Best Brands of Inline Skates

6 Best Brands of Inline Skates in 2023 [You Can Trust]

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People are getting more and more interested day by day in fun inline skating activity. 

However, to get the most out of it, you need to choose strong, durable, and supportive skates from a variety of options available out there on the market. And, that is exactly why you must have a clear idea about the best brands of inline skates around. 

Though some brands like K2 and Rollerblade have been producing high-quality skates for many years, I doubt you may have missed a few good brands that have been meeting the needs of the skaters quite successfully. 

But, not to worry! In this article, I’ve compiled the 5 top inline skate-making companies along with their historical background and noticeable features so that you don’t have to go through any kinds of hassles anymore!

Let’s get started:

Good Brands of Rollerblades (Inline Skates) Listed

  • Rollerblade
  • K2
  • Powerslide
  • Flying Eagle
  • Roller Derby
  • Roces
Best Brands of Inline Skates


The actual sport is inline skating. But, many inline skaters still treat it as rollerblading. In fact, rollerblading comes from the word rollerblade, which is literally a company that has been making inline skates for many years now. See some historical background:

  • Owner: Nordica (Winter sports products manufacturing company)
  • Founded in: Minnesota, 1982
  • Founded by: Brennan Olson & Scott Olson
  • Headquarter: West Lebanon

Key Features of Rollerblade Skate

If you are looking for stylish, affordable, durable inline skates, then you should go for the Rollerblade brand. The company also comes with different variations like Rollerblade Zetrablde, Macroblade, APex, Bladerunner, etc. 

For instance, Rollerblade Zetrablde versions are good for fitness skating, and also worth buying for any beginner-level skater, men and women.

Featured with a plastic material and monocoque frame, you can find Zetrablade as a durable and sturdy one The frame also enhances the stability by lowering the center of gravity.

On the other hand, Bladerunner skates are perfect for beginners. If we look closely, most skates come in red and black. They are designed with 80mm wheels and ABEC-7 bearings for moderate speed with better control.

Overall, Rollerblade is a renowned name for making super quality inline skates for novice skaters. You can therefore truly rely on their product as men or women or for your kid’s fun skates.

K2 Skate Brand

Our top choice of brands for inline skates is K2. K2’s birth took place as a US’ ski company in Washington 59 years back. The company is now a renowned name for making skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboarding boots, snowboards,  Apparel, Inline skates, Ice skates; Snowshoes etc. Historical Background:

  • Born in: 1962
  • Renamed: in 2003 as K2 Sports
  • Present Location: Seattle
  • Founded by: Bill and Don Kirschner

Key Features of K2 Skate

K2 has some awesome features that make us keep this brand in the second position. They design skates for all and they come in different colors like red, blue, orange, white or a mix of those.

What about the materials? Well, most of the K2 skates are designed with aluminum frames that are responsive and stiff. They use Vortech Ventilation System for better ventilation and a cool feel. 

K2 skates have different variations, like K2 F.I.T Boa, K2 Marlee, K2 Alexis, K2 Raider, etc. If we look at K2 F.I.T Boa, the closure system is Boa which allows you to tighten or lose the skate with a twist of a knob. 

Besides, being framed with aluminum, the skates are super sturdy and durable. K2 skates are also better for speed and maneuvering with its 90mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings. 

On the other hand, K2 Marlee skates are made up of a VO2 cuff for a lightweight feel and higher speed. VO2 S frame also ensures responsiveness and vibration absorption which most of the skaters look for.

In a nutshell, K2 brand is well known for making flexible, reliable and supportive skates for all levels of skaters.

Find some well-known K2 Skates here.


In the 90s, the continent of North America was taken over by the popularity of inline skating. Powerslide has emerged in that era to manufacture quality inline skating gears so people can lean toward the new skating wave even more.

Powerslide provides skating gears especially suited for urban areas. It also manufactures different products for inline skating, fitness, racing, or urban adventure.

Born in: 1994

Where: NY, USA

Founders: Mathias Knoll, Stefan Gohl

In 1997: started producing all lines of products by their own

Key Features of Powerslide Skate

Powerslide is better at making freestyle inline skates that are meant to be used in urban areas. Its skates have two categories on the basis of wheel quantity: 3 wheel skates, 4 wheel skates, etc. which are manufactured for men, women, and kids. P

Mind you, products from Powerslide have a high reputation of offering a long lifetime as well.

Some of the popular products from powerslide in the skating section are Powerslide HC Evo pro,  Powerslide NEXT brown125, Powerslide Imperial Black Red 110, etc. All of these models provide great comfort to extreme and risky-worthy maneuvers that are performed by urban skaters.

The wheels from the product line of this brand are specially manufactured with thermoplastic material. This gives the skates extra ability to stay free from constraints even in a hot environment when excessive heat is generated due to friction in the time of performance.

The carbon fiber mashed body of the skates from Powerslide is the main contributor to the high life span. And along with that, all the models from Powerslide are made on the top of a stainless steel reinforced frame. This makes the skates even more sturdy and more worthy of high-risk movements.

