7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads [Options In 2021 & Guide]

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Are you thinking of purchasing new wheels for your rough road skateboarding? In a dilemma about which skateboard wheels you should buy? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you to purchase the right wheels for you.

Generally, softer wheels can be just perfect for the rough roads. You can have the expected grip on these types of wheels.

Here, I am gonna describe further details on that part while reviewing the 7 best skateboard wheels for rough roads in 2021. Besides, You will get an overall knowledge about the buying guide for purchasing any skateboard wheels. So, let’s begin with the list.

Top Skateboard Wheels

Best wheels for rough roads

Skateboard Wheels Review

It’s not enough that you have only the best skateboards, rather you should learn about the top wheels’ review for choosing the best one out there in the market.

So let’s discuss:

Bones’ Rough Riders Wheels

Bones rough rider wheels

The first skateboard wheels brand of our review is the Bones’ rough riders. The diameter of this product is 59mm. Featured with ATF, it provides long-lasting skateboarding action. 

That makes it durable in rough roads riding. The unique ATF feature makes it suitable for more uneven terrain. With an 80A durometer, it ensures reliability in skateboarding action. You know what? The 80A diameter means that it is the softer wheels by Bones. 

When you are a beginner and want a reliable skateboard wheel, then select the bones. That will work well in street riding. Having the unique soft urethane, it makes the best soft skateboard wheels for you.

The softness of the motor will give you a comfortable grip on skateboarding. You will enjoy a revolutionary skating experience with bones wheels. The beautiful yellow color will soothe your eyes as well.

Bones’ wheels for rough roads are the best quality soft wheels available now. It will give you the best skateboarding experience that you can imagine. The more the wheels are smooth, the more they will be slow. 

So if you want to have the softer skateboard wheels, then choose Bones’ without any hesitation. Bones’ yellow rough riders wheels are produced by the Skate One Corp manufacturer. To get the perfect size soft wheels, buy Bones’ ATF softer wheels. 


  • All-Terrain Formula (ATF) wheels
  • 59mm width provides stability 
  • Beautiful yellow color will attract you for sure.
  • Ideal for street or rough roads
  • The dimensions are 2.32 x 2.32 x 1.57 inches
  • This item weighs only 16 ounces.


  • Special urethane offers softer wheels for its users
  • Small size skateboard wheels suitable for beginners.
  • Softer wheels ensure easy grip
  • Ideal for rough or street riders for getting accuracy
  • It offers smoother skateboarding action for its riders.


  • Not the harder ones.

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Ricta Chrome Clouds Wheels

Ricta cloud wheels

The next skateboard wheel for your consideration is the chrome clouds by Ricta. Ricta chrome clouds Skateboard wheel comes with 56mm width. That ensures it is the best small size wheel for skateboarding on rough surfaces. 

Designed with the 92A diameter, it is the best softer wheel for skateboarding. That is ideal for skating, cruising, and skateboarding in rocky areas. You can choose Ricta chrome clouds wheels for rough roads riding.

The soft wheels ensure the smoother skateboarding. Chrome clouds with the white soft color will please your eyes. It is another quality wheel from the manufacturer (Ricta). It is ideal for rough or harsh terrain surfaces. 

Item’s weight is 14.4 ounces. Enjoy your skateboarding to compete in the skateboarding tournament for the rough roads. Ricta chrome clouds provide the best quality small size wheels.

While buying Ricta chrome clouds wheels, you will know that it gives the possible smooth riding. With the 56 mm diameter, it permits you to ride your skateboard on rough roads.

It also ensures that you will get your balance ideally while skateboarding. The roughness of the cruiser or street is not a problem, not anymore. Adjust Ricta on your skateboard or cruiser to experience smoother skateboarding.


  • The width is 56mm that is the small size skateboard wheels
  • The hardness is 92a of Ricta Chrome Clouds 
  • Unique urethane materials for softer wheels
  • A smart white color
  • Suitable for rough roads or cruising areas
  • The dimensions are 1.97 x 5.91 x 6.3 inches.
  • Softer wheels produce a slower speed.


  • Suitable for rough roads
  • Urethane provides softer wheels.
  • Slower speed ensures the safety
  • Smoother skateboarding experience
  • Beautiful white color


  • Small wheels may have difficulty on rougher terrain

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OJ III Skateboard Wheels

OJ skateboard wheels

The next skateboard wheels of our content are the OJ III. It comes with a 54mm diameter and 97A durometer. That means it is the small size of the skateboard wheels. The 97A durometer feature ensures the hardest skateboard wheel in this article until now.

