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Top 7 Best Aggressive Inline Skates (Stable, Smooth & Durable)

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Getting the best aggressive inline skates is not only a matter of spending much cash. Besides, you need to be aware that counterfeit items do exist.

In short, the Best type of aggressive skates should have a sturdy construction, stable wheels, flexible parts, supportive straps, durable boots, and laces. Overall, it should provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

In this article, I highlighted 7 top-rated aggressive skates you can consider. Besides, check out the differences between inline skates and aggressive skates as well as the FAQ section that will help you decide in a more confident way.

aggressive skates

Top Aggressive Skates Review

Now, here I describe each skate with their in-depth review along with features, pros, and cons. I hope that helps to choose the suitable one for you.

Rollerblade NJ Team Unisex Street Inline Skate

Best for Stability

Rollerblade NJ Unisex Aggressive Skate

They are rollerblades that feature elegant construction and promises skaters safety and durability. Its liners have cushioning which makes it comfier. On its heels, there is the shock absorber, which means protection while trying new styles.

Its wheels are also extensive to enhance stability.  Thus, they are quite safe for beginners or professionals who want to try a unique style.

Rollerblades are prone to quick wear and tears. Also, if you are a regular skater, you should not wonder if the rollerblades waste faster than you could expect. However, the NJ team presets a skating tool for every regular skater.

These rollerblades have components that can be replaced rather than having to get a new pair. Besides, its wheels have a quiet, sturdy construction to withstand intense friction.

Also, when it comes to their frames, you will love them. The frames are highly versatile and of Zytel material for longevity. Besides, they have a super lock, which makes it easy to navigate obstacles. Therefore, they are perfect for a street skate.

Additionally, they have a flat and anti-rocker design. The low-level design helps to lower the center of gravity, which in return increases stability. Its anti-rocker style leaves wide gaps on the wheels which allow effortless locking of the rails

What’s new: it has removable components that will enable modifications and replacements. A low-level design which enhances its stability


  • 58 mm wheels with a sturdy construction
  • High-performing shock absorbers
  • Zytel frames with a high degree of versatility
  • Anti-rockers for rail locking


  • Its shock absorbers make it possible to learn new styles
  • The wide wheels increase stability for safety
  • Its construction is quite sturdy hence promises longevity
  • Its parts are flexible to allow replacements
  • The  flat-design reduces risks towards accidents


  • Does not have lights for night skating
  • No Bluetooth connectivity support

Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Inline Skates

Best for Street Skating

Roces M12 Aggressive skates

Having safety elements does not guarantee 100% safety while using rollerblades. Skating with poorly-constructed tools renders the safety elements powerless.

Hence it is vital to consider a tool with security securing design. That is precisely what this men’s rollerblades promises. Their construction is of a low design to ensure stability

Besides, it has 2-56 mm wheels, which are comprehensive and sturdy t0 increase their stability. Thus if you are a beginner, they are hugely recommended for you. The lace buckles are of aluminum memory. Consequently, they are not only good-looking but also of high strength.  Also, the construction of the lace does not lag. It is quite sturdy to withstand intense frictions.

Further, the liners have anatomic padding and a slo-memory. Thus, they are wear-resistant. These Italian skates have a high-grade polyurethane shell, which makes them last longer.  The construction of the insole is also brilliant. It has shock-absorbing mechanisms to reduce the impacts of pain when learning new tricks.

Its frames are of UFS style and have glass reinforcement. Thus they are not only durable but also have a beautiful look. If you are looking for rollerblades that will promise comfort, then you should try them. The maximum internal cushioning makes them comfy. Also, its top closing strap is significantly padded to keep the ankles safe.

What’s new? For comfort, it has maximum internal cushioning. The buckles and the laces are not only of high strength but also have a beautiful appearance. 


  • Slo-memory liners
  • High-grade polyurethane shell
  • Shock-absorbing insoles
  • Agro-grab strap which is padded


  • The wheels have a heavy-duty construction to withstand friction
  • Aluminum buckles which make them attractive and durable
  • Wide wheels which increase stability
  • Glass reinforcement on the frames improves their appearance
  • It has footbed Roces which makes them excellent for street skating


  • They do not have brakes

Razors Cult Copper Aggressive Inline Skates

Best Budget-Friendly Skate

Razors Cult Copper Aggressive inline skate

Additionally, razors skates remain relevant in the market due to their unbeatable construction. Its boot shell is one of its kind. It is of a heavy-strength material, which makes it hard to reduce the impacts of falls. Besides, the shell offers ankle support with the back part slightly raised to help maintain the right posture.

