Roller Skates Review

15 Best Roller Skates Brands 2023 [Stylish, Smooth & Durable]

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Confused? Don’t be. I reckon you take a bold decision to get into roller skating, believed to be a damn thrilling activity nowadays. But still can’t find the best roller skate? No worries. This review will help you to steer your purchase decision to your desired location.

There you go!

There is no harm in searching for the “best”. But finding the best roller skates brands may not be an easy task. Best refers to the mechanical elaboration, the aristocracy, durability, smoothness, and overall performance of the skates.

Sometimes it happens that money is not an issue. Rather “authentic” is the mere word you are looking for. I have pursued and explored a genuine and holistic view of different skate brands’ nitty-gritty issues. Reveal and match your moves.

However, many find roller skates a bit more confusing the inline skates. Rather, apart from several differences, both are commonly involved in leisure and fun activity.

Top Roller Skates Brands 2023

1. Best For Rhythemic Skating: BTFL Pro Roller Skates 

“Good brand, soft leather, adjustable stoppers, high load aluminum axles, perfect for dancing and rink”

2. Best For Teenage Girls: C7 Cute Roller Skates

“Cute Skates, faux leather, ankle support, swift and speedy, outdoor and indoor skate”

3. Best For Fashionable Skaters: Roller Derby Candi Girl

“Stylish and gorgeous, extra control and smooth, fast, well fit, perfect for beginners and intermediate”

4. Best For Fashionable Women: Moxi Skates Beach Bunny 

“Top brand, custom, strong metal trucks made, fun and fashionable, reduce friction, safe skate”

5. Best For Outdoor: Sure-Grip Purple Boardwalk Skates

“Superior brand, exceptional outdoor skate, 3 color, lace-up closure, leather boot and beach outdoor skate”

6. Best for Rink Skating: Gets 4 Wheel Women’s Roller Skates

“Sturdy four wheels, designed with classic double row, super comfortable skate for both men and women in the rink”

7. Best Leather Skate for Boys & Girls: Xudrez Classic Roller Skates for Both Boys and Girls

“PU Leather makes it durable, comfortable, safe, stable, fast with ABEC-9 bearings, Ideal for ice skating and outdoor skating”

8. Best Freestyle Skate: Pacer Astra Freestyle Roller Skates

“Exclusive brushed boot, Large & Grippy wheels, Speedy bearings, super ankle support, best for beginner to intermediate rollers”

9. Best For Tricks and Rhythm: Vanilla Tuxedo Jam Roller Skate 

“Indoor wheels, genuine backspin, upgraded trucks, quick break and quick skating”

10. Best for Backward Skating: Riedell Dart Ombré Quad Skate

“Vinyle material makes it durable & breathable, easy lacing, colorful, perfect for right speed and grip.”

11. Best Speed Roller Skates: Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500

“Quad skate, Speed wheel, light micro-tech boot, comfort lining, ABEC-9 bearing, comfortable”

12. Best For Growing Kids: Chicago Boy’s Quad Roller Skate 

“Kids’ favorite, classic and popular name, supportive, breathable, and stable”

13. Best for Girls: OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates 

“Adjustable, ABEC-7 bearing, colorful light, sneaker style skate, perfect for growing kids”

14. Best For Growing Kids: SULIFEEL Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skates

“Good rated, for girls, boys and kids, durable, good for gifts, quiet, confident ride, safe”

15. Best For Young Kids: Kuxuan Doodle Design Roller Skates

“Fun skate, wheels light up, impact-resistant, Safety ratchet buckle, cute and lovely”

Roller Skates Review

Top Brands of Roller Skate Reviewed

1. BTFL Pro Roller Skates

Considering the technical specifications, BTFL Pro is a top-rated roller skate. Hence, ideal for rink, artistic, and rhythmic skating. A group of German experts made BTFL a signature brand for women solely by maintaining a pure structural brilliance.

Nonetheless, the unisex design of BTFL Pro will gonna inspire you to dance with your partner with full flow and joy. Make your partner believe it to be the best roller skates for dancing.

High Rebound 78A wheels with ABEC-7 ensure an enjoyable ride. Talking about the chassis of this masterpiece will not gonna let you down. A blend of plastic materials helps the chassis to curtail the weight. Not to mention, the height-adjustable stoppers which are super unique. 

