Fix A Skateboard that Turn By Itself

How to Fix a Skateboard that Turns by Itself [6 Proven Solutions]

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Your Skateboard may at times start turning by itself and this can be an annoying problem. In such cases, the skateboard becomes difficult to control and the whole riding experience can be quite uncomfortable. 

However, there are many easy ways to solve this problem once you find out what might be wrong with your skateboard. To easily fix a skateboard that turns on itself you can try tightening or loosening the trucks, replacing the bushings, replacing worn-out wheels, cleaning the bearings, replacing damaged base plates, or renewing the truck axle when it curves.

But first, it’s important to check out what is wrong with your skateboard and fix the problem accordingly. Even the slightest details such as loose screws or worn-out bearings and trucks can make the whole riding experience uncomfortable and difficult to control.

5 Factors that Make the Skateboard Turn by Itself

There are quite a few factors that may cause your skateboard to turn by itself. From damaged bushings to broken bearings, you need to inspect your skateboard properly to find out exactly what might be wrong with it.

1. Broken or Damaged Bushings

Damaged bushings can be an issue while riding your skateboard. If your bushings are worn out, cracked, bent, broken, or dried out, they might lose all flexibility to support the skateboard.

An irregular bushing can cause you to steer towards one side more than the other. As a result, one side is usually crushed more and the skateboard turns on itself.

What to Do With Bushings (Video)

2. Too Loose or Tight Trucks

The best way to control your skateboard is to have the trucks fitted right. Professionals often keep track of the condition of their trucks since the right fit is crucial for better control over the direction of your skateboard.

A tightly fitted truck makes the skateboard a rigid one and all the flexibility of your board vanishes. On the other hand, a too loose truck can give you serious problems controlling it as the extra flexibility will make the skateboard turn by itself.

tight trucks

3. Broken Bearings

When the bearings of your skateboard get dirty or crack start appearing on them, the bearings can’t function smoothly setting out small vibrations onto the wheels. This makes it difficult for the wheels to perform stably.

The overall stability of the skateboard is affected and the skateboard may start turning by itself as you ride on. It is important to have good bearings on your skateboard to stabilize the movements of the board.

4. Worn out Wheels

Worn-out wheels can be a problem while controlling your skateboard as it may sometimes cause it to turn by itself. The wheels usually wear out when you constantly lean on one specific side of the skateboard while riding and due to the extra friction and pressure, the wheels wear out faster.

The uneven wheels will not allow you to control the board properly, and may at times start turning on itself. The unstable foundation and misaligned wheels are actually an important aspect to notice as this can even tip your skateboard as you ride.

5. Curved Axle and Disarranged Screws, Bolts, Nuts

A curved axle is another major problem to look out for. A bent or curved truck axle can damage the bearings of your skateboard and may even lead to the jamming of wheels. A skateboard with a curved axle too, at times, tends to turn on its own and is difficult to control while riding.

It is also important to keep track of the correct tightness of the screws, bolts, and nuts as too loose or tight fittings will make it difficult to control. Also, disarranged screws and bolts can lead to your skateboard traveling in the wrong direction as it is possible to mess them up at times.

6 Ways to Fix a Skateboard that Turns by Itself

If you have got the basic skills of turning the skateboard, your problem will be minimal. However, here are the ways to fix things up:

1. Check and Replace Damaged Bushings

Check if the bushings of your skateboard pinch evenly. If the answer is no and cracks start appearing, it is wise to consider replacing them immediately. As damaged bushings are significant reasons for a skateboard turning on itself, changing them is the right call as they aren’t even usually expensive.

Look out for worn pivot cup bushings as they can also tip the skateboard. Remove the kingpin to check if it is stable. If you feel they are not, consider replacing them if you want smoother control over your skateboard.

2. Clean or Replace the Bearings

Bearings are undoubtedly vital to the stability and control of your skateboard. Look out for cracks or breakages and consider replacing them immediately if you do find them.

It is also important to make sure that dirt doesn’t get clogged in the bearings. So, try to keep them clean and maybe clean them on a regular basis as per precise instructions to get the best out of your bearings.

3. Tighten or Loosen the Trucks

Having the correct tightness in the trucks is rather crucial. Check out the trucks and see if you are too loose or tight. Try tightening or loosening them moderately according to their needs. Either way, keep in mind not to twist them too much as you go. 

If it’s too tight, loosen the nut by little or if it is too loose, tighten the nut into the bolt. But make sure that both the trucks are on the same level of tightening as a disparity between the two can make your riding experience even worse.

4. Change Worn out Wheels

If worn-out wheels start affecting the stability and control of your skateboard, it is wise to consider replacing them accordingly. Uneven wheels can cause the skateboard to change directions on its own and might even tip your skateboard at times.

So, if changing wheels is not an issue, it is advised to replace worn-out wheels with premium ones like Spitfire and perhaps adjust your skateboarding style a bit to avoid wearing out one side of the wheels unevenly.

5. Renew Curved Truck Axles and Damaged Baseplates

Since curved truck axles can also affect the bearings and wheels of your skateboard it is best to consider replacing them immediately. Also, check if the baseplates are damaged or cracked. If the bolt holes in the baseplate appear to have been cracked or torn, this will lead to the truck bending.

The skateboard hence becomes difficult to control and flips more easily. So, it is best to consider replacing these as soon as they are damaged.

6. Properly Reinstall all Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

Last but not the least, reinstall all the screws, nuts, and bolts on your skateboard and make sure they all have the proper and moderate level of tightness as you do. 

Few things to keep in mind while reinstalling them all:

  •   Tighten all bolts and nuts in moderation
  •   Make sure the tightness of the nuts next to the truck axle does not affect the spinning wheel
  •   Attach all the wheels properly
  •   Make sure the truck-mounted nuts and screws are firm and in place
  •   Check if the bearing pads are working fine

It can be a really annoying problem if your skateboard turns on itself and it becomes quite difficult to have proper control over your board as the problem pops up. It might make your skateboard noisy as well. You can solve this issue by trying out the previously discussed techniques once you find out what exactly is wrong with your skateboard.

Let us know if you have any queries and till then Happy Skating!

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