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7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Asphalt (With Comprehensive Buying Guide And Necessary FAQs)

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Do you love skateboarding on asphalt? Of course, you do. And that’s why you’re over here and looking for the best skateboard wheels for asphalt, right? Well, skateboarding on asphalt is a great way to get exercise and have lots of fun at the same time. It’s also a thrill-filled, creative outlet that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. That’s awesome!

Mind you, no matter whether you are cruising around the town or performing tricks to impress your friends with incredible aerial moves, there are always new things waiting for you on wheels! 

Therefore, keeping you in mind, I’ve compiled only the 7 best asphalt skateboard wheels based on customer reviews, overall value for the money spent, durability, etc. 

Let’s jump right into it!!!

Recommended Skateboard Wheels For Asphalt

  1. Ricta 92a Cloud Skateboard Wheel – Best for Rough Spot
  2. Spitfire Bighead Skate Wheels – Best for Bumpy Roads
  3. Freedare Skateboard Longboard Wheels – Best Beginner-Friendly Skateboard
  4. Losenca Skateboard Wheels – Best Budget
  5. Freedare Skateboard Wheels – Best For Extreme Performance
  6. Spitfire Formula Four Wheels– Best For Ultra Agility
  7. Bamjam Professional Skateboard Wheels– Best for Smooth Ride

Comparison Chart For Asphalt Friendly Skateboard Wheels



Package Dimensions


Ricta 92a Cloud Skateboard Wheel
Urethane2.2 x 1.38 x 2.2 inches7.76 Ounces
Spitfire Bighead Skate Wheels UrethaneNot specifiedNot specified
Freedare Skateboard Longboard Wheels PolyurethaneNot specifiedNot specified
Losenca Skateboard Wheels PolyurethaneNot specifiedNot specified
Freedare Skateboard WheelsPolyurethaneNot specifiedNot specified
Spitfire Formula Four WheelsPolyurethane3.8 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches 7.2 Ounces
Bamjam Professional Skateboard Wheels Polyurethane4 x 4 x 1.25 inches8 Ounces

Top Skateboard Wheels For Asphalt Reviewed

1. Ricta 92a Cloud Skateboard Wheel: Best for Rough Spot

Well, Ricta 92 cloud wheels has been providing the skateboard market with high-quality skateboard wheels over the last couple of decades, which can easily put up with the punishment of riding it regularly due to its flawless quality.

What sets it apart from the other ones?

Top-class material:

The patented urethane material on the wheels makes sure that the wheels will go on serving you for a longer period of time.

Perfect for any rough terrain: 

These top-performing Ricta clouds are the perfect solution to a rugged spot, so set them up and get out there! Without compromising performance, the 92A urethane allows you to skate on any terrain and rough surface. 

Skate filmers are more prone to choosing these wheels due to the lesser diameter and the ride’s smoothness. This is why they are considered the best skateboard wheels for sidewalks. 

Maximizes The Speed and The Grip:

The 54 and 56mm wheels will provide you with maximum grip on any surface besides maximum speed and flow. 

Plus, they can also hold grip so well on outdoor metal ramps getting dusty and becoming unpredictably slick. With these wheels, getting over small cracks and rocks on pavements or metal plates is a dang delight. Though you might encounter some slowdown on ledges, don’t worry! It may happen with every skateboard wheel.


They are appropriate for asphalt, car parks, and pavers. If you are skating in a super slick new park, then you can give these wheels a try, because they will not slip out from under you as easily as harder compounds.

Overall, they are absolutely perfect for cruising, filming, or riding on any tougher or rougher surface for a smoother ride. I highly recommend it, as it will bring a lot of bang for the bucks.


  • Durable
  • Best for sidewalks
  • Urethane material for maximizing grip on the surface
  • Fit for rougher terrain
  • Comes in various colors
  • Versatile ability
  • Maximizes the speed


  • Won’t slide like harder wheels

2. Spitfire Bighead Skate Wheels: Best for Bumpy Roads

Spitfire Bighead can be your best bet as they are hand-poured and made out of the finest quality materials in the USA. Spitfire won’t let you down If you often experience defect issues with the skateboard wheels.

Why Do We Recommend It?

Smooth Ride due to top-notch material:

To ensure a super smooth ride on the streets or pavements and to prevent all kinds of wear and tear, high-grade urethane is used in the production of these wheels. That’s cool!

With 51mm diameter and 99a durometer with a wide profile, these are the hard ones offering more speed and less grip. If you want more control on slick surfaces, then it is a great choice. 

