 

Pros Of Dickies 874 Pants

  • Proper wash saves the pants from the shrink.
  • Fade Resistant pants.
  • Good fit on the thighs.
  • Price is cheaper than Volcom.
  • Easy to clean and care.
  • Famous as a hard wear pant.
  • These pants are durable.


Front pockets might be shallow and tiny.

Most skateboarders who love Dickes want to know the basic differences between Dickies 874 to Dickies other brands like Dickies 894. If you are also interested, let’s have a look at the video.

Also, check out other good Dickies Pants here.

Rothco Camo Tactical Cargo Pants (Best Cargo pants)

Rothco Camo Cargo pants

When you look for Military cargo pants for your daily skateboarding ride, I highly recommend the Rotho camo tactical.

What I like most is that these BDU pants are fabulous in design and color (having around 27 colors). A colored camo pattern is another cool addition to these pants.

It also has a variety of sizes like X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2-X, and 3-X. The size and the adjustable waist tabs jointly can help choose a perfect fit for you. 

Versatile pockets are one of the best features for which the Rothco camo is famous for. The pants have 2 slash pockets on the front, 2 button-down pleated below cargo pockets, and 2 back pockets( button-down), which can benefit you in keeping important things like a smartphone, purse, etc while you go for a long ride.

Featured with double stitched seams, and a blend of quality cotton and poly, you are going to have a pair of long-lasting pants compared with other cargo pants.

Sometimes when you skate, you may feel comfortable wearing drawstring clothes. These pants have that style of drawstring ankle ties that can provide you with overall comfortability on your legs.

Pros Of Rothco Camo Cargo Pants

  • Solid color, genuine and lightweight skate pants made for hard and long work.
  • Tested pants with unparalleled resilience.
  • A military button fly may attract you.
  • Different camouflage patterns are available.
  • Perfect for hiking, cycling, and skating.
  • More pockets, more spaces.


About the cons, we need to say, different people have different experiences. For instance, some found the button break off. Some found what was delivered is not the perfect size for them. So, be careful when you choose your size.

Dickies Skinny Straight-Fit Pants (Best Skinny-Fit pants)

Dickies Skinny Pants

No wonder, again Dickies! This time Dickies Skinny.

Basically, when you wear Dickies pants, you have nothing to worry about style, quality, and coziness.

Our 1st review is the Dickies traditional fit, and now, this is a skinny one. The young skaters sometimes look for an all-through skinny. And for them, these slim pants are perfect.

Being a serious skater, if you want spandex with a blend of poly and quality cotton, Dickies black skate pants are just for you. Especially, the spandex(1%) fabric helps increase durability and stain resistance. It can also give you the right amount of flexibility when you move.

These straight skinny pants sit pretty well at your waist and provide comfort through your seat and entire leg. Designed with classic 2-piece waistbands with tunnel belt loops, you are also gonna get the desired style and a distinctive fit out of it.

Looking for more pockets? Well, the garment has 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets, and 1 multi-use pocket on the leg(right side). Now keep your necessary things like smartphones, watches, handkerchiefs, etc quite comfortably and give thanks to Dickies!

Pros Of Dickies Skinny

  • A mix of poly, cotton, and spandex makes it slim & wrinkle-resistant.
  • Spandex helps in stretch and comfort.
  • Good pants for skating and a perfect fit for slender guys.
  • Best pants to sit, squat, kneel, walk, and run.
  • Provides enough room from the waist to the knees. 


  • Dust can be seen on the black pants. The colors may fade significantly.
  • It could be a bad choice for the heavy guys. It might be too tight to wear.
  • They might shrink if given it into a dryer.

However, check out how Dickies pants look in the following video.

Brixton Reserve Chino Pants (Best Stretchable Pants)

Brixton Reserve Chino Pant

Brixton has brought chino pants made with super comfortable fabrics. Fifty-nine percent cotton, forty percent polyester along one percent elastane has made these chino pants not only comfortable but also stretchy. You can move as you like wearing these extra comfortable pants made by Brixton.