It comes with a dual combination of urethane materials and also colored with black and green.

The number of the durometer scale, the harder the wheels are. OJ III is offering the hardest skateboard wheels that are suitable for all surfaces. It ensures superior balancing in skateboarding action with the wider hard edge, 

Choose OJ III for all-terrain surfaces to get excellent quality riding with speed. The hard conical edge with a broader cover makes it ideal for doing tricks.

To learn skateboarding as a cruiser around your house or on rocky surfaces, choose OJ. The harder wheels produce more speed than the softer wheels. With more speed, you will be more able to do tricks. 

You can have OJ III skateboard wheels for you to skate on the street or the skate park. Enjoy your skateboarding with OJ and have a superior skating experience.


  • Impure urethane materials
  • 53mm size skateboard wheels
  • It comes with the hardness of 97A
  • Dual-color combination
  • Wider and harder conical edge
  • All-terrain surfaces accessibility
  • It comes with a hard-line shape.


  • Small size skateboard wheels
  • Hardest durometer for speed
  • Wider but harder wheels with a conical edge
  • Ideal for starters
  • Suitable for all-terrain surfaces


  • May show the flat point

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MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS all terrain wheels

Are you looking for new longboard wheels for rough roads? MBS all-terrain longboard wheels are here to help you out. It comes with a 100mm x 65mm diameter for longboard wheels.

Having a high-quality urethane body, it offers superior speed on all-terrain surfaces. That makes it softer wheels ideal for off-road riding also. It permits you to ride your longboard on grassy areas as well as on dirty pavement.

MBS all-terrain longboard wheels come with fabulous green color. You can adjust this item on any type of longboard. Enjoy your cruising around off paths or sidewalk. 

With the 100mm urethane wheels, experience a new era of longboard riding. MBS all-terrain longboard wheels are softer wheels that produce maximum durability. 

It ensures a safe riding experience on the off-path longboarding action. With the MBS all-terrain longboard wheels, try your outdoor activities. 

This item comes with a four-piece of MBS all-terrain longboard wheels. That is ideal for all types of longboarder’s quiver. With the MBS all-terrain longboard wheels, you can try the longboard skating competition. 

Satisfy your needs with the MBS all-terrain longboard wheels. That comes with the 22mm OD bearings. It is a perfect fit for the beginner, seasonal longboarder, or cruiser. 


  • It comes with the height of 100mm
  • It also comes with the width of 65mm
  • The core width is 20mm with 22mm bearings.
  • Off path longboard wheels
  • Urethane materials for softness
  • The package includes 4-pieces of longboard wheels.
  • Suits for all types of longboarders


  • All-terrain longboard wheels
  • Ideal for seasonal, beginner or the cruiser longboarders
  • Smooth riding on the off paths or sidewalk
  • Larger wheels size of 100mm x 65 mm
  • Fabulous green color will soothe your heart


  • Not suitable for skate parking spots

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FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Freedare skateboard wheels

The next skateboard wheel of our review is the freedare skateboard wheels. That comes with the four longboard wheels. Paired with the 60mm height and 45mm width, it is the best reliable skateboard wheel available now. 

You can adjust these wheels on your cruiser, longboard or skateboard. That offers you five fabulous colors. Select the skateboard wheels of your favorite color and enjoy your riding.

Freedare skateboard polyurethane wheels are providing superior quality skateboarding action. If you look for, then you will notice the eight durable hard steel bearings of ABEC-7 608. That ensures superior quality speed in your skateboarding performance. It offers the best hardness for its customers with the 83A durometer.

Nothing matters here being a beginner, skateboarder, longboarder, or more. You will get reliable wheels for all purposes.

The Freedare skateboard wheels are the best quality skateboard wheels available nowadays. You can use your skateboard on ski fields, streets, smooth concrete, ramps, and more.

You can, with the freedare skateboard wheels, adjust all types of skateboards. Buy this world-class versatile skateboard wheel to enjoy your skateboarding performance.


