Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt

5 Best Inline Skate Wheels for Asphalt in 2023 [Grippy and Durable]

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Whether you’re trying out inline hockey for the first time, or are an avid player struggling to find the top inline skate wheels for asphalt this post could be your answer.

Since inline skate wheels are often found in different sizes, hardness, and shapes, getting your hands on the best inline skate wheels for asphalt can be quite a tricky task.

That said, our team of veteran have done the research on your behalf and reviewed the best 5 products thoroughly here. The wheels we recommended are grippy, fast, durable, and cheap. In addition to that, you also have an in-depth buying guide at the end.  

So, before you regret the performance from the wrong set of wheels here is your chance to give it a go!

Inline Skate Wheels Comparison Table

Skate WheelsRatingFeaturesWhat I Like
LABEDA WHEELS Roller Hockey Gripper Asphalt4.7/5.00HiLo Set
Material: Urethane
Wheels Diameter: 76mm and 80 mm
Hardness: 85A
-Best For Outdoor
-Best Wheels for Asphalt
KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula Wheels4.7/5.00 Wheels: 89A Durometer
Design: 5-Spoke Core
Bearing Hub: 608
-Long Lasting
-Good Value Skate
-Best for Asphalt Skating for long hours
Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels4.5/5.00Wheels: 85A Durometer
Material: Urethane
Color Options: 6
-More color options
-Best Skate Wheels for Rough Pavement
Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels4.5/5.00Wheels: 58mm
Hardness: 86A
-Best for Skating on Concrete
-Speedy and Grippy
-abrasive concrete wheels
AOWISH 4-Pack Inline Skate Outdoor Asphalt Wheels4.4/5.00Wheels: 80mm Durometer
Hardness: 90A
Bearings: ABEC-9
-Good for Speed
-Perfect for aggressive Skating
-Improved Precision

Inline Skate Wheels Reviews

Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt

Let’s start with the hockey wheel from Labeda:

LABEDA WHEELS Roller Hockey Gripper Asphalt

Best Skate Wheels for Asphalt

Labeda roller hockey wheels

When it comes to the best inline skate wheels, LABEDA Wheels are top liners. And this LABEDA Roller Hockey Gripper Asphalt is no exception. This particular set of wheels will meet your urge as a roller hockey player on rough asphalt.

HiLo Wheels

This inline skate wheel comes in two different sizes and only work for the HiLo skates that support 76 mm in the front and 80 mm in the back. The product comes in a set of 8 wheels (4 x76 mm & 4x80mm) which wraps up your skating wheels need in a flip.

Withstand Wear

These wheels are made of abrasion-resistant urethane inside out making them perfect for outdoor skating. As a result, it will not get chunked and you will not get tired of burning through the wheels.

Extremely Durable

With the durability of endurance urethane, it’s easy to skate long miles wearing these wheels in demanding terrains.

Outdoor Usage

These asphalt grippers are perfect for street hockey in a budget. It is suited to flat surfaces and gives you a perfect combination of edge and grip when used in concrete.

85A Hardness

The durometer rating of the wheels is 85A means it is hard enough to tackle outdoor skating with the required pace.


The 1.6 lb wheel pack is super light, making it easier to match your everyday skating gear.


  • Extremely durable
  • Fit for outdoor skating
  • No fear of getting chunked
  • Maintains the optimal wheel speed


  • Takes proper maintenance
  • Have limitations over uneven roads

Labeda Wheels Video

AOWISH 4-Pack Inline Skate Outdoor Asphalt Wheels

Perfect for Aggressive Skating

Aowish 4 pack asphalt wheels

If you are a skater of daring adventures, then you can’t go wrong with this AOWISH Inline Skate Outdoor Asphalt Wheels. With a proprietary asphalt formula, this set of wheels can make your skating memorable with top speed and perfect cruising touch.

Convenient Sizes

The wheels are available with a diameter of 72mm, 76mm & 88 mm, a width of 24 mm, and an inner measurement of 8 mm. They are not too small, nor too big making them suitable for a range of outdoor skating. The package has a set of 4 wheels as well.

90A Hardness

The hardness of the wheels is counted 90A. Moreover, they have passed violent testing with professional athletes. With the wheels on you can perform various technical stuns including but not limited to slalom tricks, free skating, and cess slides. Not to mention these are very aggressive inline skate wheels. (Check out Aggressive Skates)

Quality Constructions

The product is designed with high-speed ABEC-9 bearings and spaces with improved precision and speed in mind. On top of that, a high rebound PU design reduces the loss of power and speed during your stride in abusive stunts.

Versatile Wheels

The compatibility of these wheels is remarkable. Be it inline skates, roller-skates, ripstick, or razor crazy cart these wheels are suitable for any use. Interestingly they are compatible with some luggage suitcases too.


