Impala Roller Skates Review

Top 4 Impala Roller Skates in 2023 [Stunning Look & Best!]

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Do you remember a little past when skating was a thing, not until everyone started drifting to different sports? Well, roller skating has a significant comeback to most people’s hearts, with fantastic brands such as impala, ensuring that roller skating is better than before.

Impala skates brand lives at its word to deliver stunning, quality, and affordable roller skates that deliver memorable experiences and keeps you far from accidents.

Are you planning to try out roller skating soon? Do you need an item worth it? This article has the impala roller skates review. The items listed have been tested and proved to be of high quality and safer for kids and adults.

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Top Impala Roller Skates Listed

  • Impala Rollerskates Girls Impala Quad Skate-Holographic: Best Skate for Price and Look
  • Impala Rollerskates Girls impala Quad Skate-Midnight: Best for Street and Rink Skating
  • Impala Rollerskates Girls Marawa Rose Gold Quad Skate: Best Impala Skate for Girls
  • Impala Light Speed Inline Skate-White: Best Impala Inline Skate for All

Impala Roller Skates Comparison Table

Impala Roller SkatesSpecificartionColorSize (US)
Impala Girls Quad Skate-HolographicWheel: Polyurethane
Wheel size: 58mm
Material: Nylon, Aluminium.
Bearings: ABEC-7
HolographicWomen 11/Men 9
Impala Girls Midnight Roller SkateWheel: Polyurethane
Wheel size: 58mm
Material: Nylon, Aluminium.
Bearings: ABEC-7
ModnightWomen 7/Men 5
Impala Girls Marawa Rose Gold Quad SkateWheel: Polyurethane
Wheel size: 58mm
Material: Nylon, Aluminium.
Bearings: ABEC-7
Rose GoldWomen 8/Men 6
Impala Light Speed Inline SkateWheel: Inline Skate type
Wheel size: 70mm, 72mm
Material: Compound 
Mint Flower-Power (Multicolor)True to Size: 4

Impala Skates Reviewed

I know the list not enough. You want to check detail review along with features, pros and cons for each skates above. So, check out below:

Impala Rollerskates Girls Impala Quad Skate-Holographic

Impala holographic quad skate for girls

The top thing you should evaluate before paying for rollerskates is the safety promising features. Or are you ready to put your safety at risk? Not to say how deadly skating accidents can be?

I didn’t mean to scare you, just that I care. For that reason, I recommend to you this fantastic rollerskate that will promise your safety and guarantee the best skating experience.

How do I know that?

First is its brake system, which is of a PU stopper. Consequently, it responds just in time and very easy to operate. When it comes to the base part, it also has a wide but low design to lower the center of gravity, resulting in enhanced stability.

Next is the PVC sole and heel. Well, that construction is not only to promise durability but also to secure your feet from shock impacts.

When it comes to base construction, things can only get better. The wheels have the ABEC 7 bearings. Resultantly, giving the smoothest motions.

Are you wondering if it will take ages to wear or remove the boots? The speedy laces construction wipes away your doubts. The laces eyelets remove all the hassle of getting the laces into place, making it easier and fast than ever.


  • The urethane wheels assure smooth motio
  • Aluminum trucks make it age living
  • No-fuss while getting laces in place
  • Promises the best skating experience as well as an eye-catching appearance


  • Not suitable for ramps or bowls

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However, if you are up to the game of roller derby and seeking for the best skates, here is our top recommendations.

Impala Rollerskates Girls impala Quad Skate-Midnight

Impala Rollerskates Girls impala Quad Skate-Midnight

The quality of the rollerskates is a crucial determinant if you will set the time again for skating. Worse, a poor construction might bring you back home gloomy than you were before you left. What do I mean?

High-quality construction in roller plates is non-compromise-able. If you are looking for boots that will leave you appreciating your choice for ages, consider the midnight impala quad skates. Why?

If quality construction was an item, I think it would win. The trucks and the base plate are of stylish aluminum material, making it sturdier for regular skaters.

Also, the wheels do not lag. They are of a urethane material which earns respect for living beholds expectations.