Also, it is of a slim design, which makes it attractive and still accommodates the toes comfortably.

If you are an amateur, these skates will be handy. They have a highly improved footbed that has shock absorbers. Do you comprehend what that means? If not, it implies that impacts in case of an accident, are minimal. Additionally, the frames crafting is not only eye-appealing but also promises longevity

Let us look at the wheel’s construction. They are of a heavy-duty material that guarantees durability despite intense frictions. Also, their full design is quite handy in improving stability. Hence, if you have been procrastinating on skating as a result of fear, then you should try them.

They have a maximum lining to make them comfier. Besides, their laces are not only eye appealing but thick to keep your skin safe. Probably you have concluded that these rollerblades cost much due to their unmatched construction. If that is you, you are in for a rude shock. Despite their fantastic performance, they are quite affordable. 

What’s new? Replaceable cult liners and greatly enhanced components promise durability.


  • The superb footbed that absorbs shock
  • Wide wheels design
  • Slim boot shell
  • Durable laces and buckles


  • Its stability promising features are much enhanced
  • Its construction quite beautiful
  • The shell promises longevity
  • Budget-friendly rollerblades


  • Heavy-weight design

Remz HR 2.5 Aggressive Inline Skates

Best Lightweight Aggressive Skate

Remz HR 2.5 skate

We can’t deny the fact that low budgets may take forever to meet a high-performing item. Other times when chasing affordability, we end up spending much. Luckily the Remz skates bring hope. Being affordable items, you may expect them to have poor performance. Right? Your expectation was as mine before I tried them. They do guarantee not only high functionality but also comfort.

Let’s start with the boots. It is of high-strength material to withstand scratches. They have an ankle strap to keep your leg out of pain.  Laces and buckles construction is also brilliant. The laces constructing material is strong to bear frictions.

Also, if you are a regular skater, you will require long-living wheels. The wheels of these elegant rollerblades are not only wide for stability but also robust to withstand friction for the daily skaters.

Also, if you are a beginner, you will require a safety-promising rollerblade. These items from the Remz manufacturers will meet your desires. They have a low design that guarantees maximum stability.

Nonetheless, they have a shock absorber mechanism in case you fall.  The shell also has a unique design which allows more space for the toes and still a slim look while wearing them

What’s new? The shell offers ankle support and more room for the toes. High-resilience construction for longevity


  • Low-level design
  • Wide and sturdily-constructed wheels
  • Ankle support strap
  • High-strength internal padding for comfort


  • The laces and buckles are good-looking
  • Due to its enhanced stability, they are safety promising
  • The shell is quite hard and supports the ankle
  • Greatly-enhanced frames which are highly durable
  • Lightweight design which enhances their comfort


  • They do not have brakes and light

K2 Front Street Skate

Best Skate for Street Skating

K2 Front street inline skate

Nonetheless, if you are purchasing for street skating, you will require highly enhanced features. Its stability should be beyond average, and also, preferably, it should have shock absorbers.

If you are a street skater, the K2 skates are the best aggressive inline skates that you should consider. They do have not only highly-enhanced features but also have a safety promising design

Its flat design is quite handy in lowering the center of gravity and increasing its stability. Nevertheless, its wheels are also safety promising. They have a wide surface area, which takes their balance to a higher level.  Also, for the street rider, the rollerblades are likely to face rough handling. However, that is not a bother with these brilliantly constructed rollerblades.

Its shell is exceptionally sturdy, which makes it anti-scratch. The laces and the buckles are also constructed to last forever. It has two elegant straps, one for ankle support while the other helps in maintaining the right posture. 

However, when it comes to the footbed of these boots, everything becomes new. It has shock-absorbing mechanisms, durable construction, and promises comfort.

Also, the lightweight design is highly recommendable for rollerblades. Despite the heavy-duty construction of these skates, they are lightweight, which makes them more efficient. Its frames have skillful crafting that equips them with a beautiful look and are durable.

What’s new? It has a shock-absorbing footbed and massive grooves for secure locking.


  • Long-living frame construction
  • Shock-absorbing footbed
  • Two promising comfort straps
  • A sturdy shell that offers ankle support


  • The wheels and low-level design greatly enhances stability
  • Shock absorbing mechanisms which make it safe to learn new styles
  • The buckles have an elegant construction which makes them eye-appealing
  • Maximum cushioning hence, they are very comfy


  • They do not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Do not have LED light for night skating

Razor Shift Two Aggressive Inline Skates

Best Skate for Beginners

Razor shift 2 aggressive skate

If you are a beginner skater, you are likely to deal with new skating tricks most of the time. Besides, when purchasing the rollerblades for the first time, you are likely to require a more advanced construction as you advance in skills.

