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How to Make Inline Skates more Comfortable? [10 Tips To Follow]

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Skating is an excellent way to get exercise and fresh air. But, if you are new to inline skating, it can take some time to get used to the speed and feel of this type of movement. The ability to adjust your inline skates means you can find a comfortable fit that will be more enjoyable for you.

Besides having a perfect fit skate, you can take any of the following steps to know about how to make your inline skate more comfortable.

But, wait! Check out whether you are facing any of the following conditions first.

  • Whether your skate is too small or too big?
  • Is the shape of the skate suitable for you?
  • Skate wheels and bearings size is ok?
  • Your skate is not of a good brand?
  • Are you physically fit? Or your muscles are not well built or do you lack calcium?

If you don’t have any problem with any of the stated above, find the solutions from the below tips.

Size is the most Important Issue!

Size is the most important thing when you are choosing your inline skates. If you get the right size of your skates, you don’t need to worry about the comfortability of your skate. When choosing a skate, you must pick based on your own shoe size.  if it doesn’t fit well you must try a pair of socks inside of your skate. Even then, if it does not fit well, try a bigger-sized skate for you. For instance, if someone’s shoe size is US 9, he may need to wear size 10 for inline skates.

1. Regular Skating

Once you are sure you have got the right size of your skate, just skate them regularly to make your skate even more comfortable. Sometimes it happens to me even for a new pair of shoes that I don’t feel comfortable with them for the first few days. But, as I use them for a few days, it becomes normal and fits me. I think the same things may happen in inline skates and for you. So, check on that. But, most importantly, learn the fundamentals of inline skating first.

You can use another technique as well: put on your skates while working on your laptop for 15 minutes every day. This will also help you become more used to and comfortable with the skate.

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2. Using of Socks

It can be difficult to keep your feet from sliding around in the shoes. Socks can help provide extra grip for the feet and reduce the risk of sliding.

Sometimes it happens that you gave the right skate, but still, you are not feeling good. Then you can wear a pair of thinner socks inside of your skate. This may fit your skate even better and if it’s long, it will also prevent blisters and irritation between the lining of your skate and your skin.

3. Tie Up Laces

Inline skaters should tie up the laces of the skate before they start skating. The laces should be tightened with enough pressure to restrict the foot from slipping out from the skate.

But remember, turn the laces or buckles of your inline skates until you get a reasonably tight fit without making it too tight.

4. Check out Strap

Check out your straps as well. Don’t make them so tight, as it might restrict you from bending your knees quite comfortably, and eventually, your skate might stay uncomfortable.

5. Using Leather Conditioner

Even using a leather conditioner may help you if you feel too stiff to skate. The conditioner helps to soften your skate and you feel quite comfortable inside. 

6. Heat your Skate

One really cool trick is using heat to make your roller skates fit you more snugly. Every pro skate shop has ovens they use for shaping new pairs of skates, so if you’re looking to get your current ones remolded, swing by there.

The first step is to take a hairdryer and heat up the skates back and forth for a while to make sure that the leather of the skate is warm. Note that you have to be careful not to overheat them because it could quickly cause cracks in the leather.

7. Punching out Skates

If your skate is bothering you for the inside areas of the skate, you might be looking for punching out the skates with a different die. This may help you get a new skate that fits you even better than before.

Regular Movement

Breaking in new roller skates is easy with these movements. For example, rolling forward whilst bending the knees and ankles will make movement more comfortable.

8. Rub your Toes

At the initial stage of your skating, you may feel muscle cramps as you have never used them before and they get tired too quickly. 

To mitigate these aching feet and muscles, it is recommended to remove the skates and give your toes a good rub. In a short amount of time, this simple measure will improve your foot strength and alleviate some of the pain.

9. Choose a suitable Inline Skates Brand

Choose your inline skate wisely. Check out the size, shape, wheels, and bearings of the skate. Even you need to check out laces and straps quality as well. Better is to choose a skate from a famous brand out there like Rollerblade, K2, Roces, Powerslide, etc. 

10. Wear Protective Gear

It’s important to wear protective gear such as helmets, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards when skating. These things can help protect you from injury and prevent any accidents while you engage in the sport. Eventually, you will feel more secure and comfortable.

Stress and Tension

Never allow your skating to stress you and keep you tense. Always enjoy your skating. Better don’t skate for a few days, keep you busy with other outdoor activities and come back again to skate with a completely new mental strength.

So, that’s all we have for making your inline skates more comfortable. If I missed anything important, please let us know. Thanks.

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