Holding Skateboard While Walking

5 Cool Ways to Hold a Skateboard While Walking!

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It happens that sometimes you don’t want your skateboard kept in the backpack. Right? Rather you want to hold it with your hands while walking to the nearest places like school or skate park. 

Well, there are several ways to hold your skateboard while walking. One way is to hold it with your dominant hand like as you hold your books while walking. Another way is to hold your skateboard through the nose. 

There are 3 more ways. In this article, I will be talking about all of them in more detail.

1. Use your Firmed Hand

This is the easiest way to hold your skateboard. Just hold it with your firmed hand to carry on. I am lefties and I normally hold it with my left hand as I hold 1 or 2 books or diaries when I go to the park. 

So, use your dominant hands in the same way. Put wheel and truck side on the other side of your body as they might be dirty sometimes. Also, hold the skateboard in the center.


  • One of your hands remains free, with that you can hold other things like books or files


  • If your skateboard is heavy and your destination is not near, it could be a burden for you after a certain period of time.

2. Holding and Carrying Through the Nose

You can hold your skateboard through the nose by just clipping the edge of the skateboard with your fingers. 

In this method, your arms will remain straight or slightly bent. Make sure that the tail of your skateboard is not touching the ground. 


  • If you are a taller person, it’s the best method as the board wouldn’t touch the ground. 


  • Don’t follow this method if you are a short person. In that case, your skateboard might touch the ground and damage might happen.

3. Mall Grab

Some prefer to mall grab which is holding the board by the skateboard truck. I don’t like mall grabbing as it rips off my pants. Also, I don’t feel comfortable throwing the board from the mall grabbed position. But switching the hands before throwing is a solution to this. So, try it out after watching the following video.


  • An easy and quick way to grab a skateboard


  • You might feel disturbing as the grip tape would scratch your body. 
  • The bolts might get loose out of regular scratches through the trucks

4. Hole Handle

Some of the skateboards do have a hole handle. Last year, I bought a penny board for my kid which has a hole like this. Carrying a skateboard through the handle is easy.


  • Easy and comfortable

5. Holding on the Shoulders

In this method, you need to carry your skateboard on your shoulders with the help of your arms. Raise your both elbows to shoulder high. Also, raise your forearms until your hands are face front.


  • You might be looking stylish with this method


  • No hands will remain free in this style.


Whether you are skateboarding or walking with your skateboard, caring is important. I would suggest you to check all ways of carrying your skateboard while walking. And, find out the best comfortable one for you. 

However, sometimes I don’t find it comfortable carrying skateboards while walking. In that case, I use my bicycle to carry it on. Check out some ways to carry skateboard on your bike here.

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