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What To Wear Roller Skating [Best Outfit & Protective Gear]

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Your outfit is a very important part of skating. Roller skating is not only how you skate. Skating also includes your fashion and lifestyle. And your safety is deeply related to what you wear while roller skating. 

While skating, covering some parts of the body is essential to avoid injuries. And you surely don’t want your dress to be an obstacle to your skating. So, let’s see what to wear and what to cover while roller skating.

roller skate dress

What to Wear While Roller Skating?

You need to wear something comfortable and suitable for skating. Some people like to wear their everyday outfits as they skate every day. But you can’t skate wearing something very tight or something that makes your lower part of the body uneasy to move. 

Perfect Outfit for Men and Women

For men,  lightweight shirts or t-shirts are good for roller skating. Sports trousers with plenty of gives are recommended. Stretchable Pants of different kinds are also okay. Athletic pants can be a very good choice.

For women, leggings, shorts and short skirts are suitable for roller skating. Any tops that make you feel comfortable and smart will be good. Always wear a cozy-comfortable socks while you skate.

what to wear roller skating

Here Are Some Must Wears for Skating

  • Helmet: Wearing a helmet is the most important thing you should do before starting skating. Forget anything but not a helmet! It will help you to avoid serious injuries. In any kind of sports head injuries may be the most dangerous type, so a helmet is your first pick to start skating.
  • Skates: You definitely need a pair of skates to skate. But the point is you need to choose the right size and right model skate for you. The wrong size can make your skating memories disastrous.
  • Socks: You need a pair of socks to roller-skate. For skating, tall socks of thick fabric are best. 
  • Wrist guards: They will help you to avoid wrist injuries if you fall. And, choose the quality wrist guards in the market.
  • Goggles: You need goggles to avoid dust in your eyes. While skating, if your eyes itch for dust, your vision may become blurry. And this can be a reason behind your serious injuries.
  • Knee pads and elbow pads: most of the time when skaters fall, knee and elbow injuries are common for skaters. So knee pads and elbow pads are musts.

Best Outfits For Roller Skating (Dress Code)

You can wear anything at your convenience. But in roller skating rinks, there are some dress codes. Also, roller skating outfits change with time and fashion. Let’s see some dress codes for roller skating.

Roller Skating Dress Codes

  • Most of the rinks won’t allow you without socks. 
  • Any casual outfit is accepted in all rinks.
  • The design or print of your t-shirt should not contain any harmful comments or cartoons that hurt others.
  • Most of the rinks do not allow people with a hoodie. 
  • You should not carry a bag or purses with you, there will be a locker in the rinks, so you will be able to leave your bags there.

You can also watch out a video on the top 10 skating outfit videos here.

Trending Fashion For Roller Skating

For the skaters, the ’80s and 90’s fashion is highly appreciated as most of the pro skaters grew up at that time. Girls usually like to wear tight tops with shorts or mini skirts. Designer long socks are also a part of fashion. Teenager skaters usually like to wear pink and black outfits while skating. They also like matching safety gear. 

What to Wear to a Roller Disco?

If you want to have a real 80s look for a roller disco, you can try short shorts (neon) along with skin-colored tights. In addition, put on a boot tube, sparkly neck top, and knee-high socks to have a great disco look. You can also try a bomber jacket to make you look a bit different than your friends. 

However, if you want to show yourself as more casual but comfortable, try the season’s popular trend. It could be sweat pants: sparkling and faded. Alongside, a colorful t-shirt-style top and a zip hoodie. 

Finally, you keep your hair scraped back in a ponytail or tight topknot to look more colorful, smart, and casual in a roller-skating disco.

What to Cover While Roller Skating?

Like many other sports, you should cover your head, mouth, eyes, elbows, knees, ankles, arms, and most importantly feet. To cover your body you must wear something very comfortable and will give you space to move easily. Do not wear something too tight that can make you uneasy. Also do not wear something too loose to make you lose your balance.

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What Not To Wear While Roller Skating?

There are some outfits that you should not wear while roller skating. Let’s see what are those,

  • Try not to wear long pants. Jeans are a little too stiff that can restrict your free motion.
  • Do not wear long skirts or frocks.
  • Do not skate in party wear if you are just a beginner.
  • Do not wear too loose or too tight clothes.

Roller Skate Outfits FAQs

Now let’s review some frequently asked questions that you may need to know.

Can You Roller Skate In a Skirt?

 Yes, you definitely can skate in skirts. But if you are just a beginner, avoid wearing long skirts or tight skirts to avoid falling down and getting injured.

What Do you Wear in A Roller Disco?

Usually, in a roller-skating disco, people skate in groups. So, you have to understand your group’s taste. Wear anything trendy and fashionable that matches your group’s choice. Choose aesthetic but cute dresses.

Why Do Roller Skater Wear Long Socks

Wearing long socks can be beneficial in many ways for any skaters. Long socks can help you to prevent scratches on your skin if you fall down. Also while skating, wearing long socks looks good. Socks can also help your shoes adjust properly. 

Can I Roller Skate in a Dress?

You can wear any dress while roller skating. But as you are a beginner, it’s better to avoid any dresses that have loose long fabric. 

How does TikTok Roller Skater dress?

TikTok roller skaters are highly influenced by the styles of their favorite celebrities. They often like to dress like the  70’s and 80’s people. Pink, red, blue etc colors are vastly used by them.  TikTok skaters usually dress according to their place and choice of fashion and brands. So, to dress like a TikTok roller skater, you have to follow your own fashion sense at first.

Best Roller Skating Outfit Recommendaton

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Tank Top:
Roise the Skater Tank Top
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Shorts with Top:
SweatyRocks 2 Piece Set Halter Crop Top and Shorts Set
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Padded Short:
Triple Eight RD Bumsaver Women’s Padded Shorts for Roller Derby
-10mm thick EVA foam
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-Perfect protection for butt, hip, thigh
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Women’s Yoga style Pants
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UNACOO Girls’ Botton Front Cut-Off Denim Skirt
-Mostly Cotton, Pull-on Closure
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Bubblegum Divas Unicorn Roller Skating Glow Knee Socks 
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3D Roller Skates Earring
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Last words

Your outfits are very important for any type of skating. You can compromise buying a pair of inexpensive skates in the beginning stage, but you should never compromise on the quality of your outfit. Whether you do roller skating or ice skating, roller derby, or roller disco, you have to choose the right types of clothes and safety gear at first. Your outfits present your inner self. And skating is a refresher of your inner self. 

So, wearing the right outfits with aesthetic taste while skating can be a great way to express yourself to the world. Abide by the information you learned here about What to wear and what to cover while roller skating. And enjoy skating in your own way.

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