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When To Replace Skateboard Wheels [ 7 Must Noticeable Conditions]

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Skateboards are just awesome with smooth brand-new wheels. But once they start being used rough and regularly, there will be times when you will wonder if the wheels need to be replaced.

If your wheels are irregularly shaped, get worn out bad, show signs of flat spots, or the rides start getting really bumpy, then mark my words, you definitely should get your wheels of the skateboard changed. Or else, your rides will only get worse with time and might even lead to fatal accidents on the road!

When To Change Skateboard Wheels (7 Conditions)

  1. If the shapes of the wheels appear to be irregular and flat spots start appearing, it is important you consider replacing the existing wheels.
  2. If the wheels start wearing away and it starts to affect the stability of the ride, it is worth considering changing the wheels.
  3. For hard wheels, it is wise to replace them when pitting or tears start to appear on the surface of the wheels.
  4. For softer ones, they are more likely to tear away and separate while being worn out. You should consider replacing them immediately if you notice, as these wheels are prone to tearing away anytime easily.
  5. If riding the skateboard starts to get really bumpy because of sideways friction caused by power-sliding.
  6. Even if you are riding on smooth surfaces, the skateboard wheels can wear out due to excessive use. So, it is important that you look out for worn-out conditions affecting the overall experience of the ride.
  7. If there is a notable decrease in the diameter of the wheels, but the skateboard still runs fairly smooth, it doesn’t mean the wheels are in good shape. The wearing out of the wheels leading to a decrease in the overall diameter can lead to an unanticipated loss of control while riding.

So, it’s worth considering changing your skateboard wheels if you spot a significant loss of wheel diameter.

Why Is It Important to Change Skateboard Wheels

Performing wonderful feats on your skateboard is every teen’s dream to ace. But these feats are only safe as long as your skateboard is in good shape and so are the wheels. Uneven wheels, out-of-shape wheels, or worn-out wheels make your skateboard turns by itself and is a great risk in extreme riding conditions.

Moreover, even on solid smooth concrete platforms, wheels in poor conditions are a huge risk to skateboard accidents.

Skateboards that are not in good shape with wheels that are hardly keeping the truck going is a major risk even if you are skating on pavements or even in your backyard. Numerous teens suffer serious injuries while skating on their boards not because they were attempting extreme feats, but because their skateboard wheels were not in proper condition.

Keeping your skateboard in good shape is also vital to having comfortable and smooth rides. Having good wheels like spitfire is key to well-balanced and uninterrupted control over the skateboard. It not only makes the whole experience more flowy and enjoyable but also creates a safer riding experience.

Finally, changing wheels can make your skateboard quieter as well.

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Wear Out

Most skateboard wheels are made of urethane. Now, this material is well known for its many of its properties. Hardness, compression set, tear strength, and rebound are crucial for skateboard wheels. Rebound is probably the most important feature of urethane in this case.

The urethane in skateboard wheels experiences pressure and heat as they rotate, which eventually leads to them wearing down. Friction is to blame for this, as it forces the wheel and skateboard to slow down and pass energy to the ground. 

But that’s not all. Skateboard trucks that have bent axels can result in a-symmetrical pressure. In many cases, this can happen with almost any skateboard truck. But lower-quality trucks can take less pressure and so their wheels wear away faster because of this.

Moreover, low-quality bushings and bad bearings may also be the reason. The problem might be with the skateboard deck or the blade plates might be misaligned. These issues often contribute to the wearing away of wheels faster. Weather conditions and the rider’s weight might also be a factor at times.

Top Quality Bushing: Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Truck Rebuild Kit Bushings

These are one of the best skateboard bushings you can replace for your trucks. Featured with pivot cups and cup washers, these fit really well, are lightweight, and cheap. Overall, they will make your riding smooth and comfortable.

Now another major problem can be the wheel bite. Sometimes the wheels of a skateboard are too big that they keep hitting the board. This definitely wears them off and can cause serious stability issues. To solve this problem, you can consider getting some risers and putting some distance between your wheels and your board.

Or else you can replace the wheels with smaller ones which will solve the problem immediately. This issue is actually more common if you have a longboard.

And of course, the wheel quality matters too. Low-quality wheels will definitely wear away faster.

How Long Can Skateboard Wheels Last

Now the period of lasting for skateboard wheels is actually dependent on certain few other factors. Different quality wheels have different durability and lasting lives. The hardness and skating surfaces are also vital in determining the lifespan of these wheels. From two weeks to a lasting period of up to an average of six months, skateboard wheels will need to be replaced based on their quality and conditions.

For skaters skating on smooth surfaces, your wheels will definitely last longer. If you perform extreme feats with your skateboard on a regular basis, it is needless to say your wheels will have to be replaced more often. For downhill skaters, as the wheels are more prone to wear out easily, replacements will be required on a frequent basis.

The hardness and quality are also relevant while comparing the lifespan of skateboard wheels for downhill skaters as better resistant wheels will definitely last longer.

So evidently the lifespan and durability of skateboard wheels can vary from wheel to wheel. Taking decent care of your skateboard and the wheels can definitely make your riding experience smoother. At the same time, it will also increase the durability of your skateboard.

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How To Make Skateboard Wheels Last Longer

It is always not necessary to keep changing the wheels of your skateboard. Sometimes you can easily avoid replacing them with regular maintenance of the wheels. Here are some of the ways you can make your skateboard wheels last longer.

· Cleaning the wheels – Just because your wheels are not spinning properly, it does not indicate that you need to replace them immediately. In most cases, this happens due to dirt and debris clogging up in the wheels and bearings.

Full Guide of Cleaning Wheels

· Rotating Wheels after Rides – Rotating the wheels after rides can be an exceptional way to increase their durability and lasting. If riders tend to put all their weight at the front wheels or to a particular side of the board, there are chances that a few of the wheels will wear out faster than the others. Rotating solves this discrepancy which might lead to some wheels being required to be changed more often than the others. {Check out how to change wheels}

By changing the smaller wheels at the front if they start wearing away with the high wheels at the rear on a regular basis, you can ensure that none of them wear out faster than the others. This definitely increases the overall stability of your rides while at the same time making your wheels last longer.

· Avoiding Flat Spots – If you are riding the wheels at a 90-degree angle, you might notice that after some time, the one-side wheels will stop rotating. This can cause the other wheels to wear away more quickly and thus, resulting in a flat spot. So, in order to avoid such flat spots keep your shoulders and your feet pointed downhill while sliding at a 90-degree angle.

· Regular Maintenance – The biggest key to increasing the lifespan of your skateboard wheels is undoubtedly regular and proper maintenance. The more carefully you look after your skateboard, the longer your wheels will last and the less frequently you will have to get them replaced.

But of course, enjoying extreme feats on your skateboard does come with the cons of wearing out the wheels nonetheless. As I said earlier, the skating terrain also affects the overall lifespan of skateboard wheels so better maintenance definitely helps.

Final Words

To have comfortable, smooth, and most importantly safe rides, it is very important to check the condition of your skateboard wheels on a regular basis. If you notice significant wear or any other such discrepancy with your skateboard wheels, it is worth considering having them replaced.

This is true for casual and amateur skaters while also appliable to more experienced and skillful ones. And like I said you cannot judge the replacement period for your skateboard wheels following dates or calendars. Different wheels will require replacement at different intervals depending on the condition of your skateboard.

So, track their condition on a regular basis while you have all the fun skating through! Happy skating!

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