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Different Types of Ice Skates [Along With the Best Recommendations]

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Trying out ice skating is exciting all at once. But which one should we start with?

Are you a beginner? If so, don’t start with hockey skates as these are quite different from recreational ice skating and typically need to have some kind of expertise.

Also, first, try to learn some skills before going into figure skating where you need to jump and move all around the rink. Once you have become an expert in all other skating types, you can try out speed skating which will require even faster moves and mastering some advanced tricks.

Well, in this blog post, we have come up with a description of 4 different types of ice skates along with their features and skills needed.

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Variety of Ice Skates Listed

types of ice skates
  • Figure Skates
  • Ice Hockey Skates
  • Recreational Skates
  • Speed Ice Skates

Comparison Table Between Ice Skates

Types of Ice SkatesReasons to PickRecommended SkateMost Important Feature
Figure SkatesThe choice for Figure SkatingJackson Ultima Excel Women’s/Girls Figure Skate Great Ankle Support
Ice Hockey SkatesFor playing Ice HockeyBotas Draft 281 Men’s Ice Hockey Skates Very good fit
Recreational SkatesFor the kids, and mom for recreational ice skatingJackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate Comfortable construction and padding
Speed Ice SkatesFor the adults and experts for speed ice skatingAmerican Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate Lightweight and perfect for both indoor and outdoor

Figure Skates

Figure skating is the most popular type of ice skating in terms of participation, performance and is also an Olympic sport that requires high-level skills that can only be attained through decades of training. Needless to say, you need other few skate items too to make your skating journey safe.

Figure skates are usually made of metal, leather, and plastic. In another word, they are made up of many parts, including steel blades, toe picks, heel picks, toe spacers, heel spacers and screws and bolts to hold everything together. Figure skates are a type of ice skate designed specifically for the sports of figure skating.

The blade is usually sharpened to cut into the ice and provide a firm push, while at the same time allowing for some glide. Figure skates should not be confused with other types of ice skates that may have similar designs such as hockey or speed skating blades.

Recommended Figure Skates

You should always look for branded ice skates whichever your type of ice skates. Well, here we will deep dive into detail of a well-known company’s figure skate.

Jackson Ultima Excel Women’s/Girls Figure Skate

Notable Features:

  • The Jackson Ultima Ice Skate is specifically designed with the beginner in mind. The Ultima Ice Skate, powered by PU-coated foam, is lightweight and comfortable for use in lessons or recreational skating.
  • A specially designed tongue provides an ergonomic fit and features a flex notch for added flexibility.
  • As well as being durable, the Jackson Ultima Ice Skate features a stylish PVC sole with a factory sharpened blade attached with screws for added support.
  • The tongue is angled away from the ankle to provide more comfort for the foot. (Check out some good and comfortable skates here)
  • A flex notch provides extra flexibility where needed, and a fastening system ensures that your child can’t loosen or tighten the skate themselves.

Ice Hockey Skates

Hockey is another popular sport in many countries around the world that also requires skills similar to those required in figure skating. Hockey players require hockey ice skate blades for playing.

These skates are special shoes designed for use on ice. They are worn with hockey socks, and their blades are made of steel or some other metal.

Hockey skates are designed to support your ankle and protect your feet from being injured due to the puck hitting them. They have a broad blade and a T-shaped tail. it’s stiffer, more durable and thick for better balance on the lower portions of the skate.

On the other hand, figure skates are much more flexible and allow you to do more spins and jump with ease. It is best for someone who wants to do more advanced skating.

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Recommended Ice Hockey Skates

Botas Draft 281 Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Botas is a famous brand, Draft 281 is one of the best produce of Botas. Some of the great features of this skate are as follows:

Notable Features:

  • Keep your feet cool and dry with its moisture-wicking properties.
  • Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around.
  • A perfect fit with its anti-slip arches and padded tongue, a breathable mesh upper to keep feet cool and dry Ice skate made with the modern athlete in mind
  • Combination of synthetic upper and PA fabric lining for protection and comfort.
  • Blade features the latest materials to ensure you’re making fast, sharp turns
  • Provides excellent grip and durability.
  • Keep the insole in when drying them.
  • The leather upper is built to be durable, while still being comfortable for your foot.
  • The felt insole is designed to give you traction on the ice, while making it easy to remove after use.
  • The rubber sole is durable and grippy enough that you can get the most out of your skate.

