Best Turfs to Play Football in Chittagong Bangladesh

Best Turfs to Play Football in Chittagong: Top Picks!

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I have been playing football on turf for more than a year now. I have played on at least 6-7 turfs in Chittagong city. All are not the same- some are smaller in size and some are bigger.

In this blog post, I have listed only the 4 best turfs in Chittagong city based on location, field size and turf quality and based on other facilities of the field.

Why Quality Football Turfs Matter

Good turfs mean better play. They also mean fewer injuries.

Playing on high-quality turf can make the game more fun. It can also improve your skills.

The Best Football Turfs in Chittagong

Here are some of the top-rated football turfs in Chittagong:

Start of Turf Table

Turf Comparison Chart
Turf Name Location Size Cost per Hour Booking Contact
Intercity Sports Arena 1 Kilometre, Bahaddarhat, Chittagong 8-a-side 2500 BDT  
Fortune Sports Arena Chandgaon Residential Area, Chittagong 7-a-side 2500 BDT  
PHP Sports  Bayejid Road, Chattogram 9-a-side 5500 BDT  
Sicho Sports Arena Bahir Signal, CNB, Chattogram 6-a-side 2200 BDT  

End of Turf Table

We chose these turfs based on player reviews. We also looked at their facilities.

Features to Look For in a Football Turf

  • Grass Quality: The grass should be soft. It should also be even.
  • Lighting: Good lighting helps in evening matches.
  • Facilities: Clean restrooms and changing rooms are important.
  • Accessibility: The location should be easy to reach.

Booking Your Spot

To play on these turfs, you need to book a spot. You can call the contact numbers given in the table.

Some turfs even let you book online.

Best Turfs to Play Football in Chittagong: Top Picks!


Play Safe and Have Fun

Always remember to play safe. Use the right gear.

These turfs are here for your enjoyment. They also help you stay fit.

Now, tie up your boots and enjoy the game on Chittagong’s best turfs!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Turfs To Play Football In Chittagong: Top Picks!

What Are Chittagong’s Top Football Turfs?

Chittagong boasts premium quality turfs like Jamboree Playing Field and Agrabad Sports Center, offering top-notch football experiences.

How Do I Book A Football Turf In Chittagong?

Booking can be easily done online via specific turf websites or through direct contact with the facility’s management.

Are There Any Indoor Turfs In Chittagong?

Yes, Chittagong offers indoor turfs such as the Elite Sports Center, catering to football enthusiasts year-round regardless of weather conditions.

What Is The Cost Of Playing On Chittagong Turfs?

Prices vary based on turf location and amenities, but generally range from BDT 1,000 to BDT 2,500 per hour for a standard football match.