Hence, for economic purposes, you should consider skates that will please you as an amateur and also as a pro. Luckily the second version of razor shift skates will meet this expectation

As a result of their advanced crafting, they will not only facilitate you as a beginner but also give a dream-like skating experience after mastering the skills.  The shell is of a high strength material that makes it resistant to scratches. Also, due to the shell firmness, they offer support to the ankle. Still, the shell has a slimmer design, which makes them more eye-appealing.

When it comes to the footbed, things are no different.  It has firmer construction and shock-absorbing mechanisms that reduce the impacts of a fall. The laces and the buckles also do not lag in the durable construction. The laces are of high strength material that promises durability amid intense friction.

What is unique in these skates is the wheel’s construction. They are crafted to last longer, even with frequent riding. Their wide design highly increases stability, making them every-beginner inline skates. On its back part, it has highly-raised padding, which helps in maintaining the right posture for skaters.

What’s new? A slim design shell that improves its appearance. Greatly-enhanced features that promise stability and durability


  • Slim boot shell
  • An elegant appearance design
  • FLT 3 frame
  • More sturdy wheels


  • It has shock absorbers for safety
  • The wheels are sturdy for regular skating
  • A wide-wheel design which enhances stability
  • The laces are elegantly-constructed


  • The frames require some improvement

Roces Fifth Element Maroon Pro Inline Skate

Roces Fifth element aggressive inline skate

Besides looking for rollerblades with magnificent construction, you should consider their appearance also. The Roces skates are not only the best aggressive inline skates because of their durability but also, their elegant maroon crafting.  The beautifully decorated shell is of high-grade material which makes it resistant amid rough handling

Nonetheless, the frames and footbed construction are another reason why you should purchase them. They have a universal frame system and a shock-absorbing footbed. Its buckles are of aluminum memory crafting, which promises longevity. Also, the laces do not compromise this long-living construction.

As if that is not enough, they have a low-level and lightweight design. Its flat design makes them more stable. The lightweight design also takes its functionality to a higher level. If you are looking for rollerblades as an amateur that will be relevant even after mastering the skills, then they will not disappoint.

Also, if you are aiming at comfort, these aggressive skates will meet your expectation. The insole has a cushion-like design that enhances its comfort. However, the internal padding of these skates is more of what you could imagine. Consequently, they are comfy promising skates

What’s new? The internal padding is quite thick hence, very comfy. The boot shell is hard and offers ankle support


  • Heavy-duty material of the inner boot
  • Low-level design for stability
  • Durable laces and buckles construction
  • Eco-leather top lining


  • They are greatly comfortable
  • High-strength wheel for regular riding
  • They offer ankle support
  • Dual shock absorber frames hence they are safety-guaranteeing


  • Do not have LED lights

Aggressive Roller Blade Buying Guide 2023

Just imagine purchasing an item with hopes that it is the best in the market and later be disappointed. How would you feel having skates that leave your feet with sores? If you are blank on the answers to the stated questions, I am just starting out with the guide.

Counterfeit items are all over the market. Thus it should not come as a shock when you overpay for an item. Either you can agree, it is quite devastating to realize later that the item wasn’t worth your hard-earned dollars.

Worse, it can be terrible to take an unusable item. If you are wondering how tell me what you will call an undersized or oversized rollerblade that can’t let you walk even for a second?

Nevertheless, there are several types of aggressive skating. Hence, every manufacturer incorporates a particular design to serve a specific type of skating.  Read through to get a well-detailed buyers guide and the different types of aggressive skating

best aggressive inline skates

Types of Aggressive Skating

Have you heard someone talk about rollerblading, freestyle rolling, street skating or skating? Those words are used to refer to aggressive skating. It is a subdiscipline of inline skating, which is slightly modified to accommodate jumps and grinds.

This type of skating can take place in parks or streets full of obstacles. However, also, most people confuse Powerblading and Aggressive skating. Having known what aggressive skating is, let me explain what Powerblading is. It is also a subdiscipline of inline skating with which is typical for recreational purposes.

The difference comes in their boots. For powerblading, the skates have more solid frames that are referred to as powerblading frames. Also, their wheels usually have a larger surface area. Now, to our main interest, what are the types of aggressive skating?