Recreational Ice Skates

Recreational ice skates are designed for general skating purposes. They are usually made out of a plastic material that doesn’t offer the best traction or the most durable.

However, they do come in a wide variety of colors and can be found at any local sporting goods store for a low price. These skates are ideal for those who just want to have some fun on the ice with their friends or family members or those looking to play ice hockey.

Recreational ice skates versus hockey skates

The most noticeable difference between recreational ice skates vs hockey skates is the blade. The blade of a recreational ice skate is curved to give better balance, whereas the blade on a hockey skate is straight to provide greater agility.

Recommended Recreational Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate

The Jackson Ultima Skate is the perfect recreational skate for anyone looking to buy their first pair. With its nylon upper and tongue, Thinsulate lining, factory sharpened leisure blade attached, it’s the complete package!

The feet are the foundation for skating and skating is the foundation for playing hockey. So, if you want to play hockey like you skate, then it’s time to get your feet in great shape. Get that spring back into your step with Jackson Ultima Recreational Hockey Skates, and get on the ice ready to ride.

You’ll be able to play in comfort with Jackson’s Ultima Skate. This skate features a Thinsulate (lined) upper and tongue for ultimate warmth and foam (cushy) padding to keep your feet comfortable. The ankle strap and loops will keep you locked in place during the game. Jackson’s Ultima Skate is the perfect way to prepare for winter and stay on your feet on the ice!

Notable Features:

  • Perfect length and width
  • Good insulation inside
  • These skates are warm and comfortable
  • Good for sharp turns and slide

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Speed Ice Skates

Speed skating is a sport in which skaters compete while skating on ice. A comfortable ice skate is an article of footwear worn on the feet and typically used for ice or roller skating.

We know skates consist of a blade attached to a boot. Skates used for speed skating are longer than those used for figure skating. Speed skating is typically done for exercise, transportation, and entertainment. Speed skating is also called “racing on ice” because it is the fastest way to travel on ice.

Speed ice skates have a smooth blade that is designed to generate maximum slipperiness on the ice. Unlike hockey ice skates, they do not have a toe pick. This design focuses on speed rather than agility and balance, which is required in hockey.

Recommended Ice Skates

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

If you are looking for more speed in your ice hockey game, this American Ice Force will be the best. Besides generating speed, the skate is lightweight that is suitable not only for beginners but also for adults.

Notable Features:

  • Suitable for any surface: indoor, outdoor, and pond
  • Good fit for any type of skaters
  • Stainless steel blade makes it long-lasting and strong
  • Aggressive turn and slide is possible with this skate

Speed Ice Skates versus Hockey Skates

When playing ice hockey, a player wears a pair of ice hockey skates. Ice hockey skates are specialized to increase traction on ice. The blade of an ice hockey skate is shorter and blunter than that of a speed skate, with a wider blade to distribute weight better.

Speed Ice Skates versus Figure Skates

Speed skates are shorter than figure skates. They are designed for speed, enabling people to skate faster. They are shorter than figure skates, which makes them more maneuverable. On the other hand, figure skates are designed for ice-dancing, figure skating, and speed skating. They are longer than speed skates, which makes them easier to skate in a straight line.

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Video Tutorial on Types of Ice Skates

Dave Cruikshank describes very about 3 types of ice skates here:


There you go, we hope you have got a sound idea about all the types of ice skates by this time.

If you are an experienced skater, you should choose speed skates or hockey skates. On the other hand, If you like entertainment a bit more with dancing and jumping, you can choose figure skates. For just learning and recreational purpose, you can better go with recreational skates. 

Now that you have the knowledge of all the varieties of ice skates, you are sure to choose the best type for yourself. 

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