  • 60mm x 45mm skateboard wheels
  • 8-hard steel bearings of ABEC-7 608
  • The hardness of the wheels is 83A.
  • Polyurethane wheels ideal for several skateboarding surfaces
  • Almost all types of skateboards adjustment
  • Provides speed along with smooth riding
  • Affordable price for 4-pieces wheels


  • Ideal for all kinds of skateboarders
  • Adjustable to almost all types of skateboards
  • Larger as well as wider wheels
  • Hard steel bearings ensure durability
  • Provides durable balance


  • May have difficulty while doing tricks

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MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels

Motion electric skateboard wheels

Motion electric skateboard wheel is the next product of this content. That is ideal for off roads on all-terrain surfaces. It comes with a 120mm diameter and 78A durometer features. Set with the foam core wheels of 120mm patents, it is the best softcore skateboard wheels until now. 

That provides a long-lasting skateboarding performance for you. 

With the giant size wheels available, it provides the fastest skateboarding for its users. That also ensures a secure grip as well as a smooth pass in the rough surfaces. 

It provides more smooth and durable skateboarding with the 608-grade professional bearings. Motion electric skateboard wheels are coming with 8-metal bearings on four-tube.

Motion electric skateboard wheels are easy to install. That is ideal for most belt motors, and more violent than other brands’ wheels. With the foaming core feature, it ensures the superior smooth grip skateboard wheels. 

It has a smart micro-transparent design to create more vibration on the go. In a word, it is the best skateboard wheel for both electric and standard skateboards.


  • Electric skateboard wheels
  • Foaming core wheels
  • 608-grade metal bearings
  • Tire of polyurethane materials 
  • 78A durometer provides easy grip
  • Larger wheels of 120mm size 
  • Suitable for all-terrain surfaces


  • Electric wheels adjustable to almost all types of skateboards
  • Giant size wheels to provide mileage.
  • Adjustable to almost all types of skateboards
  • Applies to every urban all-terrain surfaces
  • Safest as well as durable skateboard wheels


  • May face difficulty during adjusting period

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Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels

Orangatang wheels

The last skateboard wheels of our review are the orangatang caguama longboard wheels. That comes with 85mm longboard wheels suitable for cruising. 

It also applies to the boards and DIY electric skateboards. With the urethane materials, it ensures superior speed, comfort, momentum, and grip. That offers a maximum speed for long-distance mileage.

Orangatang provides the most comfortable skateboard wheels for its users. It has 3-dimensional outer faces to provide functional skateboard wheels. With the 56mm contact patch, it offers a comfortable grip during skateboarding. 

The wider edge of the wheels helps you to pass through the rocky surfaces smoothly. 

Cuguama wheels come with a 45mm core. That can compete for almost all electric skateboard wheels. With the happy Thane formula, it provides you with a smoother skateboarding experience. 

That includes superior roll speed, predictable slides, and excellent traction. The heat resistant urethane materials make it durable in all-terrain rough surfaces.


  • An electric longboard wheels for skateboard
  • 85mm diameter with 45mm core width
  • 56mm contact patches provide stability
  • Softer wheels of 80A-83A durometer scale 
  • Item’s width is 58.5mm that provides durability.
  • Softer, safer, and smoother skateboard wheels
  • Orangatang cuguama wheels with happy thane formula


  • Softer skateboard wheels
  • Ideal for longboard skateboards
  • It offers a smooth riding experience.
  • Applies to all-terrain rough surfaces
  • It offers durable working performance in one go.


  • Edges may be falling apart after a couple of weeks.

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A Complete Buying Guide of Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are the essential equipment for your riding. The wheels permit you to move, do tricks, and more things. It is the wheels that determine how smooth your travel will be. 

Even a slight difference in the size of the wheel can change your whole skating experience. You should examine the following points to get the perfect fit wheels for you.

Determine The Wheel’s Size

The first thing to consider before purchasing skateboard wheels is the wheel’s size. If you inquire about the size, then you will get different sizes available in the market. 

The performance of your skateboard entirely depends on the wheels’ size. A slight difference in the wheel can make a huge difference in your skating. So, for a better skating experience, determine the perfect size wheels for you.

Check out this video

Determine The Wheel’s Diameter

The next thing you should determine while choosing the Skateboard wheels is the diameter. Actually, different size skateboard wheels are the skateboard wheels’ diameter. The diameter widths during the wheels’ size in millimeters and the range vary from 50-75 mm.

Here look at the skateboard wheels’ diameter. The 50-53mm wheels are small size wheels that offer a slower ride. With the 54-59mm size, that is the average size that is perfect for the starter. The 60mm + are large size wheels that are the ideal fit for longboards that ensure speed.

