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What to Wear for Ice Skating [10 Best Recommendations]

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Reports from healthcare, specifically the orthopedic department, indicate that two injuries per day are reported due to ice skating on average.  Among them, 58% of these injuries are fractured, and 8% undergo operative fixation.

Even worse, heart attacks have claimed several lives, for example, the Olympic medalist Sergei Grinkov. So what would be the leading cause of these accidents? Majorly is a lack of the appropriate safety gear and outfits. Here, we will discuss in in-depth what to wear for ice skating for safety.

Best Ice Skating Outfit Ideas

Ice Skating ClothesRecommended Outfit with Feature
Long Pants
Save your leg from cold
UniqGarb Ice Skating Pants (Leggings) for Girls
“Thernal cotton, durable fabric and warm feel”
Perfect for figure skating
FEESHOW Velvet Double Layer Figure Skating Dress
“Long sleeve, crystal trim, super soft, cool”
Skates without socks would not be comfortable
CRS Cross Figure Skating Socks
“Knee-high, silky soft, easy stretch, breathable”
Vital for head safety
LERUJIFL Adjustable Helmet for Kids
Colorful, great fit, adjustable, durable, and strong”
To warm up your hand
Touch Screen for Unisex Winter Gloves
“Spandex, sensitive touch, super soft, cozy feel”
Light Jacket
Keep your chest safe
UniqGarb Ice Skating Warm Semi-Fitted Jacket
“Thumbhole cuff, soft fleece surface, durable material, free movement”
When there is too cold, it helps
Figure Skating Hoodies For Girls and Women
“Mostly cotton and 20% polyester, solid color, best for ice skaters and gifts”
Keep your bottom warm and comfortable
Chloe Noel Figure Skating Over The Boot Tights
Nylon material, medium weight, skinny, ultra-soft, nice look”
A hat helps when there is a strong wind
C.C Trendy Warm Soft Stretch Beanie
Unique, soft 100% acrylic, good fit and comfortable”
Helps to keep you cool and easy
Just A Girl Who Loves Ice Skating Shirt
“100% cotton, cute & funny look, lightweight and good fit”
ice skating wear

As you might be aware, a proper outfit is essential while ice skating if you are not ready to have your next destination to health care.

Having sensitized that enough, let’s jump right in on the proper outfit for ice skating.

Long pants

Don’t be fooled to think that the intensity of the skating will do away with the cold on the ice ground. Without much explanation, the place will be cold. To have your legs far from the dangers of cold, then you need to have long, thick but flexible pants.

One of the major mistakes most teenage girls make is wearing short dresses and short pants. If you are not ready for regrets, then you shouldn’t do that.

The yoga pants, sweatpants, or any stretchy thick but flexible pants are highly recommendable.


Layers are to help you remain warm before you start skating. After you begin skating, they will not be necessary, for it is expected the body will generate sufficient heat from the activity.

However, if you are in indoor skating, the environment will be lesser cold; hence, you will not require the layers.


If there is anything every skater is likely to forget is the socks. Socks are pretty essential for your feet and also for comfort while wearing the skates.

However, it would help if you didn’t have too thick socks, for they may result in blisters and discomfort. Usually, there are specific socks that should be worn with skates.

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A Head helmet is usually an optional gear, but I greatly recommend it. Why? The head injuries are pretty severe, and 60% of them result in death.

Thus, head helmets are very vital. Yet, kids’ helmets not only prevent head injuries but also help to keep them warm.


Your hands are likely to touch the ice on the ground. Meaning they are extensively exposed to cold. Thus, you should wear warm gloves for the safety of your hands.

The gloves worn should have a snug fit to your fingers and advisably of solid and warm material.

A light jacket or a sweater

Again, don’t be fooled by the warm-looking weather to think that the skating ground will be warm. Exposing your chest to the cold keeps your breathing system at risk with deadly diseases such as pneumonia.

What’s the point?

When going ice skating, you should wear a light jacket or a sweater. However, the jacket and the sweater should not be too tight for maximum flexibility and comfort. Also, I wouldn’t advise you to have a baggy sweater or jacket; you need to look good.


A scarf is optional wear for ice skating. However, if you have underlying breathing and cold problems, then it is a must-have.

A scarf covers your neck to keep it warm. Ensure that the scarf is not too long and if it is ridiculously long, and if so, tuck it inside your sweater or jacket.


If the weather is freezing, then you should also consider wearing a hat. Similarly, a hat may help avoid the wind blowing your hair to your face if you have long hair. But, needless to say, that might hinder your vision or, worse, your focus, resulting in accidents.

Long-sleeved shirt or a turtleneck

Even if you have a sweater or a jacket, a long-sleeved shirt is highly recommended for maximum cold prevention. Also, a turtleneck is appropriate additional protection against cold on your chest and neck.

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Ice Skates for Ice Skating

Well, you would be pretty unserious to think that you would go for ice skating without special ice skates. That would be self-hate and an excellent welcome to health issues and accidents. Ridiculous, right?

If you will purchase your ice skates or hire, the bottom line is that you should have ice skates for ice skating.  Most ice skating rinks have ice skates for renting at only $5. However, in my opinion, rented ice skates are not as comfortable as your skates. Thus if you are a regular skater, you should budget for comfortable skates and at least start learning about some famous skate names.

