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Strongest Skateboard Decks in 2023 [Durable, Lightweight & Flexible!]

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One of the main portions of a skateboard is its deck. Without the deck and wheels, you can’t even imagine the image of a skateboard.

Basically, the strength and durability of a skateboard depend on the material used to build that skateboard and how the different layers of the material are combined together to build the skateboard. Depending on these factors, you can find several different skateboard decks like Lithe Slate, Plan B, Powel Peralta having good strength and durability in the market. 

In this article, we are going to know a bit more about the strongest and most durable skateboard decks. We will also see some other deck brands along with the most important skateboard deck FAQs.

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Technology That Makes Skateboard Decks Strong

P2 Technology

  • P2 technology is characterized by a deck construction that features a six-layer maple core, which is then topped with a layer of Kevlar fiber.
  • The Kevlar fiber topper is meant to protect the nose and tail of the skateboard from chipping, which is a common issue for conventional boards.
  • Brands such as Plan B, Flip, Santa Cruz etc. are known for using P2 technology in their skateboard decks.
  • While the manufacturer’s claim that P2 decks last longer than conventional boards is yet to be proven, many skateboarders report that their P2 boards have held up well over time.

Resin-7 Wood Glue

Resin-7 wood glue is commonly used in skateboard decks because of its superior strength and durability. Here are some reasons why skateboard manufacturers prefer to use Resin-7 wood glue:

  • Superior strength: Resin-7 is a high-quality wood glue that offers superior bonding strength compared to other adhesives. This makes it ideal for use in skateboard decks, which need to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Water resistance: Skateboards are often used in damp or wet conditions, which can cause the wood to swell or warp. Resin-7 wood glue is water-resistant, which helps to prevent this from happening.
  • Environmentally friendly: Resin-7 is a solvent-free adhesive that is safe for the environment. Skateboard manufacturers can use it without worrying about harming the environment or their workers.
  • Easy to work with: Resin-7 wood glue is easy to apply and work with, making it a popular choice among skateboard manufacturers. It can be applied quickly and efficiently, which helps to speed up the manufacturing process.

Overall, Resin-7 wood glue is an excellent choice for skateboard decks because of its strength, water resistance, and ease of use. It is a reliable and high-quality adhesive that can help to ensure that skateboard decks are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Impact Support Technology

  • Impact Support technology is a skateboard deck construction that combines carbon fiber and Canadian maple wood using epoxy resin.
  • The carbon fiber layers help to neutralize the forces generated by landings and jumps, which can help to prevent the deck from cracking or breaking.
  • In addition to providing impact resistance, carbon fiber skateboard decks with Impact Support technology are also known for improving pop, which is the height and snap of the skateboard when doing tricks.
  • Some popular skateboard deck brands that use Impact Support technology include Zero, Cliché, Almost, and Enjoi.
  • The use of carbon fiber in skateboard decks has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides a lightweight and strong alternative to traditional wood decks.

Most Durable Skateboard Decks Listed

  • Powel Peralta
  • Bamboo
  • Santa Cruz
  • Real
  • Plan B
  • Welcome
  • Anti Hero
  • Krooked
strongest skateboard deck

Well, let’s first learn some basics, then we will move into detail for each of the above decks.

Construction of A Skateboard Deck

Usually, a skateboard deck is made of several layers of maple wood or bamboo. Maple is a dense and light wood. Anything you make with maple is light and strong simultaneously. The thin layers of maple wood have adhesive between them and are pressed together to form a single layer that is the main skateboard deck. As the adhesive, traditionally, epoxy resin or water-based glue is used

The most common type of deck has seven-ply of maple attached together. Some decks have more plies in them but it does not exceed nine plies generally.

Some expensive skateboard decks have carbon fiber coating over the main deck. You may see different types of construction as well. Something like Lithe Slate 2 or Slate 3. They have other light woods in them to cover low-stress areas. These boards are usually more durable than the traditional ones.

The shape is another major factor considered during the manufacturing of a skateboard deck. The shape has a role both over the performance and durability of a board. You may find boards that are flat, or convex, or concave, or asymmetric in shape. Each of them has different shock absorbent capabilities and allows different tricks to perform with ease.

The Durability of A Skateboard Deck

The durability of a skateboard is a vital issue that is to be considered when you are choosing a skateboard for yourself. How much impact it can bear? Is the weight too much? All of these questions are related to the measure of durability.

The usual seven-ply construction gives a deck average durability and increases the skateboard pop as well. The seven-ply boards are light and sturdy.

The decks made by Dwindle distribution brands have impact support in them. Carbon fiber discs are attached to the bottom part of the deck. These discs dampen any impact force at the time of landing and prevent your board from being broken. These boards are a bit expensive.

Some skateboards are made from several layers of bamboo. This construction is also strong, flexible, light, and durable. These boards are very famous in the community of green skaters.

Now, let us investigate the durability of some of the popular brands from the market.

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Durable skate decks

Now, we will know detail about the tough skateboard decks stated above.

Slate 3 by Lithe

Lithe has brought the Slate 3 which is one of the most durable and advanced skateboard decks made ever.