  • Highly durable
  • Fit any stunt
  • Perfect size to use
  • Suitable for all sorts of skates
  • Improved precision and speed


  • Requires cautious use
  • Needs proper maintenance

Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels

Best Skate Wheels for Rough Pavement

Rollerex inline wheels

This speedy Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels are high-performing and provide great value to you.  You can use them on concrete or asphalt parking lots, and they will adjust just the same.

Let’s check out a video on Rollerex

Fashionable Colors

You can spice up your fashion with six different wheel colors including rocket red, deep-sea blue, royal purple, turf green, steel black, and sunrise orange. With these colors, you can easily adjust to your skates and enjoy branded rides. 

85A Hardness

The diameters of these wheels are 80 mm. They count 85A on the durometer making them perfect for concrete and asphalt. They offer enough grips and a lot of fractions on downhill riding.

Good Quality Material

The content of the product is high-density abrasion-resistant urethane and this is another delightful feature. These wheels present undaunted durability and promised to be of top-notch quality.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Made to last longer
  • Top-quality material
  • Fit for heavy use


  • Doesn’t fit for skating stunts

KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula Wheels

Best for Asphalt Skating for long hours

This  KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula will excite your fashion zeal a bit more. These wheels come in three different colors and have a glossy finish. The durability and quality they offer is evident and backed with a ton of positive feedback from skaters. T

Pack of Eight

Much like the LABEDA Roller Hockey Gripper Wheels, it comes with 8 set in a package. So buying these wheels will save your money on fixing all of your skates. 

89A Durometer

The hardness of the wheel is rated at 89A making it one of the fastest inline skate wheels for asphalt. However, the rock-hard wheels will feel less smooth. But the tradeoff is worth the purchase.


The durability is a top feature of these outdoor skate wheels. You can spend hours on a long skating trip without tripping for once. Thus it provides the best bang for your buck.

Preferable Size

The wheels have a diameter of 76 mm. Therefore, they are perfect for your skates to perform most of the skating stunts. They are very fast in nature yet designed with ease of use in mind.

608 Bearing Hub

The hub contains a standard 608 bearing which is quite durable and efficient in tackling a variety of outdoor terrains.


  • Durable
  • More fashionable
  • Perfect hardness
  • Convenient packaging


  • Fewer grips and prone to slips
  • Suits advance skaters only

Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Best for Skating on Concrete

Labeda asphalt inline skate wheels

Our list of best inline skate wheels for asphalt would be incomplete without the Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels. With the consistency of these wheels, you have nothing short of the best experience with your skates.T

Best Product Quality

These wheels are made from a durable urethane compound. And that too comes in a full radius. The wheels are designed for extended wear and are perfect for outdoor use.

Outdoor Experience

You can glorify your outdoor experience with this set of wheels on your skates. These are suitable for a smooth ride, even on an uneven surface. You can easily hop on these wheels and aim for a long time of skating with minimum issues.

85A Durometer Score

These wheels are hard and carry an 85A score on the durometer. This makes them perfect to skate on harsh surfaces. With a reliable grip, your safety is ensured as well.

Excellent Durability

The durability rate of this product is pretty high. They wear off slowly and evenly on outdoor surfaces. They are the ideal type of wheels you need both for outdoor skating and hockey games.


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Long-lasting features
  • Fit extended outdoor usage


  • Not fit for indoor use
  • Wear a bit faster than previous models in asphalt

Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt: Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of skate wheels is not an easy fish to fry. There are a number of factors that you need to count including:

  • Wheel Hardness
  • Skater’s Weight
  • Wheel Size
  • Wheel Width (Profile)
  • Wheel Core
  • Frame Capacity
  • Spacers

Now, before you think it’s intimidating let me share all the nitty-gritty of it shortly.

Wheel Hardness

When it comes to choosing the right skating wheel hardness (or softness) of it matters the most. Because it dictates the best use of that wheel depending on the type of surface you will skate on.

And, to measure hardness a unique Durometer rating is often used which is expressed with a number ranging from 0 to 100 followed by an alphabetic letter “A”.  The higher the rating the harder the wheel and vice-versa.

But, Why Does It Matter?

It matters because depending on how hard or soft your wheel affects the overall grip, speed, and durability.

For instance, as you hit the surface skating, softer wheels (in the 78A-90A range) will heat up fast leading to more grip than the harder ones. Thus it becomes ideal for outdoor surfaces (i.e., asphalt and concrete) and for beginners who feel more secure due to the softer ride.  

Harder wheels (in the 90A-100A) however give more slidey feel with higher speed and are designed for indoor slippery surfaces and advanced skaters in particular.

