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How Much Do Rollerblades Cost? (Precise Answer With Important Tips)

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You are interested to start rollerblading and want to know how much rollerblades cost. We have got you covered.

If you go for a pair of recreational blades for youngsters or minors, it will likely cost you 50 to 80 USD. Of course, the prices can vary as the brand’s offerings and features vary from time to time. A pair of recreational blades for an adult person will most probably cost you between 60 to 200 USD.

If you are more of a trickster in the field of rollerblading, a specialized pair of rollerblades for doing tricks will require 150 to 320 USD.

For the speed skating sport, a pair of inline skates will cost about 180 to 1,000 USD.

However, it is common advice that we give to our readers that rollerblades under 100 USD usually aren’t worth your money. So if you want a long lifetime, go for the blades that are above 100 USD.

Check Out some below $100 Rollerblades here.

Here’s the table showing a few retail shops offering some lower-tier rollerblades and how their prices differ: 

Amazon50-600 USD
Inline Skates59- 359 USD
Target35 – 70 USD
Loco Skates160 – 365 USD
Walmart20 – 95 USD

Additional Costs Of Rollerblading

Mind you, the quality of your rollerblades will actually depend on the price that you are willing to pay. Factors such as choosing a good manufacturing brand matter a lot, as well. 

There are a few necessary sectors where you may need to spend extra money:

  • Routine Maintenance: It is common to see rollerblades sustaining heavy damage to their wheels and brakes but still having a body and boot undamaged. In that case, you can keep using these rollerblades if you just replace the wheels and the brakes.

We recommend doing this type of routine maintenance once every year anyway. Extra maintenance of brakes and wheels can cause about 10 USD.

  • Head Protection Gear: A helmet is a gear that you must have while rollerblading. The helmet will protect your head in the case of extreme accidents. 

Being cautious and opting to buy a helmet is a wise thing to do in this case. It can cost about 10 USD.

  • Other Safety Gears: to have a completely safe rollerblading experience, you have to buy additional safety gears such as wrist cards, elbow pads, and knee pads. 

You should know that each of these protection gears will likely cost you between 10 to 20 USD each.

Useful Tips For Buying Rollerblades

  • In most cases, a cheap pair of rollerblades will result in a low-quality rollerblading experience. We recommend that you check the user experience and the user reviews of the rollerblades before you buy them. You will commonly notice bad reviews of a product if it’s cheap or lacks quality. This step will assist you to make your decision.
  • Rather than purchasing a rollerblade pair online, it is better to go to a physical shop and try them on yourself. 

It is common to see people buying from online shops and having a misfit pair of rollerblades in their hands. You may think that the sizes have the same standards, but the real-world experience can sometimes differ from theoretical descriptions of the rollerblade sizes.

  • Also, aim for a pair of rollerblades that tightly fits in your feet. Loosely or badly fit roller blades can cause a bad experience to your blading sessions. In some cases, it can even cause dangerous accidents.

Always make sure that your heels don’t have any freedom of movement after wearing the rollerblades. 

  • Use a clean and polished space for rollerblading. Dirty or unfit places for rollerblading are sometimes dangerous. Even a pebble of small size can cause large accidents if they are in your rollerblading track. So, be cautious about it.
  • Plus, be conscious of the different size standards of different brands. As different brands use different numbers and scales for size measurement, it is common to see people getting confused about choosing their size of rollerblades.

Brand Names To Keep In Mind

It is a good idea to keep ample knowledge about a few popular rollerblades brands. We therefore have formulated a list to help you in this: 

  1. BAUER – It is an 80-year-old hockey equipment brand that offers some high-quality rollerblades. In addition to rollerblades, it also has its own protective gears and helmets on the market for rollerblading.
  1. K2 – k2 is a dedicated brand that produces inline skates of various types of activities such as training, sports, and fitness. They have other additional gears available in the market too. Find out some of K2 skates here.
  1. NIKE: NIKE is a famous multinational company that produces all sorts of sports products for all types of games including rollerblading. They have their product network stretched all over the world.
  1. Roces – It is an Italy-based company mainly dedicated to producing inline skates and ice skates. They have a good reputation for providing long-lasting products to their consumers.
  1. TRS – This is another manufacturer that has a dedicated inline skate production line. They have a good reputation for producing high-quality aggressive inline skating equipment including aggressive rollerblades. 

Review Of Many Types Of Rollerblades (And Their Features)

You’ll see various types of inline skates on the market. The majority of them are hockey skates or speed skates. Multi-purpose rollerblades are very common as well.  

Security-wise, some of these rollerblades have laces and many offer a buckle system to secure your feet. A hybrid of these two systems can also be seen often. 

A major percentage of hockey blades are manufactured from leathers. A high-quality pair of hockey blades will have foam paddings and linings in the inner shells for the extended comfort of the user.

Hockey rollerblades will perfectly perform on an even surface, but will not be suitable for bumpy terrains. 

Speed Skates, on the other hand, will have a special wheelbase of extended length to accommodate five wheels. They are commonly used for high-speed races. 

This is why it is pretty normal for them to be unavailable in the local stores sometimes. You may need to visit a specialty store to get them, instead. Speed skates have no breaks whatsoever. They facilitate higher speed by having larger wheels.

In other types of recreational rollerblades, a special rubber brake pad is offered for extended security. This gives the rollerblades the ability to stop immediately while in motion.

Street skates have a special construction too. You’ll see a gap between the wheels of the street skates. The gap between their third and fourth wheel gives them the ability to ride the ramps and conduct jump maneuvers successfully. 

svaing money while buying rollerblade

Rollerblades at Discount

If you look for inline skates at discount, you can at this page of Amazon. In this page, you find inline skates way lower than the normal range. Normally, a Fihuny inline skate’s price is 52.50. But at a 5% discount rate, you can get it at 50 dollars.

Sometimes you can get even more discount: may be 10-12% off. Keep attention at the Big days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas day, when online shops give huge discount on every skates they offer.

Price of Roller Skates

Inline skaters often look for roller skates to roll on. Both inline and roller skates are almost identical except roller skates have four wheels. The price of roller skates is quite different to inline skates. You can get a pair by way lower than inline skates. The price range of roller skates is 30-200 USD.

Last Words

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a comprehensive idea about the cost of your favourite rollerblades.

No matter if you’re a rollerblading fan or not, but if you try rollerblading even once in your life, you’re bound to think about the beneficial aspect of the rollerblades sometimes in your life. 

Our purpose in providing the above insights was to save you time and money so you don’t have much difficulty in buying a pair of inline skates. It would fill our hearts with joy if you found our instructions helpful. Good luck. See ya!!

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