K2 VS Rollerblade [Top Picks Included!]

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K2 and Rollerblade both are cool and fabulous skate brands. If you want to look cool as well as enjoy a fantastic skating experience, both of the skates will be good options. But if you need to choose one between these two, you must read this comparison between Rollerblade and K2 Skates.

Top Pick: K2 Alexis Pro Inline Skate

After long research, I recommend K2 Alexis Pro Inline Skate as my first choice. It isn’t cheap but this is the one you should get for the best performance and safe ride.

Top Pick: Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Fitness Inline Skate

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 isn’t cheap but this is the one you should get for the best performance and safe ride.

In my so far experience, Rollerblades look amazing because of the cool design and attractive aesthetic colors. On the other hand, K2 will offer comfortable, fast, and balanced skating. No doubt Rollerblade has got the same types of features. But, In my opinion, K2 is a better option than Rollerblades. The answer to “Why” is described below!

Well, let’s move forward and see the pros, cons, and features of the two brands to help you choose your type!

K2 Inline Skates Review 2023 [Most Popular Brand]

K2 & Rollerblade Comparison Table

To make it clear and to help you to understand which one should you choose, we are presenting a chart containing advantages and disadvantages of K2 skates and Rollerblades. 

FeaturesK2 SkatesRollerblades
Targeted customersRecreational skaters or fitness influencers of all ages All types of skaters of all ages and sizes
CuffsHigh, low, or no cuffsHigh, low, aggressive, or no cuffs
WheelsRecreational/ light up/ aggressive wheels of all sizesDifferent types of wheels of different sizes
StructureMade with comfy durable materials with high-quality designSometimes the frame materials are not promising, but overall well made with highly durable wheel materials.
StabilityHighly stable with a low center of gravityExtremely stable
DurabilityMost of the designs are extremely durable and not get cracked easilyComparatively less durable than K2 skates
FitUniversal, true to sizeUniversal
PriceVaries from 70-250 on averageThe average price is almost similar to K2 but comparatively high price for similar features than K2 skates 

History of Rollerblades

The Rollerblades company was at first started by Scott Olson, Brennan Olson, and Christopher Middlebrook in Minneapolis. It was known as Ole’s Innovative Sports. When they sold out it, the name became Rollerblade, Inc. It has changed hands between Nordica, Benetton Group, and Tecnica.

The marketing efforts of the company and the cool design of the skates eventually made the brand so popular that the term Rollerblade became a generic name for skates.

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History of K2

The K2 brand started its journey in 1960 as a ski maker in Washington, USA. It was very popular for different sports shoes and boards. Using its experience of decades, it started to manufacture inline skate as skating became a day to day activity for many in the USA. 

Their first manufactured skates used soft boot technology which gathered public attention really fast. Now, K2 is one of the most used brands in the world of inline skates.

K2 vs Rollerblade: Side by Side Comparison

Comparing these two brands is a bit tough as they both are famous, well-designed, and cool brands. And not all people prefer the same thing or looks for the same things in their skates. Still, we have tried our best to gather all the features ad differences of K2 and Rollerblades.

  • K2 comes up with fashionable designs and a variety of colors. Any skaters who want to look cool will find K2 really eye-catching. Although Rollerblades are well designed too, they do not have as many colors as K2 skates have. So they lack variation of colors and fashionable outlook.
  • Most of the K2 frames are better designed than Rollerblade frames. They are stiffer than that Rollerblades too. So, it makes these skates comfortable and easy to handle.
  • The targeted customers of K2 skates are recreational skaters or fitness influencers. Rollerblade is recognized all over the world because it can meet the expectations of all kinds of customers. Both of the brands have skates for adults, kids, women, and of all sizes.
  • Many skaters complain about the wheels of Rollerblades. They think Rollerblade skate wheels are poorly designed and they often break out. K2 skate wheels are often adjustable and durable. 

So, from the above points, it is clear that both of the skates have some merits and demerits.

Why You Can Choose K2?

K2 is an amazing brand, as well as Rollerblade. So why are we suggesting you prefer K2 over Rollerblade? Because some of the characteristics of K2 are better than those of Rollerblade.

K2 skates are really well designed with cool colors. Wearing these skates will make you look like a cool skating person. The frame of these skates is known for reliable, comfortable, and well-made characteristics. Also, they offer more airflow around the foot than other skates

The price of K2 skates is almost similar to the price of Rollerblades. But in most of the skates with similar features, K2 skates are comparatively cheaper than Rollerblades.  So, they are affordable.

Where To Buy and a Buying Guide on K2 and Rollerblades

K2 and rollerblades both are renowned brands. So you will find them in any nearby shops. But because of the pandemic, it may not be a good idea to buy them from shops.

All the K2 skates and Rollerblades are available in online shops or websites. Remember to check all the details and try to check comparisons of product models from the website. Also, read reviews to get a clear idea.

However, you can check out our other skate recommendation here as well where you will find many other skate brands besides some K2 and Rollerblades.

One thing you should be careful all the time: Before buying make sure you know your size well. Size charts are provided for all skates on the websites. Check it and make sure your true size is available. Then order and relax!

Again, you need to be careful about your budget as you have to bear the delivery charge too if you are buying online. After receiving the skates, try them on. Not just wear it but try different moves and runs to make sure it is true to size and not have any problems. You can return it if you figure out any problems fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best k2 skates?

The K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 Boa Is one of the best inline skates for men.  K2 Alexis 84 Boa Women’s Inline Skate can be considered the best inline skate for women. These skates have great performance with an amazing outlook and comfort.

Are K2 Skates true to size?

  • Usually, K2 skates are known for being true to size for the US. You should buy the exact size as wearing larger skates may cause serious accidents.

Is K2 A good Inline skating brand?

 K2 is probably the best brand now providing comfort, stability, durablity, amazing colors, and design together in their skates. Especially for fitness skating, you will find no match for K2.

Last Words

K2 And Rollerblade both brands are leading in the world of skating utensils. So it may be a little confusing for you to choose one from the brands. In our opinion, K2 is the better one.

We have gathered as many pieces of information as possible on K2 vs Rollerblades and tried to give you a detailed analysis with comparison. Hope you have found it useful.

Now move forward, grab your K2 or Rollerblade skates and enjoy moving with wheels.

Best of luck! 

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