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3 Cute Inline Skates [Along With Types and Tips]

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It’s not a surprise that people are adapting more and more 90s trends, be that is fashion or recreational sports. Judging by the popularity among the general folks, it’s safe to say, inline skating is back! Apart from being a phenomenal way to work up a sweat, cute and top of the line inline skates reflect your personality and fashion sense.

Believe it or not, there are tons of selections when it comes to cute inline roller skates these days. Though cute inline skates are women’s style preference, kids and teenagers can still have chances to show off some unique colors. Choosing cute inline roller blades may depend on one’s fashion choices, but the fundamentals should be the same for comfort and utilities.

Top Pick: Impala Women’s Lightspeed Inline Skate

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best and cutest inline skates out there along with some excellent features overall.

Let’s see what you need to know to get your first pair of cute skates.

Things You Should Know About Inline Skate

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Inline skating is a multi-action recreational sport that allows you to roll on a single-line wheelset. That’s one of the reasons people call it inline skating. Due to its versatile usage in daily life, you can use the skates for casual transportation along with turning in a few cool tricks.

Here are the common parts an inline skate will have:


Every inline skate will come with a special high neck shoe. Though some manufacturing companies provide only the frame and wheel that will attach to your desired shoe, it’s not suitable for a newcomer. Relatively, the stock shoe will give you adequate comfort and security.


The frame of the inline skate connects the shoe and the wheels firmly. Depending on the brand and price, the frame will either be from metal or thick plastic. Both types of frames have their advantages like metal frames are rigid but heavy. On the other hand, plastic frames tend to be lightweight but less durable in intense skating.


In an inline skate, the wheels are in the middle of the shoe instead of the side. The main reason inline skate has a single line wheel is they significantly decrease drag and increase control. There are many wheel sizes in inline skating that serve different riding styles. Some are great for short riding and some excel in downhill or long riding.


The perfect rollerblade wheels cannot rotate smoothly without a high-performance bearing. A bearing has a standard that tells the overall performance of the unit. On the ABEC scale, the higher the number, the better the performance you will get from the bearing.

Brake Pad

Brake pads are safety features that allow a rider to stop in time of need. You will usually see a brake pad in the front or behind the shoe. When you are riding skates within your limits, both brakes will have your back without too much complication. That said, the rear brake pad has less tendency to tip over.

General Types of Inline Skates

Whether you are looking to get your kids or friends a proper skate, you should have some idea of the types there are. Each type of these skates focuses on a completely separate riding style and level of experience.  Once you understand the concept, you too will have enough knowledge to contribute to a skate-related conversation.

  • Recreational/fitness
  • kids
  • Speed
  • Street

Recreational / Fitness Skate

These are great for exercise purposes and occasional riding down urban cities. If you are someone new to the skating game, there are no better options than this. That’s why you will see the long shoe cuff to ensure proper ankle safety regardless of the activity.


Skating is a fun sport but easy to get hurt if you are not being careful. For that particular reason, these special types of inline skate come with maximum protection and state-of-the-art safety measures. Their goal here is to reduce risk as much as possible for kids.


Loves speed? Inline skate has just the thing for you! With bigger wheels and lighter overall construction makes it perfect for racing and downhill skating. Apart from that, variable height and ankle assist also provide you a stable ride when speeding.

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So, you are a pro skater. You want the best hardware for creative movements and don’t want to compromise speed while doing it. Then the street skate is all you need to cover those tight turns and do cool tricks.

Cute Inline Skate Recommendations

We have recommended the 3 cutest skates from famous brands like Impala, Powerslide, and Rollerblade. Have a look and choose one for you.

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate

Speaking of adorable women’s inline skate, you would not find any other well-designed skate that shines on street performance. They come in a stylish color combination of white, aqua, and pink. Out of the box these Impala inline skates are ready to tackle any corner of an urban city.

Notable Feature

  • nice rollerblade
  • Durable plastic outer boot.
  • Lightweight plastic-wall frame.
  • Comfortable inner padding with breathable materials.
  • Quick-entry and release buckle option along with traditional lace setup.
  • Included brake pads and required Allen tools in the box.

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Powerslide Swell Flair 100 Skate

This is more of a speed skate built to cover a long distance with style. The multicolor option gives it a unique look that is hard to ignore in tanning ground and a track full of people. Being a speed-star doesn’t mean it won’t have equal comfort and safety, rather it has so many.

Notable Feature

  • Reinforced plastic shell made of Fiberglass.
  • Highly adjustable buckle option along with quick Velcro strap.
  • Proprietary Trinity Magnesium and aluminum frame for strength.
  • Top-rated bearings with a score of 9 on the ABEC scale.
  • Implementation of memory foam for exceptional support and comfort.

Zetrablade Elite Women’s Inline Skates From Rollerblade 

Budget isn’t an issue? And you want the best of the best from hundreds of similar inline skates, check out Zetrablade Elite. Their top-notch design and reliable construction will make any female skater confident with great value for money.

Notable Feature

  • Comfortable tall shoe cuff with a breathable mesh upper and adequate padding.
  • Optimum design to maximize stability along with smooth-riding experience
  • Durable Monocoque frame that serves the practical purpose on the road
  • High-performance 80mm wheels that wear much better and provide reasonable speed
  • Heavily configured buckles system together with Velcro straps and laces

If you want to see more cute skate images, you can check out this Pinterest page of skates.

Some Tips to Ride Inline skates

Here are some pro tips to help you skate better in inline skating.

Lower center of gravity: Bend your knees and back while riding for better balance.

Practice on grass: It’s easier to learn to maneuver and balance on the grass.

Use T-Brake: Use your other foot to make T and drag that also work as a brake.

Use T or V stance while standing: Never stand randomly without making a T or V stance.

Move your hands: While riding maintain your hand’s lateral movement.

Lead with one foot: Place one foot in front of another so you can compensate for an uneven surface.

Face new obstacles: Push yourself on new surface and obstacles as you develop more control over time

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Wrap Up

Inline skates are much faster and more reliable than any other type of skate in the market. Regardless of the use, you should have the appropriate pair so you can enjoy more rather than struggling. In addition to that, our recommendation of Cute inline skates will help you score some attractive-looking skating performance at an affordable price.  

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