The soft leather work in both the interior and exterior is truly overwhelming and confirms “no plastic” on the upper part of the shoe.

Moreover, aluminum axles are responsible enough to take a higher amount of load. However, great skates for the money you invest.

Dance with us. That’s what your skate will make you feel.


  • Solid ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings
  • Unisex design attracts the most people 
  • Cushions and padding guarantee comfort
  • Height adjustable stoppers make it one of the best dance roller skates.


  • The insoles come with a flimsy flat piece of foam

2. C7 Cute Roller Skates

Bold bright brilliant- that’s what C7 Cute is all about. I bet on the performance and value that C7 promises to deliver. It proves it to be a good roller skate to enjoy snacking all around the rink.

You will find plenty of gripping ability on every surface you skate on. The 54-32mm diameter, 82A urethane speed wheels are quite responsible for this.

First-class materials such as durable wheels, lightweight plates, premium toe stopper have just made the thing flawless for the skaters.

PVC constructed shell gives the skater adequate ankle support. It is conducive to young learners as well. (learn to roller skate)

Feel like skating in the wind with the comfortable liners. It contributes to extending your skating hours. Relax and adore the old-fashioned feel with the 1-inch heel. This skate is an excellent candidate for being the best.

Like inline skates, few roller skates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. C7 is not an exception. The girls at the rink will certainly envy you for the bright color and superb floral patterns. What a unique statement in the middle!


  • Sufficient ankle support
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Quick wheels 
  • Catchy designs


  • Bearings are inexpensive and will wear fast

3. Roller Derby Candi Girl

Go fast and have a smooth ride! What are the best skates for girls are not far away from you. Grab it!

Candi Girl Outdoor polyurethane wheels of 66mm x 38mm measurement will not let you down. In addition, chrome bearings named Bevo Silver-5 makes you believe rapid and flexible movement all around. 

This superior quality vibrant brushed suede high top boot has the signature formula of Candi Girl Outdoor wheels. Gliding on every surface is not a dream right now. 

The lightweight aluminum chassis together with metallic trucks confirms ultimate navigation. Built-in non-marking brake is another addition to it.

Typical custom fit laces assist you for close-fitting and secure feet as well. At the top lining soft suede ensures comfort and padded lining safeguards as ankle support. PU cushions with precision turning keep you moving as you have never experienced before.

All these features characterize this skate like the best women’s roller skate of the modern days.


  • High-end specially formulated Candi Girl Outdoor wheels
  • Bevo Silver-5 excellent race bearings
  • Superior aluminum chassis
  • Colorful brushed suede
  • Classic laces for a custom-fit


  • Focus on design drops the attention for speed a bit

4. Moxi Skates Beach Bunny

Customarily drum-dyed vinyl is responsible for making superior quality roller skates and little break-in time. Moxi Beach Bunny has got this feature. Furthermore, the manufacturer uses the customized Moxi Dri-lex substance for increasing breathability.

This best skates for ladies is a much more recreational type of skate. The stylish, trendy, and sassy look will blow your mind.

Avoiding a bumpy ride is the key to women’s skate. The way out is the traditional ABEC-5 rated steel ball bearings. Nothing to worry about any kind of abrasion. Moreover, 58mm 78A hardness wheels ensure cushioning in the below.

Lace up whenever you want to do so. A simple and easy lacing system makes the skate easily adjustable with your feet. The large padded tongue safeguards from unwanted injury and confirms snug fit. Moreover, comfort is all around.

The black toe stopper is ready to serve as an adjustable tool. This PowerDyne brand is replaceable but has a longer life too.


  • high rebound urethane outdoor wheels
  • Special high top skates for women
  • Usage of Dri-Lex lining material increase ventilation system
  • Superior Marvel aluminum plate 
  • Stress-free lace and Velcro strap system


  • Adjust sizing may create a problem. Pay closer look at the sizing guide

5. Sure-Grip Purple Boardwalk Skates

Purple! Another exclusive vibrant color out of many Sure-grip ranges of products. It has great functionality too. It also comes with matching color wheels and laces. 

This Sure-grip Boardwalk package includes a nice looking suede leather boot having stitched sole at the bottom. The composite nylon sole is meant for long-lasting capability and added comfort.