What about its motions? To be honest, their motions have turned roller skaters haters into lovers. Due to the ABEC bearings, the movements are smooth and secure because of the broad base.


  • The eyelets make it easy to fit or remove the laces
  • Wheels withstand intense friction for regular skaters
  • A fantastic brake stopper for safety
  • Due to the stylish construction, it gives the girly appearance


  • A girly construction hence may not be suitable for gents

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Impala Rollerskates Girls Marawa Rose Gold Quad Skate

Impala Rollerskates Girls Marawa Rose Quad Skate

It’s the impala rose gold skates review!

Do you hate it when the rollerskates cannot give you maximum agility, making your expertise in tricks worthless? Do you feel irritated by a mediocre manufacturer who can’t deliver quality boots, not to talk of durability?

I can relate to you. However, with the Marawa girls’ roller skates, your story and experience with skates are likely to change for good. But before I dive right into its construction, if you need that womanish and girly feeling, these are your roller skates.

The most unique thing about these quad skates is their baseplate. It is of a greater level of expertise, which equips it with an unbeatable level of agility. Consequently, if you are a tricks skater, this is your thing.

To add on, durability is not compromised, if anything, it is much improved. How? That is due to the nylon boot construction, which is known to withstand fast wears and tear.

As if that is not enough, the baseplate is of aluminum material. Without any doubt, it will safely hold the skater’s weight and withstand harsh impacts.

What’s more, is their lightweight design. That is incredibly crucial to give the users better controls, which reduces risk chances.


  • Due to the aluminum and nylon crafting, they last longer
  • Very lightweight for better user controls
  • Improved agility to perform more trick
  • Not only of high quality but also a beautiful and girly appearance


  • The plate quality need to be improved

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However, if you are interested in c7 skates vs impala, read about C7 skate after reading this one. (Check out here)

Impala Light Speed Inline Skate-White

Impala Light Speed Inline Skate-White

If you are looking for inline rather than roller from Impala brand, then this impala inline skates review may help you out.

Clothings are more of just getting dressed to girls but have a part in their souls. Researches show that a lady’s dress code plays a significant role in their self-esteem. Do you want to feel more girly? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend or daughter? Search no more!

The impala light speed skates construction is focused on keeping every girl’s head up. They have a stylish design that delivers an extremely stunning appearance. 

When it comes to its quality, it is precisely what a strong woman like you may need. The wheels are of urethane material with the best quality bearings to promise smooth motions.

Similarly, the heels and the soles are robust materials to absorb all the ground impacts that leave your feet in one peace.

What of the internal cushioning? Honestly, you will love them. It has maximum cushioning that assures comfort like no other. And to add, the upper layer is of mesh-like material to assure excellent aeration.

Lastly, no more fuss while wearing or removing these skates. They have straightforward buckles, and fantastic laces eye let’s get things done in a jiffy.


  • Stunning and girly appearance
  • A buckle and fast metal laces eyelets
  • The wheels are not only sturdy but also assures smooth motions
  • Shock-absorbing soles for the safety of the feet


  • They can veer in the wrong direction

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In case you couldn’t choose from our four impala options, you can check out other skates from baysideblades.

Impala Protectice Set

Impala not only designs skates, but also they produce quality protective equipment like large plastic protective caps for the safe riding.

impala pretective caps

While skating, skating of any type, you must be wearing other equipment like helmet or even wrist guards to protect yourself from any unfamiliar injuries.

Why the Impala Skates?

First things first. Does this company deliver what it promises?

Luckily, I will be talking from the point of experience. Since I was barely 5 when mom gifted me the impala roller skates have never had a reason to complain about the manufacturer.

All their items are of superb materials that give a stylish look, but more critically, they last longer. Still, the impala manufacturers got unique expertise in increasing their agility without keeping the skater’s safety in danger.

Lastly, they make every skating experience count by making it possible to perform more tricks and delivering comfort.

Their internal part has maximum cushioning as well as a mesh-like material for excellent aeration. Trust me, impala quad skates are a deal. Try them out, and be sure to bring positive feedback.

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Which are the Impala Skates on sale?

Whichever quality you need in the quad skates, the impala brand has made it accessible. Sure, that includes the beginners.