Vert Skating

It is the trickiest discipline of aggressive inline skating, which is done on a vert ramp. It mainly involves air tricks, such as grind tricks and rotations. Taig Khris is one of the internationally recognized vert skaters

Park Skating

It refers to the skating mostly done on reserved areas, mostly known as skate parks. This type of skating mostly emphasizes on the most technical aggressive kind of skating, which entails a variety of tricks. They mostly have half pipes and quarter pipes for learning new skills which are not found in the streets.

Street Skating

It is also referred to as freestyle rollerblading. It is done in an everyday environment where the skater uses the existing features to perform the skating tricks. 

Hence, the skater turns everything into obstacles, including jumping the stairs, the concrete ledges, and embankment ramping.  This type of skating requires a high level of creativity for there are no predefined obstacles like invert and park skating.

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Factors to consider


Wheels are the most critical part of skates. A beginner, intermediate, or an expert, you wouldn’t trade your stability for anything. Am I right? I am sure you agree with me for compromising on stability; you are putting yourself to slippery ground.

Then, if so, you should concentrate much on the construction of the wheel. They should have a wide-design construction to help increase the contact surface area. Consequently, increasing stability

Additionally, the wheels are likely to be exposed to rough surfaces. Also, if you are a regular skater, then friction will be intense. Hence, a flimsy construction will make them waste faster than you could expect. Correspondingly, the wheels should have a heavy-duty construction to increase their longevity.

Also, there are two types of wheels, which include the anti rocker wheels and flat wheels.  The flat wheels generally focus on increasing the skating speed. However, when it comes to grinding, they are quite poor. Yet, the anti rocker wheels, have a slower speed but are excellent for jumping and grinding.


The bearings significantly affect the movement of the wheel. For the rollerblades, you will require two bearings each for every wheel. The annular bearing engineering council has a standard system of rating the bearings.

The higher the rating the bearing has, the higher is its efficiency. This rating does not insinuate the speed of the bearings—however, it helps to identify the bearing which has acceptable market construction.

The most common bearings are the standard steel bearing. A beginner or intermediate can settle for them. However, the professionals have to pay for a different choice, such as roller bones or bionic Abec 7 bearings.  Whichever type you end for, the bearings crafting should promise longevity. Also, having a higher quality bearing will guarantee smoother wheel movements.


Frames are the underneath part of the boots that hold the bearings and bearings. Do you know what that means? It merely implies that a flimsy frame may obstruct the durable construction of the wheels and the correct choice of the bearings. As a result, such rollerblades will not only have poor performance but also are prone to accidents. 

The construction of the blades should be of a high-strength material. Besides, they should have skillful crafting. Luckily blades are replaceable if they waste faster. However, if you don’t have the right skills, you may require an expert to replace them.


Nonetheless, the boots of the rollerblades should be safety promising. Most of them are of high-grade polyurethane. Boots offer support to the ankle. Also, they are likely to be exposed to quite a trough handling. Hence, the shell of the boot should be hard to ensure it is impact-resistant and offer ankle support.

Also, having a heavhy0duty construction of the boot, will guarantee longevity. I am quite sure you are not ready to throw the rollerblades into a dustbin in its first few weeks. If so, always ensure its crafting is sturdy to meet your expectations.


Skating is quite fun and still dangerous if any mediocrity exists. Everything that you carry to the skating field should promise maximum comfort. To start with is the rollerblades.  Have you ever tried to work with oversized shoes? If yes, you can confirm that making the next step was a burden. To make matters worse, undersize will not only bring walking burdens but also may leave sores. Nothing changes when it comes to skates.

Thus, you should not risk having oversize or undersized skates. Better you skip the few minutes of skating rather than having to spend a week in bed after an accident only because you couldn’t get the right size. Now, what should you do to ensure that you have the right size?

First, it is recommendable that you should be there when acquiring the rollerblades. However, if you will be ordering online, you can use your current shoe size to place the order and try them immediately after they arrive


There are different types of aggressive skates. Consequently, their construction also varies. There are recreational skates, professional skates, cross-training skates, speed skates, and much more.

The recreational skates are meant for casual skaters. Such skates are likely to compromise on performance, which lowers the cost. However, they are likely to be comfier. Cross-training skates are recommended for working out routine.

Also, the needs change if you are a beginner or an expert.  For beginners, stability is the key feature to look for. The wheels should be of a wider size, and ideally, they should have shock absorbers. When it comes to the experts, stability still matters, but they should highly consider versatility.


We also can’t ignore the fact that the rollerblade constructions are mostly gender-biased.  This affects the rollerblades’ design, color, and sizing. They are broken down into unisex, men, women, girls, and boys. The men’s rollerblades commonly have a large sizing and are commonly a dull color. When it comes to women, their sizes are a bit lower.

