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4 Best Socks for Ice Skating [Learn Everything about Socks]

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Whether you are a figure skater or hockey player, you have to have the best socks for having a smooth ride. If you don’t feel total comfort on your feet, you are definitely going to lose. 

Even having the comfort skates, but not wearing a pair of quality socks, you may experience a bad skating journey.

So, what kind of socks to wear for ice skating? 

I would surely bet on Thin socks. 

With thin socks having a thin seam, you can feel the ice while not sweating much on your feet. You will also feel light, easy-going and eventually perform better.

What about thick socks on the other hand? Well, my personal experience is so bad. Extra thick socks won’t dry up so quickly and it might cause blisters on your foot as well. It might even restrict blood flow, which may affect your overall health condition badly.

However, some hockey players seek out extra cushioning that they find on thick socks.

Well, considering all these, I am here to introduce you to the 6 best socks for ice skating. Added a tag line for each of them, so that you can match your skating style with the best type of socks you need.

Let’s get started:

Best Ice Skating Socks Reviewed

  1. Mondor Opaque Knee High Skating Socks (Best Socks for Figure Skating)
  2. Edea Skating Socks (Best Socks for both Hockey and Figure Skaters)
  3. MadSportsStuff Hockey Crew Length Socks (Best Socks for Hockey Man)
  4. CRS Cross Figure Skating Socks (Best Knee High Socks for Dancing)
ice skate socks

Mondor Opaque Knee High Skating Socks

Best Socks for Figure Skating

The first pair of socks in our list is Mondor Light Opaque Skating Socks, which is specially made for knee-high lovers. 

If you are looking for the best budget socks for ice skating, these Mondor socks could be ideal for you. 

I loved that the socks are featured with nylon microfibers which makes them super soft. In terms of comfortability, the stretch band knitted with soft (Lycra) material does a very good job. 

Again, with 40 danier, you will be happy that the sock is opaque and not see-through.

Highlighted Features

  • 104 semi opaque knee high
  • 40 Danier
  • nylon microfibers of Meryl
  • Knitted with Lycra Soft
  • 3D Lycra technology 


  • High quality fabric
  • No excess fabric left over at the toes
  • Too thick to last even after multiple washes
  • Little chance to get holes or rips like other tights
  • They can be longer than expectation
  • Lightweight and durable


  • If I don’t like knee-high socks, then it would not be perfect one.

Edea Skating Socks

Best Socks for both Hockey and Figure Skaters

These are the socks you might be looking for if you are serious about great fit and thinner ones. Edea has never compromised the quality in making skates, so as they did in making this pair of socks that deliver an incredible running experience.

If you don’t have any problem spending a little more, you won’t find any better pairs other than these Edea socks. The sock is combined with microfiber that wicks the perspiration away and dries up so quickly.

For improved performance, it seems to be almost seamless that you will feel no problem on the toes. Overall, they are much thinner, smooth, and comfy.

Key Features

  • Combined with MicroFibre
  • Almost seamless
  • One size can fit all (Men 9/Ladies 10)


  • Quality socks for both figure skater and hockey player
  • Microfiber fastens the perspiration away
  • They are cotton but very thin and great fit for all
  • Edea socks help to avoid rubbing
  • Black and white: 2 color options
  • Much smaller seam on toe and hill
  • The seam lies on top of the toe which is comfortable
  • They are soft and may last longer


  • A bit expensive, but worth buying.

MadSportsStuff Hockey Crew Length Socks

Best Socks for Hockey Men

How crazy the pair of socks are!

Believe me, if you wear this pair, you would not feel anything extra inside your skates, warm, cozy and comfortable as well!

A silhouette on the camo background makes these socks a favorite one for the hockey players. It has a mix of cotton (44%), elastic, poly spandex, and nylon that gives you both comfort and flexibility while you move around.

As there are different available sizes, you can order not only for you, but you can also order for your other family members, even for your young boys and girls. 

Most importantly, the sock maintains the stretch very well with its compression calf feature. Also, It is well cushioned that guarantees the perfect fit and softness. At an inexpensive price, you are achieving a pair of socks that wicks away the moisture pretty quickly.

Overall, the socks are great and comfy for any kind of hockey game you play.

