Rollerblade twister 80 inline skates review

Rollerblade Twister 80 Inline Skates Review

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Will be an engaging one to go live on reviewing Rollerblade Twister 80 inline skates….. Amazing! huh! Get your pads on because this is going to be a rolling test in the later part. Let’s cruise!!!

“The classic, the versatile, the durable, the best-selling in the industry…..”- these are all you whisper when you think of this skates.

The most sought out skating prototype by many skate-freak newbies due to its control and maneuverability. If you desire your ride comfortable and cheerful, then it would be the rollerblade twister 80 Inline Skates that satisfy your cravings.

Steering through the city streets the beginners discover the skates as unwavering, quick and efficient. From the path to the alley to the grumpy city streets- it is truly designed to challenge the urban landscape.

rollerblade twister 80

Features of Twister 80 Inline Skates

At the very outset of rollerblade twister 80 review, the salient features are outlined below to perfectly fit the need of the customers:

Unique Material

243mm Aircraft-grade aluminum frames harmonized with 80mm wheels of 85A hardness and socketed with SG7 skate bearings assure lightning speed and many skating styles on all surfaces. It ensures a nice, smooth rollout whereas the aluminum frame marks the durability and style.

For safety purpose, the manufacturer uses the hard, strong plastic shell around the boot.

Solid Built-in Structure

Long-lasting, firm shell with incredible support and closures make skating stress-free and full of fun. On the rearmost spot, an extra cushion under the specialized fit footbed works as shock absorption that actually helps reduce a lot of vibrations as you are navigating through. Thus, your feet will get less of an impact out of it.

By using twister molded plastic compacting with 80mm frame, the skates result in a strong comfortable liner with added stiffness as a whole. It comes with an 85A rating- means harder wheels that permit solid power slides.

The State-of-the-art Aristocracy

The molded plastic shell design gets the twister cuff up that provides a lot of steadiness in keeping support. The boot has a replaceable lateral slider adding durability at the time of skating.

Standard lacing position across the top is quite fancy. At the topmost of the lace, you will find a micro ratchet buckle as an extra safeguard. Above that, the memory locking 45-degree buckle gives the final outline of safety measure. 80mm 80A wide profile wheels are quite narrowly spaced in-between. It refers that they are very close together. These all-around wheels ensure many miles of solid rolling.

User Comfort

Thinking of the liner offers the inspiration to tell you about ventilated specialized inner meshed liner that actually pushing air through the skate itself. Therefore, keep the innermost environment cool and dry by absorbing the hot air.

The footbed liner, as well as a breathable Twister molded shell, ensures the coziness. Lightweight and quick movement confirms comfort level and performance level stay at its best.

Size & Fitting

The skates come with different sizes that fit a lot of different foot types. Hence, you should not have a big problem. At the very outset, you will find the skate to be very stiff and tight. But after blading for a week or so you will find it loosened up a bit and very comfortable as well.

The buckle also works great indeed. The twisters have the option of being able to adjust the cuff buckle. This enables skaters to go into deeper skating motion as going forward by adjusting the strap.

Maneuvering Tricks

In addition to urban free-skate usage, for example, jump, slide, speed boost, stair walk, twist, turn, quick direction change, etc., skates can be used for slalom.  These are fairly maneuverable skates that ensure different techniques to grasp with.

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  • The hard-shell boot with lateral slider protects the feet from potential injuries and also add durability at the time of power sliding.
  • While rolling you can stabilize yourself due to the hardcore design of the upper portion and the support of the skates.
  • Many parts of these skates are replaceable such as top liner strap, cuff, and plastic lateral slider.
  • The users are able to adjust the frame. Without this freedom, the skater may be in the risk of bad posture and potential knee problems.
  • The color option makes the skates charming to the users. Generally, it comes with two colors: Black or Green. Each skate has an extra pair of laces available with it.


  • Lack of room to replace with the bigger wheels in the frame
  • There is a lateral slider on the outer part of the skate only.
  • Using this skate may result in a blister on your feet. Try wearing sock of your preference that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I end up with a perfect size for me?

Answer: Having the proper fit is crucial for skates. Just to play it safe you can order one size bigger than your regular shoe size. Or, you can go to a nearby store that sells rollerblade and tries to get the size that best fits you. After that place an online order.

  • Does the Twister 80 come with a stopper in the Box?

Answer: Yes, the stopper is on the skate and no need to assemble. Remove it with an Allen key by yourself if you do not want to use it.

  • Does this skates come with a brake?

Answer: Yes, it includes a heel brake and you can easily attach it.

  • Can you skate trails for miles in these?

Answer: Definitely. It is a better rollerblade to go on a long session of urban skating. Even after one year of use, they do not break in.

  • Is it in men’s size?

Answer: Yes, all the sizes mentioned in the list are in men’s size.

Before the conclusion, let’s watch a video:

Closing Remark

Rollerblade Twister 80 is the only better way through which you can cruise from the path to the railroad to the rough city park street. For this multiple-use skates, many people make an attempt to label it as “beginner” friendly.

A fitness skate or all-around entertaining skate- in either way you termed it as, this is widely accepted as a do-it-all skate in the industry. I must say, this is certainly a great skate to glide through.

However, I assume the only “way” you can get the feel of it: buying a pair and using it. Finally, let you feel “super satisfy” and “worth buying”.

So, grab it or choose from other quality rollerblades that we reviewed.

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