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Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review: Check Likings & Dislikings

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What is the performance you require from your paddle?

Rock-Solid design with added controlling ability, ideal balance and durability. These are all you can desire from Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle. The delivery of service does not necessarily end here. Endurance of performance constantly increases with the span of time.

I can’t resist myself writing an essay on Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle review.

I guess this is high time you should get to know the Rally NX paddles. Familiarize yourself with it and be with the best.

Do you wanna showcase your range of shots in the court?

You badly require the best friendly paddle to execute a great display of power, control and ultimate balance. This will take your game to the following stage.

What Makes The Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle Different?

Rally NX is best suited for all ages and skill levels. The great features of this paddle stand it out from the others.

Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle review is now a necessity for many to have in-depth knowledge. Reviewing this paddle can help you make an accurate and concrete choice. Let’s begin the “Rally”:

Aramid Honeycomb Diamond Core

Designed with a powerful honeycomb core makes the paddle light enough to maneuver easily. The durability is perfect and it is absolutely one of its kind. The Rally NX core is built to impress the players all around. More pop is definitely a thing that a player wants.

Precision Graphite Face

Graphites are the best in the business. Competitive players love graphite paddles. These paddles are unbelievably strong.

Unparalleled performance from graphite face micro-dimples is unique. The proprietary high-friction BOPP overlay for holding the grip and spin on the paddle face.

Ultimate Performance Grip

Don’t worry to pop hard.

Winn Dry Grip is ergonomic and built to enhance your game. The state-of-the-art non-slip material maintains a solid and dry grip to keep your shots solid and ensures the paddle firmly gripped in your hand.

Light & Balanced

Stronger materials mean the Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle can be lighter weight and well balanced while retaining durability and power.

Edge Guard

Don’t bother to make ground hits because the low profile edge guard works as a safeguard against those. The edge guard ensures greater structural integrity.

Sweet Spot

Frustrating mishit is now a dream for you.

The wide-body sweet spot ensures more pop on the surface. The graphite face gives you extra feel and comfort. Paddle body of 15.75 X 8.25 inches delivers consistent and premium performance.

USAPA Verified

The USAPA, regulator body of pickleball, comes with few parameters to evaluate the standard of the pickleball paddles. The Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle goes through different tests and finally, USAPA pays a nod. This approved paddle is now sanctioned for tournament play.

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Why Rally NX Is The Best?

Rally nx graphite pickleball paddle. feature

Going to buy a pickelball paddle will certainly leave you a choice for acquiring a graphite type paddle. Graphite is an automatic selection for any quality player.

If you have a sneak peek at the Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle review, you will be surprised to find the durability of this graphite face.

Are you worried about the strength and longevity of your paddle?

Nomex honeycomb core guarantees that. This core is lightweight but strong enough to survive countless pop. Pack of numerous shots like- dinks, volleys and slams is now a player’s instinctive choice in his ruthless gameplay.

Nomex Core along with graphite surface makes it a seamless combination of control, strength and power. Resilient graphite face with Nomex Core won’t get any impression similar to aluminum paddles.

Grab the handle tight. The solid Winn Dry grip (size 4.24 inches) fits maximum hands and reduces slippage from hands. This will prevent you from possible injury.

Looking for an impeccable weight for stress-free maneuverability?

The most common weight range of 7.1-8.0 ounces is perfect for beginner to intermediate players both in indoors and outdoors. But it is enough durable for numerous volley, dinks and smashes.

Edge guard hitting is not quite evident in these large paddle surface. This moderately priced paddle is the best choice for beginner players.

It has been incorporated to provide durability and playability. It has 0/90 unidirectional carbon coating for eliminating its scratching and dinging.

Therefore, it is quite evident that the Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle review will not let you down.

Likings-Dislikings About Rally NX Paddle


  • Nomex Honeycomb core guarantees strength and durability.
  • Perforated solid cushion grip, Winn Dry Tac technology, keeps the grip dry and ensure sudden non-slippage from hands
  • XL Head size paddle surface reduces hitting at the edge guard and caters to a larger sweet spot. It avoids mishit.
  • Graphite unidirectional 0/90 carbon coating excels strength.
  • Both indoors and outdoors playability helps the Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle to be the best picks among the players
  • 1/8 inches overlapping slim-trim edge guard safeguards the paddle from ground hits
  • USAPA approval for tournament play makes it the best choice for players
  • Low sound level make it a quieter racket
  • The very square edge of the paddle shape keeps you feel the edge of the paddle on your thumb while maintaining maximum paddle playing face.


  • The average weight of 7.6 oz may seem lightweight that can lead to vibration. But the uniqueness in quality does not do so.

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Rally NX: It’s Not The End

Maybe the source of origin of the name “Pickleball” is somewhat confusing, but Pickleball itself delivers a huge attraction towards the game.

Remember the name- Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle. By using this workhorse you can master the all-around hitting techniques like- dink, volley, lob etc.

This is one of the best pickleball paddles you can afford without a doubt. The durability and playability coined by few players are simply remarkable. The optimal balance between power and control that Rally NX provides is breathtaking.

However, the Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle review comes to an end here. But I believe the after-effect of this review will start now. My review will get its true feedback if you get something out of it. Come and join celebrating the ultimate legacy of Rally NX.

The rally for triumph begins here!

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