Best Wheels For Roller Derby

Top 4 Best Wheels For Roller Derby [Lightweight, Fast & Long Lasting]

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Roller skating has become very popular all over the world! With this increase in popularity, Roller derby has become a thrilling choice for all. But to enjoy roller derby and to be a great skater at this sport, you must get the best wheels for you.

So, what are some best roller derby wheels? Well, Best wheels will be super speedy, rigid, and have powerful core material, extremely comfortable and suitable for the surface you skate on!

In this article, We’ve come up with the best wheels for roller derby reviews and a guide on how to choose wheels for your help. No more late! let’s dive into the world of roller derby wheels!

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Best Roller Derby Wheels

  1. Atom 93A Savant Skate Wheels: Best Derby Skate for Extra Traction
  2. BONT Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheels: Best for T-stop and Plow Stop
  3. CLAS FOX 95A Aluminum Derby Replacement Wheels: Best Skates for Asphalt
  4. Reckless Dual Hardness Derby Skate Wheels: Best Rated Skate for Sliding and Stop

Roller Derby Wheels Reviews

Roller Derby WheelsTargeted AudienceHighlighted FeatureSpecifications
93A Atom Savant Skate WheelsBest for Speed SkatersOversized core decreases weight and increases speedWeight: 
8 ounces
Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheels by BONTBest for a Serious Derby GameLightweight, High roll and speedWheel Type: 
59*38 mm
CLAS FOX 95A Aluminum Derby Replacement WheelsGreat for Indoor SkatingLong-lasting, grippy and ComfortableWheel Size: 
Reckless Dual Hardness Derby Skate WheelsBest for Sliding Around in and EdgesReduce Friction, Smooth and Fast RollWheel Size: 
38mm* 59mm
Best Wheels For Roller Derby

After getting the list above, let’s see the features, pros and cons for each of those. It will help you a lot to take the purchase decision.

93A Atom Savant Skate Wheels

If you are not new in the world of roller skating, you definitely have heard about the brand Atom skates. It’s a leading company in the world of skates and skating accessories. 

Atom wheels are the leading brand for roller derby wheels and these 93A Atom Savant skate wheels are one of the most stunning wheels they have!

So why are these wheels special?
These wheels are a mixture of atom’s boom and juke urethane. They have an oversized core with a molded lip that helps these wheels to be lightweight and fantabulously speedy!

They can roll over plastic wood and even silky surfaces! They also ensure grip characteristics!

Atom Savant 93A Skate wheels are 8 ounce in weight(individually) and their size is 59 mmx38 mm. 

Now, explore the pros and cons of these wheels:


  • Oversized 48 mm core 
  • Lightweight and speedy.
  • Very bright and bold color
  • 5 mm tire with 7 mm grip
  • Offers better traction
  • 93A rating in the durometer.


  • Sold in sets of 4 wheels. So you have to buy 2 sets together for your skates.
  • The color is not suitable for light-colored skates.

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Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheels by BONT Skates

Bont skates are known for innovative high-performance skates and skating accessories. This brand is the favorite of many international champs and best skaters.

They have amazing 95A quad skating wheels that will help you to rock on a roller derby. These evolved skates by Bont are an evolution in the world of indoor quad skates. 

These skates have a lightweight polycarbonate hub. They are designed with CAD that makes them super rigid. They have amazing speed for you!

The Bont Evolve wheels offer extremely high roll and nice grip that helps you to enjoy super skating

There are four colors available, red, blue, purple, black. The red one is 95A, the black one is 98A, the blue one is 88A and the purple one is 92A in the durometer.

Do you like the features of these skates? If you do, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these skates.


  • Skate wheel for indoor use; especially for roller derby!
  • Suitable for any kind of smooth indoor surface
  • Ultra high-grade urethane
  • Offers high speed with light-weight
  • 59×38 mm 


  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Durability differs with color, You can’t choose the most durable one with your preferable color.

