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Best 6 Selkirk Pickleball Paddles in 2023 (Trusted Brand)

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Made Here, Made Right, NO COMPROMISE. The motto of Selkirk says it all. In the Pacific region, the four entrepreneurs put their honest effort to keep their promise unbroken in delivering high-performing pickleball paddles. Paddles full of power and control make the players happy.

Selkirk Sport first launched back in 2013. It is manufacturing dreams for the Pickleball players. Consequently, the Selkirk pickleball paddles review is now a players’ most sought-after inquiry.

Top Pick: Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Pickleball Paddle

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best Selkirk Paddle you should get for the great feel and best performance.

Why Selkirk?

selkirk pickleball paddles review

The two most sought-after features- Power and Control combine to shake the Pickleball industry. Selkirk deliberately emphasizes on both perspectives whole-heartedly unlike other manufacturers.

Launching their first paddle was not a fluke at all. The most definitive combination of power and control results in AMPED technology.

Selkirk is set up in Idaho, USA which is at the southern side of the Selkirk mountains. Here, the company has been manufacturing all their products including paddles. 

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Top Selkirk Paddles Comparison Table

Selkirk Pickleball PaddleFeaturesRatingMore
Selkirk Epic*FiberFlex Fiberglass face
*X5 Honeycomb Core
*Elongated Shape
*Largest Sweet Spot
4.8/5.00Review & Price
Selkirk Maxima*Carbon Fiber
*X5 Honeycomb Core
*Elongated Shape
*Best For Spin & Power
4.7/5.00Review & Price
Selkirk Neo*Graphite Face
*SX3 Honeycomb Core
*Super Comfort Grip
4.6/5.00Review & Price
Prime Epic*FiberFlex Face technology
*X4 Honeycomb Core
*Longer Handle & Perfect Balance
4.7/5.00Review & Price
Prime S2*FiberFlex Face
*X4 Honeycomb Core
*Larger Surface Area
*Shorter Handle
4.7/5.00Review & Price
Selkirk Invikta*FiberFlex Face
*X5 Honeycomb Core
*Increased Sweet Spot
4.8/5.00Review & Price

Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Reviewed!

Personally, I am looking for a paddle that looks good, feels good and sounds good. USAPA approval is mandatory for my choice. Here are my top 3 picks for you if you are unable to go through the whole review:

Selkirk Amped Series

Are you “Amped” loaded? If you are, then a player’s desired power and control will be in your hand. Selkirk Amped paddle line came to existence in the year 2017. Some exclusive features are:

  • Mass Acceptability & USAPA Approval

Professionals and ranked players all over the world are fond of Selkirk series. Selkirk proudly sponsors 200 top-notch players around the globe. USAPA gives Selkirk a green signal for tournament play.

  • Surface Area

Quick to respond and a bit bigger than before sweet spot mark for the newly innovated A.+MPED technology.

  • The X5 Core

Selkirk’s pioneering invention of patent-pending X5 polypropylene dense core is responsible to enhance performance attributes.

  • Fiberglass Face 

In the course of updating the existing paddles, Selkirk moves towards the signature FiberFlex fiberglass face design. This re-engineered trademark property helps you to enhance performance.

  • EdgeSentry Technology

Long-lasting EdgeSentry edge guard protects the paddle from unwanted wear and tear.

  • Unibody Design

Blend of X5 Core and Fiberflex face provides optimum performance and increased durability.

On the very outset of Selkirk paddles review, I am going to discuss the Amped series. Selkirk Amped series is available in 5 different sizes having unique names: Epic, S2, Omni, Maxima, and Invikta.

Let’s begin the journey of the Amped series:

Selkirk Epic

Selkirk Epic

Epic! The name truly reflects the work here.

The “heroic” endeavor of this paddle outperform the other Selkirk versions. A review on Epic is available in our other best quality paddle article.

Selkirk S2

Selkirk S2

The sharp-looking graphics of the Selkirk S2 make you feel proud when you are on the court. Translucent paint job permits you to see through the honeycomb core inside a little bit.

No worry…Selkirk Amped S2 review right away makes you feel crazy about pickleball.


  • Sweet spot index is calculated as 10 for S2. This largest sweet spot in the Selkirk line will not let you miss any ball from your opponent. The extra-large surface area develops the overall power and control of the paddle.
  • Medium handle length of 4.5″ will not make the hardcore pickleball players feel bad.
  • 16 mm honeycombed core ensures less noise and hence you will certainly make your neighborhood feel happy.
  • The customizable option of thin grip and comfort grip make the players feel good in handling the paddle easily. There will be no chance of dropping the paddle off the hand.
  • Two preferences of light-weight and mid-weight category are tailored to meet the need of the players. The mid-weight range of 8.0 oz. – 8.4 oz produces extra power for the power hitters. Tennis players love this mid-weight category.

