9 Best Cheap Roller Skates [Durable & Good in Quality]

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People want to enjoy their leisure time differently and discover new roller skating trends. Roller skating videos on Tik Tok inspired them even more. They said it’s exhilarating and incredible to roller-skate and can give a feeling of flying around.

Well, I am interested! if you are interested too and looking for a pair of the best cheap roller skates to start with, we are here to help you out.

Don’t miss out on the Buying Guide later below, which may help you take any firm decision. Here you go:

Wait! If you are in a hurry, here is our Top Pick:

Top Pick: METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners

After our long research, we recommend this one as our first choice. this is undoubtedly a great skateboard (sturdy, solid, and cheap) within 50 dollars if you are after the best one overall.

Top 9 Budget Roller Skates in 2023: Why Should You Pick?

  1. Best Value For Money: Redson Womens Roller Skates
  2. Best Roller Skate For Women: Candi Girl Lucy Roller Skates
  3. Best Roller Skates For Girls And Kids: GVDV Roller Skates
  4. Best for Money: Skate Gear Roller Skates
  5. Best Quality Roller Skate For Women: Women Roller Skates
  6. Good Women Roller Skate for Money: Hurber XUDREZ Women Roller Skates
  7. Best for beginners: Chicago Men’s Roller Skate
  8. Best Roller Skate For Kids: Chicago Kids Quad Roller Skate
  9. Best Budget For Girls And Boys: Crazy Soda Pop Roller Skates
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Low-Priced Roller Skates Comparison Table

Best Cheap Roller SkatesHighlighted FeatureItem WeightRating
Redson Womens Roller SkatesHigh-quality PU wheels, the Best gift and great for beginners and advanced3 Kilograms4.6 out of 5
Candi Girl Roller SkatesEasy to use,Durability, Lightweight High impact chassisand adjusting EZ Twist Knob2.86 Kilograms4.8 out of 5
GVDV Roller SkatesHigh-speed mute ABEC-7 bearings and easy to clean and move2.15 Kilograms4.6 out of 5
Skate Gear Roller SkatesCool retro style and long-lasting flexible and comfortable faux leather material5 Pounds4.5 out of 5
Women Roller SkatesUnique classic double row design and upgraded high top shoe quality3.3 Kilograms4.6 out of 5
Hurber XUDREZ Women Roller SkatesTraditional high top profile rink pattern boot 3 Kilograms4.5 out of 5
Chicago Men’s Roller SkateGreater freedom of movement andpremium fixed axles for ultimate control and stability7 Pounds4.4 out of 5
Chicago Kids Roller SkateMost breathable nylons mesh inner boot and composite wheels2.6 Pounds4.6 out of 5
Crazy Roller SkatesExtra supportive high-cut boots and size Adjustable3.25 Kilograms4.7 out of 5

All 9 skates stated below are priced under $50 or $70, so don’t worry if you are just starting out. So, go and find your best.

1. Best Value For Money: Redson Womens Roller Skates

Of all the cheapest roller skates, Redson women is an excellent Roller skate. Redson Women’s is one of the comfortable and safe skates. It is made of PU wheels which are very high quality. It contains a strong, wear-resistant, and shock absorption grip. 

And it is very comfortable to move the wheel. For both beginners and advanced skaters, these roller skates are a great choice. They will feel very smooth and the perfect fit.

Main Features

✓ Inline roller skates are not as much as more stable and safer than the classic double-row roller skates.

✓ The front support column of these roller skates is very suitable for better control and braking.

✓ The ABEC 5 bearings wheels are joined with both male’s and female’s shoes. 

✓ Ideal for outdoor cycling and indoor Skating.

Things we like

  • Robust, wear-resistant, and shock absorption grip
  • High-quality PU wheels
  • Suitable, stable, and safer
  • Maximum protection by high-quality shoelaces
  • Ensure the best safety by using controllable high-top shoes
  • Ideal Gift for its incredibly vibrant colors and timeless design
  • Perfect fit for both Man’s and woman’s

Things we don’t like

  • Great for beginners but not ideal for the professionals
  • Made with the cheapest way

2. Best Roller Skate For Women: Candi Girl Lucy Roller Skates

The Candi Girl Roller Skates are the most affordable. From Roller skates under $50/70, the Candi Girls roller skates are great ones. These skates are usually for intermediate and beginner girl kids. These shoes are made with a stylish finish. There are several sizes for kids growing up.

