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Best Pickleball Equipment [6 Items Including Paddles & Balls]

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If you want to beat your opponent, you definitely need to have the best pickleball equipment along with a positive mindset on the court! 

However, to get into the most trendy sports of pickleball, the basic equipment you need are a pickleball paddle, balls, a standard pickleball net, and a pair of branded shoes.

For pickleball paddles, You can choose from a famous brand like Onix or other good brands.

Onix is also famous for making quality pickleball balls whether indoor or outdoor. Other top-quality ball makers are Tourna, Franklin, Gamma, etc.

Fixed and portable are the two options for pickleball nets. Choose according to your budget and the types of grounds you want to play in.

While you think of pickleball shoes, there are some famous brands like Asics, New Balance, K-Swiss, etc. These brands can ensure you with the required traction, ankle support, feel, and comfort.

Well, there are other few pieces of equipment that would make you a complete player on the ground. let’s dig deeper along with their type, purpose, and recommendations. Here you go:

Equipment Needed for a Pickleball Game

  • Pickleball Paddle
  • Balls
  • Pickleball Net
  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Clothing


There are mainly three main types of pickleball paddles: wooden, composite, and graphite. if you are a beginner, wooden paddles are the most durable and affordable option.

Composite paddles are also a good choice for beginners because they have a larger sweet spot than wooden paddles. On the other hand, Graphite paddles are the most popular and advanced pickleball paddles because their surface allows for better ball reaction.

However if you think you have improved your game and now you are at the advanced level, go for fiberglass ones.

Fiberglass paddles offer a light flex which allows greater precision when playing pickleball. This makes you a great player to hone more advanced techniques and overall you can improve your game by a huge margin.

I can assist you with a pickleball paddle that suits the beginners very well.

Top Pick: Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best beginner-friendly pickleball paddles along with some best features that the pickleball players want.

Top Pick: Niupipo Pickleball Set

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice for a complete pickleball set. It includes 2 paddles, a bag, and a couple of balls to get started with the pickleball game.

Pickleball Balls

Pickleball is a sport that doesn’t use the felt-covered balls one might find in tennis. Instead, it uses a type of ball that isn’t called a “wiffle” ball but instead as a “plastic ball with perforated holes.”

These balls will move through the air a lot easier than a tennis ball. Not only are they lighter, but the holes create less friction.

Some features of indoor balls are

  • Unlike outdoor balls, indoor balls are smaller and softer when compared to outdoor types. However, don’t let this fool you – indoor and outdoor versions of the games are very similar in nature.
  • However, indoor pickleball balls are made tougher and feature fewer, less-bigger holes to help them last.
  • Fewer holes of pickleball balls also enhance the overall airflow, allowing you to have better visibility and harder control wherever you play. You’ll have more consistent shots because the bounce is smooth and precise due to the lack of air turbulence.
  • Furthermore, the new surface on the ball has made it easier for players to give it more spin on their shots. And, the durability of these balls means you can expect frequent rallies in your matches.

Top Pick: Gamma Photon Indoor Pickleball Balls

After long research, I recommend these balls as my first choice. These are undoubtedly one of the best pickleball balls along with some best features. You can play outdoor as well with these balls.

Features of Outdoor Balls

  • Outdoor pickleball balls must be designed to take into account the effects of different wind patterns & playing surfaces such as outdoor surfaces. This will ensure that fouls can’t ruin your game and that you’re able to enjoy a pleasurable experience
  • Besides, you will want balls that are firm so they bounce well and weigh more than ones worth indoor play. Most outdoor balls seem to sit at 0.9 ounces or more than three times heavier than pickleball balls
  • The main materials of these balls are durable and won’t tear easily. The surface is totally smooth and you can use the ball for a long time without worrying about the things which will cause wear & tear (rain, UV rays, dirt etc.)
  • Let’s talk about bounce, outdoor balls bounce better and are easier to hit powerful shots with.
  • Furthermore, the specially designed outdoor ball features many small holes for quick defense, making getting to the ball difficult for your opponent. Air holes lessen the impact of wind and prevent the ball from being deflected due to it.

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Pickleball Net

According to the USAPA regulations, You need to have a precut pickleball net that is at least 21 feet long and 9 inches short. It should be at least 30 inches tall, with a top height of about 36 inches above the ground, spread out around the sidelines by 34 inches. 

There are two types of nets available for pickleball: permanent and portable. Both these net sets come in different sizes and offer different benefits. Permanent nets are just that – permanent, meaning they’re fixed to ground poles with cemented in places. 

These nets offer protection for the whole court at once, as well as restricting movement around your playing area. Portable net sets are not only convenient for the player but also great for carrying from here and there.


Poor quality shoes can cause pain and discomfort, but it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a pair of shoes that fit properly. If you are experiencing pain, or if the shoes you wear create swelling in your joints, it’s important to change your pickleball shoes immediately.

The pain from these joints, further imbalance, and bad shoes may lead to injuries that could disqualify you from playing pickleball.

So, It’s best to purchase shoes that are specifically designed for the recreational sport of pickleball. You want shoes (quality court shoes or tennis shoes) that provide great comfort, grip, ankle support, and a tread pattern best suited for quick movements on the court.

Pickleball Bag

A pickleball bag is important for pickleball players because it helps them organize their equipment and keep track of their belongings. A good pickleball bag should have enough room to store all of your gear, including your paddle, shoes, clothes, and water bottle. 

  • It should also be durable and weather-resistant so that you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • There are some features your pickleball bags should have. They are
  • It should look beautiful and stylish
  • It should be lightweight and easy to move around with
  • The more space the better
  • Long enough to hold at least two pickleball paddles
  • Better if it has a pouch to keep your tabs or laptop.
  • Finally, the bag is made by a famous brand so that you’re sure about its durability and sturdiness.

Pickleball Outfit

A pair of quality t-shirts and shorts are quite okay to start off playing pickleball. You may like shirts that have some pickleball images printed on them so you can have a pickleball feel while you play.

If you are female, you can better wear tennis like dresses or skirts that would you look you prefer and comfort you want.

Besides, you can wear hats throughout the summer to keep you cool and protected from the scorching sun.

What about sweatbands? Well, not only do they help you keep your hand dry and reduce sweat, but they also provide a level of comfort that is not just important for the game, but for the overall safety of your health. Want to know more about pickleball outfits?

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These are the main pieces of equipment you need to start playing the pickleball game. However, you can have goggles to protect you from the sun and water bottles to keep you hydrated on the game.

Finally, I want to state again that you need to pick the best brands of pickleball equipment to be a better player in time and to beat your opponent in a much better way. 

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