The light-weight type has an average weight range from 7.4 to 7.9oz. This weight range confirms quicker hand speed. Table Tennis and Squash players love this category.


  • Weighs slightly more
  • Costs more than the graphite paddles

What Is The Profile of S2 Users

  • Players look for the largest sweet spot with a slightly shorter handle
  • Require consistent support over a period of time with no variation of service

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Selkirk Omni

Selkirk Omni

Are you a finesse or touch player? Then Omni is looking for you. The best in this business. An elongated shape with a short handle design makes the paddle easier to control and maneuver.

Omni is going to players’ ultimate choice of use in many tournaments nowadays. Selkirk Omni Amped is featured with the following benefits and weaknesses:


  • Sweetspot size of 8 reflects the lower index among the Amped paddles. Yet, good for increased consistency.
  • The shorter handle of 4.25 inches does not let the finger get in the way of the paddle who want to keep that on the paddle.
  • The elongated paddle not only gives long reach but also provides better control to the paddle and the game as a whole
  • The midweight range is between 7.8 to 8.3oz. This model allows players to generate more power. The heavier the paddle is, the more power you will get. Omni lightweight allows the players to have quicker hand speed.


  • Short grip

What Is The Profile of Omni Users

  • Omni users want an extra bit of reach to the ball.
  • Former tennis players fond of this paddle.
  • Players who feel comfortable in putting their finger on the paddle at the time of gripping it.

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Selkirk Maxima

Selkirk Maxima

Stand out Maxima from other paddle is an easy job for any player due to its extended reach, elongated shape and power. From anywhere on the court you can perform solid drives with Selkirk Maxima Amped version.

The Maxima provides the power needed to drive the ball, reach to foil passing shots, and spin to make each opponent’s life difficult. With the Maxima, you can accomplish hard drives from anywhere on the court.


  • Longest Reach with a long handle length of 5.25 inches marks it as the tennis players’ first choice. The elongated shape with a long handle helps the players an excellent whip over the ball. The handle allows enough room for a comfortable grip.
  • The rounded shape like tennis racket attracts the former tennis players to play pickleball.
  • The slender looking Maxima paddles are good for forehand stroke
  • The lightweight Amped Maxima is long and slim. This feature is good for people who have strength and accuracy.


  • Smallest sweet spot among all of the Amped paddles

What Is The Profile of Maxima Users

  • Single lovers
  • Tennis players who want to smash hard from the baseline

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Selkirk Invikta

Selkirk Invikta

Though Invikta is the exact match with other Amped versions in the line but has a unique shape unlike others. The pleasant touch, versatility and power will permit you to give your best reflex. 

Invikta is very much common name in any Selkirk brand. This USAPA approved paddle comes with superior power and control. Few Invikta benefits and weakness are furnished below:


  • The sweet spot index 8 will not let you down in delivering every shot from the opponent. Compare to other traditional elongated paddles the Invikta is featured with the increased sweet spot.
  • A little bit of extra width helps you to block the balls out of your reach.
  • Long handle of 5.25 inches makes you reach the ball without giving extra effort.
  • Out of two weight options, the lightweight calls for faster reaction time and the midweight offers an extra bit of power.
  • The handle length and grip of the ball ensure the controlled shot in every aspect of the game.


  • Narrow hitting area

What Is The Profile of Invikta Users

  • Players who seek more reach.
  • Require elongated paddle with long handle

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Here is a video on Selkirk Amped Story

Selkirk Prime Version

A new product line of Selkirk branded as “Prime” launched in 2018. The Prime products are slightly more affordable than Amped line due to the usage of different materials. Let’s enjoy the review:

Prime Epic

Prime Epic

If you are looking for a paddle that stays true to Selkirk’s high standards, Selkirk Prime Epic is the perfect match to it. Beginners to advanced players go for buying this piece of art with no confusion.

With lifetime warranty, Selkirk boasts of making durable paddles with no manufacturing flaws. The traditional shape and longer handle give you an extended amount of reach. Selkirk ComfortGrip helps you to grip the handle with utmost confidence.

The innovative X4 polypropylene polymer core enhances power and control. This feature makes the paddle exclusive to any player.

The larger and more responsive sweet spot design let the players play their natural game with much more confidence.

Do you want to improve your playing style? This FiberFlex unidirectional fiberglass surface undoubtedly develops your gameplay just like “touch and go”.

More than 200 professionals are now involved in playing with Selkirk Prime in the USAPA approved tournaments.