The Roller Derby Skate Company made these fun and stylish quads roller skates. It is possible to skate by it on the pavement or sidewalk ways.

Main features

✓ The adjustable sizing is the latest technology which is great for growing feet. 

✓ It has an invisible EZ twist knob outside for size adjustment, which can adjust more than four shoe sizes (Small 12J to 2) or (Medium 3 to 6) inside the boot.

✓ Made with Urethane indoor or outdoor wheels, which is suitable for both pavement or rink.

✓ It has Bevo Silver-5 Race rated chrome bearings which are very smooth and fast.

✓ With metal trucks and urethane cushions, the roller skates are very lightweight, high impact chassis.

Things we like

  • High Top boot design with great ankle
  • Lightweight High Impact chassis 
  • PU Cushions for controlled turning and shock absorption
  • Silver-5 Speed Rated (carbon) bearings give fast and smooth-rolling
  • The padded lining gives the best comfort and support
  • The adjusting EZ Twist Knob can adjust up to 4 sizes
  • High impact chassis

Things we don’t like

  • Could face problems in sizing for tiny kids

3. Best Roller Skates For Girls And Kids: GVDV Roller Skates

This GVDV Roller Skates is perfect and adjustable for the kids and specially designed for beginners. It is best as a gift for the kids. These affordable, high-quality roller skates are very popular among children.

This Luminous quad and the great design make them very unique. It has four illuminating wheels, which will automatically light up while skating.

Main Features

✓ For this, two different sizes are very adjustable and convenient to operate.

✓ Automatically lighting up eight wheels which are powered by wheels rolling. And there is no battery system, and it will go on until your roller skates are good.

✓ These roller skates are easy to clean and remove

✓ It has no laces and doubles micro-adjustable buckles, which makes it easy to take off.

✓ High-speed mute ABEC-7 bearings are made of premium quality carbon steel.

Things we like

  • Affordable roller skates
  • High quality
  • Easy to take off
  • Perfect for gifts for any events
  • SuperBest for beginners
  • Automatically lighting system while skating
  • Adjustable and washable
  • PU Cast Stopper-Enhance safety

Things we don’t like

  • Little big size

4. Best for Money: Skate Gear Roller Skates

The Skate Gear Roller Skates is famous for its Premium Performance and excellent retro design. The high performing quality with ultra-cool retro style makes the beginners and young people get more attracted.

These roller skates provide very reliable and durable construction services, and mainly it is designed for variable fun. 

Main Features

✓ The cool retro style makes the skaters have versatile fun and looks, but physically, it is also great for enjoying.

✓ Best choice for the young generation for its high-performing quality

✓ The structure makes the roller skate more durable and will give you a safer and better experience.

✓ The stability and balance are controlled by the wide-suspension trucks.

✓ Made of long-lasting flexible, and comfortable faux leather material.

Things we like

  • Excellent retro design for versatile, fun
  • Best as a gift for beginners
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Safe Skating by Interior PVC support
  • Premium Performance
  • Extra soft PVC wheels
  • Ankle support and superb grip
  • Flexible and long-lasting faux leather

Things we don’t like

  • Wheels spin relatively not the best.

5. Best Quality Roller Skate For Women: Women Roller Skates

These Women Roller skates are the most upgraded among all inexpensive roller skates. If you want a roller skate with high safety and maximum protection and comfort, it’s an excellent choice for you.

These roller skates are made of molded and durable materials, and it also has classic double row design which makes it unique.

Main Features

✓ The women roller skates have an excellent upgraded controllable high top shoe quality, ensuring maximum protection and constantly optimal safety.

✓ The front support column is specially created for beginners to get suitable feelings.

✓ Straight-line roller skates are less stable than the classic double row roller Derby skates.

✓ ABEC 5 bearings wheels are wear-resistant, and they will give you a reliable and safe skating experience.

