How Long Do Skateboards Last? (Read It Before You Buy The Next One!)

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one of the common queries of skateboarders now is how long does a skateboard last? If you want to know the answer of the same query and some ways of extending your skateboard’s life, this article is for you.   

Although it is not so easy to answer, the quick reply of a skateboard’s normal lifespan is about 6 months to 2 years. In fact, it mainly depends on some important factors such as who is the manufacturer of the skateboard, quality of your skateboard, usage and maintenance. 

However, it can break down within just 5 minutes if you try riding while you don’t even know the basics of skateboarding. On the contrary, it can last for even 5 years if you buy a good complete skateboard and use it with care and also maintains it well. 

lifespan of skateboard

Issues That Affect Skateboard’s Life

  • The wider your skateboard is, the more space you get and eventually it will last longer.
  • Weight is an important issue. If you are overweight, the skateboard is more likely to break down quickly.
  • If you skate on rails and ledges, it will break down quickly as it affects your skateboard more than the normal.
  • Skating style is one of the main factors. Normally beginners do break down their skateboard quickly as they don’t know the style of skateboarding.
  • Your truck shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.
  • Know all the tricks and stunts related to skateboarding. Don’t try any of those seriously if you don’t know the basics.
  • Always check wheels whether they are tightened enough or not. If not, loosen or tighten the skateboard nut in the truck using the skate tool.
  • Not being able to drive properly, many people get annoyed and throw the skateboard! Never do that, if you don’t want your skateboard to be broken early and easily.
  • Your skateboard will wear out sooner if you drag the tail of the board a lot or if you boardslide very frequently than normal.
  • In case of E-Skateboard, make sure that you recharge the battery before it reaches down to 0%.
  • In order to maintain the battery status of 40-50%, recharge it every 6 months.
  • Normally Longboards have more life span than other types like cruiser skateboards or penny board.

Avoid Watery Places

First, keep your skateboard away from watery places. if your skateboard gets wet, you can be sure that it will be damaged very soon. And, In winter, don’t put the board on the floor because the floor can be a little wet which will be harmful for your skateboard’s durability.

Most importantly, don’t go out with your skateboard in the rainy season. Especially if it rains in the winter, you may not even get the sun for drying the skateboard deck. By this time, it will lose its longevity.

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Clean The Skateboard

It’s common that what you ride on a regular basis, you need to clean it with care regularly. The same work you must do with your skateboard wheels and other parts to lengthen its durability and soundness. Then you may get the most advantages of skating.

You need the following things to clean skateboard:

  • Bristol brush
  • paper towel
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • bearing grease or lubricants
  • grip gum
  • screw driver
  • skate tool

All set! Now, clean your skateboard regularly with the above equipment.

Don’t Ride Skateboard On Stone, Glass or Sand

Do ride your skateboard on smooth surfaces like skate parks, any turf or at your home where you have tiles on the floor. If you skate on a broken road or stone, grass or sand, the wheels, bearings or deck may break down earlier.

Even if it doesn’t break, it will lose its effectiveness in a very short time. and, eventually it will not last long. So, choose a plain road or dedicated skate park where you can ride smoothly and try all kinds of tricks you want with your skateboard.

Land Well On Your Skateboard

Landing is so crucial in skateboarding. If you don’t know how to land well, your skateboard surely will break down within a short time. For landing, you must at least learn to land with one foot on your skateboard. 

Once you have mastered landing with one foot, try landing with both of your feet. Practise, practise and practise slowly every day for a couple of times. you will surely learn how to land with two feet soon. Detail here.

Shoes Matter

To keep your skateboard last longer, make sure to wear the best pair of skate shoes. Never buy and use cheap shoes while you skateboard. It will hamper your legs and the skateboard as well. You might get injured too. You might have running shoes which are too not perfect for skateboarding. These shoes are not designed to fight the tricky parts of skateboarding.


You get a one-year warranty for almost all branded skateboards out there in the market. That said, you can well be tension free for the first year of your purchase. However, before purchasing any skateboard, don’t miss to read and check the warranty policy of the company.

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How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

It depends on the battery that you are using for your e-skateboard. Normally, if you skate regularly, the battery will perform very good for the 1st year. Then, the performance may slow down and it will last for even 3 years.

Related FAQs

Will my skateboard break?

If you are a complete beginner and try out tricks with your skateboard, it may break down quickly. And, remember to keep it away from your growing child who does not know the basics of riding a skateboard.

Where should I keep my skateboard?

Where to keep your skateboard is a crucial query among skateboarders? The best answer is you should not keep it on the floor. 

If you keep it on the floor and if somehow the floor gets wet, the bearings will lose its lubrication and eventually, the board may slow down and it will not move as smoothly as before.

So, build a skateboard rack of your own or buy a good one from the market.

How long do skateboard wheels last?

It mainly depends on how often you skate. Normally, you can change the wheels every two or three months. If you rotate or swap the wheels by this time, they will work well for a long time.

Can I wash my skateboard with water?

Water is bad for anything made of wood. So, don’t let your skateboard get wet by water or fog as it is made of wood. It will hamper your skateboard bearings, deck, trucks, and bolts. Besides, if the skateboard gets wet, you might have to face hydroplaning which can affect badly in controlling your skateboard. So, avoid skating in the rain.


Normally the board must stay alright for a year. The trucks may last even longer. And, the wheels should stay fine for about two years.

But, you know and as you see in the above description that it depends on different factors what you need to do: tighten the trucks and wheels, store the board in a cool dry place, clean off the debris regularly, and recharge the battery at the right time if you have got the electric skateboard.

In the end, my suggestion is if you want your skateboard to last longer, you should first learn the basics of skateboarding, learn the tricks slowly and gradually and most importantly buy the best branded skateboard. Good Luck!


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