Determine The Wheel’s Durometer

The durometer of the skateboard wheels is the hardness of the wheels. There are two types of durometer available in the market. One is the soft surface wheel, and another is hard surface wheels. 

The softer wheel provides you with a slower riding speed. That is suitable for street riding, doing tricks, and more. 

On the other hand, the harder surface wheels provide speeds in skateboard riding. The durometer is measuring with the a or b grade. The most massive durometer scale is 100a. With the b grade, some manufacturers offer a b grade durometer scale for its customers.

Consider Your Skateboard

Check out the skateboard itself before purchasing the skateboard wheels. For example, you will need the small skateboard wheels for your street riding or to do tricks. 

On the other hand, you will need larger wheels for your longboard skating. So, determine your skateboard type before purchasing the skateboard wheels. That will work fantastic for your skating.

Determine Your Purpose

Now be sure about your purpose before buying any skateboard wheels. Because you should choose the wheels according to your skating use. When you want to skate on the street, then decide the larger wheels. 

But for the skating park or to do tricks, you should rely on the smaller ones. Your purpose of skating will also determine the wheel’s durometer.

Find Out Your Skating Place

The place is another important thing that needs to be determined. Choose your skateboard wheels according to the site of your riding. For example, you will need small size wheels to skate on the skatepark or ramp.

On the contrary, the larger wheels are essential for speed as well as rough road skating. So, determine your skating place before choosing the skateboard wheels for you.

Consider Your Style

What about your skating style? Confirm your skating style while choosing the skateboard wheels for you. Before doing tricks with your skateboard, select the right size wheels for you. That will give you support during the skills performing time.

If you want to skate on the street, choose the right size skateboard wheels. And yes, don’t forget to pick an accurate durometer.

Determine The Contact Patch of the Wheels

Note down to consider before getting a new pair of skateboard wheels is the contact patch. The surface touching areas of the wheels are the contact patch. So, the contact patch is to scrutinize before purchasing skateboard wheels. The wider contact patch of the wheels offers more stability during the skating.

Find Out The Width of the Wheels

Determine the wheels’ width before selecting any skateboard wheels. Larger wheels offer speed and stability during the skating periods. 

It also prevents any accident from taking place. Choose the exact width of the wheels to experience better skating performance.

Determine The Shape of the Wheels

The shape of the skateboard wheels is also crucial. We generally notice skateboard wheels in two shapes in the market. With the shape of the classic wheel, it offers a comfortable grip as well as speed.

The other one is the shape of the conical wheel that provides a full contacting patch. That offers excellent performance in skatepark skating.

Determine the Wheels’ Brand

Now you need to choose the best brand of the skateboard wheels. Many skateboard wheel types are available from different brands. Choose the best skateboard wheels brand by studying the quality of the wheels. 

Different brands offer various services that are unique according to their features. So, choose the best skateboard wheels from the available brands.

The Core of the Wheels

The last thing to keep in mind before purchasing the skateboard wheels is the core of the wheels. You can get metal core wheels as well as the plastic core wheels. 

The metal core wheels are durable and easily adjustable to the skateboard. On the other hand, the quality plastic core is smartly flexible to the skateboard. 

So, follow this buying guide before purchasing any skateboard wheels. That will help you to get the right as well as the perfect skateboard wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which are the best skateboard wheels for the street?

With three different types, skateboard wheels provide riding performance according to their categories. For example, the softer wheels are ideal for street riders or cruisers. 

Similarly, the harder wheels are suitable for skating on the skate park. On the other hand, the medium size skateboard wheels are ideal for street riders and beginners.

  • Do you think 52mm wheels are good for the street?

The softer wheels with a 52mm diameter offer durable skateboarding action. The harder wheels also offer quality speed for its customers. That’s why you should choose the 52mm harder skateboard wheels for you. That will permit you to skate on the rough surfaces.

  • What is the process to clean the skateboard wheels?

Cleaning skateboard wheels is not a tough task to perform. You can easily get some cleaning materials at your nearby shops or online store. Most interestingly, you can make that happen with some simple home cleaning items like soap water and citrus cleaner. To get a complete guide, you can read my other in-depth guide on this topic. Here it is.

Final Thought

We hope you read out this whole content on 7-best skateboard wheels for rough roads. We hope you get overall information about these skateboard wheels. 

That will help you to choose the best product that matches your requirements. Have a close look at this article and get proper instructions on how to buy new skateboard wheels.

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