Why Is My Skateboard So Loud

Why Is My Skateboard So Loud? [6 Reasons with 5 Quick Solutions]

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Skateboarding is one of the best fun sports there are and it definitely makes a bit of noise as you dash through. But if there is a constant amount of squeaking from your trucks, rattling from the wheels, and a loud amount of noise from your deck, Skateboarding can become quite annoying at times.

Well, if you are wondering Why is my Skateboard so loud, there are actually quite a few factors that can lead to the said problem. From worn-down bushings and pivot cups, loose screws on the base plate, moving washers and dried-up bearings to flat spots on the wheels, any of these discrepancies can cause your skateboard to make a lot of noise.

In this article, we will discuss what makes your skateboard unwantedly loud and how to overcome this problem.

Where Does the Noise Come from On a Skateboard

The first step to solving the problem is to trace down the reason behind it. If your skateboard is making a lot of noise lately, it is wise to look into the parts of your skateboard closely to find out where exactly the fault lies so that you can proceed with solving it.

1. Squeaky or Rattling Bearings

Sometimes you may notice that the bearings of your skateboard are actually responsible for the squeaking or rattling noise that you hear while riding it. You can check this out by spinning them individually one at a time to figure out exactly which one of them might be responsible for the noise. 

This might happen if your bearings are damaged or not maintained well. Damaged and out-of-order bearings can actually make a good deal of rattling sound or annoying squeaky noise. 

Additionally, if your bearings are not well fitted or dirt gets clogged up in those, there is a great deal of chance that they will make a lot of noise while you ride your skateboard.

2. Squeaky Bushings

If there is a squeaking noise coming from your skateboard but your bearings are all fine and perfect, it might be the bushings that are causing the noise. Worn out or squashed bushings are big-time responsible for the squeaking noise coming while you ride.

If you have been using the same bushings for a long time in extreme weather conditions, there are significant chances that your bushings will be overly weathered and hence make a squeaking noise. 

To check if there is anything wrong with your bushings, look into the washers and see if they are cutting into the bushings.

3. Ticking Noise Due to Flat Spots

If you hear a ticking noise and your rides start getting bumpier and more uncomfortable over time, there is a good deal of possibility that flat spots have started appearing on your skateboard wheels. 

Flat spots are more common among skaters who try out power slides too often and these might make your wheels last shorter than you may have expected. To check for flat spots, it is advised to inspect the wheel’s surfaces carefully and avoid using the same wheels repeatedly for power slides. 

Flat spots can be an annoying issue as they make skateboard rides really uncomfortable and may ruin the overall experience.

4. Clicking and Creaking Noise

You might sometimes hear clicking and creaking sounds while leaning on your skateboard. Now, this might be caused by the kingpin and the nut or the washer close to the base plate. The clicking sound usually comes out as the washer overlaps the bushings and the kingpin while you lean on your skateboard.

As it happens to shift from side to side while overlapping as you lean on it, there is a clicking and creaking noise that comes out every time you lean on it. It is usually that the washer has a larger hole than necessary and hence overlaps with the kingpin and bushings.

5. Squeaky Noises while You Lean on your Board

Now if there is a different type of sound that comes from your skateboard as you lean on, the problem can rise from the pivot cup or loose nuts and screws. Check if all your screws are properly fitted and none of them are coming out or are too loose.

If your screws are all set then you better check out the pivot cup. The squeaking sound might be caused due to rotation in the pivot cup if there is way more space between the hanger and the pivot cup, more than there should be. The cup rotates every time you lean on your skateboard and this can get really annoying while riding.

6. Low Pitched Sound from Wheels

If you hear low-pitched sounds coming from your wheels, the problem might be in the bearings. Generally, this noise tends to come from the wheel seats which is the separation of space between the inside part of the wheels and the bearings.

If you have been using the same skateboard wheels for a long without replacing them, there are chances that the wheel seats can develop gaps over time. That’s the gap where the bearings move in while you ride. 

The shift of the bearings is actually responsible for the sound and they shift more so as you make turns on your board.

Make Your Skateboard Sound Quieter: 5 Ways

In order to fix the issue of loud sound coming from your skateboard, you need to figure out the main reason behind it. Once you trace the problem down, it will be easier for you to replace, clean or fix the said part to make your skateboard sound quieter.

1. Clean or Replace the Bearings

If the main problem is dirt being clogged up in your bearings, then fixing the issue should be pretty simple. But keep in mind, once you start cleaning your bearings dirt happens to get into the bearings more often. So, you will have to keep cleaning them more regularly. Otherwise, your board might become slow moving as well.

Here’s how to clean your bearings:

  • Remove the nut from the truck’s axle to pop out the bearings.
  • Then remove your bearing shields.
  • Soak them using acetone or nail polish remover solution.
  • Dry them by wrapping them in toilet paper and shake them a couple of times in a cup as you do.
  • Apply a silicone-based lube. If not available, use olive oil and then dry.