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CLAS FOX 95A Aluminum Roller Derby Replacement Wheels

The brand CLAS FOX is a very promising brand in the world of skating and scooting accessories. They want the skaters to feel the stunning speed and passion for skating while using their products.

The CLAS FOX 95A Aluminum Roller Derby Replacement Wheels are just what they promise. These skates are amazing for outdoor use.

No matter where you are, on a rink, sidewalk, or street, they will provide long-lasting grip. These skates are very durable with a durometer rating of 95A.

These wheels are made of the finest urethane and aluminum that makes your skating super fun and comfortable. High rebound PU and excellent handling for trail skating increase your ability to skate! The PU Allows the wheels to roll over debris outdoors. 

Many skaters like 78A, rather than 95A. So, have a look at Clas Fox 78a wheels review here.

Now, take a look at the pros and cons of these fabulous derby skate wheels!


  • 62 mm diameter with 42 mm width
  • Weight 2.43lbs (all the skates together)
  • You can buy a sale as they offer 8 wheels in a set.
  • Aluminum core
  • High-rebound polyurethane 95A PU
  • 100% service by the manufacturer even after promised 6 months of use. 
  • Suitable for outdoor use


  • Specially made for rough surfaces, but not for indoor use.

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Reckless Wheels-Morph- Dual Hardness Derby Skate Wheels

The revolutionary morph from reckless wheels is designed for elite users who look for aesthetic stunning looking skates!

While choosing the skate wheel, you may get confused about choosing speed or choosing control? You no longer have to be confused about this. These skate wheels offer both for you!

For ultimate balance and control, these wheels feature dual durometer urethane. The outer part is softer than the inner part to ensure great speed with good grip. 

These Reckless skates wheels are uniquely designed for indoor purposes. You can enjoy skating on smooth tiled surfaces or skating rinks with these wheels. The cute colors of the wheels add extra beauty to your skates. And who doesn’t want to look cool in roller derby?

These quad roller skates come in different types of combinations of durability. For example, Orange and Magenta is 88A/84A, Lime and Orange & Lime is 91A/88A, Blue and Orange is 93A/88A, Yellow and Lime & Yellow is 95A/91A, and Green and Blue is 97A/93A.

So, let’s check the pros and cons of these cute wheels.


  • Durable dual urethane made
  • Long-lasting grip
  • Super performance in any kind of smooth surface
  • Cute and bold color combinations
  • Matches with your personality and style.


  • Only for indoor use

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A Complete Guide of How to Choose Roller Skate or Roller Derby Wheels.

As a skater choosing wheels for your skates or roller derby skates are very important. If you can’t choose the right sets of wheels, you will find it difficult to skate! Moreover, injuries will be the most common phenomena if you can’t choose the right wheels.

So, let’s guide you to choose the right set of wheels.

Roller Derby Wheels Guide

If you have gone through the derby wheel reviews, now you need to know some key factors before choosing the wheels. Some key factors are:


The inner opening of the Wheels are always of the same size for any kind of wheels of any brand. This is to ensure you can buy any bearings, and they will fit properly. What differs is the outer side of the wheels.

The larger wheels are better for speed skating. The larger the wheels, the greater will be the speed. But smaller wheels help to move comfortably. 

Another point is the larger the wheels, the more the height of the skates. So, if you think you can’t skate with skates of high height, don’t go for the larger wheels. 

You can ask for suggestions from your expert skater friends. Or it’s best to do some experiments with your skates with enough safety precautions!

Wheel Hardness

If you are a newbie, you may think the harder your skate, the better it will last. But actually, for skate wheels, this is a wrong idea. The durability of the wheels is very important to check while you buy your wheels.

The durability will be mentioned with the product. There will be a number with an A letter. The higher the number the greater will be the durability.

The more durable the wheel the less will be your grip. For indoor skating, you can use highly durable wheels. But for outdoor use, softer wheels are preferable, as soft wheels help to reduce the shock of rolling over debris. If you want to know how to skate outside with derby skates, read this guide.