Key Features

  • 44% Cotton, 15% Elastic, 10% Polyspandex, 31% Nylon
  • Crew socks featured with silhouette
  • Compression calf


  • From 4 different colors, match your choice
  • Mix of cotton and elastic makes it extra soft, flexible and cozy
  • Compression calf helps fit well and keeps stretchy
  • Quickly wicks the sweat away from your foot


  • Some found these as thicker socks

CRS Cross Figure Skating Socks

Best Knee High Socks for Dancing

CRS cross figure skating socks is one of the most famous names among avid figure skaters. Why’s that? Primarily it’s because it’s not only socks but also a pair of knee-high tights that can guarantee you a sleek fit and total comfort while dancing.

The fabric is combined with microfiber and spandex that makes it stretchy. Also, It will help your legs for easy breathing and stay warm.

Unlike other types of socks, you can feel total flexibility and smoothness on your toes having relatively low profile toe seams.

Also, love that the knee-high length of the socks helps to stay up on the calves, and it decreases the chances of slipping.

In short, these kinds of thin socks can provide you with a softer feeling and you can skate steadily for longer hours.

Key Features

  • Designed by microfibre and spandex
  • 12 different colors available
  • Hand wash only
  • At least two pairs in one order


  • Shiny and smooth pair of socks
  • No disturbance on the toes due to quality seam design
  • Stretchable, breathable and durable
  • Super soft and perfectly opaque
  • Good touch of compression


  • It could be slippery 

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Ice Skating Socks

Boots Flapping Around

When you are bound to wear thermal socks to avoid your boots flapping around, then you need to check your boots first: Maybe it does not fit well, and you need to have another pair.

Your Own Boot

Hire skates would not be comfortable for all, all the time. They work only for recreational skating. Most of the time you may need to wear thick socks with hired skates. I won’t support that. Rather have your own boot and put on thin socks.

Sock Seam

Always prefer socks that have a thin seam. If the seam is thicker, it will disturb you inside the boot, and you would not run and skate well. 

Seam Placing

If you prefer low-priced and low-branded socks, you would find the seam is not rightly placed. Out of it, you will eventually get pain on your toes or across the tops. So, check out the seam placement of your socks.

Figure Skating Socks

Figure skaters perform a lot of running, movement all around the rink. While figure skating, you should choose cozy and tight socks that would cling to your feet. 

Close Fit

You don’t want your socks to slide around inside the boot. This also happens when you corner or strike around. That’s why you need to make sure the socks fit closely. 

Leggings or Tights

As pantyhose are slippy, figure skaters wear socks not to have the experience of sliding around much.

The tights that figure skaters normally wear are leggings. These leggings are stretchy enough that helps a lot when figure skaters slide and in jagged ice after they fall down.

Technical Socks

Some ice skaters prefer technical socks, maybe for the following reasons:

They hug the arch securely

You can feel fewer material bunches wearing technical socks, that ergonomically stay cut into shape around your toes.

Technical socks don’t have excess seams outside, which come out as comfortable for ice skaters.

Technical socks are made up of nylon, polyester, or even wood. Like all fibers being used, wood-made technical socks are also good for wicking away sweat.

Cotton Socks

Cotton socks could be better for figure skaters, as they are not like thick thermal socks.

  • Quality cotton socks has less seams
  • The price is also reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear two socks for ice skating?

I would never wear two socks while ice skating. You shouldn’t either. It may slide your feet around due to double layers which is quite disturbing. It may cause foot blisters too. Rather pick a pair of well fit skates with which you can wear a pair of thin socks for better comfort and control.

Do hockey players wear socks in their skates?

Simply, if your skate fits very well without having socks inside, you can play without wearing socks. But, it does not fit well, a pair of thin socks can do the trick and make you feel more tight and stable. 


After having different types of socks in different stages of your skating journey, you will definitely know which ones are perfect for your foot’s comfort. 

It could be better to wear thin socks. In case you prefer thick socks, don’t choose extra thickness for a competitive ice skating or a hockey game. It could be tall or short, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Sometimes you can even try sockless which makes you deal with odor and moisture, but the good thing is that you feel cool inside.

In a nutshell, my suggestion is to wear the same type of socks every time you skate. And, stick to it. 

Wear the best socks, skate better, play better.

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