Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skate Review

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates Review [Must Look For!]

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It can be tremendously perplexing when you go down on your knees to choose one of the best roller skates for you or your closed ones. The market is stuffed with options and it’s pretty much impossible to distinguish between them and reach a final decision.

“Should I go for speed? Comfort? Durability? Or style?”

These are some common questions that may swivel on your mind when you think about buying a skate and more if you have never bought one before. 

So, here I introduce you to the Moxi Beach Bunny roller skate (review) that satisfies the needs of any enthusiastic skater.

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates: In-Depth Review

Moxi has been a well-renowned name in the roller derby industry for a while now. They have been producing some of the finest pairs of skates ever, including the Beach Bunny.

One of the best and most affordable skates from Moxi, the Beach Bunny assures comfort, performance, and permanence on the same page of the book.

Hard to digest?

Let’s dig deeper into the detailed autopsy of the skate!

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skate Review

Skate Type

Beach Bunny is a recreational roller derby skate that can mesmerize you at the first go. For a high cut design, mostly freestylers, dancers, and other sessional artists use this skate, both indoors and outdoors.


Pre-installed wheels of the Moxi Beach Bunny roller skates are the 58mm x 33mm high rebound ones. These are relatively smaller wheels that beget better balance and coordination for the rider.

The Durometer marks the wheels’ hardness to be 78A, which means they are comparatively softer and are best for recreational riders. The wheels suit you perfectly if you are keen to perform dancing skills and tread anywhere outdoors for fun.  

The wheels are even garnished with glitter to portray an even stylish and shiny look.


ABEC 5 bearings power the Beach Bunny. Sturdy and long-lasting are the two adjectives that suit them the most. Made to stand out on indoor and outdoor surfaces, no compromises are made with speed and agility.

A significant advantage of having branded bearings is that they are easier to clean and grease. Also, it may take decades for them to malfunction.

But, if you want to go pro, a better set of bearings is necessary. It is better to aim for ABEC 7 or 9 bearings, which may be expensive but outperforms any other alternative available in the market.


The Beach Bunny comes with a Powerdyne Marvel aluminum base plate that holds the boot and the wheels together. It is a lightweight and extremely durable plate that is suitable for rough indoor and outdoor skating. 

Though the plate is heavier than a regular nylon plate, it is comparatively more responsive and sturdy. Also, the trucks within the plate are said to be well-balanced and always there to assist you whenever you try to swivel. 

Still, on an honest note, the trucks feel a bit stiffer and are less agile. But if you are a beginner or intermediate level skater, it is a Godsent advantage for you. However, another good option for beginners is Chicago. Why? The answer is here.


When it comes down to the outer structure of the boot, Moxi has been quite cautious about Beach Bunny’s fashion and durability. It features a drum-dyed vinyl upper that provides the boot a perfect classy look, while the longevity of the boot isn’t sacrificed.

Again, the Drum-dyed technology allows the synthetic leather to be immersed directly in transparent colors, which are most importantly environment friendly, providing the boot a graceful touch of simplicity. 

Beach Bunny comes in five separate colorways, namely, Blue-Sky, Periwinkle-Sunset, Strawberry-Lemonade, Peach-Blanket and Watermelon.

Oh, one more thing! Matching drum-dyed vinyl toe caps are attached to the front of the boot to protect it from the wear and tear of regular skating activities.

Lining Material 

One thing that Moxi has been consistent with is to fabricate better and improvised comfortability for its consumers. As a result, Custom Moxi Dri-Lex™ lining was invented to meet the needs of our reviewed skate.

Inner paddings are pretty cozy and will make you feel at home. Moxi has accredited this to be a ‘moisture-wicking lining’ technology that promises to keep dry even when your feet are drenched in sweat. 

Furthermore, the classic high-top design covers the ankles and allows better control over the skates, while the lining ensures a snug fit for the skater to create wonderful memories, reducing the daily irritations. The cuffs also are specially designed on the inside and sum up to give you a premium texture. 


A fully laced closure system can be observed in the Beach Bunny. Bright polyester laces cover almost all of the instep and the shin. It is a simple, yet extremely effective way to ensure proper lockdown of your feet. 

With the aid of a comfy tongue, the laces collaborate to acquire a tight and custom fit. Though, in my opinion, a reinforced velcro strap or a ratchet buckle could have been added for putting the cherry on the cake.


Brakes can prove to be crucial when you are a rookie. Keeping that in mind, adjustable toe stoppers are positioned on the front of the skates that halts you in time and keeps your organs safe.   

Noteworthy Features 

  • The Beach Bunny is a recreational or freestyling skate.
  • Classic high-top design to provide better ankle support.
  • Updated fashionable upper in 5 colors to turn your skate mates jealous.
  • Custom Moxi Dri-Lex™ lining guarantees a comfortable fit and a stable grip even after long skating sessions.
  • A solid Powerdyne Marvel aluminum plate lets the skater obtain higher outcomes from every stride. 
  • Sparkling wheels with ABEC 5 bearings that ride smoothly on roads, as well as rinks.
  • Adjustable toe stops to save you from unwanted crashes.

Pros of Beach Bunny Skate

  • Stylish outlook with different color options.
  • Stiff boot with high-quality materials. 
  • Comfortable inner liner.
  • Heavy-duty base plate.
  • A longer wheelbase that provides higher stability.


  • Not the best option for speed skaters.
  • Trucks are stiffer and less agile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can roller skating help you lose weight?

Ans: Definitely. Skating requires movement of your upper and lower body which may help you reduce some pounds. 

Q. Are safety gears necessary for skating?

Ans: Yes, safety gears are highly recommended as skating can be hazardous at times.

Video Tutorial

Final Thoughts

Many famous skaters often suggest the Beach Bunny. Indy Jamma Jones, a famous recreational skater cum YouTuber, doesn’t hesitate to recommend this skate for beginners.

Therefore, if you are eagerly in a quest for an all-rounder roller derby skate, take no more hassles as Beach Bunny will serve almost everything that you may require. And, I hope the Moxi beach bunny skates review helps.

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