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How to Carry a Skateboard? [5 Excellent Ways]

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There are multiple ways of carrying your skateboard from one place to another, be it a short trip or a long journey. Knowing the right methods that will help you conveniently carry your skateboard during trips makes the overall experience much easier to deal with.

You can carry your skateboard quite easily on a backpack or by using skateboard straps for longer journeys. For shorter distances, you can simply carry it under your arm. How to carry a skateboard actually depends on the situation and length of your journey as you might be riding a bicycle or traveling by air.

Today we will take a detailed look at the different convenient ways of carrying a skateboard, in context to different mediums of traveling as well as using different accessories to carry the board.

1. How to Carry a Skateboard Using Straps


Carrying your skateboard using straps helps you to free up your hands and also gives you easy mobility while traveling. You don’t even need a backpack if you intend to use skateboard straps where the concern is only taking your skateboard along in the journey.

Here’s how you can attach the board to the straps and carry it on your shoulders:

  • First, you need to thread the strap on the side of the deck through the loops.
  • Then put it over your head in a way that the board hangs down along your side.
  • If you want you can also put the skateboard strap over your shoulder and use your hands to hold it in place.
  • Make sure you don’t swing your skateboard too much while carrying it and the strap is firm enough to not come loose while you walk.

2. Carrying a Skateboard Using a Backpack

carry skateboard in backpack

Using a backpack to carry your skateboard is another great way of keeping your arms free while traveling. Most backpacks come with straps at the back which you can easily fix through your skateboard and easily attach it during your trips. 

Even if your backpack doesn’t have the right straps, you can always use bungee cords to fix the skateboard to your backpack and safely carry it around.

Here’s how you can fix the skateboard on a backpack:

  • Open the straps at the back of your backpack to place your skateboard properly in place.
  • Fix both straps around the truck area of your skateboard so that it firmly stays in place while you walk.
  •  It is better to find the right fix before setting off on journeys as the board may hit it on the head or back if the straps come out loose or it swings too much.
  • If straps are not available on your backpack, use bungee cords to fix the board properly in place and you don’t have to worry as it is a secure method of carrying your skateboard.

3. Ways of Carrying a Skateboard in Your Arm

The simplest way of carrying a skateboard for short distances is to hold it under your arm. It is quite easy and convenient if you are walking to the park from your house but I will surely not recommend this method if you are going on longer journeys.

Here’s how to properly carry your skateboard under your arm:

  • Use your right hand to hold one end of your skateboard and then lift it.
  • Using your left-hand place the right midpoint of your skateboard and then hold it firmly.
  • Position your arms perpendicular to your skateboard as you take the deck in the middle.
  • This position is perfect for carrying your skateboard without any additional accessories but as I have mentioned earlier, it is only convenient for nearby trips.

4. The Process of Carrying a Skateboard In a Bag

If you own a large backpack that can actually fit your skateboard in, then you can surely carry it inside your backpack. This is definitely one of the safest ways to carry your skateboard. If you want, you may also consider investing in a skateboard bag that comes in various styles and designs, and pick out whichever suits your taste best.

Pay heed to keep your skateboard and skate wheels clean before placing it in the backpack as it may mess up other accessories that you might be carrying inside it.

5. Put Skateboard in a Skateboard Rack while Biking

Now bikers surely need to focus on riding and if there is a skateboard to carry along, a neat solution must be sought after. That is where a skateboard rack comes in. Some bicycles come with a skateboard rack and if yours doesn’t, you may consider getting one if you need to carry your skateboard along on frequent trips.

Here’s how to carry a skateboard on a skateboard rack:

  • Open the straps of the skateboard rack to place your skateboard in.
  • Put the deck in the holder of the rack and fix the straps properly there.
  • Make sure that the skateboard is properly set and does not wobble as you ride.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to Carry the Skateboard so that it doesn’t scratch?

The solution to keeping your skateboard in its best condition is to handle it with care during journeys. You can consider using soft material accessories in the backpack or skateboard straps that you will be using so that they are compatible with the quality of your board.

Can I carry my skateboard while biking?

Yes, most bicycles are built to allow a skateboard rack to be fixed and that is surely the safest way to carry your board while biking. I have seen a few bikers carrying their board on the back, but for longer trips, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Should I get a Backpack or a Skateboard Strap?

Well, that depends on your needs. If you want to carry other accessories along, then surely go for a backpack. But well, a strap serves equally fine.

Video Tutorial on Carrying A Skateboard

Concluding Words

Knowing the right methods of carrying your skateboard is important if you are going on longer trips. To maintain the safety of both yourself and your board, make sure that you are comfortable with whichever method serves you best. 

Let us know which method you prefer while carrying your skateboard and till then, Happy Skating!

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