Durable and 100% Guarantee against all defects:

Besides being longer-lasting, they also come with a 100% guarantee against all manufacturing defects, which definitely inspires your confidence, right? 

Better traction:

Though they feature a high durometer, the width still makes sure better traction and stability at high speed. So, don’t worry, you’re not going to slip out of your line.

Plus, these wheels feature treaded surfaces which improve their grip on smooth surfaces.

Versatile Quality:

Besides asphalt, Spitfire wheels are perfect for pools and parks as well because of its 99a durometer. It will help you maximize your riding experience and will allow you to cruise through rough pavement with confidence. 

So, those of you who are moderately skilled riders, these are the wheels they can put their trust in for their skateboard.

Overall, they will provide you with the best skateboarding experience of your life and it will be well worth every penny.


  • 51mm diameter which is perfect for beginners
  • Guarantee against all manufacturing defects
  • 99a durometer offers better speed and traction
  • A wide profile provides more grip.


  • Some complain that shipping takes too long.
  • Chunks may gradually fall off 

3. Freedare Skateboard Longboard Wheel: Best Beginner-Friendly Skateboard

Freedare wheel is featured on this list because they promise quality products. The 60mm wheels are effective for beginners while cruising, playing longboard, or skateboard. 

What makes it one of a kind?

Durable and Versatile: 

Since Freedare 83A is made up of hard polyurethane material, it is durable, stable, and quiet. Plus, it slides smoothly and fast on any kind of surface. And also comes with a grippy edge that helps going downhill, too.

Remember, using these wheels on any boards will definitely allow you to ride on asphalt, smooth pavement, concrete, ramps, and sidewalk.

Great Wheels To Perform Tricks: 

They are pretty durable for street skating and super smooth on skate park terrains. These skateboard wheels can be used for powerslides as well. You may have already seen that longboard riders perform this while they wanna change directions. 

Skateboard lovers are definitely gonna love this one because there’s a hint of color blue on these wheels. But these clear blue wheels aren’t equipped with LED lights, so they can not light up.

Price and Service:

Most importantly, Freedare offers you a 30-day return policy on all complete wheels. That’s awesome, right? So, if your purchased product isn’t good by any chance, you will be able to return and replace it. 

Heads up:  While making a purchase online, always consider checking the material as advertised. Also, try it out for a couple of days on a smooth surface. 

If you want your ride to be smooth while gliding to small rocks and pebbles, then you had better off purchasing this unit straight away.


  • 83A polyurethane
  • Suited with a longboard
  • Ride on various surfaces
  • 30-day return policy


  • Hex Nuts not included

4. Losenca Skateboard Wheels: Best Budget

The Skeleton Skateboard Wheels are designed in such a way they are absolutely fit for freestyle tricks, freeriding, and dancing.

Why do we like it?

Unique cold infusion process: 

Losenka is considered one of the best skateboard wheels for beginners and cold infusion processing is its unique and patented feature, making the wheels more solid, secure, and wear-resistant.

Though these wheels are made up of pure plastic, they still have a rubber material that is incorporated on the wheels. 

Fit for any standard board:

The set of 4 wheels comes with high-performance ABEC-9 steel bearings and spacers installed on wheels. That’s why it fits any standard board perfectly and is suitable for beginners who are just starting out.

Roll over anything: 

With these wheels, you can easily roll over any type of surface including asphalt roads, U-shaped pools, the streets, on rough terrain, on a square, or on skate park terrain as they are durable and smooth. 

But, if you are still a beginner, I recommend you try it on a smooth surface first before getting experienced at riding.

Though the bearings are tight at first, they will loosen up through regular use. And it doesn’t roll fast, allowing the board to move at a slower pace if you’re still learning.


In spite of being cheaper than most other wheels on this list, they will perform very well. As I said earlier, it is a beginner-friendly skate wheel. But even if you’re experienced, then I definitely recommend you use this skate wheel as well. Particularly, if you have got a budget issue but yet want a good quality skateboarding wheel for your board.


  • Cold infusion processing
  • ABEC-9 Steel spacers and bearings
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Does not roll fast
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Should try on a smooth pavement first if you’re a beginner

5. Freedare Skateboard Wheels: Best For Extreme Performance

Freedare wheels are a special kind of blessing for those who like to spend most of their time on the asphalt doing professional skateboard maneuvers. These have convenient dimensions of 60 mm in diameter and 45 mm in thickness. Along with that, these wheels are 83A grade polyurethane wheels that can easily tackle the hard and rude surface of the road.

Why Do We Like It?