Now as I said, the problem with cleaning bearings is that dirt finds its way back quicker next time as you clean it. Even though the sound goes away, the problem with constant maintenance can become really annoying at times and you may start hearing the noise again after a while. So, the best possible solution is to have your bearings replaced.

You can check out Red’s Bones Big Ball bearings that will last longer and are good for noise-free skating. These are lightweight bearings and are well resistant to dirt for a long. Being durable and easy to clean, Reds Big Ball bearings also come with a cheap price tag and satisfactory performance.

2. Wax or Replace the Bushings

If your bushings are worn out or squashed, there is a chance the washer might be cutting into them. To reduce the noise coming from the bushings you can try waxing those or try applying a silicone-based lubricant to them.

  • Take out the bushings by unscrewing the nut from the kingpin.
  • Inspect well for cracks on the surface of the bushings.
  • If they are squashed, you should immediately consider replacing your bushings.
  • Apply some silicone-based lube or oil to the bushings. You can also wax them.
  • Then re-assemble the truck and check if the noise has reduced.

You can check out Bones Wheels Hard Bushings which are durable and can take a lot of weight. The Bushings also offer a stable noiseless ride and smooth skating for hours on end.

3. Replace Wheels if There are Flat Spots

If flat spots on your wheels are the reason behind the ticking noise on your skateboard, replacing the wheels is actually the best remedy. You can also attempt to scrape them off and although it might leave you with even wheels again, in the long run, the smaller wheels will create more inconveniences. So, changing the wheels is the best call.

Bones Skateboard Wheels are a good option to choose from for your skateboard if you are looking for wheels with long life and high performance. These wheels can grip and slide well, all without the problem of flat-spotting. The Bones Heritage Wheels come in the V1 Standard shape and 53mm X 31mm, 103A, perfect for smooth rides.

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4. Fix or Replace the Washers

If there is a clicking and creaking noise coming every time you lean on the board and the problem is the washer, you can either get new washers or try to fix them so that the kingpin and bushings are not overlapped by the washer. Since washers come in quite cheap, replacing them is actually easier.

Well, you can still try and fix them.

  • First, unscrew the kingpin using tools.
  • Then use Teflon tape to wrap the threads of the kingpin. If unavailable you can also use duct tape and make the kingpin thicker so that it fits into the kingpin nut.
  • Or you can try using some strong glue to stick it to your kingpin nut. Either way, these are short-term solutions.
  • You can also wait until the washer happens to bend around the kingpin and the noise goes away.
  • Skateboard washers are quite available everywhere and you get a whole set of washers and nuts within a really cheap price range.

5. Clean the Pivot Cup

If the sound is being caused because there is a lot of space between the hanger and the pivot cup, you can try cleaning and fixing it properly. Most of the sound usually comes because of the rotation inside the rubber cup.

Here’s how to fix this.

  • Use your tools to open the kingpin nut of your skateboard.
  • As part of the truck comes off, remove the hanger from the cup.
  • Check if the pivot cup has suffered wear and tear. If it has, better have the cup replaced.
  • Use soap to clean the pivot hole.
  • They use a silicone-based lube or oil to lubricate it. You can also try waxing it.
  • Once you’ve waxed it enough, reassemble and see if the sound has reduced.
  • Clean Your Bearings to Reduce the Low-Pitched Noise.

The low-pitched sound usually comes if your wheel seats have developed gaps and the bearings start moving into that space while you ride. To solve this problem, you can either change your wheels and bearings, or you can use some lube to reduce the noise.

  • Clean the bearings following the previously mentioned procedure and also clean the inside rims of the wheels.
  • Leave them to dry and then apply the lube both on the outer bearings and the core of the wheels.
  • This may not solve the shifting problem but will reduce the noise while you ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Skateboard Truck make a Squeaky Sound?

The squeaky sound usually comes from the truck if it is not properly fitted at the desirable tightness. To solve it you can take some steps like applying some lube into the pivot cup of the truck and checking if the sound has reduced. If the pivot cup is worn out or damaged, you can consider replacing it. You can watch this video as well.

Why are my Bushings so Squeaky?

The squeaky noise comes from the bushings if they are squashed. If not, lube or wax them properly and the squeaky sound should go away. Try using a silicone-based lubricant or if unavailable, go for any sort of oil that works fine as a lube. Since bushings are not too expensive, you can consider replacing them if they are damaged.

Skateboards can generally get quite loud if you are riding on hard surfaces such as asphalt grounds. But if the noise is due to internal factors affecting the skateboard, then it can become an annoying issue. 

Many skateboarders may enjoy loud skateboarding but it is better to keep track of the condition of your skateboard parts so that you can ride smoothly without any hindrances.

Final Words: Maintenance

The sound issues can often be easily solved if you can figure out what exactly is wrong with your skateboard. Maintenance is the key to making your skateboard last longer and works smoothly. Let us know if you have any queries and till then Happy Skating!

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