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4 Best C7 Skates Review [Cute, Cool & Lightest Ones!]

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Isn’t it amazing how roller skating is becoming a common sports choice again? Roller skating is coming back with its glorious past of the first few decades of its history in the last few years. Do you want to start this amazing sport? You will definitely need a pair of skates for this like C7.

C7 roller skates offer you a smooth and stunning experience of roller-skating with a fashionable dashing look! These skates add beauty to your skating while helping you to make fantabulous memories with skating.  

We are here to give you an exclusive detail of top C7 skates (review). Don’t miss the part of “Why C7”, the sizing and some important FAQs.

Best C7 Roller Skates Reviewed

You must need to know about best quad skate brands to make the right decision for buying your first pair of skates! Let’s go see one by one of C7 brand here:

C SEVEN (C7) Cute Roller Skates

These skates are so cute that you will fall in love with them at the first sight!. They have a fun color and floral design that helps you to get a girly cute look. They will definitely make your outdoor skate parties amazing. You can show them off and customize you style with their help! Also, they look great in roller derby! But looks aren’t everything. So, what else do these skates offer?

The C7 premium skates offer you premium materials. You deserve the best, so these skates have aluminum plates that help to make you enjoy stable and flexible skating, an interior PVC structure that is important for durability, and tough and smooth faux leather material to make you comfortable. They have a soft interior lining that makes your skating enjoyable and fun! 

You may now need to know if these skates have good speed. Let me ensure you, They are super fast with 58mm wheels. If you are a beginner at skating or a pro, these C7 skates will help you to have extreme speed with comfortable movements!.

Another fantastic feature of these C7 skates is it has fantastic ankle support.  They designed it so perfectly that the interior PVC structure works as extra ankle support. Also, if you are a beginner this extra shape of the ankle can help you to maintain your right posture. This is best to save your ankles from serious injuries while skating.

These skates are of reasonable price. You can get them from online shops easily. Please check the C7 skates size chart before buying. 

Pros of C7 Cute

Now, let’s explore some pros and cons of these C7 skates.

  • 58 mm speedy wheels.
  • Quad roller skates with 1 mm heel.
  • Bright and bold color with smart design.
  • Lace-up closure type.
  • 83A urethane makes it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Size may not fit in wide feet

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C SEVEN C7skates Adjustable Inline Skates

C seven adjustable inline skates are best for you if you want to buy skates for your kids or teens. These are cool and favorites of the teens. The cute and cool design of the skates makes them top wanted skates for the newbies. 

Why they are great for growing kids and teens?

Because they have a very unique feature; adjustable sizing! You can enlarge them up to 2 sizes with the help of their push-button adjustment feature! So, they will save you money when your kids are growing. You don’t need to buy skates again and again for your brilliant skater kid.

As you want to buy them for your kids, you don’t want them to get hurt right? To ensure the safety of your kids’ ankles, they have really good ankle support. They have a structured boot for extra support. So, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ ankles!

These C7 adjustable inline skates are made of 82A urethane. As a result, they are able to provide maximum traction. Which really helps to keep balance while skating inline. Another amazing feature is they have aluminum frames that make skating super easy and comfortable!

Pros of C7 Inline Skate

  • Adjustable sizing
  • Premium ABEC 7 bearings
  • Lightweight and moves easily
  • Extra ankle support


  • Not true to size

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C Seven C7 Retro Design Quad Roller Skates

These C Seven Quad skates are amazing in style, color, and material. 

You can use these skates for a long period without any problems. They are comfortable and durable.

 C7 retro design quad roller skates are best for outside use. They have very strong wheels with a durometer rating of 82A that helps you to enjoy skating for a longer period of time and also lasts up to 2 to 3 years of regular use.

The skates are wide enough to help you to roll on. Whatever comes across your way while skating, you can jump over with confidence.

These are retro-inspired boots with a 1mm heel and leather faux. So, It’s clear that blending in will never be a problem when you wear these skates.

Now, what are the pros and cons of C7 Retro design quad roller skates?

Pros of C7 Retro

  • Amazing traction and better stability with 54x32mm wheels.
  • Ensures smooth outdoor riding
  • Material- Faux black leather.
  • Comfortable to wear and extremely durable
  • Looks aesthetic and cool for a 1inch heel and retro design


  • Trucks are not adjustable
  • The brakes of the skates take a long time to stop.
  • Only for outdoor use

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C SEVEN C7 Skates: Soft Faux Leather Roller Skates

As a skate lover, you may want to present your kids’ amazing cool skates. Or you may be searching for some dashing skates to gift your friend.

C Seven soft faux leather roller skates are just the perfect gift for rookies. You can also buy this same design for the whole family and going out wearing them will look really stunning!

These skates are slim and lightweight with no extra work done in them. It’s just the accurate fashion that looks glamorous on your foot. Also lightweight makes sure that you do not feel burdened while wearing your skates.