Soft urethane wheels are 65mm and make the wheels prone to high rebound. These outdoor wheels accompanied by ABEC 3 bearings formulate this skate to be an ideal choice for any outdoor skater. The durable rock plate confirms the stability of the skate. 

What attracts me most is the spacious feeling inside the boot. Because my feet are a bit heavy.

Nice wide boot, super soft wheels for outdoor and rich color options make you really crazy. Besides, you can enjoy the easy break-in period. If you are looking for an outdoor roller skate as a beginner, don’t waste your time.

A cool beach lifestyle is no way far from you now. This outdoor elegant-looking boot welcomes you always. A comfortable and quality roll is just a click away from you.


  • 65mm, 78A Boardwalk outdoor wheels
  • Abec 3 bearings 
  • Stitched sole ensures durability 
  • Strong Rock Nylon Plate
  • Carrera toe stop ensures long-lasting toughness


  • Extra heavyweight may be awkward

6. Gets 4 Wheel Women’s Roller Skates

The gorgeous outlook and artificial leather made boots have made it an amazing choice for the female skating freaks. It has glossy black color and polyurethane made long-lasting wheels. The brand that has brought it to the market is Gets.

This skate has a traditional lacing system along with internal braking. Also, it can provide a sufficient amount of strength and durability. A support column is provided on the front side that lets the beginner to stake with ease.

Perfect fit, as well as good comfortability, has made this skate very popular among riders. Not only these but the control of this skate is also well. Let’s see the pros and cons of this skate at a glance.


  • Have pre-installed ABEC 5 bearings.
  • The traditional lacing system gives a pretty strong tie during a ride and ensures safety for the rider. High quality laces have longevity as well.
  • A durable and strong boot ensures comfortability and strength simultaneously.
  • Strong and durable wheels to ensure speed and safety.


  • Does not have designs or graphics depicted on the boot. So for graphics lovers, this may not be a perfect choice.

7. Xudrez Classic Roller Skates for Both Boys and Girls

High-quality ABEC 9 bearing has made this roller skate a strong contender in the list of most popular roller skates. Outstanding PU leather made breathable and comfortable boot gives a nice fit for the rider. It lets the rider have an amazing feeling during any ride.

This roller skate has four wheels for a quality riding experience. Though the skate is quite heavy, it ensures the safety of the skater. It weighs 3 kg. Also, the boot has a wireless stitched sole that adds another degree of beauty to the boot.

Considering all specifications, this roller skate is really amazing. You can give this as a present to any skate freak or you can also buy it for yourself. It is a good choice for any adult skater. The positive and negative aspects at a glance are as follows.


  • Heavy PU leather made boot for a comfortable and strong structure.
  • Equipped with outstanding quality ABEC 9 bearings for high-end performance.
  • Manufactured with a built-in heat generation system to maintain breathability.
  • Orthodox lacing system for better stability.
  • The internal braking system provides safety and high controllability. 


  • Some customers do not like the color and outer design of the boot.

8. Pacer Astra Freestyle Roller Skates

Pacer has brought an amazing roller skate that has gold or black boot along with 65 mm wheels. The chassis is Aluminium made. The whole structure of the roller skate is light and strong. The wheels are made of polyurethane.

Inside the structure, Bevo Silver 5 race-rated chrome bearings are installed that guarantee speed as well as stability. The ankle support is such that the skate is a perfect one for any newbie as well as an intermediate-level skater.

This roller skate is suitable for any newbie or mid-level skater. Large wheels with enough grip let the skater to have safe turning at sharp turns both in indoor and outdoor skating.


  • Comes in two amazing and eye-catchy gorgeous colors.
  • Have good ankle support.
  • Aluminum made chassis and Bevo Silver 5 rated race bearings are another noticeable feature of the skate.
  • The brushed suede boot is strong and long lasting. There is padding inside the boot for an extra degree of comfortability for any rider.
  • Has a nice fit for any woman.


  • Skaters who are used to belt system lacing usually find this boot inconvenient to use. 

9. Vanilla Tuxedo Jam Roller Skate

VNLA is proudly presenting the best skates for men and women for performing jam skate. Having ABEC-9 bearings and finest aluminum trucks, the versatility is just a roll away from you.

