Skateboarding at night

Skateboarding At Night (Why, Where & The Needed Equipment)

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Night skateboarding is fun

Skateboarding is often regarded as one of the coolest and funkiest sports in the world. If you do bag a couple of skills in your kitty, you may become the center of attraction among your friends. Many also use it as an alternative to walking or commute.

Skateboarding can be fun and a good way to relax and tread to nearby places. But for individuals who have jobs or love silence and prefer to avoid sunlight, skateboarding at night is a perfect alternative. It can be a great pleasure to move around town in such a soothing and calm environment.

If you are looking forward to going around town on your skateboard, then this is surely the correct place to gather your knowledge.

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Why Skateboarding At Night?

Skateboarding doesn’t require to be done at any specific hour of the day. But it can be a bit annoying for people who aren’t much fond of sunlight and scorching heat of the daytime. In many places, the daytime temperature rises beyond endurance. Going skating after sunset can be a good sigh of relief for them.

Apart from that, people, who breed high enthusiasm for skateboarding but are busy throughout the day indulged in jobs, studies, household chores, etc., can go out and enjoy their evening on wheels. What can be better than going out with your friends and march your skating army on the vacant roads of the city?

Again, traffic and human congestion on streets during the daytime can prove to be disturbing and an irritating obstacle to skateboarding. Nobody wants to crash into pedestrians or vehicles while enjoying their ride.

 Also, if you are eager to practice and improve at skateboarding and later showoff your collage of skills to others, practicing after sunset can be a less embarrassing choice. Surely, no one would like to be laughed at while rolling on the floor!

Overall, if you fall in any of the above criteria or are concerned about any of them, night time is the best for you to go skating; less crowded streets beget better rolling experience. Comparatively lower temperature doesn’t drink up your stamina fast. Reduced risks of being sighted tumbling can aid to raise your interest in mastering skateboarding.

Where to Skateboard At Night

Skateboarding at night has mainly two essential factors to accomplish before starting: the quality of the paths to run a skateboard and the presence of light on the second. At night it is very important to skate in places where you find a good bit of vision. So choosing an illuminated zone or territory may be the primary task.

Light flooded areas are the most favorable places to skate. In this case, any nearby parks or skating arenas that remain open at night can be a great choice. It can be of immense pleasure to make runs on the smooth ramps, specially designed for skating, with great speed. A bright parking lot can also attract many skaters to ride their wheels.

Illuminated streets and pavements are also good places to skate, though the roads couldn’t be promised to be smooth. Street lamps usually provide enough light for skaters to see through the roads and watch out for bumps, cracks and speed breakers. This enables one to be aware of danger beforehand and also enables the skater to be visible to others passing by.

Risks Regarding Night Skateboarding

Although skating at night may be an overwhelming experience, there are many other risks associated with it. In certain residential areas, like cantonments, roaming around at night on a skateboard may not be pleasantly accepted by the residents. The police or local law enforcers may find it to be alarming and can result in unnecessary havoc.

On the other hand, some can prove to be easy prey for criminals lurking in the dark. To avoid such problems, the place for skateboarding should be selected cautiously. All the presumable issues should be kept in mind while determining the right place to reach out for and necessary precautions should be taken.

Moreover, there are certain “chill hunters” who would like a bit more adventure in skateboarding. Exploring unknown roads and regions around the city could result in inciting furthermore adrenaline secretion.

In such situations, apart from the above cautions, there might be problems regarding vision due to lower light. Lack of proper vision can lead to accidents and injuries. Thus, certain personal lighting instruments need to be carried along to smoothen your rolling experience.

Recommendations on Lighting Equipment  

Going to skate at night requires a good amount of lighting to view every essential around. Bumps, cracks and other obstructions should be noticed early to be avoided. Moreover, it is also necessary to make yourself visible to other drivers and pedestrians on the road to avoid the collision.

For an activity like skateboarding, headlamps are very good options to go for. Some of these options are given below.

SGODDE 2 Pack Headlamp Flashlight

The SGODDE 2 Pack Headlamp Flashlight is a well-performing and budget-friendly headlamp. This headlamp comes in a pack of two. This means you can change and use another when one runs out of battery. Each of the lamps provides 800 lumens of spotlight and 350 lumens of floodlight which is quite good to help you look around.

It has 6 lighting modes from which you can select the intensity of light necessary for you to continue your run. The lamps also have motion sensors and two buttons on them. These can help you to turn on/off the light and adjust the lighting modes respectively.

Each lamp has a battery life of 1200mAh, has IPX4 Waterproofing (i.e is splash-proof), and only weighs 2.47 ounces. The product is chargeable through a USB port.

In short, it is a compact and in budget option for anyone wanting a headlamp at low cash. Except for its relatively short living and irremovable battery, it can rarely be outpitched on any other aspect. The headlamps are comfortable, well-performing and a very good choice for moderate skaters.

Fenix Lumens (HL60R 950) Rechargeable LED Headlamp

The Lumen Tactical High Capacity Battery Bundle: Fenix Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp is a professional in its task. It provides a very bright lighting output making your surroundings almost sparklingly visible to you. It has a weight of 4.02 ounces (excluding battery) and has very high quality and comfortable elastic bands.

This lamp has 5 brightness levels and can stay lit up to 100hrs on Eco mode. It has a long battery life of 2600mAh and also comes with an additional battery of 3400mAh, with carrying case, for an emergency, which can rarely be needed though can be lifesaving. It also comes with IPX8 Waterproof standard and is chargeable by USB port.

Simply, it is a high-end model and very adept in its duty. It has a high battery life with higher light intensity, which can lit your focus point pretty well. Though it can be a bit expensive to some, it is worth the money.

Other Equipment

Although headlamps are a premium option for skating in dark, it can cause partial blindness to others who accidentally reflect the light into their eyes. Using handheld torches, like the ThruNite TC15 2300 High Lumens Ultra-Bright Flashlight, will surely not make your ride less enjoyable. Its small-portable size, high intensity, long battery life will surely enhance your experience on wheels.

Handheld torches enable you to use it freely for any purpose and point towards any direction, at any level. But if you still want something to be stuck on your arm or skateboard, BLITZU Gator 390 can also be a good choice. It is a powerful and efficient bike light that can be attached to any part of your body or on the skateboard.

The choice of lighting equipment remains in one’s convenience of need and budget at the same time.

Not only lighting, but also you must have the necessary protective equipment alongside while you skate at dark. Specially, you can’t ignore wearing a comfortable helmet that will save you from unknown head injuries.

Besides, Don’t forget to wear knee pads and wrist guards that will give you more confident about safe riding.

Is It Legal Night-Skateboarding?

For most of the areas, it is yes. Skateboarders are regarded almost as pedestrians in most regions and are rarely prohibited to enter into regions. Except for private properties, cantonments or confidential areas, skateboarding is legal almost everywhere.

Night Skating Videos

Ending Words- Means of Relaxation

For some, skateboarding at night may seem to be too much to ask for but to others, it may be a perfect means of relaxation. Whatever it might be, nothing can be more soothing than enjoying fresh air striking your face, dwindling under the bright moonlight and gazing stars with wheels under your feet; freedom and tranquility at its best.

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