Brixton’s classic design chino pants come in a variety of colors and sizes. The stretch level is one percent. Also, you will get an interior pocket for your mobile phone. The classic look along with the relaxed fit a Brixton chino pant will give is really a fascinating combination. The pants have a custom metal buckle button on the waist.

For a long ride, you should wear those pants which fit the best, and have lots of flexibility and durability. Brixton is one of the best choices that meet these requirements with perfection.

Besides sports, these pants are suitable for any occasional users as well. They are simply gorgeous and outstanding in every aspect.

Pros of Brixton Reserve Chino Pants

  • Made with extraordinarily comfortable fabric.
  • Come in plenty of gorgeous colors.
  • Come at quite a reasonable price.
  • Sixteen inches leg opening gives a nice fit.
  • Stretchy and does not hamper the free movement of the rider.


  • Some users complain that the size written on the tag given with the pant does not match the actual measurements.

Unionbay Survivor Cargo Pants (Best Survivor Pants)

Unionbay Survivor Pants

Unionbay; a famous clothing brand in the USA for over the last 30 years. Regarding pants, they produce well-designed, good-looking, and durable products.

With 100% cotton material, you can feel comfort, softness, and light wearing these cool skate pants. Not only that, but It will also help you to ride for an expected long time.

Button Fly closure system of these pants keeps you more flexible and to be quicker. Since the simple flap covers the zipper, they are not visible as well that most skateboarders look for.

Another mentionable feature is the side-placed cargo pockets that Unionbay has! The pockets can be used for multiple uses. 

It sits well enough at the bottom of your waist and keeps you more relaxed. Since the waist is not elastic, you need to have a quality belt to adjust and get the real feel.

Having the 18” leg opening, you can feel quite comfortable from your waist to your legs. It also helps in stretchability and flexibility as a whole while you ride. 

What about color?

I really like the saddle color: a bit different! But, you can check out other color options too. Black, desert, golden brown, goose, rye, navy, dugout, and leaf are the other options from which you pick one for you. Among all of them, brown skate pants look really cool, good and excellent.

Pros Of Unionbay pants

  • These are well known as survivor pants, thereby being durable.
  • Sits pretty well at your waist.
  • Famous for fit, look, and design.
  • Best choice for big and tall people.
  • Fabric is neither heavy nor too light, soft, and comfortable.
  • The crotch and buttocks are a little loose, assuring flexibility.


  • Less no of belt loops
  • Most of the pockets are not usable for their smaller sizes.

Ruiatoo Jeans Baggy Skateboard Pants (Best Baggy Skate Pants)

Ruiatoo snake embroidery baggy pants

In the late 1980s, skaters started wearing these baggy-style pants when ramp skating was displaced by street skating.

If you claim to be a pro skater, you must have tried or must-try baggies while you skateboard. Among many, the baggy jeans hip hop Denim black trousers is one of the best.

These Ruiatoo skate pants have a  different look for its snake embroidery print. The young generation also like it for its cowboy style.

What I like most about these pants are comfortability and durability. Made from cotton, the Denim pants can give you a great feeling along with a great look.

The loose-fit jeans allow you to move freely while skateboarding.

Pros of Ruiatoo Jeans Skateboard Pants

  • Loose-fit pants allow free movement.
  • Good choice for street skating, Hip Hop, dance, and casual sports.
  • The original color needs less processing in washing.
  • Button fly and zipper system is a benefit.


The clothes are a bit heavy.

Pants’ Frequently Asked Questions

What pants are good for skateboarding?

Well, as we described above, the best brands for skateboard pants are Dickies and Volcom. Some prefer Unionbay too for its 100% cotton quality. Besides these, there are a few other famous pants as below:

  • Southpole Men’s Flex Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants
  • RVCA Men’s Week-End Pants
  • Brixton Men’s Reserve Standard Fit Chino Pants
  • RVCA Men’s Weekend Stretch Pants.

What type of pants do skaters wear?