Responsive Ability

Because these wheels are equipped with ABEC-7 grade steel bearings, they are perfectly fit for those people who like to give it all when it comes to doing stunts with the skateboard. 

Because these wheels have perfect wear protection against the hard asphalt of the road, they can offer multiple months of relentless performance. On top of that, whenever you’re riding on these wheels, you’ll clearly feel its premium responsiveness and the response to impact, thanks to its shock absorption capacity.

Pro-level Capability

These will come in 4 pieces in one package, the manufacturer is also offering 1 piece skate tools and spacers to help do routine maintenance of these wheels. As these wheels have the ability to grasp the road very firmly, You can perform versatile moves and maneuvers without having to worry about slipping or tripping. 

You can perform long races or hip hop style funky maneuvers etc and etc. In short, the road becomes your friend if you have these wheels under your skateboard.

Wheel Bite Resistance

As these wheels come in perfect dimensions, the chances of wheel bite are very minimal. Also, these wheels come with a 6-month warranty. So you can use them without having to worry about wheel bite for at least 6 months. 

Plus, these wheels are fit for all types of skateboards such as penny boards, cruising boards, etc. So, you can adjust the height and type of the skateboard to avoid the wheel bite.


  • Highly Durable
  • Optimum shock resistance
  • Multitudinous capability
  • High-grade material


  • Only one color variant

  • Spitfire Formula Four Wheels
  • : Best For Ultra Agility

    These wheels from Spitfire have a low profile that holds an impression of calm and cool skateboarding hardware that can do all types of maneuver while not being that eye-catching. 

    Why Is It Special?

    Ability To Withstand

    As these wheels are only 200 g each in terms of weight, doing pops and other kinds of extended maneuvers with them is a piece of cake. On top of that, the plastic they are made of has a high rebound impact that makes them just perfect for playing around on the asphalt. 

    As you put your body’s pressure on these wheels, they respond equally in return to your movements. So, you will actually feel like dancing when doing those funky moves with your skateboards.

    Versatility Of Performance

    A very important feature of these wheels is that they are shatterproof. Meaning, they can withstand a high impact of shock and maintain their original form throughout multiple collisions with the ground asphalt. 

    What’s more, the plastic material used in manufacturing these wheels is Polyurethane, which is well known as a highly elastic polymer. So, you can pull off many kinds of moves and tackle a lot of rough terrains while skateboarding without having to worry about the wheels getting damaged.

    Wheel Bite Prevention

    Luckily, these wheels from Spitfire come in at 3.8 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches. As a result, they are perfectly suited to most kinds of skateboards, and they are not too large to cause wheel bites. 

    Wheel bite occurs when you use extremely large-sized wheels with your skateboards that are not compatible in terms of dimension. 


    • Lightweight and easy to control on the road.
    • Optimal Shock absorption
    • Smart appearance
    • Perfect dimensions
    • High pressure withstand ability
    • Highly responsive and reflexive


    • A bit expensive

  • Bamjam Professional Skateboard Wheels
  • : Best for Smooth Ride

    The 52mm wheel size with high-quality bearings are perfect for your skateboard, providing you with a smooth and stable ride with minimal resistance. 

    Why does it stand out in the crowd?

    Lightweight and durable:

    You can replace your worn-out wheels with these high-quality polyurethane wheels to get back on track! It is equipped with 4 pcs of bearings, spacers, bearing sleeves, and instructions. As it is made with high-quality polyurethane with a hardness of 100A, it is both lightweight and durable too. 

    The surface of the wheel is very smooth and it has a nice grip for your skateboard. It’s durable enough to use for a long time.


    These wheels are designed to be used by all skill levels, no matter if you’re a beginner skater or an experienced one.

    Apart from this, they are fit for all types of surfaces such as asphalt, pavements, skate parks, cruise on cement roads, as well as ramps and bowls. It is a great choice for street skating thanks to its lightweight and responsiveness. The wheels will not get stuck while grinding a ledge as much as larger wheels. 

    For street skating, park riding, freestyle tricks or just cruising around town with friends, they are invincible.

    Responsive Quality:

    To perform street tricks at a high level as well as board flips, the premium skateboard wheels are one of a kind. Because they are more responsive and forgiving.

    The manufacturer has combined durability, speed, comfort, and stability all these elements into one product so that you can enjoy the fullest.

    Smooth and Quiet ride:

    These wheels will last for a very long time and provide you with a smooth, quiet ride. When skating on BamJam Wheels, you’ll feel like you’re gliding across the pavement instead of grinding against it. That’s amazing!