VNLA Tuxedo sport vows to combine fashion and function altogether. 

This sleek black and white profile have 62 millimeters hardened backspin wheels. The 95A hardness superlight nylon hub wheels are great for indoor roller skates.

Out of the box, strap them on right away. Yes, they are ready to cruise you a painless journey around the neighborhood. Because no break-in period features this pair with a high level of comfort and consistency.

Equipped with the Vanilla Gorilla nylon plate, this superior structure promises a 5-degree action for improving stability.

For frequent session skaters or beginning jam skaters, this is an excellent choice for quick maneuvering.

Low profile toe stop, Vanilla Jam Plug and Velcro right across assist you to skate like a pro. However, the “Team Vanilla” took the responsibility to design and examine the best quad skates for jam skating.


  • Durable aluminum trucks
  • High-quality stitched leather
  • Require very little break-in time


  • Outdoor skating requires you to buy outdoor wheels.

10. Riedell Dart Ombré Quad Skate

Paired with 62mm, 93A hardness polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 steel ball bearings, this rolling machine ensures quality roller skates.

For achieving one goal of manufacturing and offering great roller skates Riedell Shoes Inc has tried hard for about 70 years. With a large fleet of skilled and experienced employees, Riedell took the endeavor of reinventing product lines. 

Durability and comfort make Riedell Dart Ombre as the first choice of use to any indoor and outdoor skater. Therefore, skaters consider it as the perfect roller skates for outdoor and indoor as well. The finest quality die-cast aluminum plate provides superior support. 

Comfortable padding and velcro strap give ultimate protection while skating. The pair is equipped with an adjustable black toe stopper that aids in providing a built-in braking control system. 

The Dart Ombré skate has an exceptional feature of the fade pattern. The color matching Dart 62mm x 43mm wheels attracts you most.

You don’t have to worry about the color option for beginner to intermediate skaters. Few popular colorways just make Riedell Dart more adorable to the skaters. 


  • Synthetic boots with velcro straps
  • PowerDyne die-cast aluminum plate 
  • Quick ABEC-5 bearings


  • The wheels quality is not great

11. Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Skate

Smooth skating and gliding through- that’s what you deserve from this Roller Derby Sting 5500. Comfortable roller skates for quickness is no way far from you right now. Get the most out of it and go beyond.

Framed with RTX 6000 Pro on the top of Urethane-formulated wheels will make you feel the rush of blood.

Comfort with style at its best here. Skate design combines distinctive details with quality components like RTX 6000 plate and ABEC-9 race bearings. Match the speed according to your desire.

You can cherish the feature of Light-Micro Tech upper boot in your every intense skate session. 

Make yourself the center of attraction when you are performing in the middle. They are comfortable and you can have a soft feel on your way. Keep your feet secure and stable all time with memory foam fit and quick wick comfort lining.

Best skates for Roller derby are waiting to serve you. Buy and feel the intensity of passion.


  • 58mm x 40mm speed-freak Urethane wheels
  • ABEC-9 race bearing
  • 5/8-Inch adjustable toe stop
  • RTX 6000 Pro solid aluminum frame.


  • Indoor players find the wheels are a little bit harder

12. Chicago Boy’s Quad Roller Skate

For more than 100 years Chicago Skate has been a prominent brand in the skating industry. If you are looking for the best roller skates for kids or a good cheap skate, you are in the right place to stick around.

As your child grows, make the boot grow as well. Like kid’s inline skates, the Chicago Quad skate has a push button to meet the requirement of four different sizes. Yeah! Just a push of a button and the boot is ready to serve the years to come.  

At the very top line, the profile of this boot is justly significant. This dual-piece boot construction is featured with 60mm composite wheels and 608ZB bearings.

Comfort is the priority of this brand. The padded collar stands very high with no argument. Intense comfort around the ankle when you slip your feet in. Moreover, the ventilated mesh nylon inner makes the boot comfortable inside too. 

With so much comfort, security is not compromised yet. Two micro ratchet buckles keep your feet safe all time.


  • Accommodate growing feet with the easy push-button
  • Stitched upper boot ensures stability
  • In-built safe toe stopper


  • The plastic wheels are a bit hard

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13. OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates

Illuminated! Too good to be true. 