Slate 3 is made from matric of different types of woods. These woods are way stronger than maple and they are light as well. They are attached together to form the entire deck. Also, more lightweight woods are put in areas of low stress. This makes a perfect blend of balance and lets you ride with super comfort. 

The whole deck is wrapped with carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber is one of the toughest and lightest materials ever made in the world. Skateboards that have carbon fiber in them are incredibly stiff and have increased durability and pop.

Also, as the other skateboards chip everywhere around the deck, the Slate 3 is fully rapped along the sides. This prevents it from being chipped.

The outside edge of the decks has no exposed carbon fiber. So your skin will be kept splinter-free at all times.

Well, you can not imagine all of these superb advantages at a very low price. You have to spend a lot of money to get a Slate 3. Each of the skateboards will cost $199 if you preorder it.

Powell Peralta

In 1978, Stacy Peralta and George Powell established the company Powell Peralta in America. In the very next year, a skateboarding team named Bones Brigade was formed by Powell Peralta. They started to make quality products and began to gain popularity among many skateboarders throughout the country. Later they began to export their products and gained international popularity.

A skateboarder who is looking for a skateboard that is light as well as durable, probably Powell Peralta is the best choice for him/her. The decks have long-lasting pop. Several thin layers of  Maplewood are attached together with epoxy glue. Orthodox skateboards have seven plies of maple wood attached together. Powell Peralta has different varieties of this. For instance, the flight decks have five plies stuck together in them.

Sometimes a layer of fiberglass is added over and under the skateboards. The decks from the flight series have this extra advantage. It gives more strength and durability to the skateboard.

Overall Specification

  • Extra strong and durable compared to the other decks.
  • The tail will not chip easily.
  • Allows the skateboarder to perform tricks easily.
  • Lightweight and thin.
  • Tested several times and completely reliable.
  • More costly than other boards of the market.


The Bamboo is a California-based skateboard manufacturer company formed in 2008. Hal Miller and Mark Gregson own this brand. The brand got the name ‘Bamboo Skateboards’ in 2012. Before it, the brand had the name ‘BambooSK8’. Usual skateboard brands use maple woods for their deck. But a maple tree takes a long time to be ready to be matured. So Bamboo tried to use an eco-friendly material other than maple to make quality decks without sacrificing the pop, performance, and durability of the board.

The skateboards from Bamboo are literally made of bamboo. The boards are made of five to ten plies of bamboo attached together. Bamboo is light and has enough strength to make a skateboard. These decks made with bamboo can absorb bumps that ensure a safe landing for a skateboarder. 

Though the skateboards are not so cheap, still it is a good trade-off between price and quality. They are sufficiently strong and durable.

Overall Specification

  • Long lasting and lightweight.
  • A perfect eco-friendly alternative to the skateboards made with maple wood.
  • More flexible and durable than other skateboards you can buy from the market.
  • A little bit more expensive than the skateboards made with maple wood.
  • suitable for skateboarders of any expertise level.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz skateboards brand is the oldest skateboard brand in the world. Doug Haut, Richard Novak, and Jay Shuriman founded the brand. When the brand was founded, it had the name “NHS, Inc”. These three letters represent the first alphabets of the three founders’ names. It is one of the most popular skateboard brands right now. Usually, they produce skateboards with seven plies of maple wood. Classical structure with durability.

The classical seven-ply structure gives quite enough strength for an average skateboarder. Yes, you can not expect that much as Powell Peralta, but you also have to keep in mind that the decks made by Santa Cruz are comparatively cheaper than Powell Peralta. You will get you will pay. If you think about the overall performance, Santa Cruz is a decent deck manufacturer brand. The decks will provide sufficient pop and will last for a decent amount of time.

Overall Specification

  • Agile and fairly strong.
  • Good for cruising as well. Freeriding is comfortable with the decks.
  • The shape of the decks helps to perform several tricks with ease.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Not only seven ply boards, but you can also get some nine ply boards from them.


In 1991, Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero founded Real Skateboards. The brand was established with the support of entrepreneur Fausto Vitello. It is one of the oldest skateboard brands in the world. The headquarter of Real Skateboards is in San Francisco.

Real Skateboards is creating superb decks. The heavyweight construction is a notable side of the skateboards made by Real. The boards are thick and stiff. They guarantee you a long-lasting pop. They are known not only for their skateboard accessories but also for their non-profit projects.

The decks from Real Skateboards have tons of pop and they are durable also. Some of the deck constructions of Real will give you an extra degree of advantage during your ride. You can pick popular designs like the “Oval” that will help you to get a smooth and nice ride. The boards’ structure is traditional. That means they are made from several layers of maple wood glued together. 

Overall Specification

  • Solid and durable skateboards for amazing riding experiences.
  • Real Skateboards have a guarantee policy. So, you can return your board to them for any manufacturer’s defect.
  • Distinctive and eye catchy graphics for a stylish look.
  • Neither too cheap nor too expensive. The boards are affordable.

