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What to Wear When Skateboarding? [11 Things To Wear]

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Skateboarding is a fun and exciting sport, but it can be dangerous. The best way to stay safe while skating is by wearing the right equipment. Wearing the correct clothing can also help you skate better and avoid injury. 

Skateboarders should wear comfortable clothes that will not get caught on their wheels or cause them to trip over themselves. If you have the wrong shoes, clothes or even if your hair isn’t perfect, then skating will be so much more difficult than it needs to be.

Well, in this article, I am going to talk about best skateboard clothes for men and women, what to wear in cold and summer, what to cover and other important skate clothing FAQs.

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Olympic Skateboarding Uniform

skateboarders wear in olympic 2021

Nike has played a great role in this 2021’s Olympic Skateboarding uniform. With the former artist and skater Piet Parra, the company has created abstract prints from the team USA, France, Brazil and the host nation Japan. 

Overall, the white dominant colored clothes, made out of recycled polyester look so creative, good-looking and cool. 

On top, most players wore Jerseys matched with the country’s flag along with the logo. While on the bottom, skateboarders wore jersey shorts, joggers, trousers, leggings along with the Nike shoes and colorful socks. For style, colorful caps are also seen.

Men’s Skateboard Outfit

It is important to choose clothes for men that are comfy and practical when skateboarding. 

Cargo or Chino Pants

Pants are good for skating. They will protect your shins.

When deciding what kinds of pants to wear when skateboarding, try not to go overboard with tight-fitting outfits like spandex pants as they can restrict blood flow which may cause injuries down the line. 

Cargo pants are typically made of a heavier fabric with multiple pockets, whereas chino pants are traditionally made from lighter fabrics and have slimmer, less-bulky designs.

Cargo or Chino pants can be used for many purposes such as workwear, casual wear and even camping gear. But what’s the best use for them? Skateboarding!

Other than these, work pants or shorts from Dickies brand could be a good option.

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There are many benefits to wearing trousers when you skateboard, such as: they act as insulation against your knees so you won’t get bruised up from grinding rails; they protect your legs from scrapes with rough surfaces; they provide padding for your joints if you fall down; and the list goes on!

T-shirts and Hoodies

wearing a t-shirt will make it easier for you to grab onto things. For example, if you are skating down the street and see an object in your path, like a puddle or curb, grabbing on is much less difficult when your arm has a layer of fabric between it and the object than when there is no fabric between them.

You can wear hoodies just to maintain the skater style. In winter, a hoodie can be a good addition to your skate clothing to keep you safe from cold. Moreover, if you are shy and don’t like to be captured by a camera, then the hoodie can help a lot.


Skateboarders are always looking for a new way to get ahead. And the best way to do that is by getting technical. So, what’s the most practical and functional article of clothing you could have? That’s right – Shorts.

There are many reasons why wearing shorts is best for skateboarding; they’re lightweight, provide a good range of motion, and offer protection from scrapes due to their thickness. But perhaps what makes them so advantageous is how flexible they make your body feel on tricks like kick flips or heelflips. When you go for bowl or vert skating, shorts are a must.

Traditional Shoes with Vans or Converse

Skateboarding is a popular sport but it can be dangerous. There are many injuries and fatalities that happen every year. Skaters fall off their board, get hit by cars or trucks, or slip on the ground due to wet pavement.

There are a number of different types of skate shoes out there for skaters to choose from including Vans and Converse shoes. These two brands have been around since day one in the skateboard industry, and they continue to provide top quality products for skaters today. So, go for Vans and Converse.

More Info on Shoes

The most common type of skateboarding shoe has a vulcanized rubber sole with an upper made of canvas or leather. However, there are other types of skateboard shoes available that better suit certain needs.

The next question you should ask yourself before purchasing your first pair of skateboarding shoes is “What do I want my skateboard for?” 

If you just want to go cruising around town on your board then any old pair will do! But if you’re looking to get into vert skating, surfing sidewalks or even street luging – then investing in the correct footwear might be worth considering.


Skateboarders can wear sunglasses too for style, passion and attitude.It also keeps you safe from the sun when it is hot outside.

Casual Skateboarders Can Wear

Skateboarders are serious about their skating style. To maintain the passion and trend, you can wear following dresses besides the regular ones.

  • Can try tight jeans
  • Flat-soled shoes any color
  • Comfortable and any type tee- shirt
  • You can throw in a leather jacket
  • A beanie for a more hipster fashion
  • A snap back that you like most.
  • Wear any colors, styles, or brands; as long as it’s comfortable.

Girls Wear While Skateboarding

What do girls wear when they skateboard? Girls should wear shorts or skirts. They should not wear dresses or skirts that are too long.