Skating at dark is much more fun because all of the eight wheels are well-lit with a flood of light wherever your kids go through. No batteries are required with exciting multi-colors.

Are you looking for the best beginner roller skates for your kids?

Presenting OTW-Cool & best adjustable roller skates. It is easy enough for your kid to adjust the size by themselves. Just a press of a button and all is set.

ABEC-7 full precision bearings are durable enough for seamless skating. The urethane PU 54mm x 32mm wheels are made of polymer plastic. 

The padded collars and upper boot lining assures a caring fit with comfort and appropriate all-around maneuverability.

This combo from the OTW is truly entertaining. Let’s enjoy the superior customer experience of OTW. The product experience will not gonna depress you at all. A wide-ranging pleasure is about to begin with this best skate for children.


  • Light up wheels
  • ABEC-7 full precision bearings
  • Durable PU 54mm x 32mm wheels
  • Protective ratchet buckle and power strap
  • Adjustable size 


  • Avoid gliding on rough roads due to softer wheel construction

14. SULIFEEL Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skates

Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your growing kids? Don’t think too much. An adjustable stress-free single button push is ready to serve you. I can guarantee your kid will love it.

Easy and convenient. Now you don’t need to worry about the growth of your kid. Adjustable 4 sizes are equipped to serve you for a long time.

Aluminium-framed structure with PU wheels and ABEC-7 speed bearings exceptionally match the price of this top-rated roller skate.

Light up at night and glitter in the daytime. These two adorable features attract the kids most. Rolling in the dark is no more unsafe now. Roll on and colorful rainbow lights up automatically. All of the 8 wheels are illuminating without battery.

It’s a real confidence booster. Isn’t it?

There is no space of risk. Safety and security truly assured. Built-in cuff nylon buckle, power strap and lace closure system make you feel safe and confident all the time.


  • Special illuminating wheels
  • ABEC-7 speed bearings
  • No battery needed for light up
  • Flexible skate size


  • A bit pricey

15. Kuxuan Doodle Design Roller Skates

Nowadays kids are less physically active. To make them more engaged in outdoor, the skates with light-up wheels play an important role. 8 luminous wheels make your kid a star. You will find them super active and full of fun.

The distinctive doodle design makes your little ones attract a lot. One pair fits 4 sizes with an adjustable push-button system. Kuxuan skates take the responsibility of your kid’s growing foot.

Durable polyurethane (PU) wheels with ABEC-7 bearings ensure safe skating all around.

Buy a Kuxuan Doodle roller skate and make sure any kind of impact is no way near to your kid. On top of it, your kid will experience a smooth, comfortable glide on his way through. Charming! Isn’t it?

As a parent, you will certainly feel your kid safe and secure with the protective trio: safety ratchet buckle, power strap and laces up closure. Premium performance is backed by comfort padding and soft boot system. 


  • One pair for four sizes 
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Impact-resistant polymer boot
  • Exclusive Doodle design
  • Triple secure lock


  • Lack of cushioning on the footbed

Best Roller Skates Brands

Best roller skate brands

The skate industry does not find its current glory and recognition within a year or two. It is a legacy of more than 100 years of skate horizon. Over these years different brand names came forward revealing their magic box makes the industry more colorful and jubilant. 

A few top rated roller skates of all time are discussed below:

An abundant fun, lavish lifestyle, overall satisfaction, and what else you need? Roller Derby caters to you all. Roller Derby, one of the best brand of roller skates, was founded in 1936 by Oscar Seltzer.

Quad, Inline, Elite- Roller derby makes its impression in all branches of skating. Roller Derby helps the Americans to add a hint of extra fun to their favorite skating sport.

The hall of fame of roller skating transcripts the name of Paul Riedell, the mastermind of Riedell Shoes Inc. Back in 1947 he along with his four grandsons launched a full-fledged process of figure skates, speed, roller, and inline skates.

Riedell’s 75 years of unrivaled invention and recreation do not compromise with customer satisfaction.

John L. Wintz, the founder of Sure-grip International took the initiative in 1936 to form this skate giant. The introduction of revolutionizing wheels in the skate industry makes Suregrip an innovative leader undoubtedly.