Plan B

In San Clemente, California, Mike Ternasky, Danny Way, Brian Johnson, and Colin Mckay established the Plan B Skateboards, a renowned skateboard company. The brand was established in 1991, the very same year when Real skateboards were founded. Plan B usually makes skateboards, clothing, and accessories as well.

When Plan B was founded, it started as a deck company. The other accessories made by Plan B are decent but they are not up to the mark while their decks are pretty good. Unlike other popular brands, Plan B also makes its decks with maple wood. For regular riding, Plan B decks are good but they will not allow any abuse. 

Decks made by Plan B are quite costly like other pro-level decks. As the quality is above the average line, it is worth spending for a Plan B skateboard. You will not regret it. Many beginner-level skateboarders start their career with complete Plan B skateboards and then upgrade the wheels, trucks, etc. The decks become unchanged. 

Overall Specification

  • Tested by specialists.
  • Will not have any crack even after long use. Durable decks.
  • The grip tape is not long lasting.
  • Lightweight and different layers of maple wood are glued together firmly.


Welcome Skateboards is comparatively a junior brand in this list. It was founded in 2010. They came in the market with new ‘shaped’ decks. These decks are also called directional decks. You can choose a particular sized tail, nose, etc on a deck. But it will not affect the shape of the deck. And here is the difference between decks made by Welcome and the other skateboard deck manufacturers. Welcome also changes the shape with the size of nose, tail, etc.

Along with different shapes, the decks made by Welcome are pretty strong as well. You will not find pressure cracks or any chips easily. The construction is traditional. Several thin maple wood layers are stuck together to form a complete skateboard deck. There is no specialty in the construction of the decks of Welcome. Where they differ from other brands is in the shape of the decks.

Overall Specification

  • Pretty much affordable and strong.
  • Directional decks allow you to perform tricks with an extra degree of ease and safety.
  • Comes with various size and shapes. You can choose according to your desire.
  • As good quality maple wood is used, chips and cracks are not ‘common issues’ regarding these decks.
  • From rookie to world class-this board is suitable for any level of skateboarders.

Other Skateboard Decks

These brands stated above, are highly popular among skateboarders. Let us see some less popular brands as well. By using the word ‘less popular’, I am not underestimating the quality of the brands. It is just a rough comparison of the popularity of the brands. Nothing more, nothing less.


Antihero is another quite popular brand that produces skateboard decks. They are good but quite flat. The boards are sturdy and durable. Have average construction and usually do not have cracks until you snap. Good to start with. But they will not serve as pro skateboard.


Krooked is less popular than all other skateboard brands mentioned yet. Their quality is average. Overall performance is good but you can not expect durability like a Powell Peralta skateboard from Krooked. 

To begin your career in skateboarding, Krooked is okay. But probably you have to change your deck if you want longevity and more durability.


If you do not have a high budget for your deck, Quasi is comparatively one of the best choices you have in your hand. They make decent skateboards. The construction is orthodox and will serve you well. The price is also reasonable. Your board will begin to have chips if you ride recklessly. They are not highly shock absorbent.


The WKND skateboard decks are pretty decent durable. They are pretty solid as well. They last for a moderate amount of time. If you skate in parks instead of streets, the tail or nose will wear down slowly. Overall, the decks made by WKND are average in quality. They are neither world-class quality decks nor below average.


This is another average skateboard deck manufacturer brand. The decks are decent. But not the best. They are just like the decks made by WKND or Quasi. The quality and construction of these brands are quite at the same level. Even their pricing does not vary too much.

You can choose any of them for your regular use. But you have any desire to build a professional career in skateboarding, then you have to look for any other deck manufacturer brands.

That’s all we have for the skateboard deck recommendation. However, if you want to learn about skateboard deck market conditions, where you can have more deck-producing players,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I prevent my skateboard deck from chipping?

-The most common problem of skateboard decks is chipping. To avoid chipping, rub some wax around the tail and the nose of your skateboard. Do not use a lot of wax. Use a little bit. This will reduce the probability of chipping.

  1. Should I get a Bamboo skateboard deck?

-Bamboo skateboard boards are lightweight and strong. Moreover, they are eco-friendly as well. Yes, you can get a skateboard deck for you without any hesitation. The price is quite reasonable also.

  1. To what extent does the durability of a skateboard deck matter?

-Well, if you skate regularly, then some cracks may appear on your deck but no major faults will happen. But if you snap regularly, then the question of durability comes to the scene.

When the brands tell you about the durability of the decks, they usually assume that some accidents may happen, but not on a regular basis. If you start to face accidents regularly or land on the board at odd angles regularly, even the most durable board is gonna crack.


A brief detail on the durability of different skateboards has been discussed. Now you can choose the perfect deck for you according to your use. A board made with maple? Or something made with bamboo? Or something that is coated with carbon fiber? Choose according to your level of riding.

For daily use, any skateboard will serve you quite well. But for sports purposes, the durability of a deck is a vital issue and is to be considered accordingly. The longevity of a skateboard also depends on its durability and strength. So, choose one for you correctly and enjoy your ride. See ya!

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