Skaters who are female have to be extra careful about what they wear since they will experience increased exposure of their legs because of the shorter lengths on women’s boards. They also have to take care not to show any undergarments while skating or risk being scrutinized by onlookers for showing too much skin.

Some Wears for Ladies and Girls

  • Sports Bra and sweatpants
  • High waist trousers, skirts, joggers
  • Basic tee- shirt. 
  • Some prefer leggings, tank tops, loose-fitting pants and shirts.

Skateboarders Clothing in Cold

If it’s cold outside, layer up! Wear long sleeves under your t-shirt or sweater and don’t forget pants if it’s chilly. A jacket is always a good idea too. 

What to wear when skateboarding in summer?

You want clothes that are light and airy, but also provide protection from the sun’s rays.

In summer, you’ll be skating outdoors for a majority of your time, so it’s important to protect yourself with sunscreen before heading outside. 

The best thing is wearing clothing made exclusively for skateboarding which looks like any other regular type of clothing but has been specially designed with breathable fabric and UV protective material integrated into the design.

Skateboard Clothings

What to Wear When Learning to Skateboard

Skateboarding is a great sport that many people around the world are interested in. It has become very popular with young adults because it is easy to learn, but difficult to master. 

One of the most important parts of learning how to skateboard effectively is having the right clothes and gear besides having a strong and pop friendly skateboard.

Skaters need sturdy shoes or boots, long pants, and elbow pads for protection from falls on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. In addition, they also need gloves so their hands don’t get scraped up when skating down ramps and rails, as well as helmets for protection if they fall off their board while tricking (skating).

Needed Protective Gears While Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a great way to get around that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, it is important to wear the right safety gear while skateboarding in order to prevent injury or death.

What should you wear? 

Wear protective gear like helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. These will help protect your head, knees and elbows from injury when you fall down on them. Add a pair of wrist guards too if you are a complete beginner.

Also, make sure you have a good grip on the board with gloves or long sleeves as this will help keep your hands protected if they come into contact with other objects like concrete or rocks.

Skateboard Outfits Video

Recommended Skateboard Clothings

Men should pair a comfortable t-shirt with a perfect fitting shorts, work pants or joggers. While Women can wear any breathable t-shirt and leggings on the bottom. Check out the table below for more skate clothing options.

Skateboard OutfitsHighlighted FeaturesMore
Work Pants:
Dickies Original 874 Pants
: Cotton/Poly Blend
: Wrinkle/Stain Resistant
: Long-Lasting & Comfortable
Review & Price
Jogger Pants:
Southpole Basic Stretch Jogger Pants
: 98% Cotton
: Waist Cord, Ribben Hem
: Stretchable
Review & Price
Powell Peralta Skateboard Skeleton T-Shirt
: 100% Cotton
: Best Print Quality
: Quality Garment & Super Cool!
Review & Price
Skateboard Heartbeat Love Gift Tee T-Shirt
: 100% Cotton & Solid Color
: Lightweight & Classic Fit
: Best T-Shirts for Gifts
Review & Price
Skateboard Rick and Morty Pullover Hoodie
: 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester
: Super cute & Great Fit
: Soft Material & Best
Review & Price
Volcom Men’s Modern Fit Chino Short
: Cotton & Polyester Mix
: Button Closure & Seat Pockets
: Stylish & True to size
Review & Price
Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex High-Top Skate Shoes
: Synthetic Material
: Long-Lasting
: Expensive but Worthy
Review & Price
Women’s High Top Canvas Sneakers
: Rubber sole & Breathable
: Soft, Anti slip, Durable
: Budget Friendly & Super Comfortable
Review & Price
SHINU Handmade Polarized Skateboard Sunglasses
: Colorful & Polarized
: Wood frame & Different look
: Stylish & Effective
Review & Price
Beanie Hat:
Thrasher Magazine Skategoat Black Beanie Hat
: Light
: Black color & Good Looking
: Soft & Better Fit
Review & Price
Snap Back:
WITHMOONS Simpsons Ball Cap Skateboard Snapback
: 80% Acrylic
: Snap Closure & Adjustable Stap
: Stylish, Nice Looking & Great!
Review & Price

Frequently Asked Questions

What should beginner skaters wear?

Ans: Since skateboarding is so tricky, beginners should be more careful. Other than proper clothing, beginner skaters must wear a top-notched helmet, knee pad and wrist guards.

Can non-skaters wear skate clothes?

Ans: Why not? You don’t skate, but you love the skater style. That’s fine. Wear the skateboarding dresses and expose yourself!


I hope this blog post has been helpful in answering your questions about what to wear when skateboarding. As you can see, there are a variety of options and it’s important that you find something that both fits the weather and is comfortable for you. If we missed anything or if you have any other ideas on what people should know before they get out on their board, please let us know! Feel free to comment with feedback below.

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