The name perfectly matches its deeds, it literally gives the user a “Sure-Grip”.

Skating Since 1905. Talking about Chicago Skate, founded by Ware Brothers of Chicago. Innovative and modern technology help Chicago Skate to form a standard in quad roller skate production.

As skating becomes popular in America, the Chicago Skate keeps busy filling up shelves of shops with skates.

Fashion at its best in C7 Skate. Wonderful design with aristocracy makes C7 every woman’s dream of choice.

Soft interior padding and inner PVC support deliver added comfort and flexibility. Materials used here are superior in quality.

Nowadays, C7 merchandises are readily available in retail stores and e-commerce websites.

Skates have never been so cute before! Moxi Roller Skates makes it possible. A young entrepreneur, Michelle Steilen, established Moxi Skate in 2008.

A perfect blend of classic skate design and modern materials contributes enough to produce a grand Moxi skate.

Out of various ones, the other top roller skate brands are Antik, Vanilla, Crazy, and so on. Every brand strives in creating an impression in the mind of the users. Hence, finding the quality roller skates won’t be an easy task due to the exclusive feature of each of those brands.

Competing with one another these reputable brands nurture their distinctive qualities to make them unique from others. Many specialize in quad skate. Some find their way with inline skates. And few concentrate on skateboarding.

A Buying Guide: Selecting The Best Roller Skate

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Roller skate comes with four wheels that are arranged in a pair making it very steady to stand on it.

People of all ages from kids to aged persons use roller skates as transportation devices from one place to another. Few use this for fitness, normal skating, disco, and dancing. The rest of the article will escort you to the way of finding the best roller skate.

Types of Activities

Perhaps you guys are very much inclined in the outdoor skating rink. Skate parks, paved trails, sidewalks, and boardwalks are few other options to talk about. Roller derby requires more agility and ability. Dance skating, and ramps are no exception to that.

Depending on different activities people require varieties of boots. And various brand names come up with featured boots to match the demand.

Types of Roller Skates

Indoor Roller Rink

Artistic or entertaining kinds of activity demand indoor skates. The roller skate rink is waiting for you to bustle around. Good command over controlling the motion, spin, jump – all are at perfection due to indoor skate.

Speed or Jam Skate

The name says it all. The low cut boot is the unique feature we can talk about. People who love to speed skate in a full swing will buy these skates.

Roller Derby

Derby players typically use the low-cut boots. They prefer wider wheels with no heel. The heavy-duty with sharp turns is the priority of these skates. Roller derby is one of the top rated roller skates in the skate industry so far.

Rhythm Skates

In dance skating or ramps, the skaters require support and balance. A high top boot fulfills this need. Besides, the heel of the boot keeps the skaters stay on the ball of their feet.

The dancing boot has high heels so that you put your body weight more towards your toes. Sometimes you fly super low and naturally, it feels a little bit more comfortable in dancing boots.

How do you match the best pick for you? 

Here we browse around a few points that a shopper needs to know before buying the best roller skates. Each of these facts is like a treasure for you. So never hesitate to bargain for each of those.

I hope many of you do have some idea about inline skates. The roller skate guide is nothing different.


The number one most important thing when you’re buying your skates is to make sure that the wheels are rolling. If they don’t, you’re gonna end up having to invest in new wheels which may actually cost just as much as a quality skate. Here the price directly correlates to the quality.

As a first time buyer, you need to know the difference between soft wheels and hard wheels. The durometer scale measures the softness and it goes from 0 to 100A. And the closer the number is to 100, the harder wheel. 

Hard wheels call for longer life cycles but fewer shock absorption and grip. The soft wheel offers just the opposite to that of hard wheels.

The general idea for wheels is, bigger gummy or softer wheels are great for really rough surfaces. The nice thing about those is you can also take them inside. So you can take those gummy outdoors to the rink too.

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Bearing helps in rotating the wheels. Every bearing has a grade that marks its rotation ability. By default, the higher the grade, the smoother the wheels spin. Depending on the playing style, ability to play, and nature of the activity the players choose their bearing grading.

Boot Quality

For fitness or longer rides, a hard shell boot is a perfect choice. Because the hard boot offers safety and stability. A soft boot is better for dancing and disco. It is typically lightweight construction and more breathable.