Things we like

  • The wear-resistant Wheels
  • Build by durable and molded materials
  • Ideal for beginners
  • The support column is very suitable for beginners
  • Most safety classic double row design
  • Upgrade design with perfect fit and high degree comfort
  • Great for breaking quickly and controlling easily

Things we don’t like

  • At first, you can feel the wheels are a bit sticky

6. Good Women Roller Skate for Money: Hurber XUDREZ Women Roller Skates

The Hurber XUDREZ Women roller skate is one of them, which is a classic roller skate from the cheapest roller skates. For protecting your ankle, it features a traditional high-top profile rink pattern boot. It is also very safe and comfortable for beginners.

Main features

✓ As it is a classic roller skate, we know that the classic double roller skates are safer than the straight roller skates, so it is a very significant feature for new beginners skaters which ensure safety and proper protection.

✓ Also, high-quality shoelaces are the reasons for optimal safety and maximum protection

✓ Wear resistance feature of wheels can provide stable, reliable, and safe skating performance 

✓ It has a very shiny wheel, which makes a very cool feeling while skating

Things we like

  • Fantastic feelings because of the shiny wheels
  • Accessible to a quick break and maintain
  • The durable structure of roller skates
  • Durable and molded polyurethane (PU) material
  • Traditional High top profile rink pattern
  • A front support column for better safety
  • Classic roller skates facility
  • Controllable high-top shoes

Things we don’t like

  • Less duration for very long term

7. Best for beginners: Chicago Men’s Roller Skate

Chicago is a famous name among many other branded skate companies. If you want the best budget roller skates, then the Chicago Men’s roller skates are pretty perfect for you. For decades, it has been a prevalent choice for social Skating and all around the rink. 

This Chicago iconic Bullet Speed Skate is created especially for racing, but it can also be used in any case.

Main Features

✓ Although Chicago Men’s roller skate can be used for all-around rinks and other social Skating, it is specifically designed for racing. 

✓ These roller skates are made of an easy lace closure system and vinyl, durable and dependable. And while skating, proper adjustments effortlessly and conveniently are caused by an easy lace closure system.

✓ For making this Skate, the materials and other things are ABEC 1 precision speed bearings, double-action adjustable polycarbonate trucks, a power strap, high rebound speed urethane wheels, and a padded collar with a heel pull loop.

Things we like

  • Specifically designed for racing
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Ultimate control and stability by premium fixed axles
  • Vinyl and an easy lace closure system which is durable and dependable
  • High-quality laces for maximum safety
  • Stability, supporting, and controlling good ability
  • Best comfortable fit
  • High-quality speed

Things we don’t like

  • Toe stops are plastic placeholders which are not good

8. Best Roller Skate For Kids: Chicago Kids Quad Roller Skate

If you look at the most recent history, you will find that the most famous and recognizable skates are the Chicago kid’s quad roller skates. By buying these roller skates, you will find a multi-adjustable boot which is very great for your child because it is very adjustable with growing year after year. 

The composite wheels of this roller skate will give you excellent traction and stability. And you will find these in very small youth sizes.

Read also: Other Chicago Skate Brands Review

Main Features

✓ The multi-adjust boot features are specifically designed for beginner skaters.

✓ The stitched upper boot and padded collar provide comfort by increasing performance and speed.

✓ This contains the most breathable nylon mesh inner boot, which gives comfort and support.

✓ The 60mm composite wheels provide excellent traction and stability.

✓ This is a manmade and imported roller skate.

Things we like

  • Classic, popular, most recognizable Skate
  • Excellent traction and stability
  • Perfect for growing feet
  • Breathable nylon mesh inner boot
  • Adjustable Quad Skates
  • Better and secure feel fit by two micro ratchet buckles
  • 30-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Safe and reliable stopping power by built-in toe brakes

Things we don’t like

  • The hard outer shell can give pains if it isn’t adjusted perfectly

9. Best Budget For Girls And Boys: Crazy Soda Pop Roller Skates

These Crazy adjustable soda pop roller skates are very size-adjusted, good for Indoor and Outdoor Skating, and made of Faux Leather Boot. 