They offer fantastic agility with 95A wheels having ABEC 6 bearings. The wheels are 54mm. The boots are really soft and pliable. 

So if you wanna buy this fantabulous pair of skates, let’s review the pros and cons of them.

 Pros of Soft Faux

  • Classic style heels with lace-up closure type.
  • 54x32mm wheels that have a 95A rating in the durometer.
  • Soft, pliable, and lightweight
  • Very comfortable while skating


  • Do not last long 
  • Bearings are too small

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Why C7 Roller Skates?

There are other brands too, so why C7 roller skates? 

Historically the brand C7 was born in Southern California. The salty sea breeze and the sweet sun rays touch their designs for that reason. C7 wants to bring you sweet and cute memories to you with their design.

This brand has been providing fashionable skates with comfortable and durable skating experience for a long time.  C7 brand promises to bring elegant taste for you in every decision they make.

But, you need to know what are the features that C7 brand provides, to make you take a decision to buy their skates?

The answer is:

  • This company delivers what it promises. They add beauty to every decision they make for you!
  • C7 skates are affordable and reasonable. They provide the best materials and sets the price for your convenience. 
  • Their skates are fashionable and trendy. They have classy and stunning skates that will match your personality if you choose them rightly. 
  • C7 skates are elegant and at the same time comfortable.They uses soft material with flexible structure. 
  • Suitable for all places. You can go to a regular outdoor skating or a skating party.  You can skate outside or indoors! You can choose these skates for your tiktok videos or just simple day to day use. They suit all your situations.
  • The designers of this brand do an excellent job that makes these skates spectacularly amazing at the same time smooth and fast! They are not overworked to make sure the skates are lightweight and not burdensome for you!
  • C7 skates are great for roller derby. They look gorgeous in the derby!
  • Fits amazingly. And in some pair of skates, they have the option for adjustable sizing
  • These skates protect your feet from injuries. They are amazing for beginners as they help to prevent accidents and keep balance. Also, the durability of their wheels makes sure that you don’t need to buy skates again and again for your newbies.

So, now you know why you should choose C7 skates for the best of your roller skating journey. Let’s move forward and see what are some amazing C7 roller skates.

C7 Skates Sizing

C7 brands have different size ranges to make sure whatever your size is, you have the opportunity to wear these amazing skates! 

Let’s check the size chart of C7 skates

c7 skates sizing

C7 Skates are true to size. They fit really well. It’s very important to know the actual size and also it’s essential for the product to be true to size while you buy it online. You can trust the C7 brand in this regard.

But, you have to keep in mind that you need to understand your size first.

So, what is your skate’s size?

The skates must not be the equal size as your normal street shoes. It’s better to keep them 1 size smaller. Remember if your skates do

not fit well, you may fall in dangerous accidents. So, make sure They are of the perfect size.

What to Look For When You Choose The C7 Brand?

You should choose skates that match your personality and style and at the same time make skating comfortable for you.

C7 skates should be your top priority when you are a skater with a deep sense of fashion. You can see that they have versatile designs with bold and bright colors to catch anyone’s attention !.

You can show them off while doing regular skating, or in roller derby. Or maybe you can have great fun wearing the same design skates with your partners or friends!

Another thing is, you want the best brand for you. You really deserve the best. So C7 is the best brand for you. They have excellent collections and fantabulous materials used in their skates.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about C7 skates.

  • Are c7 skates good?

C7 skates Are just amazing. Where will you get skates that can help you in both, roller skating and inline skating? Where you can get skates that help you to look cute at the same time helps you in confident rolling?C7 skates help you to get everything you need in it. They are the best skates found in the market.

  • Are c7 skates outdoor skates?

The C7 brand has both indoor and outdoor skates. Actually, they fit everywhere. Looks good in every place and every environment. Also, they are great to maintain balance and speed in both indoor and outdoor. If you need both, go for C7 skates without any hesitation. You can also have skates that are only for indoor or only for outdoor in this brand.

  • What type of skates is best for outside?

You have to be careful while you choose skates for outside use. There are so many obstacles outside. Sometimes you may need to jump over things, or you may face some debris in the road. Your skates should be good enough to meet these challenges.

Softer skates with wider wheels are most preferable for outside.

The wheels must be durable and flexible at the same time. 

Also, you must choose fashionable skates to get a gorgeous look or a cool appearance in front of others! However, other than C7, you can have a look at Impala Skate for a better choice.

C7 Skates Video Tutorial

Last Words

Roller skating is one of the funniest, cutest, and most enjoyable sports in the world.  From the very beginning of its history, it’s always helping people to take care of their health and use their time enjoyably. (More information here) And if you want to start roller skating, You definitely need the best pair of skates for you. 

C7 skates offer you the best. For fashion and passion, from indoor to outdoor, for kids and adults, C7 skates are the bests. 

So, why are you late? Check out this c seven skates review and buy some for your partner or your kids and enjoy a super skating experience. Happy skating!

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