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7 Best K2 Inline Skates in 2023 [Most Popular Brand]

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Many companies produce inline skates and K2 is one famous name of them. They produce high-quality skates specialized for different audiences and purposes.

In this article, I’m going to cover why you should buy K2 and a detailed review of the 8 best K2 inline skates on the market.

However, if you are in a hurry and looking the best one or two, I should mention K2 Alexis 80 Inline Skate first. The skate has a great amount of stability and control. It looks so good and cool as well. Overall, the Alexis 80 is flexible, strong and long-lasting.

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After our long research, we recommend this one as our first choice. this is undoubtedly a great skateboard (sturdy, solid, and cheap) within 50 dollars if you are after the best one overall.

Well, Let’s check out in more detail and other skates below:

Best K2 Inline Skates Reviewed

In this part, find the features, positives and negatives of 8 top K2 Inline Skates. After that, we have described in detail why K2 is Popular and why you should consider K2 over other inline skate brands. Here is the list and reviews:

  1. K2 Alexis 80 Pro Skate : Best Safe Speed Skate
  2. K2 SK8 Hero BOA ALU Skates : Best Size Adjustable Skate
  3. K2 Unnatural Inline Skates : Best for Unnatural Skating
  4. K2 F.I.T. 90 BOA Inline Skate : Best BOA system Skate
  5. K2 F.I.T. 80 Pro Skate for Men : Best for Speed and Spin
  6. K2 Youth Marlee Skate : Best Big Wheel Skate for Youth
  7. K2 Charm BOA ALU Skate : Best Versatile Skate for Kids

Now, please have a look at each skate’s features, positive sides and negative sides.

k2 skates review

K2 Alexis 80 Pro Skate Review (4.7/5.00)

K2 has some special inline skates made for women only. The Alexis 80 pro is one of them. Equipped with an easy lacing system and customizable wheel size, this skate is fashionable as well. It has built in ABEC 5 bearings and as the name ‘80 pro’ suggests, it has 80 mm 80A wheels. A stable cuff and strong cloth made upper side gives a comfortable feel during ride. 

Unlike many traditional skates available in the market, it has an intrinsic braking system. The brakes are made of rubber. This inline skate is good for any female skaters of any expertise level. Especially it is the best choice of an entry level female skater.


  • Extra comfortability.
  • Speed lacing system that saves time and reduces the trouble of the rider.
  • More stable and flexible.
  • Have a low center of gravity and can absorb a lot of road vibration that is gonna make your ride enjoyable.
  • Polypropylene made frame for a strong structure.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has a variety of sizes.


  • Some customers have a complaint that the wheels do not roll comfortably. They are quite rigid and stiff.
  • Some felt a pain in the ankles after completing their ride with Alexis 80 pro.

K2 SK8 Hero BOA ALU Skates Review (4.7/5.00)

This is one of the most popular inline skates you can get in the market for your kids. This inline skate is light and always ready for high-end skating. It has stamped Aluminium frame and has BOA fit system as its fit system. You can adjust the skates without even removing your gloves. The handy features and strong structure have made these skates one of the best in their price range.

The color is attractive and the design is eye-catchy as well. A combination of green and black color has given an amazing look to it. This is the best choice for any kid who wants to accelerate with a stylish look. You can go for it without a second thought. You can make some customizations later as well.


  • It has BOA closure system.
  • These skates have better stability and control.
  • The five size adjustability gives a wide range of usable sizes. Kids can use them for quite a long time.
  • 76mm 80A standard wheels give better rollability.


  • As the skate comes with ABEC 5 bearings, it may bother some skaters who are already used to skating.
  • Some skaters complain that the velcro strap gets loose after a few times of use.

K2 Unnatural Inline Skates (4.6/5.00)

The K2 aggressive series is well known for its heavy-duty features. If you want to push the boundary of inline skating, it would be better if you buy a pair from this series. It is geared for har charging skaters. It has a leather-textured upper part along with 60mm 88A wheels. The wheel size is actually quite small than other inline skates of the same category.

These skates have an orthodox lacing system to customize them. So you can tie them up in the same manner as you tie your shoes.

The structure is durable and strong enough to satisfy any type of skater. You can roll with ease on both flat and rough, curvy tracks. It contains built-in ABEC 5 bearings and they are customizable.


  • It has a leather-made structure. So it has more longevity than other skates you can see in the local shop.
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Has a durable cuff that allows you to have a comfortable ride.
  • This inline skate has a convenient closure system.
  • Has a strong and stable structure.


  • It is quite heavier than most other skates.
  • Does not have any intrinsic system for braking.

K2 F.I.T. 90 BOA Inline Skate (4.4/5.00)

This inline skate is specially made for a fitness enthusiast. It has an Aluminum made frame and the cuff gives a nice stable structure. One distinguishing feature of it is the size of its wheels. It has 90mm wheels that ensure a smooth and fast ride. Also, it does not use ABEC 5 bearings like the previous ones. It has ILQ 7 bearings installed intrinsically. 

It has a flex notch and it offers precision and fast fit. This skate owns a perfect combination of balance and skate weight.


  • It has a BOA system. That means you have to twist a knob only to tighten or loosen the boot.
  • High-performance wheels and bearings are pre-installed that guaranteeing a faster and smoother ride.
  • The die-cast Aluminium frame provides a perfect blend of speed, control, and acceleration.
  • Removable rear brakes give you the freedom to choose your ride type. You can install them or you can go without them according to your choice and necessity.
  • The boot is quite comfortable and does not crimp your feet down during a ride.


