Room Size For Ping Pong Table

Room Size For Ping Pong Table(Check Floor Type & Ceiling Height)

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Perfect space for table tennis table

When it comes to maintaining fitness and agility, table tennis has gained immense popularity as an indoor game. It doesn’t require much space and a high level of stamina like other racket sports.

Table tennis or Ping Pong has gathered much praise on being a healthy, economic and competitive indoor sport. But whenever the word indoor is taken into account the first thought that may strike your mind is that how much space do you need for a ping pong table(i.e. room size for ping pong table)?

Many have a misconception about the space required for a ping pong table and eventually fall to be discouraged about buying one. But reading this article will definitely help you clear some of those confusions and FAQs.


Room Space Needed For a Ping Pong Table 

According to ITTF, the playing space should be rectangular in shape and must not be less than 14m long,7m wide and 5m high. This means a space of around 46ft in length and 23ft in width. A huge amount of space!

Worried? Don’t be!

Because this is the amount of space required for professional players playing at Olympics or International Tournaments. This space is necessary for them as they mostly play afar from the table and are more keen to hit byline strokes.

But for indoor players who are mostly amateur and play only for recreation, smaller space doesn’t affect their game much.

In my opinion, beginners should actually start with a smaller area until they gradually gain better control over the ball and can later play away from the table without any second thoughts.

So, for amateurs, a room space that is 19x11ft must be available and this space should be free from any other external interference,i.e furniture, wall shelves, etc, else injuries can occur and players may be finding themselves too confined. 

Moreover, for intermediate level players, who somewhat have a good influence over the ball, the playing area shouldn’t be any less than 30x16ft otherwise bruises and bangs would be inevitable, which are surely the last thing you would want.

The playing area should be increased gradually, if needed, keeping the level of the players in mind. The shorter area will only lower the chances of improving for enthusiastic players wanting to play at better standards. 

Athletes who have developed skills and dominate the ball better will feel constricted due to lack of proper space. Since the area of the playing zone should always be kept in mind.

Size of a Ping Pong Table

The official dimensions of a ping pong table: it is 2.74m in length,1.525m in width and 0.76m in height, according to International Table Tennis Federation(ITTF). From this, you can imagine the approximate space required to fit a table tennis table.

Additional space is also needed for moving around the table during play. The greater this extra space, the better the playing experience. Again, if you do not have such a big space, you can look forward to buying smaller versions of the table available in the market which can satisfy your hunger for the game. 

But there remain chances of limiting your improvements in the game and playing style as the table will affect your shot speed and versatility due to its smaller surface area.

Type of Table To Be Used 

If possible, try to use a full-size table for the game as it will give you the real adventures of the pitch on which professionals fight.

Furthermore, choosing a table which has wheels on its bottom will enable you to move it around and place wherever suitable for you,i.e indoor, outdoor, drawing, kitchen, etc.

Foldable tables are also a good option if you want to reuse the same playing area for other purposes. And if you are playing at home, its the best choice.

Playing Background 

The playing background is a very important factor that most players overlook. Fast swinging balls become almost impossible to be judged and returned due to lack of sight or vision bleach. 

To avoid this, the background behind each player should be of any dark color like blue, green, etc; except for white, red, black or orange as most of the ping pong balls and rackets are of either of these colors.

The background can be colored by painting the walls or ends of the space behind both the playing sides of the table with the same color. But if you are playing at home and are conscious about the beauty of your walls, hanging curtains is an effective alternative. 

Sticking color papers on the walls can also be an economical and handy way to solve your vision problems.

Floor Type 

In international standards, the floor of table tennis arenas is usually made of fiberglass. You would surely not want to run on tiles or mosaic floors which can make your trip at any moment.

There are several companies that can arrange your flooring if you can afford them. If not, then laying down carpets or floor mats can at least prevent you from spraining your ankles.

Ceiling Height 

Playing at home can be quite messy sometimes. Before setting up your table at a specific room make sure you aren’t aerially surrounded by chandeliers or dwindling lamps, etc.

It can turn out to be very frustrating if the play is obstructed regularly. So it is highly recommended that you have a clear aerial space of at least 2m to avoid in-game stoppages.

Ping Pong Table Space Video

If you are not yet satisfied with the above writing, no worry!

Enjoy the video and get a clear idea.


Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor games in the world right now. The reason for this may be because of its health advantages,budget-friendliness, and demand for an adrenaline rush.

In a war between sports requiring vigorous activity and almost no activity, table tennis has given rise to a new horizon

Individuals of any age can play easily. The required room size for a ping pong table can also be somewhat provided which further adds on to its gain of popularity.

But whatever it may be, table tennis is an enormous craze and people tend to love it. If you have enough space to offer, it’s the best sport for you.

So, start your game now and make sure you have the above-mentioned needs.

Happy playing!

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