Custom Skateboard Helmet

Custom Skateboard Helmet [7 Steps With a Stickerbomb Video]

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The helmet is an inseparable part of skateboarding. We all know the proverb ‘safety first’ and to ensure safety during any skateboard ride, a helmet is a must. 

Apart from the factor of safety, a helmet can be a part of fashion as well. You can customize your helmet through some easy steps to look more stylish. Basically, the customization process requires some easy painting work. You do not have to spend a lot of money or do not have to work hard to get an amazing custom skateboard helmet.

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Time to see how can you customize your helmet to be cooler than ever before.

Steps To Go Through

You have to follow some simple steps to get an amazing helmet. Let’s see them in detail.

First Step: Accumulate Your Materials

All you have to need for a customized helmet are as follows:

  • A helmet that you are gonna customize.
  • A spraypaint that is gonna used for coloring purposes. The color of the paint is to be chosen according to your color choice.
  • Vinyl or painters’ tape.
  • A scissor.
  • A knife.
  • A permanent marker.
  • A mask for safety purposes.
  • One-time hand gloves.
  • A Glue gun.

Second Step: No Space for Dust!

Clean your helmet carefully because any dirt on the surface will reduce the longevity of the painting. You can use a soft sponge and soap or rubbing alcohol for this. Do not use anything that has sharp edges because that will leave scratches on your helmet.

Third Step: Ensure The Safety of Helmet

The spray paint that you are going to use may have ingredients that can melt the foam. So, remove the foam lining from your helmet. This will save the foams from melting.

Fourth Step: Creating The Skeleton of Your Design

You can use either vinyl strips or painter’s tape for this phase. These two works in two different ways. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Firstly, let’s talk about vinyl strips. Think about the design you want to see on your helmet. Then cut and apply vinyl strips all over the helmet to draw those designs you want to have. You may draw random designs or any shape. You can write anything. Or you can draw any picture by sticking vinyl stripes to your helmet.

On the other hand, in the case of painter’s tape, cover the entire surface of the helmet with them. Then with a sharp knife, cut from the tapes according to the designs you want to have. Be careful while you are cutting the tapes. This is not an easy task at all. If you put too much pressure on the knife, that may leave permanent scars on your helmet that you do not want to have.

Fifth Step: Little Way to Go

You may not want the fasteners of your helmet to be painted as well. So mask the clips and belts with painters’ tape, put them into the hollow part of the helmet and stick them to into the inner surface with some more painter’s tape.

Then wrap the total hollow size with the help of painter’s tape to protect the inner side of your helmet from being painted. In a word, cover everything that is not going to be a part of the painting process.

You may sand your helmet to increase the surface area of the helmet. This will let the paint stick to this increased surface area. This is a piece of additional advice. You may avoid this portion because this is totally arbitrary. But you sand your helmet, then remember to save your helmet from scratches.

Sixth Step: Almost There!

We are almost done. Now take your spray paint and paint all over the helmet. Look closely and do not leave any area unpainted. You can use different colors to randomize the color. Or you can stick to one color according to your choice. Paint several times to get a thicker layer of paint. 

Wear the face mask and hand gloves during painting. This is for health issues.

Wait until the paints get dried. Do not hurry. It may spoil all the hard works you have been through. 

Final Step: And We Are Done!

After letting the colors be dried, pill the tapes or vinyl stripes slowly and carefully. Also, unmask the inner surface and the fasteners. With the help of a glue gun, attach the foam lining again and let it dry.

Look! That’s it! You have a whole new helmet now! Go for a new ride with your custom skate helmet! Best of luck.

However, if you just don’t want to custom, but interested in buying one from the market, then Etsy has got the solution here.

Helmet Stickerbomb Video

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