Let’s take a look at some ranges of the durometer to make you understand.:

  • 78A-82A:  These are extremely soft and very grippy wheels. Most suitable for outside use. 
  • 84A-85A: If you want to skate indoors and outdoors, these are the best wheels for you. They are soft but suitable for indoor and outdoor. They are particularly amazing for newbies
  • 86A-89A: Suitable for the indoor polished wooden surface.
  • 90A-94A: Amazing durability. Suitable for most of the plain indoor surfaces.
  • 95A-100A: Extremely hard. These wheels are specially made for roller skating rinks. So you can use them for roller derby.


The weight of your skate wheels plays a vital role in your skating performance besides choosing a pair of good roller skate brand. Heavy wheels offer better traction and stability. On the other hand, lighter wheels are helpful to move swiftly. Heavy wheels may make you feel uncomfortable and tire your legs. Most of the pro skaters like lighter wheels. But remember if you are new to skating, stability is more important for you than faster movements. SO choose wisely!

Hub and Core Material

Whatever wheels you buy, check materials carefully. The Hub or core materials are basically nylon, hollow, or aluminum. Nylon is a soft material that is basically used in low price wheels. These wheels are not for speed skating.

Aluminum wheels are hard and good material for any type of wheel. They help the wheels to roll easily.

Hollow materials are a combination of aluminum and nylon. Using this type of material is suitable for using good grip high-speed excellent wheels!

Now you know what are the key factors that you need to know about wheels. So, here are some tips for you to buy your skate wheels!

  1.  The type of wheels you should buy will depend on the type of skating you do. If you want to skate indoors, buy skate wheels with a higher durometer ranking. Check product details to know if it’s for indoor use or outdoor. 
  2. Price is always an important factor when you choose your wheels. Remember buying wheels at a cheap price may not be beneficial as cheaper wheels are cheap because of the low-class materials. So, they may not last long. 
  3. It’s a good idea to read the product review thoroughly before buying. You may check different sites to get a clear idea. 
  4. Your weight is always an issue for your skate wheels. An overweight person should go for skates with a high hardness rating. You also need the best materials for you if you are over-weighted. Consult with the pro-skaters to decide what type of skate you should buy depending on your weight.
  5. Do not ignore fashion and trends. You don’t want your skates to make you ugly and weird-looking, right? So, buy your skates wisely with a good sense of fashion and style. Skate wheels are available in different colors. Buy according to your skate styles! Always be careful about the trends!

We have provided you with a complete guide on how to choose skate wheels. Now, whatever wheels you buy, outdoor or indoor, for roller derby or regular skating, choose wisely and enjoy great skating!

Wheel Hub Video Tutorial


We have answered some frequently asked questions about choosing  the best wheels for skates here.

Which derby wheels are best for heavyweight?

Heavyweight skaters enjoy more stability than the lightweight skaters. So they need to buy skates that have a higher hardness rating. Suppose on a surface an average skater chooses 90A skate wheels. But a heavy-weight skater above 200lbs weight should choose skate wheels with a hardness rating 92A or 93 A.

Which derby wheels are best for lightweight skaters?

 The problem for lightweight skaters is not having enough stability. They need wheels with better traction. Especially at the beginning of their skating life, they need to choose skate wheels very carefully. Suppose a normal weighted person chooses 90A wheels for a surface. You should go for 88A on that surface if you are lightweight

Why does the wheel core material and size matter?

The core is the most important part of your wheel. The core material determines the speed and grip of your skates. 

Having a large core makes a wheel distribute its weight more evenly. It helps to roll the wheel faster.

Having a small core decreases the whole wheel size. So it helps to move easily.

Last Words

No matter what type of skate you prefer and the surface you skate on, the most important thing for your grip and speed is roller skate wheels. Also, It depends on your experience with roller derby and also your style and the place where you skate on! 

Choosing the right wheels for your skates is not a difficult task if you know how to choose wheels.

We have tried our best to review the best wheels for roller derby and also guide you on how to wisely and comfortably choose your skate wheels. Happy skating with stronger wheels!

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