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How to Select a Pickleball Paddle Weight? Answered!

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Pickleball is a fun sport that has earned amazing popularity in recent times. Whether you are a pro enthusiast or just recently intrigued by the sport, choosing the right pickleball paddle is crucial to get the most out of the experience. 

It is advised to start with mid-weight paddles that range from 7.3 to 8.4 ounces, although it is dependent on your playing style and skillset. In general, it is better to go for lightweight best pickleball paddle weights if speed is your priority. However, if you are looking to add force to your shots, you may go for a mid-weight paddle instead.

Even the slightest variations in the best Pickleball paddle weight can make a great difference in your overall performance with the paddles.

Diferent Pickleball Paddle Weights and Why Are they Important?

Other than the core material, pickleball paddles differ in weight as well. Weight is arguably the most important feature of a paddle worth considering before you buy one. Most experts will agree that the weight of pickleball paddles is a deciding factor for the speed, force, and accuracy of your pickleball experience.

The weight of pickleball paddle weights usually comes within an approximate range of 6 to 14 ounces. From lightweight and mid-weight pickleball paddles to heavyweight ones, these paddles are suitable based on the type of experience you want as an amateur or a pro.

Here’s a table on the Range of Pickleball Paddle Weights.

Lightweight Pickleball PaddlesLess than 7.3 oz
Mid-Weight Pickleball Paddles7.3 – 8.4 oz
Heavyweight Pickleball PaddlesOver 8.5 oz

Lightweight Paddle

Lightweight paddles are a go-to for most beginners as they are great for ball control and ease of shooting. 

These paddles are better than heavy and mid-weight paddles for accurate aim and precise dink shots. Usually, most lightweight pickleball paddles weigh between 6 to 7.3 ounces. Since lightweight pickleball paddles are easier to handle, they allow a faster reaction time being lighter than other paddles. 

Moreover, these paddles create comparatively less stress on your shoulders and elbows, reducing the chances of elbow, wrist, and shoulder injury.

Mid-Weight Paddle

Mid-weight pickleball paddles are heavier than most lightweight paddles but not as heavy as most general heavyweight ones. These paddles are designed to provide a combination of ball control and force, making it a quite good choice if you are a starter. Most mid-weight pickleball paddle weights range from 7.3 ounces to 8.4 ounces.

Although you won’t be getting the same feel while playing with a mid-weight paddle as compared to a lightweight one, the force of shooting will be greater than a lightweight paddle. 

If you want a combination of power and control, practicing on a mid-weight pickleball paddle should be helpful.

Heavyweight Paddles

Now heavyweight paddles are for those players who would like a good deal of power in their shots. If you are fine with slower swing but want the ease of powerful shots, heavyweight pickleball paddles should not disappoint. These paddles will come above 8.5 ounces to about 10 ounces in weight.

Although heavyweight paddles can help you deliver quick powerful shots with an amazing amount of force, prolonged periods of use may lead to shoulder and elbow injuries. Elbow fatigue can be an issue at times.

 But if you have been a tennis player and love handling a racket, you might be more comfortable with heavyweight pickleball paddles.

Comparison Table Between Lightweight and Heavyweight Paddles

Lightweight Pickleball PaddlesHeavyweight Pickleball Paddles
Better Precision of Shots and More Ball ControlMore Powerful Shots with Greater Force
Less Stress on Elbow and ShouldersEase of Hitting the Ball Deep
More ManeuverabilityLess Effort is required to hit harder shots
More Swing Required for ShotsLess ball Control and Slower Swing
Harder to Hit Longer ShotsStress on Elbows and Shoulders can lead to Injuries
Less Drive on ShotsProlonged use can cause fatigue

What is the Best Weight for a Pickleball Paddle

Deciding on the right pickleball paddle weight requires you to judge your own playing style and the type of experience you would like from your games. If you are a beginner and would like to focus on ball control along with the accuracy of your shots, paddle weights around 6 to 7 ounces will give out the most rewarding experience. 

These paddles will require you to hit your shots with greater force and at times, it becomes quite difficult to hit longer shots while playing. If you enjoy playing powerful shots with a lot of drive, paddle weights between roughly 8.5 to 14 ounces should be satisfying. 

What you need to keep in mind is that prolonged periods of use of heavier paddles can at times lead to fatigue and the extra stress on your elbows and shoulders will take some time to get accustomed with. 

However, if you have previously handled tennis rackets with ease, getting on with heavier paddles may not really be a problem for you. Mid-weight paddles are actually the best of the bunch to start with, ranging between 7 to 8 ounces in weight. 

These paddles can help you focus on precise aims while also giving a decent amount of swing. Your shots will have more drive compared to lightweight paddles, and these paddles are actually better for beginners who wish to get into the game.

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What Weight Pickleball Paddle Should I Use

Lightweight paddles favor more ball control, while heavier paddles are better for powerful and longer shots. But there are a few more things to consider while going for the right weight pickleball paddles.

If you have had any elbow, wrist, or shoulder injuries lately, it is advised to avoid heavyweight paddles that can tire you out and worsen previous injuries. The extra weight of the paddles causes extra strain which might lead to discomfort while and after playing.

On the other hand, a lightweight paddle may not be the right one for you as most shots will require you to swing them harder with greater force to put some power into your shots. Repeating this for long hours can lead to developing Tennis Elbow in some cases if lightweight paddles are used from the back of the pickleball court.

Hence, it is highly advised to take up a mid-weight pickleball paddle that weighs between approximately 7.3 to 8.4 ounces to give you a balanced pickleball experience.

Why is Weight the Most Important Factor While Choosing Pickleball Paddles

Apart from the weight of pickleball paddles, which is undoubtedly the most important feature to look out for, there are a few more factors to consider while choosing the right pickleball paddle for yourself. These include the grip size, paddle surface, and core construction.

However, it is the weight of the pickleball paddles that will determine the overall feel of the paddles and also decide the ease of handling. If the paddles are not the right weight for you, you may tire out easily or not enjoy the sport at all. 

In order to find the compatibility of control and power while playing, it is also important to avoid injuries that may arise from unawareness of the appropriate weight of paddles you need.

Can Lightweight Paddles Tire You Out Too?

Lightweight paddles are definitely easier to handle and are fairly good with swings. The problem arises when you repeatedly try to hit harder shots or longer shots with a lot more net force than you should. 

As lightweight paddles don’t offer much power with the drive, it can be rather tiring at times if you want to keep hitting with a lot of energy to your shots.

These paddles are actually better for more accurate dink shots and for precise aiming shots, but trying power shots every now and then is not an appropriate stunt to attempt with lightweight pickleball paddles.

Will Mid-Weight Paddles Offer the Best Experience out of the three?

Mid-Weight paddles will give you a combination of good ball control while adding a decent amount of power to your shots. This does not imply that you can have the most out of lightweight and heavyweight paddles at the same time using these. 

Since the weight of these paddles sits between them both, mid-weight paddles actually offer a toned-down advantage of both the extremes that are quite good and safer for beginners.

However, if your style of play favors ball control and precision over anything, lightweight paddles can be your pick. Similarly, if you enjoy power shots over everything else and injuries are not an issue, heavyweight paddles can give you a rewarding experience.

Video Guide on Paddle Weight

All in all, weight is a deciding factor for getting the best feel out of your pickleball experience as it determines the ease of control, power, and swing of the sport. So, you should choose it wisely depending on your style of play and the sort of experience you would like to enjoy from the game. Let us know if you have any queries in the comments. Till then, Sport On!

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