    Remember, they are ideal for skateboards that have been used for a while and now need new wheels to keep them in top shape. They’re also great for beginners who want to get started without spending too much money on high-end wheels right away.


    • Heavy-duty construction.
    • Lightweight.
    • Offers you a quiet and smooth ride.
    • Versatile quality.
    • Suitable for both beginners and experienced.


    • Nothing special other than price is over 20 USD. 

    Install Skateboard Wheels and Cleaning Them

    First off, start removing the old bearings & wheels carefully so that you don’t damage any of the parts that support the wheels. Otherwise, it will ruin the skateboard or you have to spend some extra bucks for repair.

    Here is a 5-minute-watch video on how you can install new wheels on your skateboard easily. Trust me, it will be worth your time. Just consider following the steps shown in the video.

    Then, cleaning skateboard wheels on a regular basis is crucial for getting the best skate performance on asphalt.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Skateboard Wheels for Asphalt

    Well, there are several factors that go into choosing quality skateboard wheels. For example, size will play an important role when it comes down to performance and speed. 

    Remember, almost every wheel on the market is made up of polyurethane, but each wheel is made uniquely. 

    So before placing an order online, some other crucial factors should be considered. Such as:


    The shape is a crucial factor if you want to develop your skateboarding experience. Though a wide variety of brands are available out there on the market, only two shapes can be taken into consideration, such as:

    • Sharp-lip Shape: This kind of shape is suitable for those of you who love casual skateboarding. Because they come with more grip strength.
    • Round-lip Shape: If you love to perform surf tricks and powerslides, this shape will be the best option for you.


    Wheels are the lifeblood of any skateboard. While you’re planning to buy wheels, the most crucial factor is their diameter. Every wheel is measured in millimeters. 

    Keep in mind that, the bigger the size of the wheels, the faster the revolution. But, smaller ones are a little bit slower. Plus, consider your skill level first before you buy one.

    Let’s get to see a comparison that will help you choose the right one:

    1. 50mm – 53mm: Perfect for beginners as it is the smallest range of wheels.
    2. 50mm – 59mm: Suitable for beginners and intermediate riders as it is medium and average-sized.
    3. 60mm – 75mm: Appropriate for professional riders.


    The hardness of the wheel is measured by a durometer. Just like the diameter, the bigger the size of the wheels, the harder the wheels will be. For professionals, 99a is the best durometer. Usually, a 100-point scale is used to measure it. 

    Here’s a durometer scale comparison for your convenience:

    • 78a – 87a: Perfect for longboard riders as it has soft wheels. Suitable for rough terrain. 
    • 88a – 95a: Though it has less grip, it is harder and faster.
    • 96a – 99a: In Spite of being hard, it has a good grip and speed during riding.
    • 101a – Up: The hardest and fastest ones, but it offers the least grip.

    Contact Patch

    A contact patch is another key feature of a skateboard wheel to consider. Don’t know what a contact patch is? Well, it is the area where the wheel makes contact with the road surface.

    If you have got a skateboard, a smaller one will do the job perfectly. Whereas, you get to choose a larger one if you are a longboard rider. Remember, a bigger surface area means an easier way to balance. 

    If the wheels are small, they have a smaller surface for the distribution of your body weight. For this reason, you might have trouble achieving balance..

    The Best Wheels for a Particular Skate Style

    While choosing the best wheel, another important factor you should consider is riding style. Let’s get to know a few of them:

    • Casual skating: A 53mm diameter with a 99a durometer is perfect for this kind of skating style.
    • Street skating: The wheels that come with a 56mm diameter with a 101A durometer are hard enough to ride on the streets.
    • Transition skating: For this type of style, a 59mm diameter with a 78a durometer is absolutely OKAY.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Can You Ride a Skateboard on Asphalt or Road?

    Absolutely! A skateboard can be used on asphalt or road with ease. Just consider how rough the terrain is. If the road is rough, big soft wheels come in useful. (Check out perfect rough terrain wheels)

    However, you had better not skate while it is raining, as the wet surface can affect your wheels’ grip on the pavement.

    Which skateboard wheels are best for the street?

    For cruising, longboarding, and transportation, Soft wheels are the best options. Medium durometer wheels are great for street skating on rough surfaces as well as for beginners.

    Final Words

    Well, that’s all there is to it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding on the best asphalt skateboard wheels and the factors to consider while buying one.

    If budget is not an issue for you, then you can give Ricta Wheel Clouds a go. But, if you’ve got a budget issue, go for one of these two Freedare or Losenca, which are great value for money.

    Have a nice day, thanks!!!




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