Durometer Rating of Inline Skate Wheels

Types Of Skates Durometer Rating
Recreational & Fitness Skate Wheels 76A – 80A for indoors 82A – 86A for outdoors
Racing/Speed Skate Wheels 90A – 96A
Aggressive Skate Wheels Not less than 88A
Hockey Skate Wheels 72A –  74A

Skater’s Weight

One should take the skater’s weight into account in determining the hardness of the inline skating wheels. Since heavier and aggressive skaters exert more force on the wheels they should opt for slightly harder ones so that the optimum rebound is maintained.

Conversely, lighter skaters should look for softer wheels to compensate for the rebound and the grip they lack from the least amount of force. 

Wheel Size (Diameter)

The size or in other words the height of the wheel affects the overall speed, acceleration, and stability of your skates. That’s why it has a significant role in determining how you’ll be using the skates.

Usually, for wheels diameter as little as 57mm or below is considered being smaller whereas the tallest wheels will be 100mm.

And, given that there are different types of skates, different wheel sizes are used accordingly. Here is a handy chart for more insights:

Types of Skates With Wheel Sizes

Types Of Skates Wheel Sizes
Recreational Skates 70mm – 90mm
Fitness Skates 90mm – 110mm
Racing Skates Larger than 90mm
Aggressive Skates 57mm – 59mm
Hockey Skates Between 72mm and 80mm
Roller Derby Skates 59mm – 62mm
Hi-Lo Skates 80mm in the back and 72mm in the front

Larger wheels roll better and are hence designed for outdoor use (i.e., asphalt and concrete). Larger wheels also allow more speed and thus you will find them being used in racing skates.

In addition, larger wheels don’t require much effort as they get moving to reach and maintain the top speed. And therefore they are often valued by speed skaters.

However, if you are just getting into skating smaller wheels  (57mm to 62mm) are better options. With less distance between your feet and the ground, you’ll be more stable on the go.

Smaller wheels accelerate and decelerate faster and hence reacts better to abuses. Thus it is perfect for aggressive skating (tricks & jumps).

Wheel Width (Profile)

The width of skate wheels refers to the contact patch (profile) including the lips. The contact patch is the amount of wheel that touches the ground and lips refer to the round edges of it.

While better grip and higher stability is offered by a wider patch you have to sacrifice some speed and maneuverability.

The opposite is true for a narrow patch wheel that feels lighter, gives more speed, and makes it easy for you to make quick movements.

Now let’s look at some common wheel profiles with corresponding skater skill level:

Profile Description Skill Level
31mm Narrow Wheels=> Amazingly light=> Least stable=> Minimum grip=> Maximum agility   Advance
35mm Narrow Wheels=> Light=> Moderate stability=> Moderate grip=> Excellent agility   Intermediate/Advance
38mm Offer a good balance of: Agility=> Stability=> Grip Beginner/Intermediate
44mm Wide wheels=> Heavier=> Maximum stability=> More grip=> Less agility Beginner

Now, the edges or lips of the wheel also have an impact on the contact patch and hence the overall grip.

Square lips are common in artistic wheels that give straighter drops to widen the contact patch and therefore produce more grip for better traction.

On the flip side, rounded lip configurations are commonly seen in outdoor wheels for use in concrete and asphalt. They present less traction and serve the need of aggressive/recreational skaters by punching out pebbles/small obstacles with ease.

Wheel Core

Just like automobile wheels have a rim on the tire, skate wheels have a core that contains the spokes and the hub. The hub then contains the bearings and the spacer in place.

The core maintains the shape of the wheels, particularly under stress and thus affects the way it rolls. The core also prevents the wheel from coming in contact with the bearing.  

For your best skating wheel for asphalt, you would want to ensure the wheel core is either made out of nylon or plastic. This, in turn, keeps the wheel weight to a minimum.

Frame Capacity

When shopping for wheels, note that skate frames have a size capacity. This essentially means the ability to accommodate a slightly larger wheel than what appears at the time of purchase.

But that doesn’t imply you can shop for a too bigger wheel that doesn’t fit on the chassis. Rather go with the capacity and pick a wheel in the size range for your skaters.  


Every inline skate wheel holds two bearings and a spacer in between. The spacer helps bearings with the alignments and provides the wheel with enhanced spin and cross-sectional strength to survive impacts.  

To avail a greater ride ensure that your type of wheel supports aluminum spacers as preferred by professional inline skaters.

Inline Skate Wheels Guide Tutorial

Wrapping Up

Getting the best inline skate wheel for asphalt is necessary if you want to explore the thrill of skating on asphalt and live up to your expectations. However, inline skaters also enjoy roller skating or roller derby. If you too enjoy both of them besides inline, you can go through our guide on Derby Wheel Recommendation.

Hopefully, the products that we’ve reviewed here have saved you the hassle in this regard and left you with an easy rhythm in choosing your pack of wheels. Now, keep calm and skate your heart out!

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