This fantastic brand manufactures high-quality roller skates of different sizes. Consequently, it caters for both kids and adults.

Are you working on a limiting budget? The impala brand cares for you too. Some of their amazingly constructed skates come at an affordable price and available in most stores worldwide.  Check out the impala quad skates review to get a worth it roller skate.

Impala Roller Skates Sizing

Choosing the right roller skating is a great fuss to most people. And like everything else, choosing the wrong size will compromise comfort and likely increase the accident risks. Don’t freak out! I am here with you.

The first step in getting the right roller skating size is measuring your feet size. How do you do that?

Step1; take a blank paper, a pencil, and a pair of socks. If you are skating with socks, wear them. Place one of your heels against the wall and the foot against the blank paper on the ground.

Step 2; with the pencil, trace your foot on the paper. Strictly ensure you remain upright. You can ask for help if need be.

Step 3; with a ruler, measure the heal-to-toe length

And you are done! Now use the below image to check the appropriate roller skate sizing.


Lace lengths: Size 1-7 = 195cm, Size 8-14 = 215cm

Which Impala Skates should you use?

Besides looking at the skates’ quality, there are other vital things that you should consider when purchasing the roller skates?

What am I talking about?

To kick-off, check on your expertise. Are you a beginner or a professional? For beginners, control is everything for safety reasons. Hence, the skate should have extraordinarily responsive and quick to access brakes. Nonetheless, that also matters to the experts.

Though more critically, the experts should check on the level of agility offered. That is to say, the skates should be remarkably flexible to perform more tricks without risking accidents. Having all said that, the first and most important issue is learning to skate in the right way.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are impala skates good or worth it?

A; Yes. The Impala roller skate brand has managed to maintain consistency in delivering quality and yet affordable skates. Besides, their products are available worldwide for easier accessibility.

Q: How long do impala skates last?

A; to be honest, if there is something enhanced in the impala skates, it must be durability.

Typically, most of their rollerblades are of aluminum and urethane crafting. Due to the sturdy material construction, they can last for over five years if only maintained well

Q: Should I size down for impala skates?

A; sizing down or up for rollerskates is risking an accident. The rollerskates should be the exact foot size and very comfortable. You can check this review on how to get the exact rollerskates size.

Q; Do impala skates break in?

A: Frankly, as much as the manufacturers had done everything possible to deliver a long-living roller skate, how you handle them is a tremendous significance if they will break in.

Especially when wearing an oversized rollerskate, despite the excellent quality, they will break-in. Otherwise, the manufacturer has done an excellent job of availing rollerskates, which are less prone to breaking in.

Q: Are Impala Skates good for the outdoors?

A: Since some Impala Skates come with aluminum plate and soft outdoor-oriented wheels, we can say these skates are perfect for outdoor. Outdoor wheels normally range from 74A-84A. So, when you look for an outdoor Impala wheel, make sure the sizing and grip, and absorption capacity.

Q: Where to buy impala quad skates?

A: The most authentic two sources are amazon and Impala’s own website. Other than these two, you can check different other online shops or from nearby physical shops of your home.

Q. Are impala roller skates good for wide feet?

Yes, the Rollerblades brand offers a wide option.

Impala Roller Skates are the easiest and most comfortable shoes to wear. They are designed with a wider width and can be worn by people who have wider feet.

You might want to try a boot stretcher first. Although, I know of some people who had trouble using them with synthetic textiles.

They have a rubber-lined heel cup to help provide more comfort, they come in sizes 9-12, they accommodate wider widths, and they are easy to lace up.

Q. Are Impala Skates good for Roller Derby?

Since the Roller Derby game needs continuous movement, run, and tricks, Impala would be a good idea. Rather, Moxi and Riedell could be two better choices that could cost you a bit more but are worth it.

Q. Are Impala skates true to size?

Typically, Impala skates run true to size. But, that can vary depending on the brand so we highly recommend sizing up if you’re a half size.

Video Tutorial


Besides high quality, every girl needs quad skates that express the best of themselves. That improves their self-esteem as well as plays a more significant role in commanding respect.

The impala rollerskates are girly skates that are worth it—checkout this impala roller skates review for more details.

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