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Prime S2 Paddle

Prime S2

The Prime S2 is the upgraded version of the Pro S1C polymer paddle. Compare to Prime Epic, the Prime S2 has slightly shorter handle and longer face.

Polypropylene X4 Core ensures power-hitting with much of a control as well. Generating ample amount of spin is just an art for this paddle. The surface texture let the ball stay a little longer on to the paddle surface and creates spin a lot.

The largest sweet spot is favorable for the beginners to give positive reflex. A well-balanced structure with lot of impression of power and control is the key for Selkirk Prime S2 review.

FiberFlex Fiberglass on the surface and lightweight structure offer the player superior skill when playing at the kitchen line.

Are you looking for consistent improvement in your game? Then you deserve the classy look of Prime S2.

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Other Top Selling Paddles

No doubt, Selkirk pickleball racquets provide superior power and ball control. The other Selkirk paddles are also in the same business.

Selkirk Neo

Selkirk Neo

Out of many, Selkirk Neo paddle is the most affordable paddle. Selkirk is popular for its innovative ideas towards the improvement of the pickleball industry. Producing durable paddle with superior quality for delivering high level of service is the motto of Selkirk.

The PowerCore Polymer core and Composite surface offer durability and deliver consistent power play.

Neo is getting popular because of its affordable feature. The usage of PolyFlex face makes Neo low-cost compared to Amped and Prime paddles. That’s why, Neo is an ideal solution for all beginners and newbies.

The rugged EdgeSentry Extra protection guard of the Neo offers complete defense and great durability. Sleek and lightweight Selkirk ThinGrip feels like handling the paddle with ease.

Dozens of paddles are available in the marketplace that you are getting puzzled in choosing the right one for you. For recreational purpose, this wooden Selkirk Neo pickleball paddle would be a perfect option.

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Selkirk Latitude Widebody

Selkirk Latitude Widebody

Widebody! The name perfectly reflects the idea. Yeah, you will not be going to miss any ball passing through. The extra reach with widest paddle face delivers awesome performance.

Do you want to neutralize spin from the opponent? The influential Polymer PowerCore™ and PolyFlex Composite surface will be going to help you right away. Punching out of fast slams where you want will be an easy task to perform.

The big sweet spot is truly a confidence booster for the newbies. Surprising weight range of 6.9-7.5oz ensures relaxed maneuverability.

The textured EdgeSentry protective component works as a safeguard. Selkirk ThinGrip makes you feel confident control over the paddle in the court.

Bright design with complementary colors in the background entices the players of all level. The smaller grip allows for extra wrist action.

Latitude is an all-around great paddle to encounter your favorite opponent and to show your showcase of skill set.

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Selkirk Club Pickleball

Selkirk Club Pickleball

The Selkirk Club! A perfect beginner paddle. Those who are looking into buy wood paddle, skip that idea and put your concentration on this one.

As a starter paddle, the PowerCore Polymer honeycomb composite technology stands out the other wood paddles aside. Innovative DuraGrip technology helps you get hold of the paddle with perfect fit.

The favorite part of this paddle is the less expensive feature having composite hitting surface and Polymer honeycomb core. 7.2oz put this in the lightweight spectrum.

Exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship guarantee improved construction and the seasoned players like it most. USAPA does not approve it for tournament play.

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Further description of Selkirk Latitude and Selkirk Club is on this video:

What Do The Veterans Say?

The experts are brand cautious. Selkirk sponsors many professionals to promote Selkirk’s products. Their opinion on Selkirk pickleball paddles is actually worth mentioning.

Tyson McGuffin. 29 years of age four-time Grand Slam Gold Medalist in Men’s Open Singles praises much about Selkirk Invikta. It helps him with dinks, blocks and volleys. To McGuffin, Invikta got the length and handle for stretching out in the Singles.

Currently ranked 62 in doubles by the World Tennis Association (WTA), Kaitlyn Christian spoke very high about Selkirk Omni. As she is coming from tennis, the strength she requires is delivered by Omni paddles.

Professional tennis player and Pickleball instructor, 35 years, Morgan Evans shows his absolute delight about the X5 FiberFlex core of Selkirk Maxima.

May I Conclude?

Time’s up! The ball is in your court now. It’s your turn to give your best shot. Don’t mess it up.

Many brands of various lucrative options are available in the marketplace. Then why should you try Selkirk? My Selkirk pickleball paddles review above has given you the answer already.

My only focus is on premium brands like Selkirk. I always promote the best quality brands for the players who are getting ready for recreational or tournament play.

However, if you already used Selkirk, now looking for a different brand; you can try tempest wave of paddletek that I reviewed. And if you are a beginner: don’t miss my complete guide and recommended paddles for you.

Goodbye for this time. Place your comment if you please and listen to your heart.

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