For introducing your kids to roller derby skates and others in the rink or for street skating, this Crazy Soda Pop Roller Skate is a great way.

Main Features    

✓ This roller skate is designed for both women and men, and the four shoe size Adjustable Quad Skates makes it usable for kids.

✓ For the people who want to learn how to skate, the extra supportive high-cut boots of this roller are great for them.

✓ You can use this retro-styled Skate on both indoor and outdoor surfaces with urethane wheels.

Things we like

  • Classic Style and Comfort
  • Size Adjustable Quad Skates
  • Both indoor and outdoor skating skills
  • Extra supportive high-cut boots
  • Lots of color collection
  • Four different shoe sizes for a custom fit
  • Urethane wheels with retro-styled skates

Things we don’t like

  • Urethane wheels are more like hard plastic 

Factors to Consider While Buying Cheap Roller Skates in 2023

Usually, roller skates are used for normal Skating, dancing, disco, and for fitness. If you are thinking of purchasing a roller skate, you should know the buying guide also before purchasing. 

Select one why, where, when, how, and for what you want to skate, because for every section and purpose, there are so many different changes in the function of the roller skates.

There are lots of factors you should keep in your mind while buying cheap roller skates. The most important factors are- The first step to choose your roller skates is what type of Skate you want?

1. Quad, or Inline

The inline skates are mainly great for outdoor Skating. These inline skates have one straight line with four wheels in a row. And they are also great for roller hockey. If you want to travel long distances with your skates, then inline skates are great for it.

On the other hand, Quad skates are made with two-by-two configuration of wheels which makes them more stable, and this is great for beginner skaters. Quad skates are perfect for Indoors skating. These quad skates are also perfect for dancing on your skates and roller derby skating. Most importantly, If you are a beginner, learn how to quad skate first.

2. High-Top or Low Top style boot

If you choose high-top boots, then you will get a nostalgic look of them, and these high-top boots are mainly used on rhythm and artistic skates.

The low-top style boot skates look like a sneaker, and they are specially used for jam and Derby skates.

3. Indoor or outdoor

For indoor or outdoor Skating, it only depends on the wheels. If you want to skate outdoors for a long journey on your skates, then you need outdoor-friendly skates that are strong, stable, and more durable skates and wheels with more hard materials.

And if you are focusing on indoor Skating, you don’t need to spend lots of money on getting more quality and a strong wheel skate, just you need a normal one which has features of Indoor Skating.

Other factors From the Anatomy of a Cheap Roller Skate:


Choosing the size is the best part of buying any skates because it gives the most comfort, and you need the comfort first. Before buying, take the perfect size for the perfect fit.


Decide the wheels on your style and the type of your Skating because for different purposes, there are different types of wheels you will find.

roller skate wheel

We have a complete guide on Roller Derby Wheels. Read Here.


Bearings are important for wheels to move, and if you get a higher grade, the wheel will spin very smoothly. Other sections you also have to look at are Plate, Trucks, and Toe Stop/Plug.

In general, most of the cheap skates come out with a low ABEC rating in Durometer. They range from ABEC-2 to ABEC-5 at best. On the other hand, expensive ones are made with a little higher rating, like from ABEC-6 to ABEC-9. Before choosing a skate, check this out. If it is less than ABEC-5, you should be careful when choosing this one. These types of skates might not be smooth and long-lasting.

Okay, I can assure you that almost all of our roller skates mentioned above are designed with at least ABEC-5 and above. So, you will find them smooth, sturdy and flexible and get the best roll-out feature all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good price for roller skates?

To me, good price of roller skates starts at $35 (i.e: Iessie roller skates), and it will cost even $300 and above (i.e: Moxi skates)

What is the lowest price of roller skates?

The lowest price of roller skates could be $20 or less than that. For instance, the price of Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate is $ 19.94 in Amazon.


Of all the nine cheapest and very affordable roller skates, Candi Girl Roller Skates is the best buy from overall skates. In a nutshell, choose a skate like this one which has the features of ease to use, sturdiness, value for money, durability, lightweight, and others depending on your needs.

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