  • The F.I.T. 90 skates have less longevity than the previous ones.

K2 F.I.T. 80 Pro Skate for Men (4.4/5.00)

This is a good fitness inline skate for men brought to you by K2. It has 80mm wheels along with an F.B.I. frame. Stability plus cuff is present in the boot to let you get better rigidity during your ride. You can feel the comfort of an original K2 Softboot with this inline skate.

This is designed as an entry-level fitness inline skate. Any man who wants to start his inline skating career, whether that is for professional purposes or recreation only, can start with this one. It has plenty of different sizes available, so you do not have to worry about the perfect fit for yourself.


  • Stability plus cuff to get better stability and stiffness during your skating.
  • F.B.I. frame provides you with strong and solid support and ensures safety. Also, it has vibration absorption technology.
  • It is light and comes with increased mobility. Any beginner will find it comfortable for him.
  • It has a traditional lacing system and ABEC 5 bearings.


  • Sometimes it becomes painful for the ankle. There are some complaints about skin injury because of the friction it produces between the feet and the boot.

K2 Youth Marlee Skate (4.7/5.00)

The Youth Marlee is an amazing choice for any kid to start with. It has a traditional lacing system to reduce any trouble in lacing. Also, it has a vibration absorbent F.B.I. frame. The frame is interlocked with the base to increase the overall balance of the inline skate. It keeps the rider lower to the ground. This particular feature and stability plus cuff provide extra security for your kid. 

All of these have put the Youth Marlee on the list of top inline skates for the kids. The outlook is also perfect for junior newbie skaters. It comes in two different colors. One is a combination of magenta and black and the other is a combination of silver blue and black.


  • It has five-size adjustability that allows any fast-growing kid to use it for a long time.
  • The 70mm wheels are just perfect for any beginner kid.
  • Equipped with F.B.I. frame and junior cuff system that ensures a good level of security during any ride.
  • Traditional lacing system to minimize lacing trouble.


  • Once the kid gets habituated to inline skating, he/she may find the pre-installed ABEC 3 bearings spinning less than expected and can’t produce a lot of speed.

K2 Charm BOA ALU Skate (4.6/5.00)

Stylish design with outstanding control and stability has made the K2 Charm BOA ALU an excellent choice for any child to start his/her inline skating era. Like the Youth Marlee, it also has five size adjustability that makes it more hand and convenient for any child. 76mm wheels attached to stamped aluminum frame create a secure and solid support for rolling.

The buckle type closure and lightweight are also detectable traits of this model. It has stability plus cuff like many other K2 products. The overall skate weight is reduced by this type of cuff and has made it a versatile one for most rookie stakers.


  • Lightweight and adjustable. Convenient for most entry-level inline skaters.
  • Fine-tuning is available due to the BOA closure system.
  • A mixture of black and purple gives it a cool outlook.
  • 76mm wheels are just perfect to learn inline skating for the first time.
  • It has pre-installed rear brakes for additional convenience.
  • A strong and stiff frame ensures a secured ride.
  • Suitable for both males and females.


  • As it has a quick lacing system, it can make less tight tie than the inline skate that have a traditional lacing system.

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Why K2 is Popular over Other Inline Skates?

There are several inline skates manufacturing brands present in the market. Some of them are good while some of them are really outstanding like Rollerblade. K2 is a brand that belongs to the second category. It is one of the best skating brands. Besides world-class quality, they have several categories of inline skates that let a rider choose the right one for him or her.

Among many classes of K2, you can find fitness, marathon, recreational, etc. The most popular and top rated inline skates belong to the first family. You can buy them for both indoor inline skating and outdoor.

The inline skates by K2 are durable, stable, and can roll more smoothly like a few top rated inline skates. The brand makes a good combination of bearing and wheel that ensures both speed and safety. You can customize these features according to your necessity as well. 

Also, you can find different type of cuffs, lacing system in different models that increase your degree of freedom while choosing one for yourself.

There exists a huge variety in boot manufacturing also. You can find leather made boots, cloth made boots, etc. Some inline skates have a size adjustability feature which is quite unique. 

Usually, most of the skating manufacturing brands produce inline skates of limited size options. K2 is a different brand in this aspect. Most of their boots have a variety of sizes that are going to suit people from every age and expertise level.

Weight is another vital issue when you are choosing the right inline skate for you. If your inline skate is too heavy, then it is not convenient for a comfortable ride. On the other hand, making it too light may lack safety issues. K2 makes inline skates that are great examples of trade-offs among these conditions. Yes, the weights vary among their products, but they try to keep it close to an optimum line.

Moreover, K2 not only produces skates but also offers quality pads, helmets, other accessories and apparels.

Actually, if we prolong the description of K2, an entire essay can be written. Already we have covered some key aspects of this brand. Now it is time to see some best ever products brought to the market by K2.

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Wrapping Up

K2 is quite unbeatable in the world of inline skates and so far we have seen eight of the best entry-level inline skates produced ever by K2. Actually, most of them have nearly the same features with a little difference among them. You can choose any of them to start inline skating.

Just look at the small detailed feature to make a perfect choice and start to roll.

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