What to Wear for Pickleball? [Recommended Outfit Inside!]

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What to wear when playing pickleball can be confusing at first glance: should you wear your everyday clothes or do you need special pickleball gear? 

You can wear many clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Tennis-style dresses are common for females. They might wear skirts or dresses while males might prefer shorts and t-shirts. You may also put on hats, visors, sweatbands, and jackets when it is cold outside.

In this article, we can have a list of pickleball clothes first along with the best types to choose from. Later, we will move into important FAQs of pickleball outfits.

Factors to Consider While Dressing for Pickleball

  • If you are playing outside, there are no special requirements on what to wear besides comfortable shoes and sunscreen
  • But when inside, some people like wearing shorts with t-shirts while others prefer athletic clothing such as gym shorts and tank tops
  • For indoor courts with air conditioning where players sweat more easily, it may be best to stick with lighter clothing.
  • If you’re playing outside at a park or beach make sure your clothes are light enough, so they don’t get heavy when wet due to sweat or rain
  • You also want them loose enough that they won’t restrict movement.
  • Some pickleballers prefer light colors, so they can see the ball more easily.
  • While others enjoy wearing dark colors because it hides sweat stains better than lighter shades.
  • Some people like to wear long sleeves in order to protect their skin from sunburns or bug bites
  • While others prefer short sleeves because they don’t get too hot when playing outside during warmer months.
  • Shirt material also varies by preference with some preferring cotton shirts since it breathes

Proper Pickleball Attires

Here, we will have descriptions of all types of pickleball outfits. The important thing is you will know what type of clothing of those will be best for you to choose and what type you shouldn’t.


It’s important to choose a t-shirt with an appropriate amount of stretch, ventilation, and moisture-wicking properties for your comfort level. Short sleeve t-shirts are good for the movement. The shirts you choose should mostly be cotton, lightweight, well fit, and good-looking.

Skirts and Skort

Pickleball skirts should be made of breathable fabric and should not wrinkle easily. They should be made of material that wicks away sweat. Besides, they need to dry quickly and be stretchy, so they are comfortable in all weather. What matters most is the design and appearance which is up to your mood. Having pockets is an important feature as well.

At the first glance, Skort looks like a Skirt. The addition to a skort is the extra layer of fabric outside the main shorts. 

Tennis Style Dresses

Tennis-style dresses are just perfect for pickleball players since they offer extra coverage while running around and hitting shots which can help keep them cooler during those hot matches or practices. Plus, they are often made out of lightweight materials which makes them perfect for summer tournaments since it’s easier to stay cool in warmer weather.

Tank Tops

When you play pickleball casually and it is so hot everywhere, the Tank top is the best dress to put on. It can give you complete breathability, a lightweight feel, and comfort. When choosing, pick the cotton fabrics. Also, check out the double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. These features may ensure your clothes are more durable.

Sports Bra for Pickleball

Since pickleball players (women) move around the court rigorously, wearing good quality and comfortable bra can really help. Bras can minimize unusual movement of the breast and can reduce the pain and give total flexibility and comfort while playing.

Athletic Shorts

Pickleball shorts are made out of a material called polyester. Cotton is also used, but most people prefer polyester because it feels good and it dries quickly. You can choose tennis shorts of Nike, Under Armour for playing pickleball game.

Sweat Pants

Normally, you might not see any pickleball players wearing long sweat pants while playing. But, sometimes, when you are in a practice session or if you are a coach, or if you are a spectator in a pickleball court, you can wear sweatpants for sports look and comfort. 

If so, this Chion Just Dink It Pickleball Men’s Sweatpants Sports Long Pants could be a good choice: Cotton and polyester mix, jogger style, perfect for any kind of outdoor and indoor sports and surely for pickleball fans.


Visors or hats are important to wear when playing pickleball. They protect the face from sunburn and prevent sweat from running into your eyes. Pickleball players should wear a hat because it’s an essential part of the game! 

The most common type of visor is a baseball cap with a brim, but you can also find other good types like the bucket hat which has floppy sides. Sporty visors are usually made out of nylon and have elastic on one side, so they stay in place better than regular hats. You can get them in lots of different colors too! 


There are also many great pickleball players out there who have a signature look with their choice of sweatbands, shirts, or shoes. One thing that all these players share in common is that they wear sweatbands during games – even if they don’t realize it! 

Sweatbands may not be as flashy as other items in an athlete’s gear bag, but they are important nonetheless. These bands help absorb perspiration so you can focus on your game instead of dripping sweat.


Gloves are not required for playing pickleball but many players say that they feel better when wearing them and that the glove improves their hold on the paddle.

It also increases cushion, decreases hand fatigue and keep you comfortable for a longer period of time.