You need to consider another piece of necessity to talk about. That is the plate. Typically metal and nylon plates are available. Plates are not something you really need to worry about too much in the early stage of skating. This is for your information that the nylon plates are lighter construction.

If you plan on being a really super active and technical dance skater or a really fast and reactive derby skater then a metal plate is a good choice for you. Metal plates are lightweight and expensive in nature. Lower price plates are going to be a bit heavier. 

So, a lot depends on your budget. My personal view is, at the very beginning don’t waste your time thinking about plates. Any type of plate may work for you at the beginning. This is absolutely something to consider while you plan on upgrading boot to a pro-style.


The trucks are made of aluminum solid build. Here the cushion controls the maneuverability and flexibility of the skate. 

The softer the cushion the more responsive the skate is. The firmer cushions call for more directional steadiness. Try using the replacement option according to your desire.


Getting the right size pair for your feet will be a tricky one. Don’t get misguided. It depends on how the boot fits on your feet. Few people take one size bigger than their regular shoe size. Many like to have the same size as their shoe size. 

A useful tip would be to reject the skate when your toes touch the front of the skate at the time of trial. Don’t be a fool in buying the smaller ones. Check out the website before buying the boot and get the correct size for you.

Toe Stop

A crucial part of roller skate is toe stop. Toe stop works as a speed booster and also breaks initiator. We recommend you to swap it before it is completely damaged. Else, replacing this would be a hell of a task after wearing out.

How about finding the best one for you?

Hey beginners! Don’t be so demanding in finding your fit. Initially, try to get a good toe stopper that will work as a brake for you. You will gonna need it badly in your very first roll. However, The pro-players can look for better quality wheels, trucks, and plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of roller skates are best for beginners? 

As a beginner, maximum stability is the first place of choice. A high top quad skate can deliver this. An extra snug fit is another trait a novice must look for. It helps to develop your calf and ankle muscles.

Wide gummy wheels will let you start with a boom. Softer wheels are more maneuverable for beginners. 

Another issue the beginner should look into the type of skate. A Skate type of having both indoor and outdoor features will be a good choice for them. Hence, with a single skate, a beginner can move around in the skating rink or in the neighborhood.
Beginners should use safety gear from the very beginning. Don’t rush into skating. Always follow the guideline of skating with your protective gear. Be an idol to everyone.

All of the features above yield the best beginner roller skates.

  • Difference between roller skates and inline skates? 

Out of many outdoor fun activities, roller skating might be the easiest option out there in the skating community.

However, Roller skates have four wheels set in two side-by-side pairs. Whereas, you will find four wheels in a row design in inline skates. Few other variances between these two are:

Roller skating is ideal for indoor skating. However, users of inlines focus on an outdoor skating

As roller skating is meant for indoors, it is a bit tougher to accelerate speed. Boosting up speed is a mere word in inline skating. It is always ready to rush in.

Due to the structural design of the two-by-two configuration, the roller skate is more stable than inlines.

Finally, inline skates propose more ankle support and maneuverability than roller skates.

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  • Is rollerskating good exercise? Good for your health?

Like inline skating, few people mention roller skating as an effective aerobic exercise. To me, it is truly favorable for my lower body. Involving this part in moving, twisting, and stretching all around. Thus, the physical benefits of skating are countless for any skater.

Strengthening body muscles including ankle and calf muscles can be a great way to increase your fitness level. Losing weight and calorie burning are other health benefits the mass people should look for.

  • What safety equipment do you need for roller skating?

Like skateboarding, safety is a big concern in any kind of skating. Roller skating is not an exception. Helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, elbow pad, knee pads are the necessary things a skater requires. Spend a few bucks for the equipment for protection and safety.

  • Who are the best roller skaters of all time?

According to Wikipedia, some of the best roller skaters in USA are Chad Hedrick, Derek Perra, Joey Manita. From French, Alexis and Pascal are the top performers so far. Shane Dobbin, Peter Michael and Reyon Kay are leading from the front in NewZealand. If you want to know more details, check out this Wikipedia link.


Hobby or sport- whatever the reason you want to buy a pair, we are here to get you rolling. People hooked with roller skating look for great user experience. Our review will guarantee your investment.

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