What not to Wear for Ice Skating

Some outfits are not to be worn while skating. That’s because they are likely to interfere with your movement or cause discomfort. As you could easily guess, comfort and undistracted moves are paramount while ice skating. Having discussed the do’s and what to wear when ice skating, here are the don’ts.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Dresses

This is where most teenage girls go wrong. Dresses are likely to interfere with your movements. Also, they are not suitable to keep your legs warm.

However, if you must have a dress with you, it must be quite short and have a good pair of fleece leggings. With that, you are safe to skate.

  1. Extremely tight pants

Pants for ice skating should have a snug fit for your body. That means they shouldn’t be highly tight to cause discomfort or restrain your movements and balance.

On the other side, the pants should not be too baggy for the same reasons.

3. Thick socks

Yes, I said you must have warm socks but not thick socks. I refer to socks that will prevent your skates from fitting the feet or making it difficult to walk in them by thick.

Child Outfit for Ice Skating

Unlike adults, children skating outfit requires more attention.

Let me explain.

Typically, children are highly prone to infections and disease. However, in reality, cold is such a significant threat to them.

Thus undoubtedly, you should ensure your children’s outfit is warm for skating.

More so, most of the children are learning how to skate. Thus, their outfit should highly promise safety even in case of accidents.

Are you looking for ice skating outfit ideas for children? Search no more. We got you.

  • Fitting ice skates- always ensure that your kid has ice skates, and they should be well-fitting.
  • Socks- Socks are to ensure the kid is comfortable with the ice skates and offer more warmth. Thus always carry them for your child. Also, ensure that the socks are not too thick.
  • Fitting pants- for children I wouldn’t recommend leggings and short dresses. Fitting pants are less distracting for a kid.
  • Gloves and scarf- gloves are a must. However, if the weather is slightly warm and the child has a sweater and a turtleneck, you may leave out the scarf.
  • Head helmet- most adults take head helmets optional. Conversely, for the kids, a head helmet is for safety and keeps their heads warm.
  • Sweater or a jacket- a sweater and a jacket for a kid should be well-fitting for fewer distractions while skating. Also, preferably, the jacket and the sweater design should not distract the kid or have anything that would steal their concertation off the way.

Outfit When Ice Skating for the First Time

Among the ice skating fractures reported in healthcare, 72% of them are from beginners. Before you judge me, I absolutely agree it is not their fault not to be well-skilled, but honestly, they would have done something better to prevent accidents and injuries. Well, if you are wondering how to dress for ice skating for the first time, you better stick here.

To begin, a helmet is only optional for the experts. However, it is a must-have to prevent head injuries.

Also, most beginners think that they can have any ice skates. I am sorry to disappoint you; non-fitting ice skates should not be worn. In addition, they should be comfortable with the Socks. That is why you should ensure that your socks are not too thick.

In short, all of your outfits should be reasonably comfy and correct for the activity. Also, it will be better if you have pants instead of leggings and a dress.

Ice skating outfit for a Figure Skater

For figure skaters, ice skating is not only a leisure activity but also a profession too.

Worse, if you are a celebrity figure skater, then you can be sure that the other skater will squeeze to have a picture of you. Hence, besides ensuring you have appropriate safety gear for ice skating, you need to look good. With that said, your might be questioning what you should wear as a figure skater.

This is the answer-

Despite your quest to look good, always remember you shouldn’t risk. Actually, all you need is to ensure is that you have the right-sized outfits. Also, you may consider looking for better-designed pants, sweaters, and ice skates to make you outstand the other ice skaters. Yet, if you prefer dresses, then the appropriate dress to wear while ice skating should be short.

 Similarly, if you search for what to wear for an ice skating date, you can use the same technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear for an indoor ice skating rink?

While attending indoor skating, you might be tempted to think that the place will be warm. While that might be true, the ice in the rink needs you to have a warm and appropriate outfit. That is pants, ice skates, a sweater, and a shirt. However, you can leave out layers if you want to.

What kind of pants should I wear for ice skating?

A pant is a must-have outfit for skating. The recommended pants should have a comfy fit. That is, they are not too tight to hinder flexibility, and also, they shouldn’t be baggy.

Apart from that, the pants should also be warm.

What to wear for ice skating lessons?

If you are going for skating lessons, that means you are a beginner and yet to learn some of the tricks to use in case of an accident.

Consequently, your outfit should be more of safety assuring. Besides the pants, sweater, scarf, and turtleneck, the ice skates and a helmet are must-have when attending the skating lessons.

Do you wear a skirt or tights when ice skating?

Skirts are not suitable for skating. However, some people may have short skirts with leggings, and if that is comfortable, you can go for it. But, pants are always the recommendable outfit for ice skating.

Can you wear jeans on an ice skate?

Jeans are not recommended for ice skating. That is because they are not usually warm enough. However, you can consider wearing sweatpants or yoga pants instead. Read More

Video on Ice Skating Outfit

Final Remarks

So, since ice skating is back, you must be careful about your clothing as we described above.

Health care reports indicate that they receive at least two patients with health issues caused by ice skating. Unfortunately, 58% of these cases have to undergo corrective injuries. And worse, some of them claim their lives.

In short, much attention is needed while ice skating. This article highlights what to wear when ice skating for kids, beginners, and figurative skaters. Frankly, it is a must-read before you get to your next ice skating.

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