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Best Roller Derby Books [Inspire Yourself!]

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Hello Derby lovers, 

Being a book lover and roller derby player at the same time, makes you grab some books on roller derby.

Roller Derby Books


But where to find them and what are some amazing books that you can enjoy on this topic?

Well, there are many books on roller derby. As a book lover, you don’t need to worry. What type of books do you want? History, tricks, and tips, business, and many other genres are available.

You can buy roller derby books online or offline. You may also gift your derby lover friend this amazing present. So, let’s help you find some amazing ones!

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Roller Girl By Victoria Jamieson

Roller Girl is a novel written by Victoria Jamieson and published by Dial Books for young readers. It has 240 pages to make you feel amazing as a derby lover. It won the John Newbery Medal. However, you get here only the Roller Girl Summery.

The novel tells us the story of two best friends, Astrid and Nicole. When they were in their fifth grade they went to attend a derby match of Oregon City Roller girls vs the Rose City Rollers. That summer, Astrid asks the permission of her mother to join Roller-Derby Camp and expected that Nicole will join her too. But Nicole joined dance camp with Astrid’s Rival Rachel. 

This is a story of teenage friendship and jealousy. This will take you to the world of Astrid where she fights for the dream of roller derby and faces troubles in her friendship. 

This book has 48491 votes in Goodreads and most of the people liked it. So it has a very high rating.

What do people like about Roller Girl?

Here are some major features of the book that everybody liked:

  • Even people who know nothing about roller derby can understand and enjoy the book. It really inspires them to start roller derby.
  • The behavior of Astrid’s mother and the relationship between the mother and the daughter are appreciated by all.
  • The illustrations and the cover are fantastic.

What people do not like about the book?

Actually, it’s hard to find someone who did not like this book. Very few reviewers say they do not like the book. Maybe it’s just not their type.

Roller Girl Video Tutorial

Derby Girl by Shauna Cross

Derby Girl is written by Shauna Cross who is a roller derby athlete and known best as the scriptwriter of ‘Whip It’. It is basically a teen-adult sports fiction. The book is really motivating for any newbie in roller derby.

This book has 240 pages full of derby adventures. Bliss, a teenager, indie-rock-loving misfit, is stuck in the tiny town. Her mother wants her to win the Miss Blue Bonnet Crown. But that’s not what Bliss wants. She finds her escape in roller derby.

The book will take you to a fun world full of tattooed girls and dashing boys. It has got 3,157 ratings in Good Reads. 

What do people like about this book?

After analyzing the reviews, people like the following features of this book:

  • The book inspires people to start longboarding.
  • The storyline is funny
  • The way Bliss finds her escape from her problematic family life is attracted by many, especially teenagers.

What do people not like about this book?

There are many people who do not like this book at all. Let’s see some of their thoughts:

  • Many compare this book with the movie “Whip It” and find that the book is not as amazing as the movie is.
  • Some find the character ‘Bliss’ quite awful and overly cliched

Hell on Wheels: The Incredible Story of Rookie Roller Derby Queen Cindy Mccoy by Carren Mueller Bryson.

What will be your first choice if you are a derby lover and a book lover at the same time? You will definitely look for a book that has some real-life stories or real derby players in it. 

Hell on Wheels is just the perfect book for you as it contains the biography of Rookie Roller derby queen Cindy McCoy. She is a person who had to face abandonment and abuse in her youth. But she overcame all the obstacles by becoming an amazing skater.

Cindy Mccoy is someone who gives her everything to roller derby. She soon became famous as derby queen. What can be more motivating for a derby lover than the real-life story of a derby queen?

What people do like about this book?

People like the following features of the book:

  • The book depicts the story of a real derby girl. SO it’s very enjoyable and realistic.
  • The problems Cindy faced in her life and the way she handled things really inspire the newbies.

What people do not like about the book?

  • Some of the readers find that the material is quite good but the writing style is not attractive.
  • There are so many editing errors. Which is very annoying for anyone.

The Derby Daredevils: Kenzie Kickstarts a Team: (The Derby Daredevils )

The book is written by Kit Rosewater and illustrated by Sophie Escabasse. This illustrated book shows you the amazing life of derby, crush, and getting out of one’s comfort zone.

 The fifth-grade students, Kenzie and Shelly are passionate about roller derby. They try to form a team up for a league and things started to get complicated after that. 

The book shows us how to fall and then again how to stand up again! And it will touch your middle-grade sweet spot in many ways.

What do people like about this book?

So what are the things that attracted all to this book?

  • People like the amazing middle-grade debut 
  • The friendship and relations are appreciated by all

What people do not like about the book?

 Some people think that the book is a little bit immature and the presentation of roller derby is not that good.

Roller Derby: The History and All-Girl Revival of the Greatest Sport on Wheels By Catherine Mabe

This is a book that tells you the story of women of America who are living a double life. A part of their life is just like other ordinary women. What makes them extraordinary is the other part, the part where they are derby girls.

The colorful book will help you travel through the history of derby girls. Also, you will get a nice idea of the present world of roller derby. If you are a girl who loves derby, get this book as soon as possible. 

Knowing a sport from the core is essential to have a life in that sport. As a derby lover, you must know about the history of roller derby. And this book will help you to gain that knowledge.

What do people like about this book?

Let’s see what features of the book is loved by the readers:

  • There are lots of pictures that help you to visualize properly.
  • Inspires to join the league and become a derby girl
  • The book is not a lengthy, rather a quick, and interesting read for anyone.

What do people not like about the book?

Not all people liked the book. Let’s see what are their reasons to not like it-

  • Some readers find this book good for beginners but not for the pros.
  • The book emphasizes duality more, this is not expected by some readers.

Well, you are looking for few other good books on Roller Derby, have a look this page of Good Reads.

Last Words

We have gathered 5 amazing books for you on the Roller Derby genre. As a derby lover and a bookworm, we hope it will help you to pick a book for yourself.

You may also think of giving a gift to your derby lover loved one’s a roller derby book, For sure they will love it and it will be a great help for them.

Roller derby is one of the most enjoyable sports for anyone. And the popularity of derby is increasing, So grab a book on roller derby and enjoy reading about your favorite book!

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