Also, they usually have bright colors and a greatly appealing design. The boys’ and girls’ rollerblades mostly have nothing different.


Finally, to promise the comfort in your skates, you should consider the time of the liners. They should be of a very thick and durable material to save your feet from blisters. Additionally, you won’t be pleased with a lining material that will waste faster than you could imagine. Hence, the construction material should be of heavy strength to extend its durability.

Nonetheless, no matter how elegant and solid is the construction of your skates, you should never forget to have the safety elements. They include the kneepads, the head element, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Differences between inline skates and aggressive inline skates

Most people are likely to confuse inline skating for aggressive inline skates. However, we can’t deny the fact that they are closely related to each other. Inline skates which are used for inline skating, mostly have up to five wheels arranged in a line it is a multidisciplinary sport that facilitates fast maneuverability

On the other hand, aggressive inline skates used for aggressive skating are a subdiscipline of inline skating amongst many others. It is slightly modified to enable the skaters to execute many tricks. It accommodates the jumping of significant gaps.

What are aggressive skates used for?

Aggressive skates are a modification of the inline skates which focus on the execution of tricks found in the action sports cannon. They have an H-block, which is the gap between the third wheel and the second wheel. This gap allows grinding perpendicular to the wheels. The “soul plate,” which is the plastic sole on the foot, allows the parallel grinding of the wheels.

Also, their wheels are typically smaller than inline skates, which allow higher freedom while skating. The wheels also have a flat profile, which keeps the impact from jumps at a minimal level.

Are aggressive inline skates fast?

No, aggressive inline skates are not meant for fast skating. For fast inline skating, you need to have best speed rollerblades. In aggressive skating, you need to have a durable bearing that will generate pop and perfect for any kind of uneven surfaces.

Why do aggressive inline skates have no brakes?

Skates without brakes may sound risky to the amateurs and the intermediate skaters.  As much as the brakes are vital for safety, we can’t deny the fact that they tend to hamper the performance. Hence, the aggressive skates lack brakes, which makes their performance unmatched.

Probably you are now wondering how you come to a stop while skating.  Aggressive inline skaters use a technique known as T-stop. It entails positioning one of the skates behind the other in a perpendicular position. Then, drag the skates until you come to a slow stop.

Can you use aggressive skates on the streets?

There are several types of aggressive inline skating; one of them is street skating. It is also commonly referred to as freestyle skating. It is done in a natural environment without a need of predestined obstacles.  The aggressive skates have a low profile, which makes them less prone to accidents.

How can I get the most excellent aggressive inline skates?

Several brands manufacture aggressive skates; hence getting one is not jargon. The problem comes in when trying to get the best performing skates. However, I will help you quicken your search process. First, you should have a well-detailed buyer’s guide that highlights key features to look for. Among them are the wheels’ construction and the boot shell. Also, if possible, you should have at least five samples of the best aggressive inline skates.

Are there different styles of aggressive inline skating?

Aggressive inline skating is substantially modified to accommodate various tricks. Their construction is of a low profile and slimmer wheels to enhance their stability. The common types of inline skating are street, park, and vert skating.  Street skating involves using the natural environment as the obstacle while very and parks have predestined obstacles.

Do People still aggressive Inline Skate?

People still rollerblade for sure.

But, do they still enjoy aggressive inline skating, even though it is not as popular as it once was. For some, it is the feeling of freedom and adrenaline that comes with skating at high speeds and performing tricks. Others enjoy the challenge of mastering difficult tricks and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

And for many, it is simply a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and socialize with friends. Whatever the reason, aggressive inline skating is still a popular pastime for many people around the world. And with the recent resurgence in the popularity of rollerblading, it is likely that even more people will give it a try in the years to come.

Final Words

In a nutshell, aggressive inline skate is a subdiscipline of inline skates. Their construction is more modified to accommodate jumping and grinds.  Considering there are multiple brands that manufacture these skates, purchasing one is not strenuous.

However, if you require skates that will promise longevity and shock absorbing measures, you need to be more careful. Safety is what any skate you purchase should promise Nevertheless, a low profile design will help increase your stability. There are also different types of aggressive skating, which include street, park, and vert skating. If you need to get their difference, you should read this article.

Also, after intensive research and testing, there are highlights of the best aggressive inline skates. Moreover, with the detailed buyer’s guide and answers to the frequently asked questions, you are likely to get all the knowledge needed on the aggressive skates.

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