Light Jackets

Jackets are important when it is cold outside. But, most of the pickleball players wear lighter ones as they don’t want anything heavy on their bodies while playing.

Sweat Shirts

When winter is near and the weather dips, you can wear a sweatshirt (with or without hoodies) for playing pickleball or in pickleball exercise. Combine the sweatshirt with sweatpants or track pants for a better look. 


A perfect pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a pickleball game. Tennis shoes or court shoes are perfect for playing pickleball. They can take the stress that you feel while playing pickleball. You can also get a grip, ankle support, lateral support, and comfort with these types of shoes.

If you choose an indoor court shoe, it would be lighter. The shoe’s rubber could be torn up and the sole would go flat. On the other hand, tennis shoes (made for outdoor use) are strong, durable, and perfect for pickleball-type sports.

While you play pickleball indoors, you can try those indoor court shoes. Some volleyball shoes might go well with pickleball as well.

Best Pickleball Shoes (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2021


In long pickleball matches, you need to keep your feet dry and clean. So, wear a pair of crew socks that will provide soft texture, moisture-wicking, and durability. What crew socks do is absorb shocks as much as possible that will keep you comfortable all through the game. Besides, if you look for a pickleball gift for your friend at a reasonable price, socks can be a good option.


The towel helps to wipe away the sweat that may disturb you while playing. When your racket, hands or grip gets slippery, a towel quickly does the work for you and keeps you fully active in the game.


Pickleball players wear sunglasses to keep their eyes from being strained by the sun. They also provide protection from glare and help with depth perception. Pickleball is a fast-paced sport, so it is important for pickleball players to be able to see clearly at all times. Wearing sunglasses in pickleball court is a style too.

Finally, you can have a backpack on your back to pack your pickleball paddles up.

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Famous Pickleball Clothing Brands

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Fila
  • Under Armour
  • HEAD.
  • tasc.
  • Total Pickleball.
  • ASICS.
  • Babolat.
  • BloqUV.
  • Bolle

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What to Wear Playing Pickleball

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Frequently Asked Questions (Pickleball Clothings)

Q.: How Wicking Apparels Help?

Ans: When you are wearing clothes made of wicking fabric, sweat does not stay on your skin. This is because the moisture moves through the fabric to the outside of it. When this happens, you will be cooler even if you are sweating.

Q.: What Colour clothing is banned from being worn in competitive pickleball tournaments?

Ans: No Restriction with any color.

Q.: Can you wear running shoes for pickleball?

Ans: Court shoes are perfectly designed for moving in every direction: right, left, backward, and forward. Running shoes aren’t. So, casual pickleball players can wear them, but professional players don’t.

Q.: What not to wear playing pickleball?

Ans: It can be difficult to play pickleball if you’re not fully prepared with the right clothes on.

  • You don’t want your shorts too long because they can get in the way of running around the court.
  • Same goes with shirts: Don’t wear any tight fit or heavy shirts as they will disturb your mind and hamper your performance.

But as always, feel free to experiment and see what’s best for your body type. You can find some pickleball clothing options here in Shop USA Pickleball.

Q.: What to wear to play pickleball in winter?

Ans: What to wear while playing pickleball in winter can be a difficult question and it is often easier to just stay home.

However, there are many considerations that you should take into account before deciding not to come out for fear of getting cold. The temperature at night will drop below freezing so the surface of the court becomes icy, making it hard to play. 

When this happens, we recommend bundling up with layers and good quality gloves or hand warmers as well as wearing tennis shoes with rubber soles instead of regular running shoes which have no traction on ice-covered surfaces.

We also recommend packing a variety of clothes including long pants, two pairs of socks, jackets (sweaters), hats/scarves that cover your neck and ears if possible.

Q.: What is the dress code for pickleball?

Ans: Underdress the code of pickleball, you can wear anything appropriate for the weather and anything flexible and comfortable. Say, you can choose wicking apparel t-shirts, tennis-like dresses, skirts, athletic shorts or sweat pants.

But, if you participate in any tournament, you should follow the dress code set by the tournament committee.

Final Words

You’re probably wondering what type of clothes to wear when playing pickleball?

If you’re new to the game, we recommend trying out a few different options. It’s difficult to know what clothes work best when you’ve never played before! But once you figure it out, make sure your clothing is comfortable and not too tight or restrictive while playing pickleball. 

You may want to wear loose-fitting shorts that are long enough, so they don’t ride up during play. And for shirts, try something with short sleeves but also something that doesn’t restrict movement as much—you need room in there for those arm swings! 

Again, don’t forget that most courts have specific dress code requirements – so check out the rules beforehand and pack accordingly! Lastly, just wear what is best and comfortable for you.

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