When skaters move to buy a pair of pants, they consider three important things:

  • The style they love
  • That is easy to move in
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear

To be more specific, skinny jeans might be too tight and the sweatpants might be too baggy to wear. Alternatively, Cargo pants and work pants are just perfect for comfortable wear and ride. 

Please check out the above for some of the pants that meet the durability, quality, and comfort.

Why do skaters wear Dickies?

Dickies pants are made of soft material. They also confirm the stretchiness and perfection of skating. No matter whether in winter or in hot weather, you can find Dickies durable, warmer and colder all around the year.

Can you skateboard in jeans?

Remember all jeans are not perfect for skateboarding. If they hurt your crotch, it means they are a bit tight and you will not be comfortable with it. Rather, find some baggy type jeans that meet the necessary looseness, flexibility, and relaxation.

What girls should wear skateboarding?

Most girls wear jeans and cotton t-shirts while they skate. Just choose a cool, cozy, and comfortable one.

Why do skaters wear baggy pants?

Quality baggy pants are just perfect for skateboarding. Why? Well, check below:

  • At the time of slam, the heaviness of baggy pants really helps a lot.
  • Baggy pants don’t restrict your movement as they remain loose on your body.
  • Since shoes are low tops, you feel pretty light on your feet with these pants.

Do skaters wear skinny jeans?

Yes, skaters also choose skinny jeans that confirm the looseness near the waist and they show off their boxers. You can have your style of hip-hop look on skinny jeans. They also help in doing tricks and moving around easily.

Best Skateboard Pants

Skateboard Pants Buying Guide 2022


First, decide which type of fit you actually want for your pants. Classic, relaxed, and slim is the three types available out there.

For me, I always prefer a relaxed fit that provides me extra space in the waist and thigh. But nowadays, the classic and slim fit pants are also being designed to fit well, flexibly, and comfortably.

Fabric Material and Weight

To get comfortability at its best, you should look for two types of fabrics for pants: Denim and cotton. Some of you also look for a slight mix of polyester with cotton, which allows you to get the full motion of your ride.

Regarding weight, heavier pants like 14-ounce work best for heavy-duty work. On the other hand, the lighter fabric has a bit less durability but is suitable for warmer temperatures. In your skateboarding ride, you can try out any weighted pants that you think you will be comfortable with. You can even order two types to have different experiences at different times.

Special Work Pant Features

The following features of pants you must look out for when you are buying pants:

  • Taped seams and triple stitched seams make the pants durable, which prevents the pants from falling apart after repeated strain and stretch.
  • Metal rivets help hold the fabric together, thereby making the pants last longer.
  • The extra stitches around the bartacks reinforce the seams.
  • Rather than standard zippers, best work pants use heavy-duty zippers that withstand grime, dirt, and repeated use.
  • These pants are coated under durable water repellent treatment, which guarantees the fabric to be more water-resistant.
  • An extra, wider, and fortified belt loops help support the weight of your tools.
  • The special hammer loop, built into the side of the pants, helps to hold a hammer or any other small equipment while you work.
  • Reflective high-visibility tape and wind-blocking technology are other two important features of these types of work pants.
good quality skate pants


Tips to Choose The Perfect Size of Pants

  • With inches, know your waist and hip size. Knowing the accurate measurement is important when you are buying pants online.
  • Look at the size chart of the specific pants, as they can often change depending on the different brands.
  • Measure a pair of pants you are already comfortable with.
  • Check the fabric one more time before you place the order.
  • If you are in doubt, order 2 sizes.

Watch out for some videos about measurement before buying pants online.

Pants as Gift

Skaters not only order pants for their own but also look for the best pants when they need to present someone very special as a gift.

a pair of pants is a good option as a gift as they fulfill a necessity, passion, and a price within the range.

However, if you look for other skate gifts, check out this in-depth skate gift post.


I tried my best to give you some ideas about the best skateboard pants. If any of the recommended pants you don’t like, please comment below. And, any pants that you are wearing and feeling comfortable with, please let me know. I will surely buy a pair for myself too.

In short, try a few brands out there in the market. Hopefully, you are gonna find a suitable one for you.

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