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Pickleball On Ice-Make This Winter Eventful!

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pickleball on ice

This is great!

The temperature is below zero degree celcius and snow masses are piled up strong in your surroundings. Why so happy? Because in this chill weather you will gonna enjoy pickleball on ice with your skates on. Have fun with your playmates.

Ice all around. Freezing weather. In this winter season, the indoors are packed by the players from different quarters. Let’s enjoy the cold and delight your near ones in bliss with this winter outdoor activity.

Are you tired of waiting for indoor courts to be vacant for you? Don’t waste your time. Grab the shovel to clear up the ice from the court to make the ground playable. You can’t remove all the ice from the court. Let’s keep the court natural and glide your skate.

Pickleball In Winter is Fun!

Pickleball started its journey as a fun game. You can read pickleball related books to have an in-depth idea about the history, inventors, and origin of the name of this entertaining game.

Nowadays, tournament play transforms this fun game into a serious sport event that requires solid sportsmanship from the player.

Pickleball still carries the inherent intent of entertainment. Some crazy fan followers of pickleball start arranging a few charming events like glow pickleball. Another addition of this fastest-growing sport is the exhibition of pickleball in the winter season.

In extreme winter when the outside world is covered with snowfall, pickleball junkies come with an idea of rolling on pickleball on ice.


Most probably you had experience of playing roller tennis, roller basketball. But in the coming winter do play pickleball on the ice with your rollerblades on. I promise you will gonna like it.

Pickleball on ice is a fun event and you can make it remarkable by exchanging different pickleball gifts among yourselves.

Have A Look At The Video:

A Snapshot

The growing nature of pickleball can’t resist the enthusiasts to play in the winter season on the ice. The excitement keeps on mounting when the winter is beckoning. The fun season is about to begin!

The rules of pickleball on ice are similar to the normal gameplay. Strategies are also the same but beware of slipping on the court due to the wet nature of the ground.

Don’t be over-excited in doing beyond your reach. It may cause serious injury. Though it is a fun activity, this game can still burn calories a great deal.

Few organizers from different parts arrange pickleball on ice events for business purposes. Age range from 14-18 in High School and the experienced pickleball players are the major targets of the arranger.

The reason for choosing this particular age group is truly evident. This fun event is aligned with the students’ characteristics.

Indoor Is Open

The slippery icy surface of outside may seem risky to play pickleball. The indoor is ready to serve you then. Sometimes the rough weather outside forces you to play the indoors too.

The facilities are the same in the indoors. Only the difference is that you can’t get the daylight on day time. Rather you play under the lights. However, to avoid the scorching heat the players use the indoors in the summertime too.

If you want to play in the indoor due to bad weather, go to your nearby indoors. Click the link https://www.places2play.org/ to find the popular pickleball destination (both indoor and outdoor) in the USA.

The Checklist

The Court

Don’t be homesick in winter. The outside world is waiting for you.

Play outside if you would love to. Before that get the court ready for you because in the below zero degrees the snow will be all around the surface. Clear the snow with the shovel and keep the court plain. The indoor courts are also well organized.

Shoe Or Rollerblade

New balane mc806 tennis shoe

When the snowfall happens a little, you can still play outside with your shoes on. The traction of shoes is the key to playing on ice. Get your shoe to outperform the opponent. (Check out my shoe suggestions)

Once I experienced an organizing committee of pickleball on ice recommends Men’s ECCO A Traction Dakota shoe for the sport.

Are you looking for the best indoor court shoe? New Balance MC806 will be the answer. As a classic tennis shoe, MC806 serves the pickleballers with its great durability, support, and comfort.

If the court is being covered with a pile of ice, put off your shoe then. Have the rollerblade on and your strategy would be to have a wide stance in the court. Get some knowledge on how to accelerate, sideways move and backward glide. Balance is a crucial part of excel.

The Ball

Onix Pure 2 indoor balls are recommended by the players and it is excellent at playing in the indoor or on the snowy outside surface too.

Onix Pure 2 pickleball balls

It’s fun to push the snow inside the ball through the holes on the ball. Keep the ball with snow and hit. It’s easy for tossing now. Get every bit of fun this winter with your near ones.

Indoor balls are softer, and have larger holes compared to outdoor balls. The soft feature calls for a lesser bounce. The smoothness of the indoor court is more forgiving to the balls. You can use the same ball for months before substituting that.


In the freezing cold attire yourself perfectly. Here I advised a lot but it’s your choice to find the best one. (Check On Amazon)

  1. Base Layer

This is for maintaining a dry layer to control warmth and moisture. Players can wear base-layer tops like long sleeve, thin vest, thermal. For the bottom part pants, tights and base-layer bottom are common wear. The women choose base layer leggings.

  • Mid Layer

The mid-layer calls for insulation. Wool blend sweaters are much more prevalent. The players pick sweatshirts, fleece, pants, thin wool blend socks.

  • Outer Layer

This layer is not very common at the time of playing. It hinders to play your natural game. It’s common in harsh weather conditions. Down jacket and a lightweight jacket are few examples of the outer layer.

However, I am happy to let you know that we have a complete guideline about pickleball clothings that will be helpful for you all through the year.


Ear warmer

Accessories include lined beanie, scarf, thin gloves, head warmer, ear warmer, neck warmer, hat, boots etc. (Check On Amazon)

In this winter you can find Nordic Runes Pickleball Sport Beanie on Amazon in the given link: https://www.amazon.com/nordic-runes-Pickleball-Beanie-Winter/dp/B07K49GC15. This is recommended for both men and women. To get rid of the frostbitten fingers, try using Head Web glove.

By the way, I found a rare collection of apparels related to pickleball. Check the website www.zazzle.com to find various fancy clothing imprinted pickleball-related symbols.

Have Precaution

Pickleball is a great game for fun lovers. But when the ice comes into play, it’s somewhat different. Sudden injuries caused by slipping on ice sometimes go fatal. Muscle sprains, broken bones, sprained ankles or wrists, ligament strains and knee damage are the most common types of damages.

Pickleball Attires Complete guide

Winter Helmet

Knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, wrist guards, and hand guards work as a safeguard from potential wounds.

Let’s Not Conclude The Pickleball Here!

Winter is imminent. Don’t haste. Get yourself prepare for this outdoor activity with the equipment you require and the hitting techniques too.

Pickleball on ice will be an enjoyable moment. A magnificent avenue to new friendships, fun, and exercise is about to begin here. In this winter try your best to enjoy the icy atmosphere.

I am sure you can’t wait to try. Have a blast!

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