Flying Eagle

For urban skaters, Flying Eagle is the name of another option of urban-friendly inline skates. This manufacturer has taken in a huge amount of popularity by providing high value for money products in the market. According to professional skaters, flying eagle skates are cozy, comfortable, and performance-friendly. 

Born in: 2006

Where: China

Founders: unknown

In 2006: started exporting specially made goods for the USA

Key Features of Flying Eagle Skate

The main plus point of this brand is its low cost and high value for money. Their skates have all the necessary components needed to perform and win skates tournaments. 

Many of the professional skaters themselves testified to Flying Eagle’s favor in the past too. Skates models like Flying Eagle F5S Eclipse, Flying Eagle F3S Origami Skates, Flying Eagle F4 Rav, etc. are among the proudest models from this brand.

They have skate fits for professional players as well as beginners. So, as a player learns to skate and find their way to a professional level, they learn to love Flying Eagle. 

In terms of construction, all the skates are manufactured with reinforced aluminum EGO frames that can withstand very high weight and carry even persons of the largest sizes. 

The shells of the skates are manufactured with carbon fiber mashed plastic that is secured by multiple straps and buckles. As the security of the feet is ensured, comfortable padding of Neoprene material assists the performance with enhanced comfortability. 

The wheels, on the other side, are 85A grade no-brake-system wheels equipped with super high stamina bearings that produce no heat. This helps the performer attain long-duration maneuvers.

If an overall comparison with other brands is made with Flying Eagle, it will be no surprise if Flying Eagle comes out to be the better one.

Roller Derby Skate

I am not talking about roller derby games, but rather talking about the roller derby brand of inline skates. No doubt it’s one of the leading manufacturers of inline skates around. 

Earlier, they produced skates as  Aerflyte company, later they came out as Roller Derby Skate Corp. More info:

  • Invented in: shortly after 1936
  • Founded by: Oscar Seltzer and Leo Seltzer
  • Based in: Litchfield, Illinois.

Key Features of Roller Derby Skate

Roller Derby has been providing cute, comfortable skates for over 85 years now. They design fashionable, stylish, and good skates for mainly sidewalk skating. 

The company has different variations too. For instance, If we look at Roller Derby ION, they are made with aluminum material along with polyurethane wheels. 

The closure system is strap-on and the easy push-button helps to adjust the sizing of the skate. It comes with a Gold-7 speed bearing as well that ensures a quiet and comfortable ride. 

To fulfill the needs of kids and teens, Roller Derby VTech/Cobra could be a good option. It is made up of synthetic material and its closure system is a buckle which makes it a supportive one for all.

Featured with 76mm wheels, Gold-7 rated bearing and hardshell liner, the skates are handy for growing feet. 

Other variations of the Roller Derby skates are Tracer, Stinger, and Elite Alpha. Elite Alpha skates are mainly for fitness and recreational purposes. They are lightweight and long-lasting as well.

In brief, Roller Derby is the best starter-level roller skate brand that can hold the toughness of the roller derby game. Go for it!

Roces Skate

Among the aggressive inline skaters, Roces has been popular for many days. Roces designs skates based on a solid foundation and a skater’s needs. They not only produce inline skates but also design quality ice skates, derby skates, and scooters, etc. Let’s look at its historical background:

  • Born in: 1952
  • Where: Montebelluna, Italy
  • Founders: Ottorino and Lina Cavasin
  • In 2006: Launched IDEA, adjustable ski boots for children

Key Features of Roces Skate

Aggressive inline skaters can’t help but think of Roces: they are advanced, durable, and most flexible skates ever. 

If you look at the skates, you see the craftsmanship is great. The style is awesome. The comfort level is high. Truly, Roces skates have been the soul and spirit of aggressive skating.

We can see Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates, which are made up with quality nylon and aluminum mix, and polyurethane wheels. Besides, Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon has been used for making its frame, which ensures the best fit. 

Roces is famous for its shell: constructed with High-Grade Polyurethane HGPU for durability and the liner is padded with Slo-memory foam for better support. In the closing system, they use an aluminum memory buckle, an aggro-grab strap for tight and good fitting.

Kids can choose the Roces brand as well. Roces Kid’s Orlando Fitness Inline Skates is a very good option for them. It’s because the closure system is hook and loop, which makes it easy to use for kids. Other mentionable features could be:

  • Different color schemes that kids like.
  • Easy to put on and lace-up.
  • Easy to strap on and off.
  • Different size settings for different foot sizes.

Overall, the awesome look, sturdy feature, and long-lasting makes Roces a famous inline skate brand among beginners to adults.

Other Inline Skates Brands

  • Bont
  • Bauer Vapor
  • VNLA Carbon 

Video Tutorial on Inline Skates Brands


As you can see, there are different types and brands of inline skates you can choose from. I understand it can be overwhelming to pick a skate from a variety of options, but as long as you stick to one of the companies mentioned above, you can be confident that you will have a good skate in your hand. 

You should also take into consideration your skill level, budget, and your body. For that reason, I would suggest you read this article about some excellent inline skates that can help you choose the perfect one for you.

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